HITMAN Walkthrough

5. Sapienza


Welcome to Italy. In the Sapienza mission, World Of Tomorrow, you have to kill two targets, Silvio Caruso and Fransesca De Santis. On top of that, you also need to find the secret lab and kill the DNA virus.

It is possible to do most of the opportunities in one playthrough, but you will need to replay the mission to complete various challenges to reach level 20 anyway, so I have broken them down into a few playthroughs to try and maximise progress for challenges. For a couple of playthroughs, we will simply restart after getting the achievement we are going through.

When setting up the mission for the first playthrough, switch out the coins for the lockpick.

When you start the mission, you will be sat on a bench in the main square opposite the mansion. Get up and walk towards the white van to the right of the mansion, next to the red building. As you approach, you will hear a woman shouting to Rocco who is on the top floor telling him that he is going to be late. Enter the door to the right of the shop (next to the moped) and go to the top floor. On the right is Rocco's door. Pick the lock and sneak in. Straight ahead of you on a small table is the mansion key card. Make sure you pick it up, then take the kitchen uniform in the next room before sneaking back out to the van.

Behind the van is a swipe access door to the grounds of the mansion. Be aware that the woman who was shouting at Rocco will see through your disguise. Follow her (and wait as she ties her shoe) inside the door straight ahead, and then immediately turn left inside. Head into the main kitchen and talk to the head chef, who will ask you to finish the tomato sauce. Give it a stir before going outside and ringing the bell. This will complete the First Day On The Job opportunity. If you want to, you could add rat poison (which is next to one of the stoves) or lethal poison to complete additional challenges in another playthrough. When Silvio eats the rat poison, he will and throw up over a cliff. You can then shove him off or fibrewire him if you want. The lethal poison will obviously kill him outright.

For now, we are not going to poison Silvio because we can move on to another opportunity straight away. Opposite the bell, is a small set of steps that lead to a narrow path to the right of the building and along a cliff edge. Follow the path and pick the lock of the first door you find. This leads into a sort of cinema / display room. Head left and through another door, then left again where you should find some stairs (you will also see them on the map). Head to the top and go left, then right. You are in a balcony area above the cinema room. Go to the opposite side and up the stairs by the telescope. At the top you will find a VHS tape. Grab it and head back down to the cinema room. Near the large TV screen which is currently switched off, you will find a projector where you can insert the tape. Then behind you, you should find a Plague Doctor outfit on display. Take the amputation knife to the left of the outfit before hiding in the outfit itself. This will complete the Memory Lane opportunity.

After a while, Silvio will enter the room and notice the tape. He will order all his bodyguards to leave the room and watch the tape with his back to you. Sneak up behind him and make sure you have the amputation knife equipped when you kill him for one of the challenges. Dump his body in the box in the corner of the room near the staircase. Make sure you switch back to the kitchen assistant and unequip the knife before leaving the room back to the cliff edge.

Make your way back to the kitchen and enter the store room on the left at the far end. You can climb out of the window to a ledge, head left and across the room and unlock the door to head back into Rocco's building. The apartment you enter here is actually the ICA safe house, but we'll come back to that later. You can also climb the small balcony into Rocco's apartment if you want. Either way, head through the building and out the main door downstairs.

Head down the hill and take the first alleyway to the right. Follow it back up the hill and you should see a person marked on the map who will see through your disguise. Don't worry, he's asleep. Somewhere near him on the ground, you should find a coin. There is also another one further round the corner to the right as you face him, next to a man in a loud shirt. Grab one of the coins. The sleeping man is a PI that has been hired by Fransesca.

Head down the steps a bit until you are at the entrance of the alleyway tunnel. Wait for an annoying woman in a red dress to enter the tunnel, and subdue her before she sits down. Then dump her in the dumpster. Now go up the steps and throw the coin near to the PI to wake him up. You then need to eavesdrop on his conversation with Fransesca on the phone without him seeing you. After the phone call, he will walk down the hill and into the alleyway tunnel from the other side. Run round and follow him into the tunnel. When he is close to the dumpster, subdue him and dump him inside. Make sure no one can see you, then take his outfit. You now need to meet Fransesca on the pier, which should be marked if you are tracking the opportunity.

After a while, Fransesca will arrive. Talk to her and she'll lead you into the tunnel near by. Her guards will wait outside. Wait until you are inside a bit, but she is still walking ahead of you and kill her however you like (silenced pistol / fibre wire / snap neck / lethal poison). Then dump her in a dumpster. Make sure you pick up her biolab keycard. This will have completed the A Case Most Peculiar opportunity.

Now it's just a case of getting into the secret lab to destroy the virus.

Go back to the alleyway and grab your kitchen outfit, then head back into the kitchen through the door behind the van. Get yourself back to the staircase where you went up to get the tape, but this time head downstairs. The guards that were all waiting by the doors should be gone now. Use your new swipe card to enter the door and follow the tunnel straight ahead. Just in front of you, you should see a yellow staircase. Sneak down the stairs and be careful that you are not seen enough to set off an alert. At the far end of this platform is a generator. Turn this off and then hide behind the box thing in the centre. A guard will come up to investigate.

Take him out and dump him in the box nearby. You can then take his uniform. Sometimes a scientist will also then come up and may go and fetch a guard if they spot the gun lying on the floor. If you are quick, you can pick it up before they notice and then dump it somewhere out of view, or you can leave it. You don't want to be carrying it around as you will soon be changing outfit and apparently they view a scientist with a shotgun as suspicious.

If the scientist does fetch a guard, just hide and wait for him to remove the gun. Head down the stairs and right. You will see a small set of yellow stairs that lead into the room you were just on top of, and in the background is another hut. This is the staff room and where we will be aiming to get to, just make sure to avoid the guard who can see through your outfit.

You need to walk to the left side of the hut and walk round the back. Ignore the staircase and keep moving round until you see a door. Grab the nearby rat poison and go inside (you can delete the CCTV footage here if you want). Wait until there is a scientist on his own in the other section of the hut. Go behind him, subdue him and quickly drag him back to where the CCTV system is. You may need to be fairly quick as a guard will come in for a drink shortly afterwards. Take the scientist's clothes, pick up the keycard he dropped and leave the hut through the door you came in. Instead of going the way you came from, walk round to the right into the cave-like area. You should see a scientist talking to a couple of guards ahead of you. Keep following the cave until you are near them and wait until the scientist is facing the other way. You can then walk round and behind the two guards into the next area. Keep left until you are behind the curtained decontamination showers. There is a scientist stood near the steps looking at a clipboard. Keep walking and use the other side of the steps and he won't notice you. Go inside the lab and as long as no one else is in the room with you, take the decontamination suit. If there is someone else there, wait for them to leave. Follow the tunnel to the left and you will enter the room where the DNA is and complete the Hostile Environment opportunity.

This is a good place to save.

Ideally, you will want to wait until there are only two other people in the room. A third person will come in and hang around from time to time, sometimes a fourth will also turn up, so just wait until they are looking away if you have no choice. Whenever you are ready, go to far side of the room and to the left you will see some rats. Use the rat poison on them. Then move to the other corner where you will find a machine that you can use to select samples. Two are red, the rest are green. Select the two red ones, and quickly get behind the two people that are stood in the centre of the room. The two scientists will go to check the rats and the machine out. Sometimes it works better doing the machine first, then the rats. Go to the panel that they were both stood next to and raise the temperature to destroy the virus. It will take a short time to work, so leave back through the tunnel and change back into the scientist outfit. Then leave through the door on the right (which you came in through) and get back behind the showers.

Once outside, you need to wait for the scientist who is talking to the two guards to turn away again. If you were spotted inside you may have to wait a little bit longer as all the guards go running about. When the scientist looks away, walk back the way you came so that you are at the back of the hut with the CCTV. Keep going until you are by the staircase and you should see the plane nearby. Casually walk up to it, get inside and you will complete the mission earning this achievement.

Die by the Sword in HITMAN
Complete World of Tomorrow.
  • Unlocked by 32,500 tracked gamers (98% - TA Ratio = 1.34) 33,237

Start the game again, this time choosing the ICA safe house as a starting point, and the location to smuggle a silenced sniper (Jager 7). Also make sure you equip the lockpick.

When you start the game, you will earn this achievement.

Plan Ahead in HITMAN
Plan Ahead18 (10)
Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Sapienza.
  • Unlocked by 18,135 tracked gamers (55% - TA Ratio = 1.80) 33,237

First we are going to awaken the Kraken. To do this you need to get the sniper rifle to the balcony of the observatory. Here is a quick video showing you how to do it.

When you get there make sure you save. This next part can be very frustrating.

You need to shoot the four bells on the ship out to sea IN THE CORRECT ORDER.

The following picture shows the locations and order for the bells.

For those with a small screen, the order is the left one, the right one, top then bottom.

External image

Credit to King fiShiZ for both the video and picture which are from their solution.

If you are struggling and run out of ammo, just reload the save. Once you hit all four in order, the Kraken will come and you will earn this achievement.

Let No Joyful Voice be Heard in HITMAN
Awaken the Kraken! (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 7,562 tracked gamers (23% - TA Ratio = 2.79) 33,237

Restart the mission once you have the achievement, (starting in the ICA safehouse again).

This time, ignore the sniper, but take the exploding golfball and make your way out of the apartment, downstairs and outside. Follow the road down the hill and make your way into the church. Go towards the back and you will see the confession booths to the left. When you go near them it should trigger an opportunity. Wait around until the female scientist leaves the booth, then leave the church through the main door and turn left. Go into the small building next door. Shut the front doors on your way in and then subdue the church worker. Take the church key and drag his body to one side so that he is hidden behind a coffin. Next unlock the doors to the next room which is where a dead scientist is laying. He will be visited soon by the female scientist from the church. Don't go in the room for now, just close the doors again and wait.

After a short time, she will enter the room with the dead guy, followed by a member of security. Wait until she tells him to leave and he starts walking away. Her attention will now be on the dead guy. Creep into the room and subdue her. You can stuff her in the freezer box to the right. Take her keycard and the scientist's uniform from the dead guy (Nice!).

Before leaving it is worth dumping the church worker in the same box, to save him getting spotted.

Next, head back outside, across the beach towards the arches and follow them to the end towards the pier where we killed Franscesca as the private eye in a previous playthough. As you leave through the last arch, you should see a gap in the fence ahead of you. that passes along some rocks. At the other end is a door that you can use your newly acquired key card on. Enter the door to complete the Absolution opportunity.

Go straight ahead and walk straight past the scientist there. He is facing the other way so should not spot you, just don't bump into him. Turn left when you enter the main cave and go up the steps so that you are above the CCTV room. There is a scientist up here that will spot you if you are not careful, so crouch and move between the stairs and the black box so you are hidden. Wait until he moves back to the left, then use the nearby computer to destroy the virus. Be aware that this will set off a loud alarm, so quickly get back down the stairs before that scientist sees you.

Instead of heading back to the door where you came in, turn around and go the other way. Take the rat poison which is on a box near the door to the CCTV room. Then basically follow the wall along until you can turn up a set of stairs where you will find a guard walking around. Turn left at the top and you will see a passage that has another, short set of stairs off to the left and a ramp-type tunnel straight ahead of you (with a set of stairs going back down to the right).

For now, head up the stairs to the left. There is a door at the top that brings you back into the mansion. Go upstairs to ground level and you can go into the room where you played the video tape previously. You want to leave by the door that leads back to the cliff edge but check that the chef isn't there having a smoke first using instinct. If he is, wait. If not, go out and to the right and get into the box in the corner. When the chef comes past, subdue him put him in the box and take his uniform.

Follow the cliff round until you get to the swimming pool. Be aware that one of Silvio's guards will see through your disguise, so try to avoid him seeing you. There is a red table and sun lounger next to the pool with an umbrella (not the two sun loungers together). On the table is a bottle of water which we are going to poison later. For now go past and onto the green, immediately turn right and drop down into the curved path that circles the green. Follow this round to the far side until you reach the building at the end. Take the stairs to the right and enter the building. Then take the stairs immediately in front of you (you will now have two). Straight ahead of you when you reach the bottom are some shelves. Take the emetic poison and back track to the table with the water bottle.

Make sure the golf coach doesn't see you, then out put poison in the water.

The golf coach will make a phone call to Francesca and then go and drink the water. Run back round towards the kitchen and turn right. You will see the golf coach enter a small bathroom with a window you can climb through. Once he is in there throwing up in the toilet, climb in, subdue him and stick him in the wardrobe behind you. Then take his clothes and pick up his cell phone.

Go into the next room where you will be having a romantic liaison with Francesca as the golf coach (not really - this is agent 47, not James Bond). There is a glass of champagne on a small table which you also want to poison. Now call Fransesca and sit in the chair. This will complete the By Candlelight opportunity.

When Fransesca comes in she will start talking to you and take a sip of the champagne. She will then go and throw up in the same toilet. Briefly wait and then follow her in. Drown her in the toilet and then stuff her in the wardrobe with the golf coach. You should get a few challenges ticked off for this kill, including one for sticking them both in the same cupboard. Now we just have Silvio to deal with.

Climb out the window and go back the same way towards the pool as earlier. You want to get onto the golf course without Silvio or his bodyguards seeing you. Walk wide round to the left if they are on the green or cut right along the edge of the pool if they are off to the left somewhere. Once on the green, place the exploding golfball on the pile and get away. A quick way out is to walk past the large tree in a flower bed shown as a large circle on the map. There is an archway that leads back towards the front gate. Once out the gate, turn right and go to the small white car at the front. You won't have to wait long before Silvio plays a bit of golf and sends himself to the big bunker in the sky. You can then leave in the little white car.

For the next playthrough, start in the main square with a lockpick, but unequip your gun.

Get up and turn round to your left. Go up the stairs and walk towards the café. Go down the stairs to the right of it and you should see a kitchen hand in yellow having a smoke behind a small wall on the left. Go towards him and follow him once he goes inside. Subdue him, stick him in one of the freezers and take his uniform. Off to your right you should see two freezers (you can dump him in if you want) and to the left of those is a door leading to a stairwell. Take those stairs up one floor and enter the rear of the café. The chef will be looking out of the window so use the pillar to hide yourself from him. He will turn round soon and go and stand nearer the main café with his back to you. Go to the window where he was and take the emetic poison to the left, then go and stand back behind the pillar. The chef will go back to the window and you can now leave through the front of the café.

When you get to the front of the café, find the small table with a glass on it near the corner of the building. Poison it and walk towards the large umbrellas by the stairs. An opportunity will reveal as Dr Lafyette will make a phone call. He will then go and drink your poison, so be prepared to follow him to the toilets. Follow him inside and shut the door so the two guys in the main bathroom don't see you. Subdue the doctor, stuff him in the box and take his clothes. Check that you don't have a gun. If you do, go into the next stall and hide it in the bin.

Head back outside and approach the main gate where you will get frisked. Next, approach the main door to the house and talk to the butler. Follow him and when you get to Silvio's room, sit in the chair to wait. It won't be long before he enters and lies on the couch. When prompted, smother him. You will have completed the Catharsis opportunity.

Drag Silvio's body off the couch and away from the doors that you came in, towards the bed and towards the wardrobe in the area to the left of the doors. The guards may come in, but keep dragging towards the wardrobe and quickly dump him inside. They should not see you.

Go through the door to the right of the wardrobe which leads to the bathroom. Take the next door that leads outside. Hop through the window on the right and pick up the safe combination on the desk. Go back out the window and up the plank onto the roof. To the left you should see a drainpipe you can climb to get to the roof above. Go up the drainpipe and get to the far end of the room where you can go into a door. Sneak in and an opportunity will reveal as two guards are staring at a safe. Wait until they start to leave. While sneaking, follow them and as the first guard goes towards the door, subdue the second guard. Drag him back towards the safe and dump him in the nearby box. Take his clothes, approach the safe and open it. Take the DNA sample from inside.

Go through the door that the other guard left through and down the stairs. There will be a few guards who will see through your disguise here, so be careful. Hop through the window near the bottom of the stairs and pick up the screwdriver to the left of the door. Go back out the window and if all the guards have gone and the guard at the far end is looking over the railing, go out to the middle of the courtyard where there is a extension cord you can use then screwdriver on. Head back up the stairs and through the attic and then down to the room where you picked up the safe combination. Francesca should be in the next room, if not, wait for her to arrive and then enter. Talk to her and you will give her the DNA. This will complete the Momento opportunity.

Go back out the window, through the attic and to the bottom of the stairs. Hide near the bottom (close to the box in the alcove, or in through the window) until Francesca and her guards turn up. Use the tap on the nearby wall that the hose is connected to and Francesca will be electrocuted.

Hide in the nearby box until everything calms down and the guards leave. Turn off the hose (not sure if this is really needed) and go and pick up her biolab keycard. Now go and destroy the virus whatever way you want. From this point, the way you did it in the first playthough is probably the easiest.

If you can, try to exit using a different method than the plane to tick off another challenge. There is a boat in the harbour if you can get back there, or a boat at the rear of the island with the ruins on it (head the way the plane is facing along the cliff edge). If you go for the ruins, you may need to sneak past a few guards to get there.

When setting up the next playthrough, choose the starting location as being the mansion as a gardener. When you start you will be on the golf green. Quickly leave and head towards the right of the small building nearby where there is a guard stood leaning over the wall at the cliff edge. Subdue him, take his clothes (first for a change) and then dump him over the side. Press cn_back and tab along to opportunities. Select The Good Son to show the marker you should follow. Cut through the building and head into the large room where the gramophone is. Turn it on and move away to where the butler is at the front of the building. Just go as far as the stairs. When Silvio gets to the gramophone, turn on the stairlift and go upstairs. At the top, turn right and then right again immediately. Go through the door and go straight ahead. Silvo's mother's room is on the left at the end. When Silvio gets to the top of the stairs (use instinct to check), ring the bell above the bed, then stand between the door and the box to the left of the door. Now just wait. Silvio will stand outside the room for a while before entering, but as soon as he enters, you will complete the Beyond The Grave opportunity. He may start to get suspicious as he enters but walks past you anyway. Close the door, kill him, dump him in the box and leave through the other door so you don't walk into his bodyguards.

At this point, you can either finish the mission, or back out to the menu. The opportunity will show up next time you finish a mission. If you decide to carry on, go and kill Fransesca and deal with the DNA however you like. It is worth checking the challenges to see what you are missing, and pick one you are missing to get it ticked off. You can get Francesca alone using the golf coach and use the fibre wire, shoot her in the head, use lethal poison, whatever you like. It is worth leaving through a different exit to get that ticked off as well.

This next playthough contains the last opportunity. Start in the main square and unequip the gun. Head towards the big archway to the left of the mansion, past the little white car you can escape in. You will see a van that has crashed, a flower delivery guy on the phone, and over to the left another flower delivery guy seeing to a cyclist that has come off his bike. Take out the guy on the phone drag him to the front of the van and take his clothes. Then dump him over the edge so he doesn't get found. Go to the other side of the van where the door is open and take some flowers before heading to the main gate to the mansion. Get frisked, head to the main door and speak to the butler. He will tell you to follow him to Silvio's mother's grave in the garden.

When you get there, place the flowers on the grave and then hide in the box behind you. After a fairly long time, Silvio will show up and tell his bodyguards to leave. When he is at the grave, hop out of the box, use your fibre wire and drag him to the yellow shredder. Dump him inside and then use the option to shred him. You will have earned The Good Son opportunity, some challenges, and the following achievement.

Not in the Guidebook in HITMAN
Complete all Opportunities in World of Tomorrow.
  • Unlocked by 8,133 tracked gamers (24% - TA Ratio = 2.69) 33,237

Again it is up to you whether you back out or complete the rest of the mission to get other ways of killing Fransesca out of the way. Again, try to use a different exit if you can.

So, now we have to kill Silvio two more ways to get the Trinity achievement, as we have already killed him in therapy. These are shooting him through the telescope and shooting down his plane with a cannon. We'll start with the telescope.

Choose the harbour as your starting location and choose the sewers to stash the Jager 7 silent sniper rifle. Also equip the lockpick.

For the first section it is best if you run the whole way (press cn_LB).

When you start, look to your left and you should see a small door on the other side of the water, under the church. Head round to it and pick the lock. Go inside to enter the church basement and head right to get the a gate leading to the sewers. Pick the lock to the gate, follow the sewer, heading right at the first junction, left at the next and straight on to the pickup point. Take the sniper rifle. Head back the way you came into the basement of the church.

Hopefully you got back before the guy wandering around the sewers spotted you, so you can stop running now. Head straight across the basement and there is a door leading to some stairs within the church. Go half way up the stairs (just round the first corner but not the second) and wait. Use your instinct to check for a guy coming down the stairs above you. He will stop to look at his watch briefly and then leave as another guy comes in and stands in the centre. He doesn't hang around long, so just wait until he leaves as well. The get to the top of the tower and make your way round so you can see the observatory.

On the left side on the observatory you should see an electrical box which from here looks like a brown rectangular window. Shoot it and the cover will come off and the observatory will turn.

This is a good place to save in case you mess up, you miss your chance or the game glitches.

Using your instinct to check every now and then, wait until Silvio goes into the observatory and looks through the telescope. His guard will probably come outside to look around on the balcony. Once Silvio stops moving, this is when you want to take the shot. There should be a circle showing the large end of the telescope where you have to shoot. Sometimes the game will glitch and the circle is missing, so you have to try to guess where to shoot. It is towards the bottom edge, about two thirds the way along from left to right (i.e. more to the right). Shooting through the telescope correctly, you should see a mini cut scene of Silvio getting hit from inside the observatory.

Again it is up to you if you want to complete the mission and get some more challenges out of the way. If you are playing on, ditch your sniper there and leave the way you came, otherwise restart and we will take him out with the cannon.

This time when planning your mission, choose the starting place as the Sapienza ruins. (If that is not available choose the field lab and walk out past the plane to get to the ruins). Climb up the four small straight cliff edges and you will find yourself facing a wall. (To the right is a gate where you will come through if you came from the lab). Head up the stairs on your left instead. At the top to the left you will see a cannon and next to it is a barrel with gunpowder and a cannonball sat on top of it. Take them both. Load the gunpowder, then the cannonball into the cannon.

Keep following the ruins round and you should find another cannon which is aimed towards the dock where Francesca met you as the private eye. Ignore this cannon and keep moving round (you can use it another time to get her to meet you there and when she shows up... boom!). On moving further round, you will find another cannon that is aimed at the golf green (again you can use this for another challenge, another time). Wait around until Silvio is on the green.

Shoot the guard that stands behind him in the head, then shoot Silvio in the leg. When the other guard comes to protect him, shoot him in the head as well. Silvio will run off and hide for a bit. After a short time, you should get the message that the target is escaping. Make your way to the cannon that you loaded earlier and wait. There will be a timer showing when he will escape.

Save here in case you miss.

At around, 9 seconds left, the plane will be flying past the tower in the distance. Fire the cannon and blow it out of the sky. You will need to immediately run away as the guards on this island will come running to you. I would suggest going some way up the tower in the middle (there is a guard at the top) and wait for them all to get bored and leave.

For hitting the plane and killing him the last of the three ways, you will get this achievement.

The Sapienza Trinity in HITMAN
Eliminate Silvio during therapy, down his plane with a cannon and shoot him through the telescope. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 6,223 tracked gamers (19% - TA Ratio = 3.08) 33,237

Now you are almost done with Sapienza. Like with Paris, you will find that you aren't quite at level 20 mastery yet, but you shouldn't be too far off. You will need to start up a new playthough and complete a few more challenges to get there. These are some suggestions for the easier challenges to get you to level 20, but again you can look at the list yourself and pick something you want to have a go at. Bear in mind that as long as the notification saying that the challenge has been completed shows up, you can reload or even restart the mission. When you next complete it, the challenge will still appear in the completed list at the end. You do have to complete the mission at some point to get them to count.

Again, you may want to consider doing the escalation achievement below, first, as you will also earn some challenges in that as well.

When starting a new playthrough, always try to choose a new starting location. Also try to leave through an exit you haven't used before.

  • The Personal Touch. Kill both targets with the fibre wire. You know how to make them both sick, so kill them as they throw up.
  • Testeless, Traceless. Kill a target with lethal poison.
  • Straight Shot. Kill a target with a head shot.
  • Bogey and Walk The Plank. As mentioned earlier, you can kill them both with the cannons.
  • Investigator. Shoot the five blow up crocodiles. There are two on the main beach (best to shoot them from a balcony in one of the buildings), one is in the building near to the performer on the beach (enter the door behind the two nearby bodyguards and keep going up to find it in the hallway), one is in another building way off to the left of this one where a woman is stood outside (go all the way to the top floor and a gardener should come out of the room at the top - it is in the bathroom of this apartment), the last one is under the pier near where you met Francesca (where the rocks lead to the door in the cliff).
  • Man of the cloth. Pick up the priest outfit in the basement of the church. Just before the stairs that lead up into the church, there is a door to a small room. The outfit is in there.

Once you get to level 20, you will earn this achievement.

Amalfi Pearl in HITMAN
Amalfi Pearl109 (40)
Reach Sapienza Mastery Level 20.
  • Unlocked by 8,029 tracked gamers (24% - TA Ratio = 2.71) 33,237

For the next achievement you will need to complete level five of an Escalation set in Sapienza. An easy one to complete is The Sigma Illusion which can be done in just a couple of minutes for each playthrough.

Start as Mansion Security on the roof garden. Then follow the video guide below, which can be adapted to complete the tasks for each level. The video covers level five of the escalation. The tasks are;

  • Level 1 - Kill Chef Marcello Ray in melee (snap his neck).
  • Level 2 - As above, but you must also hack the laptop in the mansion.
  • Level 3 - As above, but you cannot pacify anyone.
  • Level 4 - As above, but all bodies must be hiden within 90 seconds.
  • Level 5 - Mansion guards will see through mansion guard disguises.

Credit goes to neeker75 for the video.

On finishing level five, you will earn this achievement.

Sapienza Escalated in HITMAN
Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in Marrakesh.
  • Unlocked by 7,422 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 2.82) 33,237

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