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10. The Icon Bonus Episode


So, on to the first of the bonus episodes. We will start with The Icon, which is set in Sapienza. To find it, select Sapienza as the destination and scroll right. This mission is set in the square outside the mansion where a film crew is making a movie. The target is the lead actor Dino Bosco.

When setting up, switch the fibre wire for the lock pick.

When the mission starts, move straight ahead, through the barriers, head right and make your way to the cafe. Go to the right of the cafe and in through the locked door to the basement. Once inside, go through the door into the area at the bottom of the stair case. There is a door that leads out to the set. Open it from the side, so that you are not spotted once it is open and throw a coin into the room. Then take cover against the wall and wait. As the guard comes in you should immediately get the option to subdue him and drag him inside. The door should close. There is a box that you can dump him in, then take his uniform.

Once you have the guard's uniform, go through the door so you are at the edge of the set. Head right and round the back of the raised stage, then hop over the fencing. You now want to go to an area straight ahead of you to pick up a remote control. It may be easier to cut through the shop / cafe on the right so you can avoid the other guard that will spot you. Wait until he is in the corner looking away, then get back to the shop.

Inside the shop is an SFX crew member. He will eventually stand still by a large box, so subdue him and stuff him inside, then take his uniform.


Go back outside and hop over the fence. Turn off the generator and hop back over the fence, making your way round to get onto the stage. The SFX guy who comes to check on the generator will be able to see through your disguise, which is why we have to go all the way round. If, for some reason the other guy goes. Just do it again. Use the laptop to enable manual detonation. Leave the stage and move round to the set side, so that the stage blocks you from the view of the SFX guy when he comes back. Equip the remote and wait until Dino says 'action' and starts running. As he passes in front of the large boulder and starts to jump, pull the trigger. The explosion should kill him, completing the An Explosive Ending opportunity.

Leave through the nearby fencing past the white van then follow it round to get to the exit.

On completing the mission, you will earn this achievement.

A Night at the Movies in HITMAN
Complete The Icon.
  • Unlocked by 10,328 tracked gamers (91% - TA Ratio = 1.83) 11,343

For the next playthrough, you can load up the save point just after getting the SFX guy's uniform. Take the screwdriver which is near the door at the back of the shop, then head back through the shop to the area that you got the remote from earlier. Be aware that there are a couple of guys back here that will see you in this uniform. As you leave the shop, note the ladder on the left. Go past the archway and you will find a laptop that controls the pressure plate. There is an SFX guy that comes and stands nearby that won't see through your outfit. When he goes to the far end to stand near the guard, use the laptop and quickly get back and up the ladder. At the top there is a control box that you need to sabotage. You have to be fairly quick here as the SFX guy comes to turn it off. If he does before you sabotage it, you need to do it again.

Once you have sucessfully sabotaged the box, head back to the laptop that controls the pressure plate. When Dino shouts 'action' use it and he will be flung into the mouth of the giant robot thing and be torn to shreds. Then get to the exit. This will have completed the Somthing To Chew On opportunity.

For this play through we will complete the last two opportunities together. First head past the cafe and in through the basement like we did in the first playthrough. Head all the way up the stairs until you get to the hippy signs and unlock the nearby door. You can disable the security cameras in here if you want a better score. Just inside the door is a fire extinguisher. Go back to the stairs and throw the fire extinguisher towards the other door by the signs. Then head back into the room and wait. The security guard will come and check it out. Subdue him and drag him into the room where you can dump him in a box. Do this again to bring the crew member down and dump him in the box as well, taking his outfit.

Head downstairs and outside into the stage area. You need to head towards the left and the larger trailer at the back. There is a member of crew here wandering around who will see through your disguise and annoyingly he stands in right where you want to be from time to time. Wait until he moves away and while crouching, move round to the controls where you are given the opportunity to interrupt the shoot. These are in front of where the crew member stops to leave on the trailer.

Once you have interrupted the shoot, move away before being spotted and get back to the door to the stairs to be safe. This will have completed the Time To Meet The Fans opportunity.

Next, head back upstairs and change into the security outfit before coming back downstairs. Now go into the shop behind the small stage (its the same one we cut through in the first playthorough). Wait until the guy leaves and approach a clipboard on the yellow box. This will start tracking the opportunity. Open the box with the lockpick and take the canister. Now head back upstairs and switch back to the crew outfit again (I know annoying right?).

In the centre of the set there is a large green canister that you want to use the small canister on. Just be careful of the two guys that can see through your disguise. Put the cannister in to complete the Light My Fire opportunity, and earn this achievement.

Touring the Film Set in HITMAN
Complete all Opportunities in The Icon.
  • Unlocked by 6,178 tracked gamers (54% - TA Ratio = 2.36) 11,343

Now it is just a case of waiting because Dino is talking to his fans. When he leaves and goes back to shooting, the green robot will set him on fire. Leave through an exit and you will have earned this achievement.

Stealing the Spotlight in HITMAN
Assassinate Bosco with the monster teeth, in a pyrotechnics explosion, and in a fire. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 5,390 tracked gamers (48% - TA Ratio = 2.53) 11,343

For the last achievement in The Icon, I would suggest following this video. This is for completing the suit only and silent assassin challenges. This achievement can also be obtained in the A House Built On Sand bonus mission, but it is very quick doing it on this map.

Credit for the video goes to swaggers

Completing the mission and getting both challenges will earn you this achievement.

Perfectionist in HITMAN
Complete Suit Only and Silent Assassin Challenges on The Icon, A House Built on Sand or Landslide.
  • Unlocked by 5,772 tracked gamers (51% - TA Ratio = 2.44) 11,343

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