HITMAN Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips

There are a few things to bear in mind as you play.

Always try to keep track of who will be able to see through your disguise. They will be shown as a white dot on the maps (instead of grey). They will also have a dot above their head when you look at them using instinct.

There is no limit to how much you can use instinct, so use it as much as you need to. Time slows down while using it, so if you are waiting for someone / something, try not to use it constantly. Your target(s) will be shown in red, any one that is actively searching for you will be in orange, and as mentioned above, anyone that can see your disguise will have a white dot above their head.

When taking someone's disguise, it is always a good idea to hide the body first if you can. You can then stand next to whatever you have stuffed the body into and still take their clothes. This saves someone finding you while you are stashing the body and comprimising the new disguise.

In most maps there is a disguise that will allow access to large parts of the map, like the Shiek in Paris or the Golf Coach in Sapienza. They will not be able to go everywhere - The Golf Coach cannot go wandering around the underground lab - but it can be helpful. You will get to know which disguises are ok in which areas as we go through the guides.

It is worth switching out your coins for the lockpick. There are plenty of things to throw to ditract people in any map, and you can pick up coins. The lockpick will allow access to some doors that would otherwise be inaccessible. This doesn't include doors that you need a swipe card for.

Before starting a particular map, it is worth checking out the challenges. You need to pass the challenges to earn points and raise your rank. There is an achievement for each location for getting to rank 20.

Saving just before killing a target can help with knocking off several challenges in a short time. For example, you can use poison to kill a target, then reload to use poison to send them to a bathroom to be sick. Once in the bathroom where they are isolated, you can save before drowning them in the toilet, reload and shoot them in the head, reload to use fibrewire etc, depending on the challenges required.

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