HITMAN Walkthrough

4. Paris


So, welcome to the first main mission, The Showstopper, set in Paris. You have two targets to kill in this mission, Viktor Novikov, who will be wandering around downstairs around the fashion show, and Dalia Margolis, who will be on the top floor at an auction.

For the first run through, we are going to kill Dalia first, then come back down to deal with Viktor.

When you start, head straight ahead and into the main entrance of the building. Follow the red carpet to the right of the stairs (Viktor will be coming down the stairs, but just ignore him for now), and when you get to the next room where the carpet stops, turn right. Got through the door and turn right again. Go through the next door which is open, and into the first bathroom on the left. Here, you will find an IAGO invitation next to the sink. Take it, and if you have any weapons, stash them in the bin, as you will be getting searched shortly.

Leave the bathroom and turn right and right again, then go outside to an area where loads of people are standing around and drinking. Walk down the steps straight ahead of you and turn left. Follow the path along the building until you find two guards by a door. Show them your invitation and go inside. Approach the next guard and turn right through the door. Then show your invitation to the two guards before going up the stairs. Take the door ahead of you and approach the next guards who will search you before allowing you to go upstairs. A member of auction staff will direct you to the right where you can go through the double doors and then take a door on the left so that you enter the room where people are sat in a circle (this should be easy to spot on your map). You will be able to blend in as 47 on one of the chairs. Dalia will approach you and you will introduce yourself as Tobias Rieper, earning you this achievement.

Meeting the Rieper in HITMAN
Become Tobias Rieper. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 14,461 tracked gamers (33% - TA Ratio = 2.17) 44,113

Next, head back to the member of auction staff that directed you at the top of the stairs. Go through the doors behind him and quickly go to the right as you will be trespassing. Crouch by the window and (making sure the doors are still open) throw a coin to the other side of the doorway, by the furniture covered in a sheet. The member of auction staff will come in to check it out. Crouch / sneak up to him and subdue him. Then take his clothes. Head back to the auction room and go through the door on the opposite side. turn left and go through both sets of doors, crouching as you enter the second set (into the attic) and move to the left so you can't be seen (you are trespassing again).

In this part of the attic, you should see a guard in the middle of the room, another guard off to the right (who you can ignore) and another guard either sat at a computer in the middle or off to the left looking out of the window. You need to move towards the middle of the room, by skirting round to your left a bit. The guard in the middle will look left and right so try to time it so he is looking to his left (away from you). If the other guard is sat at the chair, then the guard in the middle will walk over to the guard on the right making it easier for you.

On one of the boxes in the middle, you will find a laptop dongle. Grab it and go back out the way you came. Once out of the attic, you will see the doors you came through straight ahead and another set of doors to the left. They lead into Dalia's office. Go in there and close the doors behind you. When the coast is clear and her assistant is not in the room, examine the laptop, then use the laptop dongle on it. This will complete A Quick Break opportunity. The assistant will eventually approach the laptop, panic and leave after a conversation with the guard outside. This is a good time to save as the conversation takes a while and can be annoying to listen to again if you mess up.

Once they leave go outside and pick up the scissors on a small table outside. Do not use the letter opener that is on the desk because you will be marked as visually armed whereas you won't with the scissors. Move closer to the door again and wait for Dalia and her guard to enter. She will start sorting out the laptop while the guard moves to the other end of the room. Position yourself so that the guard cannot see you and just as she finishes fixing the laptop throw the scissors at her head. Then RUN round the rest of the balcony and in through the doors half way along. Run down the stairs and in through the door ahead of you at the bottom where you will find some more stairs to the left. If you are quick enough, you won't be hunted, but you will see the searching notification above your map.

Go to the other end of this room towards the other stairs and go right through the door. Straight ahead of you is another door leading to the kitchen. In the corner diagonally left from where you are, you will find some rat poison. Take it and go back out the door you just came in through, turn right and head outside. You will notice some stairs leading to a basement on the right. Go down and inside. Go through this room and when you reach the long corridor leading from left to right, head right to the end. Turn left and you will find a recipe on a worktop to the right. Grab / read it and head back the way you came until you are outside. Go back to the kitchen and take the door directly ahead of you as you enter. This will take you to the back of the bar area. Head left and round to the bar. You will see a couple of bottles (one yellow and one blue) and a glass. Approach them and mix a drink. When you are done, poison it with the rat poison. This will complete the A Drink To Die For opportunity.

Go to the other end of the bar where there is a door leading to the backstage of the show. To the right are a couple of toilets (just behind someone on his phone). Go in the first one and hide in the wardrobe. Viktor will eventually come in to throw up. Once he is leaning over the toilet, exit the wardrobe and drown him. Hide him in the wardrobe and leave. Go back into the room with the bar and go to the other end, taking the door on the right hand side. You should be able to find your way back out the main front entrance from here. Leave the area and you will earn this achievement.

When No One Else Dares in HITMAN
Complete The Showstopper.
  • Unlocked by 43,507 tracked gamers (99% - TA Ratio = 1.25) 44,113

For the next play through, start as a stylist and select any item to stash in an agency pickup. As soon as you start, you will receive this achievement.

Well Prepared in HITMAN
Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Paris.
  • Unlocked by 22,103 tracked gamers (50% - TA Ratio = 1.75) 44,113

Select the Opportunity for 15 Minutes Of Fame and go to the marker in the next room where two people are talking to start the opportunity. Then run back into the stylists room and go to the far end where a guy in purple is stood in front of a diorama. There is a coin on the floor in front of it if you need it. Go round the back and put in the coin. This will set off the diorama and drive the guy in purple mad. Prepare to follow him as he has a quick drink and then says he's found his cigarettes. subdue him next to the large box and stash him inside. This will make it easier later to kill Victor with the light rig.

Now let's get back to the opportunity we are tracking. Head to the marker and you will see Helmut having a picture taken on the lawn by the helicopter. Get close by hiding by the wall and he will walk off to make a phone call. Follow him but don't go on the lawn as you will be trespassing. Once through the gap in the hedge, he will make a phone call. Be aware that there will be a guard along the hedge to your right as you go through the gap. The guard will approach and stand at the gap for a while while Helmut makes a call. As soon as the guard starts to walk away take Helmut out and take his clothes. Either leave his body there or dump it over the side. You won't be able to hide it otherwise. Personally I would dump it. You are going to accidentally kill a lot of people on this playthrough, so what's one more?

Call Dalia and then make your way back to the marked chair in the stylist area. After that, go and walk the catwalk, then make your way upstairs and into Dalia's room which is just behind the massive table of food in the auction room. After a brief conversation, she will get up and walk towards her window. Take her out and drag her into the bathroom which is just behind where she was sitting. Make sure you have killed her. If you just pacified her, then make sure you snap her neck, then stuff her in the wardrobe. You will have completed the 15 Minutes Of Fame Opportunity. This might be a good time to save.

Clime out of the window next to the wardrobe and up on top of the lightrig. Be careful here as there will be guards sometimes looking out of the windows around the area.

Use your instinct and you will see a crowbar at the far end. Slowly, get to the crowbar and then back onto the light rig, approaching the winch in the middle. Somewhere below you should see Viktor if you use your instinct. He will walk onto the stage and then start walking underneath you. When you are ready, break the winch with the crowbar and drop the light rig on him. This will complete the Lights out Opportunity and also get you this achievement.

The Showstopper in HITMAN
Assassinate Viktor Novikov in a light rig accident. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 15,026 tracked gamers (34% - TA Ratio = 2.13) 44,113

Now you just need to leave. This time, make your way to that helicopter on the rear lawn and use that to get away. You can just run up to it and get in.

For the next playthrough, start with a remote explosive and a lockpick. Start tracking the Rare Scoop opportunity. Follow the tracker until you see the lady on the phone moaning about missing a camera lens. Behind her on the counter is her camera. Approach it and hide the remote explosive inside. The lens she is looking for is basically the other side of the wall she is facing, outside in her van, so find the door some way to the left and pick the lock. Go outside and approach the news van. The side door is open and you will find the lens. Then go back to the woman and talk to her to give her the lens. Follow her until she goes outside. You may have to wait a while until Viktor joins her at the bottom of the main staircase first. Use this time to go to the bathroom where the IAGO invitation is and watch for a guard to enter the larger room. Stand by the double doors nearby. Flood the sink and leave the bathroom and he should go in to investigate. subdue him and wait a short time as a nosy woman will also come in. Just punch her to the face when she opens the door and drag her inside. Take the guard's uniform and go to the main staircase where the reporter was waiting.

Once the reporter and Viktor both go outside and start the interview to the left of the fountain, set off the explosive. You will have completed the Rare Scoop opportunity and completed one of the many challenges on the way to level 20.

Go up the main staircase (either side) and take the door that leads into the balcony area in the middle of the building. It is in a large rectangle, overlooking the catwalk area. Be careful in here because there are guards who will see through your disguise. Get to the other end where there are two guys surrounded by equipment. Next to one of them is a remote for the firework display, which you will want to take. Leave the room at this end and you should see a the staircases at this end of the building on your map. In the room where the staircase leads downstairs, you will find kitchen staff busy at work. In a large room behind them is a waiter on his phone. Enter the room, shut the door and sneak up behind him to subdue him. Stick him in the nearby wardrobe and take his clothes. Be aware that a guard can see you if he happens to be walking past the door half way down the room as you do this. Either wait until he passes or go and shut the door before moving the waiter.

Drop any guns you have in this room. Then go to the staircase leading upstairs, where you will get frisked. Head to the small corridor outside her office and grab the screwdriver on the counter. Then head into the auction room and onto the balcony. Equip the fireworks remote and set them off. Dalia will come out on to the balcony to watch them, and you will have completed the Playing With Fire opportunity.

Make sure you are at the opposite end of the balcony to her, and the guard. When the guard is facing away from you, throw the screwdriver at Dalia's head and vault over the short edge of the balcony. You will find a handy drain pipe that you can slide down to get away. Head into the building and straight ahead of you on the map you should see a small staircase that leads to the basement. Head down, through the kitchen and find the tunnel exit on your map to complete the mission.

For the last play though, start in the AV centre with a lockpick. Run to the other end of the balcony area, but instead of taking the door that leads out to the top of the main staircase, take one to the left that leads to an empty room with a piano in it. As you enter the room, there is a door on the right. Pick the lock, and use your instinct to check that the Shiek inside is not walking towards you before entering. If he is on the balcony, sat on the sofa, or stood facing away from you, you are okay to go enter. Once inside, go through the doors immediately on the left and into the bathroom. Turn on the radio and hide in the wardrobe until the Shiek comes in to investigate. subdue him, stuff him in the wardrobe and take his clothes.

Get upstairs to the auction room and sit in the chair on the opposite side to when you were Mr Rieper. Place a bid when you can. When you win the auction, you be invited to join Dalia in her office and will have completed the Guest Of Honor opportunity.

Enter the room and close the doors, then release the winch next to the doors to drop the chandalier on her. Then quickly get downstairs before anyone becomes suspicious of you.

You will now want to get a bodyguard uniform. There is an easy one to get near the room where we got the waiter outfit and ditched our guns in a previous playthrough. Go to the opposite end of the room to the waiter and there will be a bodyguard walking to the stairs in a near by room, and back again. Wait for him to come back and when he stops as if looking in a cabinet, subdue him. You then want to go and close the doors leading to the stairs, so the guards at the bottom don't see you before dragging him into the room with the waiter. Only take him just inside and to the left. You can leave him in the corner there and he won't get spotted. Don't take him too much further into the room as the waiter will see you. You can also pick up the bodyguard's gun and keep it or dump it in the room with him.

Now track the Private Meeting opportunity and get yourself to the marker which is outside near the main front gate. Just be careful to avoid any guards who may see through your disguise. When you get to the marker, there will be two guards talking so you can follow this opportunity. Go to the next marker and stand near to the two men. One of them is Decker, who will make a phone call. Shortly after the phone call you will be able to talk to him and get him to follow you to the meeting point. Walk round the building until you get to the gate with a guard on it. Again, be careful as some of the patrolling guards will see through your disguise. Enter an approach the pavilion in the centre. There are more guards here that will see you so be careful. Decker will wait at the pavilion and call Viktor who will show up a short time later. You will then have completed the Private Meeting opportunity.

Move close to the gate where we came in, to one side so he won't see you, and as Viktor enters, shoot him in the head and run to the helicopter to finish the mission.

As you have now completed all opportunities you will have earnt this achievement.

So Many Ways to Stop the Show in HITMAN
Complete all Opportunities in The Showstopper.
  • Unlocked by 10,574 tracked gamers (24% - TA Ratio = 2.54) 44,113

You are almost done with Paris. You will find that you aren't quite at level 20 mastery yet, but you shouldn't be too far off. You will need to start up a new playthough and complete a few more challenges to get there. These are some suggestions for the easier challenges to get you to level 20, but you can look at the list yourself and pick something you want to have a go at. Bear in mind that as long as the notification saying that the challenge has been completed shows up, you can reload or even restart the mission. When you next complete it, the challenge will still appear in the completed list at the end. You do have to complete the mission at some point to get them to count.

You may want to consider doing the escalation achievement below, first, as you will also earn some challenges in that as well.

  • When starting a new playthrough, always try to choose a new starting location. Also try to leave through an exit you haven't used before.
  • Bull in a china shop. When you go up the main stairs and turn left, there will be a near by room with a large vase in it. Just shoot it.
  • Careful what you wish for. Throw a coin in the fountain.
  • Ducks in a row. Find the stage schedule near the entrance to the stage.
  • One little mistake. Make Sebastian Sato sick (he is the guy near the diorama). Put rat poison in the drink he sips from before going for a cigarette. You will need to set off the diorama to get him to drink it. He will then go to be sick in a bin. Classy.
  • Terminal Velocity assassination. Simply get the firework control (easy to start in the AV centre) and get up to Dalia's balcony. Set off the fireworks and wait for her to lean over the edge and Viktor to stand underneath watching the fireworks. Then push her off, killing them both.
  • Poison, drowning and fibrewire. Make Viktor his bareknuckle boxer and use lethal poison on it for one and rat poison for another. When he goes to be sick, drown him in the toilet or use the fibrewire. Likewise with Dalia, she drinks from a glass on the balcony with a small bar on it. You can do the same to her. If you save before putting in the poison, once you have completed one method, reload and do the other. When you complete the mission you will get credit for all styles.
  • The Speechless assassination. You need to get Viktor on stage in the same way you previously did and then shoot him in the head.

Once you get to level 20, you will earn this achievement.

City of Light in HITMAN
Reach Paris Mastery Level 20.
  • Unlocked by 10,116 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.59) 44,113

For the next achievement you will need to complete level five of an Escalation set in Paris. These are missions that get progressively harder by adding a condition to each level. An easy one to complete is The Marsden Isotopy which can be done in just a couple of minutes for each playthrough.

Start as tech crew at the AV centre. Then follow the video guide below, which can be adapted to complete the tasks for each level. The video covers level five of the escalation. The tasks are;

  • Level 1 - Kill a member of the kitchen crew with a kitchen knife while dressed as tech crew.
  • Level 2 - As above, but you must hide all dead bodies within 90 seconds.
  • Level 3 - As above, but you also have to kill a guy with the fibrewire.
  • Level 4 - All bar staff are replaced with bodyguards armed with shotguns.
  • Level 5 - You have to complete the mission within 5 minutes.

Credit goes to Zasta 360GameTV for the video.

On finishing level five, you will earn this achievement.

Paris Escalated in HITMAN
Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in Paris.
  • Unlocked by 8,219 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 2.88) 44,113

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