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12. Landslide Bonus Episode


So, onto the Landslide bonus mission, which you will find under the Sapienza menu. Here you have to kill Marco Abiatti, who is running for mayor.

There is only one starting location, down on the beach. Unequip your gun and switch out your coin for the lock pick.

When you start you will be watching Marco do some photo shoot on the beach.Turn left and head all the way up the hill to the area where Rocco the new chef was being shouted at in the original Sapienza playthrough. There will be two bodyguards talking. Listening to them will reveal an opportunity which you should track. When they walk off, go across the square to the toilets under the cafe. If you look towards the fountain from where the bodyguards were talking, it will be just behind it. You want to be quick and reach the toilets as the guard in the white shirt comes out.

As you enter the toilets, there is a fuse box on the pillar just inside. Flick the switch to turn off the light and as one of the guys goes to check it out, approach the cubical door closest to the other guy. Pick the lock and enter, closing the door behind you. The lawyer is in here. Punch him (using cn_X) to knock him out and take his outfit. This is one of the best disguises

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Dump the lawyer in the box and leave. You will be prompted to approach the bodyguards outside and to the right. Follow them upstairs. When you enter the room, take a seat on the sofa straight ahead to blend in as the lawyer. If you forgot to unequip your gun, you can dump it in a trash can in the bathroom (the door next to the fire extinguisher), then sit down. After a while another bodyguard will enter and you need to be frisked before entering the next room.

As you enter this room, you need to sit down on the nearest armchair to blend in as the lawyer. If you don't, Marco will immediately see through your disguise. He will talk to you for a while and eventually send his bodyguards out of the room. He will then approach the desk and stand with his back to you. Approach him from behind and hit cn_A to push his head down on the pen, killing him. Dump him in the box and leave. You will have completed the Above The Law opportunity.

Make your way back downstairs and outside, heading right, then immediately left. You can follow this round until you get to the exit with two guards outside. Leaving will finish the mission, earning you this achievement.

Bravissimo in HITMAN
Bravissimo21 (10)
Complete Landslide.
  • Unlocked by 8,179 tracked gamers (72% - TA Ratio = 2.05) 11,324

Restart the mission and head left up the street towards the VW Beetle and the bollards. Just before the bollards is a blue van on the right. Crouch and hop over the fence too the left of it and head straight to the end behind some boxes. There is a stage crew uniform here for you to take. Now head back to where you started.

Make your way along the dock where you will find a small wooden pier at the end. Just before stepping onto the pier you will see the photographer's phone, prompting you to start an opportunity. Check it out to track the opportunity and then go onto the pier. You should see the controls for the fireworks and a toolbox. Take the screwdriver from the toolbox and sabotage the fireworks.

Turn around and start leaving the dock. You need to make your way across the beach so that you are under the arches with the red canopies above them. Go into the tunnel and take the first left which should be a staircase to get up to the floor above. When you leave the staircase, you will be under the red canopies. Turn right and go up the stairs behind the bodyguard, but stop half way and crouch. Straight ahead of you is a guy that can see through your disguise. When he turns to face right, you need to get between him and the desk while still crouching, and take the remote control. Leave the way you came and head back to the other side of the beach so you can follow the photographer. Try not to get too close to him or he may change his route. It is best to stay roughly where you started.

After a while he will walk to the other side of the beach, past the stage and down the steps. Once he is down the steps, he will approach a drinks machine. When he does, walk past him, bumping into him and go into the small area to his right. Somewhere in the middle, drop a coin and take a step forward. The photographer will come to take the coin. You can drop another coin if you need to, to get him nearer the box at the back. Once you are happy that no one can see you, subdue him, dump him in the box and take his outfit.

Find Marco and tell him you are ready to take photos. Then go back to the pier and take the camera. Wait until Marco is at the very end of the pier before setting off the fireworks to kill him. As soon as he gets blown up, run back to where you started, before the nearby security guard gets suspicious of you. Then make your way to the exit. This will have completed the Dynamite Smile opportunity.

Start up a new playthrough and this time head up the main street towards the VW Beetle and the bollards, but turn left. A short distance along this road, just past the bike there is a couple talking which will reveal an opportunity. Once you are tracking it, continue to the end and to the left, so that you are looking down into an area with a white van. You will see a woman standing around in the area. When she moves away, jump down towards the front of the van and crouch. Keep watching the woman and when she walks further away, approach the van to turn off the webcam, then climb back up and sit on the bench to blend in. Marco's assistant will eventually walk past you and fix the webcam. When he and his bodyguard leave that area, you need to follow them, fairly close behind, as they will go in through a locked door. When you follow them inside, move to the right so they don't see you.

As they go round the corner, get towards the top of the first lot of steps and throw a coin into the corner. The bodyguard will come down to check it out. Take this opportunity to subdue him while the assistant heads upstairs. Make sure you pick up everything that the bodyguard drops, including the apartment key. Take his outfit and dump him in the box on the next landing. Then head to the top and into the apartment. Knock out the assistant and dump him in the bathroom out of the way.

Check Marco's schedule next to the bed and then use the communication equipment to reschedule the meeting. You might find that it shows him as being unavailable. This is probably because he is drinking at the bar or something, so you will just have to wait a short time. Once the meeting is rescheduled, you will complete the Cheat Sheet opportunity.

As this point it is up to you whether you finish the mission or restart. Either way the opportunity is marked as complete.

When you start your next playthough, head to the right down the dock towards the pier, but stay to the right side of the wall, so you are on the lower path. When you get to the end you will see a tap. You want to turn this on when the crew member is stood nearby so that he comes to check it out. If he is on the pier or moving away, the guard will check it out instead and you will have to do it again. Once you have turned it on, head a short way back up the dock and jump over the wall onto the higher path. When the crew member goes down the steps, run onto the pier and take the screwdriver, then quickly leave before he notices. You now want to go and get the crew outfit by jumping over the fence by the bollards like you did in a previous playthough.

Once you have the outfit, head behind the stage, being careful not to be seen by the one crew member who can see through your disguise. Get onto the back of the stage and sabotage the wiring there. Then leave the stage and stand in the area between the wall and the blue sheet, so that you can listen to the conversation between the two other crew members.

This is a good place to save in case you get spotted in a minute.

As soon as they finish talking and one moves away, bump into the one closest to you and move back between the wall and the blue sheet. Drop a coin and continue round to the other side of the blue sheet. When he goes to check the coin out, go to the valve near where they had the conversation and release the water pressure.

Now, quickly run back out of this area and you will see a member of crew stood with a microphone to his left and some controls to his right. Approach the controls and turn on the mic. Then stand at one of the boxes nearby where there is a clipboard that you can use to blend in.

When Marco goes on stage, head to where the crew member who could see you earlier was standing, and you should see a laptop. Use this to electrocute Marco, then leave. This will have completed the Stage Fried opportunity.

So, time for the last playthough. Make sure you have the lockpick selected.

Begin by making your way to the front of the church, then head between the church and the morgue. Go all the way round the church until you find the back door and head inside. There will be a guy in the centre at the bottom of the large staircase. You can try to distract him by throwing a coin, or run past him and into the first curtain area onto the balcony looking out over the church. There is a priest in here. Subdue the priest and drag him to the end furthest away from the curtain end before taking his outfit. The guy at the bottom of the stairs may have spotted you and come up a short way, but he shouldn't come through the curtain.

Head back down the stairs, and this time be careful not to get spotted by that guy. He will do some cleaning at some point, so sneak down the stairs and subdue him. You can put him in the nearby box. Then head into the main church and out through the front. Be aware that there are a couple of guys in here that can see through your disguise. You need to find Marco. If you are lucky, he should be somewhere out the front of the church. Talk to him and head in for confession. Go and sit in the booth on the right. He will go into the left one.

After confession, he will ask to meet you on the roof. Head up there and go as far as you can (past the winch). Wait for Marco to join you (you may need to go down one level if he stands around waiting for you to prompt him to come up). Once at the top, he will lean on the railing. Push him off to impale him on the church spire. This will complete the No Absolution For The Wicked opportunity and you will earn the following two achievements.

Finito in HITMAN
Finito39 (15)
Complete all Opportunities in Landslide.
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Your Vote Counts in HITMAN
Eliminate Abiatti by impalement, pen and fireworks explosion. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 4,767 tracked gamers (42% - TA Ratio = 2.69) 11,324

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