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    Hitman is a stealth based assassination third person game that centers around master assassin Agent 47. You control him in sandbox levels and are chosen to kill a specific target in ways seen and unseen to the NPCs in the area. The master of the craft is only as skilled as you aim to be.

    Plot and Overview

    Not much can be ruled about the plot thus far on the game as it is episodic in nature and currently only the Intro Pack and the Paris assignment ("The Showstopper") can be played along with Contracts mode.

    However, based on the few cutscenes watched as well as following up from 2012's Absolution installment to the franchise, it is likely that it'll follow up on it in time. I will adjust this review when more episodes are out. The developers at IO Interactive state they will shape the story through the episode releases and expand upon it the more content is released. For now this review will mostly reflect the quality of gameplay.


    The graphics in this game are realistic and a joy to look at. I wouldn't say it excels over other games in the graphical prowess on display but it is far from an ugly game and character models and gameplay seems to be spot on to what you'd imagine of a stealth title. I have yet to encounter any glitches or bugs personally so I am quite pleased to have no issues when playing.


    The game is more Hitman stealth like you all know and love. The gameplay mechanics are smooth and are pretty much exactly the way Absolution played. The game however is more akin to the play styles of Hitman: Blood Money, due to less linear gameplay. Players can make Agent 47 blend into the environment in which he stalks his target. You can accomplish the kills by using cabinets and lockers to hide bodies (dead or unconscious), dressing up in an unfortunate person's clothing as a disguise to more easily traverse the area and using opportunities learned through exploration in the level of how to complete your target kill or advance forward in the level. The game has various weapons always at your disposal: Agent 47's signature suppressed pistol, though this time not being the well known Baller, and the iron wire for strangulations. You can also use blunt objects in the environment you find for completing tasks and for knocking out people from a distance. You also have options for distractions: using light switches and generators for power failures or using coins in your pocket to make a clatter elsewhere to draw attention away from an enemy's post. There will be future weapons and content added in through the additional episode contracts and free updates. Expect more varied ways to kill in each level!

    Laymen's term, it's core Hitman. You'll feel right at home. I also find it would be quite accessible to newcomers to stealth or the Hitman titles. The first few tutorials are generous in help and offer lots of tips to new players to the dangerous world of stealth games.


    The atmosphere of the levels is in tune to real life environments and conversations. The amount of realism present to make daring kills detectable is always there. Sound effects are on point as well as gunshots. No complaints on my end on in game interactions. The soundtrack has a smooth modern electronic undertone which suits the sleek personality of 47 and the series, if I do say so myself. I found the game suffered no in game audio issues in my own OWN personal time with the game thus far. A few sound issues may be found within online Contracts mode after certain events according to comment on my review. I'd say more or less it's a person by person basis on whether or not it is a serious issue in quality. If I experience a problem or more voice grievances I'll note and take attention to it.


    The game has a decent life span as it is episodic and can be played all up front after all the episodes have been released or one by one whenever new episodes are released periodically. As of the current schedule it seems we will have monthly installments with one new episode arriving in each release drop. IF I had to guess I would state that additional episodes should cost anywhere between $6.99 to $9.99 a piece. You can also buy them all up front with the Full Experience unlock, which is the same price as a retail game release of $59.99 USD. Your prices might vary on where you live so apologies. The game CAN be bought for full retail physical form in January 2017. However, if you're not that invested in waiting or getting a hard copy do yourself a favor and just buy digital.

    I personally purchased the Intro Pack, which has the Intro Prologue tutorial missions and the first official episode/assignment in the Showstopper mission which is in Paris, France during a fashion show. The Intro Pack also includes free access to Contracts and Escalation Contracts mode. I also personally got the Requiem Pack from pre-ordering the game. It features some additional weapons/variants and a suit. As of this moment, I am uncertain whether or not you will be able to access this DLC on and after launch if you didn't pre-order. Though I am sure the physical disc version will!

    Some of the future content will see Agent 47 completing work in Thailand, an unnamed US city and in Japan.


    Most achievements can be attained through replays and different approaches to the levels. Most ask for a specific task to occur during an assassination or the events leading up to it. As of launch day there is 450 G to be collected. I expect every installment after it to add onto the main score, eventually totaling 1000 or possibly even 1250. I am unsure at this time but I expect it to be quite a bit with what everyone is used to in the final gamerscore figure. Veteran Hitman and stealth players should have no difficulty completing most of the achievements (myself already having 245 G after a few short hours of play). If you are a new comer, be prepared to start honing your skills. The achievements are not overly difficult but if you are a poor stealth player you might have issues. Best of luck to anyone!


    The replayability on this game is quite moderate to high depending on how much you love assassinating targets and completing varied challenges and tasks. Challenges within the levels test your approaches and gameplay styles for additional bonuses and personal satisfaction when and if you complete them. Most gameplay after the initial challenge and level completions will be found within Contracts mode. Contracts mode is an interactive game mode where players enter levels, kill whomever they desire (and as many as they desire) and set the weapon restrictions and outfit types the community players have to use in order to finish the contract for the highest score. No contract is the same and with it available to everyone who owns the game, you'd better expect to find a TON of content to play and replay till your heart's content.

    Online Contracts mode has a few minor issues connecting on certain missions and out right failing to load or having kicking issues on others. This might be another person by person matter. It isn't a major problem but if it extends this problem to the game's entire lifespan I fear we might be in trouble and would be a major criticism to an otherwise fantastic game.
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    rapid riot boyOne of my all time favourite games!
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    AllgorhythmThanks for a great review--I just ordered the complete first season, Steelcase Edition.
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    Originally written for quickdontdie.xyz

    Hitman is a game that, on the surface is a short game with little story, but when you go deeper than that, you find an experience that can be rivaled by few games. Hitman is a game that takes you to 6 locations each with nearly infinite ways to assassinate the targets. As you replay each level, finding the best routes and unlocking new disguises, starting points, and items that can be used on any map, barring the two training maps. In the 6 sandbox levels, as well as smaller levels based off of them, you can kill the targets unseen, go guns blazing, or anything inbetween. There is no "wrong" way to play Hitman.

    In Hitman, you can go through each assassination however you please. If you happen to die along the way, you can reload a save you make, or an autosave if you didn't expect it. The game only autosaves every three minutes, and to me it seemed that it wasn't often enough. Oftentimes, those three minutes could have many different events between them that I would have to replay. The save system also allows for you to see multiple assassinations based off of the same "opportunity," which is a surefire way to assassinate the target based off of what is happening at the time during the mission. These opportunities vary from 47 being an exterminator to 47 being a cameraman, and anything inbetween. These opportunities often provide extra lore for each mission, and also offer hints on how to effectively assassinate a target.

    When you are done with opportunities, there are still many different ways to assassinate each target. Playing through and gaining mastery on each mission unlocks you many items, such as poisons, guns, and explosives. While some are only useful on certain maps, they all provide different paths to an assassination, some messier than others. You can choose to plant an explosive to somewhere a target will walk, detonate, and run away, or you can use coins to distract a target away from their guards, then silently use a fibre wire to kill them and put their body in a dumpster.

    Aside from the main mode, the game offers contracts and escalations. Contracts mode features user-created contracts with leaderboards. For contracts mode, you are allowed to select characters to kill, excluding "crowd" characters, disguises to kill them in, and, lastly, how to kill them. This wouldn't be a good mode, but IO Interactive selects "featured contracts" each month that are well made, and offer further replayability. Escalations mode features contracts created by IO Interactive with specific instructions for you to follow. These generally have a specific route to follow, so they don't add as much content. That being said, they are still a fun distraction for a few minutes each.

    The story in Hitman is smaller, and isn't a huge focus in the game. Yes it exists, but it isn't very important in the game. It is delivered through cutscenes after each mission is finished. Aside from that, you can pick up on hints about the story in each mission, and connect mission to mission with NPC dialogue. This NPC dialogue was more memorable than the cutscenes, and aside from helping the interconnecting lore, the dialogue provided self-sufficient lore for each level. If Hitman continues, then the story will be expanded. Unfortunately, for now, there simply isn't much to it.

    Graphics and Sound
    This game is not a game that stands out graphically, but in the sound department the game is one of the better ones. The game uses the glacier engine, and while it doesn't look stunning, for the most part, it never looked "bad". Hitman doesn't feature too many "spectacular moments", but they are there, and they look nice. I wouldn't say anything in the game dazzled me, but the game was never focused on graphics and I never had a problem with the game running at a poor framerate, and none of the assets looked poor.

    The sound department is much better when compared to the graphics. The sounds themselves blend well, give you hints, and were scarcely annoying. The NPC dialogue in this game either give you hints on ways to assassinate the targets, give lore, or are intentionally hilarious. I have two complaints with the sound, however. Some of the NPC dialogue can get repetitive after multiple playthroughs, and the gun sounds themselves aren't very realistic which was mildly distracting. Overall, however, the game is incredible in the sound department, and the NPC dialogue is generally a huge positive point.

    The game currently has 69 achievements for 1360 gamerscore, offering a varied and fun-to-unlock list. The list for each episode generally includes a few of the best kills, completing all of the opportunities, and reaching mastery level 20. None of the achievements are too hard, but they offer a good challenge and carry you through the game quite well. While they aren't varied from episode-to-episode, they still feel that way because how different the routes are for each episode. Aside from all of the DLC achievements, the starting list has achievements based around the different modes, such as completing 10 contracts and the easiest achievement, pacifying a guy. All around, the achievement list is a fun one, and one that you'll not be groaning while completing. Especially with the easter eggs.

    In the end, Hitman is a really good game, and one you'll be playing over and over. There are many modes to play through, and the NPC dialogue can help guide you to assassinations. The achievement list is a fun one, and one that will hold you through the game. If you like replayable content, you will like Hitman.
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    15 Sep 2020
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    HITMAN is a return to form for the series, whilst keeping what made Absolution fun to play - and adding necessary tweaks to make for the perfect experience in this international contract-killing series. Here is my review on IO Interactive's reboot to the long-running series, HITMAN:

    HITMAN's story starts as a prequel to all of the mainline game's events. Starting in 1999, you take control of Agent 47 as he passes several examinations to join the ICA - a worldwide assassination contract organisation. This serves as the game's tutorial, giving you enough to know how the world of HITMAN works.
    The game then flashes forward to 20 years time in 2019. Around this time, 47 is tasked in assassinating numerous, seemingly unrelated targets around the world for a particular shadow client. Agent 47 is given assistance & friendly advice from his handler, Diana Burnwood, throughout the course of the game.

    Although the story is not the strong-point of the Hitman series, the story here is good enough to be a standard action film (making it better than the actual Hitman films storyline). So overall, HITMAN's story gets a 6/10.

    HITMAN is a sandbox game, which means you are given an open environment and plenty of tools to do the objective in any way you see fit. In this case, you can assassinate your main targets anyway you want - you can simply shoot them in the head, but this would be boring and more trouble than is worth. Or, alternatively, you can keep track on your target and take them out silently or using the world around you to cause an accident. The amount of options is limitless and the game often rewards you for exploring and assassinating targets in varied, strategic and most often fun ways.
    As a result of complaints on Absolution's linear map design, HITMAN now has a more open environment for the player to explore and find opportunities - these opportunities, when found, can help you get closer to the target or even cause the target to come to you. Although this can be seen as hand-holding, you don't have to follow these opportunities when they are given to you.
    Other significant improvements include trespassing zones, whereas in other Hitman titles if you are caught trespassing you are shot down by guards, in HITMAN 2016 you are escorted back to a non-restricted area by guards and given enough chances to not be in combat. This gives a sense of realism to the game's maps, which is what HITMAN is good at but not particularly best-known for. Another major, but also minor improvement is the usage of enforcers (people who can see through disguises and know if you are suspicious), this improves over Absolution's mentality of "every gardener knows each other"
    Absolution's feature of instinct returns, but now acts like eagle eye from the AC games - giving you the target's location and where people are on-screen as opposed to using a map.
    There are six maps provided with the experience of HITMAN. The first map, the ICA Facility is downloaded with the game and serves as a tutorial to the player. The other maps can be bought with real money and were released episodically. Some of these maps include Paris, Italy, Japan and Bangkok just to name a few. All of these maps are much bigger than the maps in previous Hitman titles, and some give you more than one target or may add an extra objective (such as destroy an item or protect a non-target).
    Contract mode from Absolution returns, which is a mode where you can manually choose a target and kill them with a particular disguise and weapon. This adds a level of replay ability, and can be played for as long as the game servers are active. Unlike elusive targets, which are targets you can only kill once during a certain time limit, and if you mess up you cannot restart. None of these elusive targets from HITMAN can be played again however, so I can't comment much on it.

    HITMAN has the most refined gameplay out of all of the other Hitman games, and it comes extremely close to Blood Money (an OG favourite of mine, and my first Hitman game). So HITMAN's gameplay scores a 9/10.

    HITMAN has very good graphics, especially on Xbox One. And the graphics do not affect the performance of the game either. HITMAN provides a good extensive colour palette, and the cut-scenes look brilliant. Character models look okay, but the main star of the characters (Agent 47) looks as good as he ever did.

    HITMAN's graphics score a 8/10.

    Voice Acting
    HITMAN has much more lines of dialogue than in any other entry to the series. Agent 47's voice actor, David Bateson, has more lines than in any other Hitman game as of that time - which gives him more personality and hearing his subtle nods to death is hilarious. Aside from that, the voice work here is above average and is very clear with little to no hiccups whatsoever.
    However, although this game is set in a multitude of locations all across the globe, many of the characters in the game are voiced by the same 4 or 5 American actors. Which sounds very out-of-place to be hearing American voices in Italy or Paris.

    So HITMAN's voice acting gets a 7/10. It's great across the board, but the lack of actors providing unique voices unique to the game's locations is strange and kind of puts you out of the experience.

    HITMAN's soundtrack sounds a lot like the original game - that being Hitman: Codename 47 (which I thought had a good soundtrack performed by Jesper Kyd). However, the soundtrack here is done by someone else. And since I like the soundtrack of the first and second game, I thought that the soundtrack of HITMAN was on-point with what I expect from the series. A classical soundtrack mixed with electronic here-and-there.

    So HITMAN's soundtrack and score gets a 8/10.

    The achievements of HITMAN are farily standard to get. Some require you to kill targets in many different ways, some require you to complete the missions, some require you to do escalation contracts and so on. The hardest achievements would be the escalation contracts as they differ the most out of the rest of the contracts and provide a mostly hard challenge. Happy hunting, and good luck!

    HITMAN's achievement list gets a 7/10.

    Conclusion - 4.5 OUT OF 5
    HITMAN is a great game for old-time fans and newcomers alike. Although the episodic nature of the game may be off-putting, the overall game experience of the Hitman franchise is here and should be an enjoyable experience no matter who you are.
  • Jet KlaatuJet Klaatu289,941
    09 Oct 2018
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    Essential Hitman game for Newcomers!

    I've played all of the Hitman games up until this release and it really has gone back to its roots of "sandbox" style missions of assassinations. You get the freedom of choosing from many different paths and methods of taking out your target(s). Hitman: Blood Money was the last game in the series to come close to this style and I have been waiting for a similar game ever since.

    So let's talk about the elephant in the room shall we; episodic release strategy. Some like it and some hate it. I am all for it when it comes to this type of game as it forces the player to spend more time on the sandbox map hunting those achievements and you look forward to the next instalment with excitement and anticipation of a fresh new map and characters to explore. You can even go as far as creating a custom mission for your friends to attempt which I was really delighted about.

    The story arc is terrible on the other hand and is made worse by this broken pace.
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    It's a fantastic game that gives you hints on how to take out your targets and you really have to explore the environment and learn the patters and what disguises work on what people. The extra themed events are a nice touch too with some famous actors starring as a voice cameo of themselves. The achievements are not too difficult if you're used to these types of games however some are a complete pain to try and obtain and I would advise a YouTube guide for those tricky ones that take a lot of time.

    - Sandbox style gameplay
    - Forced exploration due to episodic releases
    - Variety of paths and methods of removing a target
    - Humorous character interactions
    - Create custom missions and publish them

    - Terrible Hitman story (not grounded)
    - Graphical repetition that's too obvious in crowds
    - Limited event targets had no relevance or impact (no point in doing)
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    01 Jun 2018
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    I really enjoy this game, frustrating though it may be. Major downside is that they put so much emphasis on playing this online. They have removed the most basic of reasons to play Hitman - the scoring! Unless you’re online you won’t get a score or a kill count or the usual pop ups that tell you if you made a headshot or whatever. This is annoying, I don’t see why my experience should be so much less because I don’t have the internet. You don’t get any challenges included on the disc so you can’t unlock anything, all weapons, suits and stash points and other starting locations are forever locked. I get that it was online when initially released but if they’d even included one challenge per level so you could get one new weapon when completed it would have been a nice touch.
    That said I have had this game for over a month and I’m still enjoying it. Yes, I only have access to the basics, but it doesn’t matter. The game has so many different ways to be played with limited levels so if you have the internet I can only imagine the hours you could put into this. The AI is fun and reacts to you better than previous games which is annoying when it’s clever enough to figure out where you are after shooting someone and surround you with guards!
    You may experience glitches, I have had a few but they’re not major. There are plenty of save opportunities. The game automatically saves at random points (it seems to do it every 4-10 mins depending on what alert mode the npc ‘s are) plus there are manual save points you can use. Whether online or not I suggest using a manual save any time you accomplish something you’ve been aiming to do (like killin a target) because if you don’t you may regret it when killed.
    If you liked Absolution this is a major step up from that and a lot more fun. I am still discovering things in all the levels I didn’t know existed and I look forward to many more hours of gameplay to come.
    Buy it - you won’t regret it!