HITMAN Walkthrough

3. ICA Training Facility & Contracts



When you first start the game, you will be dropped of on a helicopter landing pad in some mountains. Walk up the near by stairs to trigger the cutscene.


When you gain control of 47 again, you will be in a training scenario in a dock with a yacht ahead of you. This is one big stage made for your training, so you will notice that everything is made with wooden panels, including the yacht and the helicopter on the top deck. The game will give you instructions, so just do as you are told for now.

Approach the gangplank where you are told you can't come aboard. Follow the marker to the window behind the small truck and climb through. Then crouch and approach the mechanic from behind. Hold cn_X until you subdue him, but do not snap his neck. you will then earn this achievement.

Shhhh in HITMAN
Shhhh15 (15)
Pacify any individual. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 104,442 tracked gamers (99% - TA Ratio = 1.00) 105,343

Drag the mechanic into the bathroom and take his clothes. Then enter the yacht through the garage area and go upstairs. You will be prompted to use your instinct as you go upstairs to locate the target (hold cn_RB). He will be pretty much straight ahead of you and marked in red. You will be told to follow him, but will be stopped at the next flight of stairs. Go to the next marker in the kitchen where you will find a crew member stirring a pot. Get behind him, subdue him and stuff him in the freezer. You can then take his clothes once he is inside by holding cn_A while next to the freezer.

You can now go upstairs, but be careful that the target does not see you as he will see through your disguise. Approach him and blend in at the bar by pressing cn_Y. When he and the guy in white leave, go back towards the stairs you came up and go past the two guards. Just past the stairs that go up to the next level, you will see an open window. This is where the target is going. Get in the room before he does and enter the door to the small bathroom in the centre. Equip your fibre wire and wait. When they are both in the room, keep checking your instinct by holding cn_RB. The game may still want you to sneak into the room, but don't worry about it. When you see the guy in white (with the hat) leaning out of the window, go out into the room and garrot the target with your fibre wire. Drag him back into the bathroom and hide him in the cupboard to the left. Then leave and go out of the window. If the white marker appears showing that the guy in white is looking at you, quickly move next to the bathroom wall opposite the window to lower the bar and then go out the window. For the unnoticed kill, you will earn this achievement.

Unseen Assassin in HITMAN
Assassinate a Target without getting spotted.
  • Unlocked by 83,651 tracked gamers (79% - TA Ratio = 1.11) 105,343

Then go downstairs and back into the kitchen. Swap back to the mechanic outfit and walk off the boat using the gangplank. Approach the car that is indicated as an exit and press the button to finish. You will then earn this achievement.

The Result of Previous Training in HITMAN
Complete Freeform Training in the Prologue.
  • Unlocked by 54,738 tracked gamers (52% - TA Ratio = 1.38) 105,343

So, on to the last training mission. Again you will notice that all the buildings etc are made of wood, indicating that it is just a set.

First, hit the cn_back to bring up the objectives menu. Hit the cn_RB a couple of times until you are in the Opportunities tab. Select the Safety First opportunity to start tracking (it should say stop tracking below the picture), then return to the game. You should now see a lightbulb icon somewhere when you look around. That shows where the next part (in this case, the first part) of the opportunity is. We'll come back to that later. I'll refer to them as waypoints.

When you start, you will be crouched behind a small truck. Go all the way round it (it doesn't matter if the guards see you at this point) and approach the fence that the truck is facing. Pick up the nearby crowbar from on top of a box. You should notice that a section of the barb wire is missing at the top of once of the fences which you can climb. Hop over and stick to the shadows / darker area follow the area round behind the parked cars to the next fence. Conveniently there is another section of fence missing, so jump over this as well. You will notice a cage on wheels straight ahead of you and a generator to the left. Crouch and turn off the generator, then hide behind the cage. A nearby guard will come to check out the generator. subdue him and dump him in the box you are next to. Take his clothes but leave his gun. For taking his clothes, you will earn this achievement.

Chameleon in HITMAN
Chameleon11 (10)
Change your disguise during The Final Test.
  • Unlocked by 81,625 tracked gamers (77% - TA Ratio = 1.13) 105,343

Make your way through the building to the waypoint, making sure that no one sees through your disguise (avoiding people with the dots above their head). You will listen to two guys talking and the waypoint will move. Make your way to the next waypoint which is in the hanger. There are a few people here that will see through your disguise, but you should be able to walk straight up to a clipboard and read it. The waypoint will now float above the hear of a mechanic. Follow him past a couple of guards until he walks behind shelving, then subdue him and dump him in the nearby box. Take his clothing.

Grab the wrench on the box near by. Walk over to the jet, but be careful of the two mechanics as they will both see through your disguise. They will start talking and both face away from you. Quickly adjust the ejector seat and move back to the other side of the jet. For completing the opportunity, you will receive this achievement.

Seizing the Opportunity in HITMAN
Complete any Opportunity in The Final Test.
  • Unlocked by 76,034 tracked gamers (72% - TA Ratio = 1.17) 105,343

Go upstairs and find the target. Talk to him and he will follow you to go over the safey checks. Keep telling him what to do until he ejects himself through the roof of the hanger. Then immediately leave towards the rear of the jet towards the exit. For completing the ejector seat opportunity and the mission, you will earn these achievements.

K-36D19 (15)
Assassinate Jasper Knight with a sabotaged ejector seat. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 62,509 tracked gamers (59% - TA Ratio = 1.29) 105,343

Cleared for Field Duty in HITMAN
Complete The Final Test in the Prologue.
  • Unlocked by 76,963 tracked gamers (73% - TA Ratio = 1.16) 105,343

You should also now have had a ballistic kill, an accident kill (the ejector seat) and an explosion kill, earning you this achievement.

Tools of the Trade in HITMAN
Assassinate Targets with Ballistic, Accident and Explosion Kills.
  • Unlocked by 34,369 tracked gamers (33% - TA Ratio = 1.74) 105,343

Start up the Final Test again, and this time, head off in the other direction. Just past the car that serves as the exit, and some boxes, you should find a section of fencing that you can climb. It is near to the two guys discussing the safety protocol and the ejector seat. Hop the fence and move round to the left until you reach the small car which looks like a VW Beetle close to the guard hut. If you are quick, you should be able to go through the window of the hut, out the door the other side heading left towards the outer wall of the map. Then go right so that you are following the wall round. You may get the white indicator saying that someone has seen you, but you should have time before they become too suspicious. If you are struggling, wait by the small car until the two mechanics have gone past, then wait a bit more until another guard has approached and left again on the other side of the hut.

Once you are through and following the wall round, you should see a long hose on the ground. Go to the end of this and you will be close to the corner of the building where there is a drainpipe which you can climb. Check where the two mechanics are (the ones discussing the jet). If they are approaching the large doorway, then wait. If you can't see them yet, or you waited for them to go first, then quickly go to the drainpipe and climb up. Then move past the first two windows and in through the third. You will be in a bathroom.

For the time being, you just have to wait. After a short time the colonel will go into the room with the target and his guard. He will go and stand near his desk for a bit, then come into the bathroom. Before he comes in, get into the big box next to the door. While he is checking himself out in the mirror, the target and his guard will leave. As soon as the colonel leaves the bathroom, get out of the box, equip your silenced pistol and walk into the room. At the far end of the table in the middle or the room, you will see a chess board. Drop the gun near there (by pressing cn_down) and go back to the bathroom. You won't have to wait long before the target and his guard come back in. The guard will notice the gun, pick it up and take it to the hanger. The target will likely start moving towards the chessboard. Either try to grab him on the way, or keep left and try to stay out of his line of sight when he turns round at the end. Grab him and subdue him. Snap his neck and drag him to the bathroom where you can his body in the big box. Once the guard gets the gun to the hanger, you will get this achievement.

Security Defeated in HITMAN
Arrange matters so that a guard finds a discarded weapon and moves it into the hangar.
  • Unlocked by 28,445 tracked gamers (27% - TA Ratio = 1.91) 105,343

Then it is just a case of getting away unseen. Climb out the window and move back along to the drainpipe. Slide down and move diagonally away from the building to the edge of the compound. Make your way back towards the small guard hut, being careful of the patrolling guard, and move round the edge until you can jump the fence again. The select the exit at the car. If any guards give you any trouble (the one by the hut sometimes hears you and turns round), reload and throw a coin to move him away.

Once you finish, you will get this achievement.

Silent Assassin in HITMAN
Complete The Final Test unspotted. Kill only Jasper Knight, ensuring his body is not found.
  • Unlocked by 45,448 tracked gamers (43% - TA Ratio = 1.51) 105,343

Okay. One more run at this mission. This time we are going to get the general to kill the target for us. Start off the same way as you did the first time so that you get the guard uniform. Go through the window again and use the door next to the TV that the two guards are watching. In the next room, you will see to more guards talking. On the counter next to them are some projector slides. Grab them, head back to the TV room and go up the stairs. Towards the far end of this room you will see a projector screen. Go to the projector just in front of it and put in the slides. At some point the general will look at the screen and then go off and get the target. Go outside the nearby door.

Wait until the colonel and the target are both back and looking at the screen. Wait for any guards to pass the window, so they can't see you, then turn off the power to the projector with the powerbox between the door and window. The target will start playing with the projector trying to get it to work. The colonel will come out and flick the switch back on, electrocuting the target. You will then earn this achievement. You can then go back to the room were you picked up the slides and walk straight out and across the yard to the exit. For getting the colonel to kill the target, you will have earned this achievement.

Defection Deterred in HITMAN
Arrange matters so that the KGB Colonel kills Jasper Knight. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 14,689 tracked gamers (14% - TA Ratio = 2.66) 105,343


You can now play the first training mission again, but you can kill your target any way you want. To get this first achievement, you need to kill the target while disguised as Mr Norfolk (the man in white we saw earlier) who is stood by a car near the gangplank.

When you start, you should notice some items on the box in front of you. Take all the coins and approach the rear of the car that Mr Norfolk is standing next to. Take cover against it by hitting cn_B, and then hold the cn_LT to aim and cn_RT to throw a coin towards the car in the alleyway to the left (which you used to end the mission last time). Make sure you throw it as far as you can. Mr Norfolk will become suspicious and go and check it out. Sneak along behind him and take cover against the boards. If your first throw was far enough, Mr Norfolk should be stood a short distance ahead of you. Now throw another coin towards the rear of the alleyway, somewhere behind the car. When he goes to check it out this time, follow him and subdue him. There is nowhere to hide him here, so just drag him round the corner out of view. Nobody comes this way to it is not really a problem.

Now that you are disguised as Mr Norfolk you can walk freely onto the yacht. Walk up the gang plank and turn right, then wait at the bottom of the first flight of stairs. The target should come down shortly and you can talk to him. If he has already come down to this level, go and find him where you had to blend in the first time round. Once you've spoken to him, follow him to his room. Make sure you shut the door behind you and then walk behind the target while he logs on to his computer. Equip your silenced pistol and shoot him in the head as you need to get a firearm kill for another achievement later on. Drag his body into the bathroom again and dump him in the cupboard. Either leave through the door or the window and go upstairs where you can now finish the mission by leaving in the helicopter (or at least you would if it wasn't made of wood).

For killing the target as Mr Norfolk, you will earn this achievement.

Unexpected Guest in HITMAN
Disguise yourself as Mr. Norfolk and assassinate Kalvin Ritter. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 27,709 tracked gamers (26% - TA Ratio = 1.94) 105,343

Now start this mission again. This time we are going to get an explosive kill, again for part of another achievement later on. The explosion kill is very easy to get in this mission.

Start by taking the remote explosive from the box in front of you and quickly unequip it by hitting cn_up, otherwise you will be spotted holding a bomb by the guards to the right. Use the same method to get on the boat as you did in the first training mission and once you get a crew outfit go upstairs. Instead of going to blend in and listen, just go straight to the window and climb in. Equip the remote explosive and press both cn_RB and cn_LB at the same time, to place it. A good place is on the small extension of the desk (as in not the main part with the computer on) on the side that you can see from the window. That way he won't notice it when he walks in. Leave through the window and wait. You can go and blend in if you want to, but eventually the real Mr Norfolk will come aboard and meet with the target (he goes for a drink downstairs first). As the target walks past the desk to the computer, detonate the mine, go upstairs and leave with the helicopter again.

There are still some in game challenges to complete if you want, but they are not tied to an achievement, so I will let you work those out for yourself.


The last achievement related to the ICA facility, is to reach level 5 in one of the Escalations. These are levels that get increasingly more difficult (although they still aren't difficult) by adding another condition to win. The initial two available were The Einarsson Inception and The Snorrason Ascention.
You will probably find both really easy, so I'm not going to walk you through step by step, but if you are having difficulty use the videos below. You do not need to do both.

Credit goes to Zasta 360GameTV who uploaded these on their solution.

The Einarsson Inception

The Snorrason Ascention

For reaching level 5 of either Escalation you will earn this achievement.

Training Escalated in HITMAN
Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in the ICA Facility.
  • Unlocked by 12,761 tracked gamers (12% - TA Ratio = 2.86) 105,343


So, that completes your training. Before we move on to the other destinations, however, we are just going to get the achievements relating to Contracts. There are four achievements to get here. First from the main menu, select the Contracts tab, then Create Contract and finally the Contract Creation Tutorial.

You will find yourself in the yacht training mission. Follow the instructions and tag Terry Norfolk, then untag him. Get yourself onto the yacht. An easy way to do this is to sneak into the guard hut near to where you started, subdue the guard in the doorway and steal his clothes after dumping him in the cupboard. Take the crowbar and force the nearby gate that lets you get to the rear of the boat.

You will then be asked to select an opportunity. Select the one about killing a guard and follow the marker to find him patrolling near by. Mark him and kill him using the fibrewire to make sure you aren't seen. Then dump him in the cupboard. Walk through the yacht to come out near the car deck and select the other opportunity. You will be told to tag all three mechanics before going to pick up a remote explosive and a gas cylinder. Place the gas cylinder on the marked spot and then crouch on the other side of the car. Place the remote explosive here somewhere then leave. Get yourself out to the alleyways and set off the explosive, killing all three.

You have now completed both oppotunities and can exit the mission. You will then earn this acievement.

The Creative Assassin in HITMAN
Complete the Contract Creation Tutorial.
  • Unlocked by 15,572 tracked gamers (15% - TA Ratio = 2.59) 105,343

Next go to the Create Contract menu and select the Prologue. You will be in the ICA training facility. Go to the car with the exit button next to it and tag the nearest guard, Luca Wood, as the target. Shoot him in the head and use the exit.

Now that you have created the contract you will need to play it two more times. The first time, wait around for a while before killing him. The second time, kill him as you get to the car. You should beat your first score for having a better time, and you will then earn this achievement.

Top of the Class in HITMAN
Set the high score on a Contract.
  • Unlocked by 9,561 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.30) 105,343

Go back to the Contracts tab and select the Featured Contracts menu. If you want this quicker, pick a mission in a map that you are comfortable with that only has one target to speed things up. It is also worth picking one that has a condition to use any weapon. The mission Too Much To Drink is one set in Paris that is easy to do. Despite the name indicating that you should probably try to poison him, you can actually walk up and shoot him in the head, although you will then have to run as guards start shooting at you. It doesn't matter, as long as you get to the exit. You could always do it properly and you don't have to choose that contract.
When you complete one of the featured contacts and get safely to an exit, you will earn this achievement.

A New Profile in HITMAN
Complete a Featured Contract.
  • Unlocked by 13,868 tracked gamers (13% - TA Ratio = 2.74) 105,343

Lastly, you have to complete ten contracts. You can go back to the one that you created where you killed Luca Wood and compete that a few more times. On completing the tenth, you will earn this achievement and will have finished with the contract achievements.

Contract Assassin in HITMAN
Complete 10 Contracts.
  • Unlocked by 8,413 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.52) 105,343

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