HITMAN 2 Reviews

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    18 Jan 2020
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    Hitman 2 is pretty much just more of Hitman (2016), so if you enjoyed that game, then this is a decent follow up for you. The levels are an improvement over the previous game in terms of scale and angles of attack. I really liked the addition of blending in with a crowd as a stealth mechanic. The game gives you plenty of tools and weapons to use on any given level, unlocking more as you complete challenges and progress through the game. The game features tons of content and replay-ability. I appreciate that IO Interactive have been updating the game on a fairly regular basis with new content, challenges and rewards and I appreciate the user generated content such as the Contracts section. The game has some multiplayer content as well, but I didn't get any use out of it, since Hitman 2 stands up well as a single-player game. The cutscenes and overall plot are nothing to write home about, it's basically just a cookie cutter action movie plot that ends on a cliffhanger, much like Hitman (2016).

    Overall, Hitman 2 is a game I can definitely recommend, to both new Hitman fans and fans who enjoyed Hitman (2016).
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    Pure Pip RaptorCouldn't agree more. I'm actually kind of annoyed that they changed the cutscenes for Hitman 2. The first game's were great.
    Posted by Pure Pip Raptor on 07 Mar at 14:40