HITMAN Walkthrough

6. Marrakesh


Welcome to Morocco. In the Marrakesh mission, A Guilded Cage, you have to kill two targets, General Reza Zaydan and Claus Hugo Strandberg.

Again, it is possible to do most of the opportunities in one playthrough, but as you will need to replay the mission to complete various challenges to reach level 20 anyway, I have broken them down into a few playthroughs to try and maximise progress for challenges. Again, for a couple of playthroughs, we will simply restart after getting the achievement we are going for.

When setting up the mission for the first playthrough switch the fibrewire for the lockpick. You will start in the bazaar. Leave the little room you are in and head left past the small truck. Once outside keep going straight ahead until you come across the couple talking. This will reveal the Open Sesame opportunity. To the left, just before reaching them is a small room where you will see a screwdriver outside and a wrench inside. Take the wrench and then go into the small shop just behind the couple. Sneak upstairs through the beads and as you get to the roof, equip the wrench. You will see the headmaster nearby. Throw the wrench at his head to knock him out, dump him in the nearby box, take his outfit, the headmaster's key from the table where he was sitting and the wrench. Follow the roof round until you can't go any further.

Here you will find a ledge above a wooden trellis. Climb up and follow it round until you can climb / slide down the pipe. When you reach the bottom, you will see a set of stairs nearby. It is the only way that doesn't have any soldiers guarding it, so go that way, making sure you are creeping. Don't take too long or some of the soldiers may see you.

Follow the path straight ahead (you may have to wait for a guard to turn around at the path leading to the left) and move round to the rear of the trucks. At the end you should find a door which you should use your headmaster's key to unlock. Throw the wrench at the soldier in the area to knock him out, then unlock the next door. Just leave him there as there is nowhere close to hide him. Don't take his uniform.

Go to the far end of this next area, keeping half an eye on the windows to make sure a soldier isn't leaning out. At the far end, there is a window that you can climb through. Wait until the soldier has walked away from the hole in the wall looking into this room and go straight ahead to a large hole leading to the next room. Here you will find two soldiers bad-mouthing the General with their back facing you. To the right of the small shelving unit is the intercom which you can turn on. Then quickly make your way into the previous room and to the left where you can climb the larger box and get into the bathroom above through the hole in the floor. You should have plenty of time to get up there before the soldier in the other room spots you.

On entering the school, still dressed as the headmaster, you will complete the Open Sesame opportunity.

The general will come into this bathroom to look through another hole in the floor at the soldiers. Make sure you are hidden somewhere so he doesn't see you (you can simply tuck yourself in the far corner by the mirrors or can hide out of the window). Once he leaves, go to the hole he was looking through and stand near the broken toilet by the edge. Wait until the General enters the room (not just standing in the doorway) and then kick the toilet to kill him. This will complete one of the challenges for this level.

Leave back through the hole in the floor where you came up, and go out the window quickly before anyone spots you. Head back out to the trucks, picking up the soldier's outfit on the way.

When you get to the trucks, head left and past the soldiers. Keep going straight ahead until you reach the main area outside the Swedish Consulate building (there will be large camel statues as you enter the area and a lot of people). As a soldier, you can walk straight through the front door. Head to the left (being mindful that the receptionist can see through your disguise). On your map you should see two rooms, a smaller one that you first come to and a larger one behind it. You need to go into the larger room. where you will find the massage expert. There is also a guard in here and a man that comes and goes. Turn on the TV to interrupt his phone call then follow him as he leaves the room. He will head to the room opposite. Crouch follow him past the table as a guard can spot you and as soon as everyone else leaves, subdue the massage expert. Drag him to the box between the two doors and quickly take his outfit. A guard may enter while you do this, but he goes the other way to begin with so you should be fine. You can now approach the reception desk to reveal an opportunity.

If you have a gun, you will need to conceal it in the bin in the bathroom (the small room next to the one where the massage expert was). Now go upstairs, getting frisked on the way, and enter the room where Claus should be waiting. Give him a massage and the guard will leave. After a short time, you will be able to snap his neck and will have completed the Golden Touch opportunity. Do this then leave through the front door, go straight ahead until you reach the market and head to the left. There will be an exit gate you can leave through.

On completing the mission, you will get this achievement.

Too Big to Fail in HITMAN
Complete A Gilded Cage.
  • Unlocked by 25,639 tracked gamers (99% - TA Ratio = 1.42) 25,782

Start the mission again. This time change the starting location so you are a waiter in the courtyard and smuggle anything you want to the consulate parking garage. On this occasion it's worth having the coins equipped.

When you start the mission, you will immediately get this achievement.

Careful Planning in HITMAN
Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Marrakesh.
  • Unlocked by 10,998 tracked gamers (43% - TA Ratio = 2.17) 25,782

Stop wiping the table and turn around. There is a door to your left marked 'Staff Only'. Leave through the next door into the street and turn right. Go straight ahead until you see the tables and chairs (not far) and take the left turn which is next to the garage with the blue door. Take the next right and you should find a man arguing with a couple of soldiers guarding his shoe shop. Go a little way past them, round the tree and truck, crouch and then hop over the barrier. Quickly sneak into the shop and immediately turn right. There are several coins on the counter which you need to pick up. Sneak back out and over the barrier. Now head back the way you came, to the door that you exited the restaurant onto the street.

When you get there, go past it to the other end of the alley. On the left, just next to the entrance to the Bazaar, you will find the beggar. Throw the coins into his dish and he will thank you. If they bounce out, I'm not sure if they count, so pick them up and try again. It is best to do this slowly, leaving a bit of a gap between each one.

Once he has received five coins he will get up and leave and you will earn this achievement.

Unfortunate Fortune in HITMAN
Demonstrate generosity. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 6,839 tracked gamers (27% - TA Ratio = 2.76) 25,782

Now, head back to the shoe shop. Sneak in and hop over the counter. Be aware that one of the guards outside will come in from time to time, so make sure he doesn't spot you. In the courtyard at the back of the shop, you will find two soldiers talking. After a short time one will go through a door into a tunnel and the other will conveniently walk to the far side and stand with his back to you. Subdue him, dump his body in the box he is stood next to and take his uniform. Head into the tunnel, completing the Down The Rabbit Hole opportunity, and keep going until you reach the small room in the middle. There will be an officer in here that will see through your disguise. Distract him either by stopping the generator or throwing something behind him (preferably just round the corner) so that he walks away. You then need to read the APC turret codes on the paperwork on the shelf near to where he was standing. Once read, continue along the tunnel (not the way you came) and you will come out in the parking garage.

Ahead of you will be two guards talking. Just behind them, slightly to the left, is a staircase that leads up into the consulate. On the wall to the right is a fire alarm. Pull this and Claus will be evacuated. You don't need to hang around though, so head back through the tunnel, avoiding the officer, and exit the shoe shop. As you exit the shoe shop, turn left, then left again. You will enter a small courtyard with a well in it, and two guards next to some concrete barriers. This is the entrance that Claus will come to.

Go past the guards and follow the path round to come out by the APC trucks. To the right of the truck that is 'parked' part way through the wall is a small computer that controls the APC turret. Wait around here until the two targets meet in front of it. As soon as they are both there and start talking, set off the turret. Hide behind the other truck briefly as several guards come running in (the ones that didn't just get obliterated). When it looks safe to do so, leave the area going back to the courtyard with the small well. Turn right and go back past the shoe shop. As you reach the far side of the shoe shop courtyard, you should see an exit marker ahead of you. That is where we are going to go to. It is the starting point in the Bazaar where you started in the first playthrough. Turn left, then right and immediately right again to get there quickly and end the mission.

To make this next playthough easier, start the mission as undercover at courtyard bar again. Unequip your gun and equip the emetic poison vial.

Leave the restaurant through the main entrance and cut straight across the main market to the largest of the archways that lead to the consulate. Here there will be a TV crew waiting for a new cameraman, revealing an opportunity. Head back to the inner part of the restaurant where you started.

Go to the booth on the back left wall, immediately to the left of the bar. Be aware that there is a guy behind the bar that can see through your disguise and he will come and stand outside this booth for short periods. This is the booth that the camera man will come to so he can smoke. Poison the pipe and go to the restroom which is directly opposite. When the cameraman enters, subdue him, stuff him in the box and take his outfit.

Now head back to the TV crew, making sure you do not have any weapons.

Follow them into the consulate and eventually to the interview. When prompted, start the camera (the big one pointing at them, not the small one to the left). This will complete the Prime Time opportunity. The producer will mention doing something about the lights upstairs. Leave the room the same way you came in and head up the nearby stairs, getting frisked on your way up. You should see two doors in front of you. Use the one on the right which leads into a small room overlooking the interview. At the far end is a winch which you can use to release the moose, dropping it on to Claus, killing him. This will get another challenge completed. Leave the consulate through the front doors and once clear head right. Take the alleyway behind the camel statues and make your way back into the shoe shop. Subdue the same guard as the previous playthough in the rear of the shop when he is stood by the bin. Stuff him inside, take his uniform and leave through the front door, turning right and right again, going past the guards.

As you get to the top of the steps another opportunity should be revealed to you. Use the same side access as you did when dressed as the headmaster before, and climb in through the window at the far end, being wary of the guys in the next room that can see through the disguise. Get to the marker which is outside the room with the prisoner, and you will be tasked with getting an officer's uniform.

Get back to the room where came in through the window, but hide so they can't see you from the next room. Nearby, you should find a brick on the floor, or in the room where you turned on the mic previously, there is a pool ball. Pick up either and wait near the large hole in the wall leading to the two soldiers, one of which is an officer.

You now need to wait until the soldier moves to the window and the officer goes to drink. Throw the brick at the soldier, only if the officer is drinking. Do not do it if the officer is stood at the table in the middle of the room. Use your instinct (cn_RB) to check if you need to. Throw the brick / ball at him to knock him out then, QUICKLY drag him back into the room you are in and stuff him in the box. As the officer moves back to the table with his back to you, approach him and subdue him. Stuff him in the box as well and take his uniform. Make sure you're not carrying a large gun on your back by dumping them, or concealing them in the bin.

Keeping half an eye on where the General is, so you don't bump into him, approach the soldiers walking up and down the corridors and dismiss them. Also dismiss the one who goes up and down the stairs close to the prisoner's room. The less people around, the better. Wait until the General goes into the prisoner's room and then leaves. When he heads back upstairs, enter the room and dismiss the last guard. When he leaves, subdue the prisoner and stuff him in the cupboard. Take his outfit and sit on the chair. Now wait until the general returns.

When prompted, kill him and stuff him in the cupboard, completing the Bad Blood opportunity (the cupboard is optional). Put the officer uniform back on and head up the nearby stairs. Over to the left is a room with an officer who can see through your disguise. Go down the corridor to the other end of the room and wait for the officer to use the computer. When he walks away from it, approach the desk and take the keys to the truck. Leave the room through the same door and use the staircase at this end of the corridor. Leave through the front door to the left and approach the truck to exit the mission.

You will have earnt this achievement for completing the appropriate kills.

.50 Personal Touch in HITMAN
Assassinate Zaydan, as the prisoner, Strandberg during his massage, and both with the APC turret. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 7,098 tracked gamers (28% - TA Ratio = 2.71) 25,782

To setup the next playthrough, start as undercover at the snail stall and equip the emetic poison.

Leave your stall and take the alley behind you to the right. Go all the way to the end until you reach the Bazaar, then head right into the small alcove by the yellow barrels near the two people that are talking about the headmaster. Take the screwdriver and then go all the way through the Bazaar to the next junction. Turn left and a short way down on the right you should see a basket with 'Free Samples' written on it. Use the poison on it then go back to the junction, turning left and going through the next Bazaar, then turning left at the end of that one. Next, take the first right and go to the end where you need to turn right again. This will lead you to a courtyard with a well in the middle (top left of the map if you are having trouble) and a printing crew.

One of the crew will walk off to put up posters. On his way, he will take a free sample and become ill. Follow him to the bathroom, subdue him, hide him and take his outfit. The head back to the printing crew. They will leave the area, so just follow them until the reach the school and go to the printing press. You will have completed the Why We Fight opportunity.

Now that you are here, go and get the officer uniform from the same soldier we did in a previous play through. It will be easier this time as the soldiers don't mind you being around. You can take one officer out as he approaches the desk while the other is heading to the window, then quickly take that one out as well. Hide both, take the officer uniform (not the soldier one - the officer has a red hat) and then head upstairs. Dismiss as many officers as you can to clear the area a bit, and you should be left with another officer stood outside the general's office. Get to the side so that you are behind him and go round the corner a bit, so that he can't see you when he turns round. There is a room with some other soldiers here with a soldier in the corner nearest to you. Wait until he goes away and then throw something over the boxes against the side wall of the general's office. (There is a peep hole roughly where you want to throw). The officer should go and check it out. Subdue him and drag him down the nearby stairs and dump him in the wardrobe.

If the General is upstairs somewhere, wait until he has been into his office and left again. Then go in there yourself. On the desk in the centre of the room is a document that will start the Honeycomb opportunity. Once you have read it and started the opportunity, head left out of the office and along the main corridor to the room at the end. On the table in the middle of the room (with water bottles on it) you should find the safe combination. Head back to the general's office and open the safe.

DO NOT use the phone yet. Leave it alone for now.

Head out of the school and get to the shoe shop. Use the tunnel until you get to the locker room in the middle. Here, use a screwdriver to pierce the oil drum next to the generator. Continue through the tunnel into the parking garage and up the stairs where we previously set off the fire alarm in another playthrough.

Exit the room and head right, then diagonally across the large room to the small toilet next to the room where you can find the masseus. Strangely, the safe combination is found on the floor in one of the cubicals. You need to get upstairs, but don't use the main ones by the foyer as the guards won't let you. Instead, head back towards the room you came out of from the parking garage, and go past it. Keep heading to the back of the building and you will find a staircase. Once you are upstairs, you will be trespassing, so be careful.

Enter the first room on your left, turn on the vacuum cleaner and hide behind the door. A guard should come in. Subdue him, dump him in the box and take his uniform. Head back out the door you came in and follow the main corridor round to the right, then left. There should be a cleaner at the other end. There is also a guard who can see through your disguise, so avoid him. To the right past the cleaner is a large square room with two doors (a single and a double). Pick the lock and get inside. Then enter the next, longer room. Approach the safe on the desk round the corner and then the phone on the long table. You either need to be quick, as a guard will come in, wait until the guard comes and goes again (or just take him out). As soon as you have used the phone, quickly leave the way you came, making sure to put the officer uniform back on as you go.

Head back to the tunnels and make your way to the general's office, making sure you don't bump into the general on the way. Use the phone in his office and make your way back to the locker room in the tunnel. The general and Hugo will meet there. Stand out of sight behind the general and when the patrolling guard is not looking, shoot the oil spill on the floor to set them both on fire, then, just get yourself to an exit.

You will have completed the Cherry Blossom opportunity and the Honeycomb opportunity, so you should have earned this achievement.

Tourist Attractions in HITMAN
Complete all Opportunities in A Gilded Cage.
  • Unlocked by 6,563 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 2.81) 25,782

You are almost done with Marrakesh. Again, you will probably find that you aren't quite at level 20 mastery yet, but you shouldn't be too far off. You will need to start up a new playthough and complete a few more challenges to get there. These are some suggestions for the easier challenges to get you to level 20, but you can look at the list yourself and pick something you want to have a go at. Bear in mind that as long as the notification saying that the challenge has been completed shows up, you can reload or even restart the mission. When you next complete it, the challenge will still appear in the completed list at the end. You do have to complete the mission at some point to get them to count.

Again, you may want to consider doing the escallation achievement below, first, as you will also earn some challenges in that as well.

  • When starting a new playthrough, always try to choose a new starting location. Also try to leave through an exit you haven't used before.
  • You can kill the general in his office with the oil lamp. Wait until he goes in to make the phone call, turn on the gas then shoot it.
  • Drama Queen. Kill Hugo by putting a remote explosive in the camera next to where he sits in the interview.
  • Dance Till You Drop. Go round the school dismissing everyone while dressed as an officer. They will all go out the back for a party.
  • Looking Through Walls. There are bullet holes in several walls in the school that you can look through into the next room.
  • Slam dunk. There is a baskettball hoop outside the school (in the same area that the guards have a party). Throw a ball through the hoop.

Once you get to level 20, you will earn this achievement.

Ancient Marrakesh in HITMAN
Reach Marrakesh Mastery Level 20.
  • Unlocked by 5,785 tracked gamers (22% - TA Ratio = 3.00) 25,782

For the next achievement you will need to complete level five of an Escalation set in Marrakesh. These are missions that get progressively harder by adding a condition to each level. An easy one to complete is The Ignatiev Integrity.

Make the starting location to Undercover in Zaydan's Compound and equip the Lockpick then start the mission and follow the video.

  • Level 1 - Kill Jawwaad Reza in a fire
  • Level 2 - As above, but you also need to break into the safe in the Consulate basement and steal the contents
  • Level 3 - As above but you also need to kill Irfaan Haidar with a Shotgun
  • Level 4 - As above and hide Irfaan's body in the container in the garage parking maintenence room
  • Level 5 - As above and avoid all Securiy Cameras or delete the evidence withhin two minutes
  • Level 6 - As above but you must keep the outfit you were wearing on mission start, or you will fail the mission

Credit goes to Zasta 360GameTV for the video.

On finishing level five, you will earn this achievement.

Marrakesh Escalated in HITMAN
Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in Marrakesh.
  • Unlocked by 5,352 tracked gamers (21% - TA Ratio = 3.12) 25,782

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