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Posted on 02 April 19 at 16:08
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Coming off of the back-end of recompleting this game with Hantu Port, thought it was time to write a review for it. Note: This is going to be a review from a perspective that has generally loved the series (bar Absolution, not as a game but as it went aware from the core of the series a bit)

Now I liked the episodic Hitman from 2016, it was annoying to wait for each episode, sure, but it was a fun game with some good level design in amazing locations with a multitude of ways to tackle each level. So onto Hitman 2 itself, I do quite like the game. This isn't to say I don't think there are faults with the game, because there are, but I enjoyed the game during my time playing it and still go back to tackle the odd challenge in the game that I didn't get on my path to getting all achievements.

One thing I have liked compared to the 2016 Hitman is the improved AI, it's a very small tweak from what little I understand about the AI in the game, but it definitely felt tougher when even replaying the old locations in this game, as I had to change up pathing that was once foolproof from my time completing that game. For this, I do give credit to IO Interactive, as it was nice to be able to go back to old levels but be presented with a slight challenge compared to before with some small changes that were specific to Hitman 2 itself.

Another thing I surprisingly enjoyed, which comes also off of just finishing the game again, is the Sniper Assassin level (levels now I guess). They're unique in the sense that it's a nice change of pace to go from sneaking around and taking everyone out in close quarters to drawing people away from a crowd so you can shoot them into the sea or a bush to hide their body. I won't say that these levels didn't come without their challenge, especially achievement wise as they had some finicky challenges, but they were still fun to play and provided a change in pace for some veterans of the series. The other small bit that made this mode slightly better, is the ability to play it in co-op online with someone else, meaning you could team up with a friend or random person and fine-tune a strategy to complete the level super fast or with a high amount of points that just wasn't possible in solo.

Now so far I have praised the game, but that doesn't mean I didn't have moments where the game practically broke on me, ruining the experience at times. I had my fair share of bugs, some meaning I had to restart a 20+ minute run of levels all over again because it was permanently broken otherwise, but these were very far and few between, making the experience otherwise enjoyable for the most part.

I guess one point to make being the site we are, is the achievements. Just like the 2016 Hitman, the achievements themselves are quite easy, posing nearly no challenge to the player if they commit a little time to learn the level and finding the different assassinations. For those starting late, all of the tricky Easter Eggs (as one of the first people to find one of them for Xbox, let me tell you these were hard to find) have all been found, making it an even easier completion in that case, for those that also bought the season pass for Hitman 2016, you can log in to the game and get yourself the pack for the remastered levels in Hitman 2, so basically a free 1000G and the same achievements again (boring, I know, but still easy).

In conclusion to this all, I would say for those that enjoyed the previous title, this is a definite pick-up for them. For those maybe on the fence, with how often the game and the expansion packs (more Gold Edition really) goes on sale, pick it up when it goes cheap and you'll most likely be pleasantly surprised by this game.
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