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11. A House Built On Sand Bonus Episode


In this bonus episode, which is found under the Marrakesh menu, you have two targets, Kong Tuo-Kwang, who is in the main restaurant/country club, and Matthieu Medola who is wandering around the market. You also need to pick up some documents that Matthieu has.

For the first play through we are going to knock out a couple of opportunities in one go. Start by heading to the fortune teller's place which is the small room that sticks out at the very top of the map. You get there by cutting across the main market, stay to the left of the restaurant and it'll be straight ahead of you. When you get there, head into the small alley / alcove to the left and wait for a woman to come and stand here to look at her phone. As soon as she is gone, flick the switch to cut the power and leave the alley. The fortune teller will come and check out the switch. Subdue him and stuff him in the box, but do not take his outfit yet.

Next, head to a carpet shop on the left side of the main market. You should be able to see the staircase on your map. When you get there, some people will be talking about the shop being closed for a private viewing. After their conversation, they will all walk off but a woman will come over. She will say that they are closed then open the door and stand just inside. You want to stand to the right slightly, so that as she moves away, you can step inside before the door closes. Then crouch and sneak up the stairs to head to the roof. Pick up one of the nearby bricks before jumping over the small wall.

Throw a brick into the middle of the large area and pick up another brick from this side of the wall. A woman will likely come down so knock her out with the brick, then drag her to the box. Grab another brick and throw it at the bodyguard to knock him out. Pick up the key that he drops and dump him in the box as well. Take his outfit and leave the shop.

Go to the back door of the restaurant which is down the right hand side from the market, and unlock the door with the key. Change into the waiter outfit which is in one of the lockers. Then leave into the main restaurant.

Here, you need to get behind the bar and increase the water flow. Be careful not to get spotted by the waiter that can see through your disguise who is doing laps of the area. Once you have pressed the button, go to the opposite corner of this area into the bathroom. In here you will find a wrench you should take. Then scale the pipe and get to the winch for the large star above the pool. You will have to wait a while, while Kong moves around. When he stands at the end of the pool (in the flooded area), drop the star in the water and electrocute him. This will have completed the Gone Shopping opportunity.

Go back down the pipe and leave the restaurant however you like, then go and get the fortune teller's outfit. Remember to wait until the woman with the phone leaves if she is nearby. Head into his shop and sit down to listen to his client. When you reply to him he will leave. Now go and find Matthieu. He probably won't be too far. Talk to him, and he will follow you back to the fortune teller's shop. Once inside, turn up the smoke machine which is on the floor on the right as you enter, so that no one can see into the shop. Sit down and kill him when you get the option. Dump his body in the cupboard at the back and make sure you pick up the documents. This will complete the The Future Foretold opportunity.

Now just make your way to an exit to finish the mission earning you this achievement.

Moroccan Nights in HITMAN
Complete A House Built on Sand.
  • Unlocked by 8,403 tracked gamers (74% - TA Ratio = 2.01) 11,322

For the next playthrough, make sure you equip some lethal poison when setting up. Coins will also be useful.

When you start, go and get the bodyguard outfit like we did in the first playthrough. Then, head up the left side of the restaurant a a short distance (as if heading to the fortune teller) and just past the bananas, you should see a set of green doors with a couple of other bodyguards inside. Go in here and get to the roof. Be aware that there is a bodyguard who can see through your disguise. We are going to take him out first. Head up the first set of stairs to where this bodyguard and a waiter are. Head right and you should see controls for the sound system on the wall. Switch it off then walk round so that you are behind the bodyguard as he check it out. Subdue him, then go and quickly subdue the waiter. Drag them both back down the stairs and dump them in the box. Make sure you pick up the gun that is dropped. Now, you need to distract the guard that is in the next area. Throw a coin and when he goes to check it out, subdue him and dump him in another box. Pick up his gun, and the walkie-talkie that he drops. You can now go and poison the large pipe in this area (not the one where the waiter was).

Leave and go to find Matthieu. Talk to him and he will follow you. Get him back to the rooftop and you will complete the Waiting For The Man opportunity.

Get to the area where the waiter was stood and use the walkie-talkie. Then crouch so that you are hidden when the others arrive. Wait around and eventually they will both use the pipe and die. The bodyguard that came with Kong will go over to them and stick them in body bags. When he leaves with the first one, go and pick up the documents and exit the mission.

You will have earned this achievement in this playthough.

A Series of Unfortunate Events in HITMAN
Eliminate Mendola with the crystal ball, Kong in an electrocution, and both by poisoning the pipe. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 4,603 tracked gamers (41% - TA Ratio = 2.72) 11,322

For the last playthrough head to the front door of the restaurant where the two guards are blocking the exit to the VIP area (where Kong is). A guy with a beard will come out and make a phone call and then walk off to collect some rent. Follow him until you get to an area with a forklift truck. The bearded guy will go into the shop. When he does, go and set the alarm off on the forklift, then hide behind the car. When the shopkeeper turns the alarm off, throw a coin into the alcove and then subdue him when he goes inside. Dump him in the box and take his outfit. Wait outside the shop until the woman inside has her back to you, then head in and subdue her. Take the key from the counter and unlock the door before heading into the back room and taking out the guy with the beard. Pick up his invitation and if you want to be neat you can dump him and the woman in the box. Go and switch back to your suit.

Now head to the restaurant and show the invitation to the two bodyguards. On entering, you will complete the Rent Due opportunity and earn this achievement.

A Golden Opportunity in HITMAN
Complete all Opportunities in A House Built on Sand.
  • Unlocked by 5,488 tracked gamers (48% - TA Ratio = 2.49) 11,322

You can finish the mission however you want if you want to save any challenges.

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