HITMAN Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

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Welcome to the Hitman walkthrough.

You will be playing as Agent 47, a hitman contracted to take out high value targets in highly populated areas. This game starts as a sort of prequel starting with Agent 47 first meeting his handler Diana. The first couple of missions are training missions which serve as a tutorial for the game and a test for Agent 47 to see if he is good enough to be recruited.

The training missions are reasonably small, but there is still alot to do for those who want to spend more time in them. Once you are playing the real missions, you will notice that they are much, much bigger and they are filled with hundreds of people, much more than any previous Hitman game.

This walkthrough will guide you through getting the achievements, but each level has it's own set of challenges as well. This walkthrough will only guide you through the ones required to get achievements. The rest of them? Well, you're own your own Agent.

So, let's get started.

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