HITMAN Walkthrough

8. Colorado


Welcome to the USA. In the Colorado mission, Freedom Fighters, you have a whopping four targets, Sean Rose, Penelope Graves, Ezra Berg and Maya Parvati. You then need to get into a tornado shelter (which is the easiest bit).

The first thing I will point out in this mission, is that you are in a hostile area from the outset, so try not to get spotted. Start with a lockpick.

When you start, stand up and head round to the right, staying outside the fencing. Keep going until you see two guys near a fire in a barrel. Wait for one to walk off, then quickly subdue the other (you can sneak up if he is looking over the fence or warming his hands on the fire). Pick up his gun and drag him to the nearby bailer where you can dump him before taking his outfit. Now head back the way you came, because the other guy will be walking back shortly and he will see through your disguise. A short way back there is a gate which you can unlock with your lockpick.

Go inside the compound and be careful as there are a few people that will see through your disguise. Make your way to the building that you can see on the map, due west of where you picked up this outfit (indicated by the outfit you left there - the building has a single staircase). Once at the building go inside.

You will find two guys in here. The one we want to get the outfit from is the Point Man. He has a limp and drinks from the water. The other guy will go to the sink at the end of the room. An easy way to separate them, is to wait for them to go outside and then overflow the sink at the end of the room. The other guy should go to sort it out. Once he has noticed it, go into the small bathroom at the opposite end (behind the couch) and overflow the sink in there. The Point Man should go to sort that out. Once he is inside, follow him in and close the door, subdue him and take his outfit. You can't hide him so leave him where he is.

Now leave and head to the large red barn / building. Talk to Maya Parvati who will be wandering around inside - she will be wearing a baseball cap. Do as she says, and head to the briefing area and blend in by sitting on a chair. Listen to the briefing and then head to the area with the cars. Before taking position, grab the crowbar from the back of the limo. When the exercise starts, shoot the four dummies in the limo. There will be a red line indicating where, but they are in a line from front to back. There is a blue one just behind the driver that may be more difficult to see, but the red line should point it out. Once they have all been 'killed' run to the back door and prize it open. Steal the briefcase and run to the stop button (like the end of level in the training missions) next to the car in front of the limo. This will stop the exercise and everyone will go to stand near the limo to debrief. Before you join them, go and turn off the safety feature on the battering ram (you may have to wait until they are facing Maya. Now move to the camera behind the limo.

If you use your instinct here, you will noticed that another target has joined us, Sean Rose. He will be looking into the limo. When he moves to the front, activate the button and the battering ram will kill them both. You will have also completed the Point Man opportunity.

Well done. Two targets down already.

Head towards the main house and you should see a couple of 'The Move' trucks, a single truck and one with a trailer. Go towards the shed that is in front of the truck with the trailer. On one side of the shed (facing away from the house) is a crate that we can use to store a body. Right next to this is a guy talking through the window to another guy inside. If Ezra Berg is inside, wait until he leaves. When the guy inside turns his back and walks away from the window, we want to subdue the one outside. He may turn away from the window as well, but after a few seconds, he will look back inside again. Subdue him, stick him in the crate and take his outfit. You may as well pick up his gun as well.

By this time, the guy inside will probably have returned to the window. Run all the way round the shed, so that you are on the other side of the window (if you run past the window, he will see through your disguise), then turn off the fuse box. As he starts moving to come and check it out, climb in through the window and hide in the cupboard opposite. He will soon stand directly opposite the cupboard to look at some notes. Exit the cupboard, subdue him, then stuff him in the cupboard. Pick up his gun, examine the notes he was looking at and take the key from the chemistry table. Also take the wrench which is opposite the chemistry table, then leave.

Head into the house and make your way round to the entrance hall. You should see a small door under the stairs that leads to the basement. With the key, unlock the door and go down, slowly. There is a guy down here that will see through your disguise. Sneak round behind him and subdue him, then stuff him in the box at the far end of the room near the other door. Approach the window where you can see the prisoner and administer the overdose. This will complete the Tongue Tied opportunity.

Head back to the shed and using the wrench, loosen the large gas canister next to the chemistry table before leaving the shed again.

Now start moving towards the large water tower. Before you get there, you will come across a 'The Move' trailer and an area with communication equipment. After a short time, there will be two guys that will try to work towards getting the equipment working. When one kneels down, go to the area behind the nearby scarecrow and turn on the tap. Get away from the area while he goes to check it out - for some reason he is very suspicious. Before he sorts out the tap, subdue him and stick him in the box next to you. An explosion will go off around this point, killing Ezra and people may be looking in this direction. Take his outfit and pick up the Interpol card that he drops - maybe that is why he is so suspicious...?

Go and find Penelope Graves. If you have trouble use your instinct to find her. Speak to her and you will arrange to meet at the slurry pit, which is behind the big red barn. Go there now, and head to the small derelict hut in the far corner. When she arrives, talk to her. After a brief conversation with Penelope, she will tell her bodyguards to clear off. She will then lean on the fence bordering the slurry pit. Push her over as soon as it gives you the option to be sure that no one will see you. You will have completed the The Audition opportunity and taken out the last target.

Next, head back to where you distracted the guy with the tap and switch back to the elite outfit or if you prefer, take it from the guy in the cupboard in the shed. Now head into the house and go upstairs. There is one guy walking around up here that will see through your disguise, so be mindful of him. Enter the room straight ahead of you when you reach the top of the stairs. There are two rooms here with a couple of tech guys here. One room has a large desk in it, the other has a 3D printer. Go to the 3D printer and when both guys are in the room with the desk, switch it on. Then go through the gap (door) on the left as one of them comes through the gap (large hole in the wall) on the right to check it out. When he loses interest, go back to the printer and take the mask.

When the coast is clear, head downstairs all the way to the basement. As you reach the bottom of the stairs, turn left. There is a door just on the other side of the pillar. Use the mask against the scanner and go inside. Check out the wall straight ahead and the one to the left, then the desk. The only thing left is to leave through the only door available.

You will earn the following achievements for completing the mission and for completing the specific kills from this playthough.

Guerrilla Warfare in HITMAN
Complete Freedom Fighters.
  • Unlocked by 17,948 tracked gamers (99% - TA Ratio = 1.56) 18,130

Soup Sandwich in HITMAN
Ram Rose and Parvati, make Berg blow himself up and drown Graves. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 5,603 tracked gamers (31% - TA Ratio = 2.79) 18,130

Unfortunately, all the remaining opportunities relate to Sean Rose, so I've added some other methods for killing the others, so that you get some challenges done.

For the next playthough, equip the lethal poison vial and the lockpick.

First, go and get the same initial outfit that you did in the first play through and hide his body in the baler. Then head back to the gate, unlock it and get inside the compound again.

This time head towards the building you did before to find the pointman, but go into the orchard, just north of it. You want to get into the small green house, which is shown as a small building in the large fenced off area in the middle of your map. Inside, there will be a guard sitting down with his head in his hands and on the table is a water bottle. Use the lethal poison on the water bottle (the guard won't notice). This will later kill Penelope Graves.

Leave the green house and straight ahead of you, you should see a covered area with a guard that can see through your disguise. On the right side of this is a generator which you can switch off to distract him. Turn it off and walk round the boxes to the table while he goes to check it out. Once he has moved past you go to where he was sitting and take the three nitroglycerine from the crate.

Leave the area and walk round towards the large red barn. Walk past it, and past the two trailers (one has a van on the back) until you get to the barriers that are guarded. Enter the door next to the large tyre, walk through into the next room where two guys are and climb out the window (they won't care that much). You will now be in a hostile area, so be careful.

Climb over the small metal fencing, and hide next to the yellow baler. When a guy (the explosives expert) comes and stands next to some of the straw bales, and turns his back on you, turn on the radio. Then hide back behind the baler. When he comes to check out the radio and turns his back on you, subdue him and stick him in the baler before taking his disguise.

While facing the radio, you should see a small open shack on the opposite side of this area. There will be a guy that can see through your disguise there. You need to go to this area and when the guy walks off to the right, approach the table he was at and over power the explosives mixture with the nitroglycerine that you picked up. This will complete the Overpowered opportunity.

Head out of the area through the guarded barrier and head into the garage next to the large red barn. Grab the wrench on the workbench at the back. Then head out the front and wait by the large fuel tank (on the side facing the red barn). Wait for the guy to finish his cigarette and go into the garage, then use the wrench to loosen the valve on the fuel tank.

You may want to save here, as the timing can be tricky.

If you use your instinct, you should see that Sean Rose and Maya Parvati are in the red barn. Sean will shortly go and get himself blown up. Maya will then come to walk past the fuel tank. Stand next to the guy, who should be smoking, and when Maya steps onto the wet fuel area, walk into her and then go slightly past her. She should stop to moan at you and turn to face you. This should delay her enough to get caught in the fire when the guy drops his cigarette.

Now head to the shed where you previously blew up Ezra Berg. Quickly take out the two guards. You may want to equip the wrench and hit the one outside. The other one should come out to check on him and you can run round the shed and hit him from behind as well. Quickly stuff them both in the box and get into the shed. Ezra should be almost there, so hide in the cupboard. When he passes you, exit and shoot him in the head. Now hide him in the cupboard and take the basement key from the desk before you go back out to the box to take an elite outfit.

From here, you just need to go into the house, get the mask, enter the basement and get to the bunker as you did before. You will have to deal with the guard in the basement on the way. Examine everything in the bunker and finish the mission.

For the next play through, equip the lockpick and fibrewire.

Get the usual outfit and enter the compound as before. Head straight to the garage and pick up the wrench, then head to the shed. Take out the two guys as before using the wrench (just for speed), dump them in the box and get into the cupboard inside. When Ezra comes in, take him out with the fibrewire. Hide him, take the keys and pick up the hallucinogenic drugs from the shelf next to the cupboard, then get the elite outfit from the box outside.

Now head into the house and straight upstairs. Turn left at the top (checking where the wandering guard is) and left again. You want to unlock the door to Sean's rooms. There is a guard inside, so wait until he heads to the window on the opposite side of the room to the door. Go in and take him out and stuff him in the wardrobe in the bedroom. Hide his gun in the bin in the bathroom (opposite the wardrobe). Go back into the bedroom and take the explosive watch battery which is on the desk by the bathroom door.

When the coast is clear, go back across the corridor to the 3D printer. Turn it on and head into the other room. Both guys should be looking into the room with the printer (if they are not already in there). While they are distracted, take the phone from the desk (it is on the left as you enter from the printer room).

Head back into Sean's bedroom, either through the door that you already unlocked, or through the bathroom if the guard is at the top of the stairs. Then go and hide in the cupboard. His bodyguard should come in and stand by the door, and after a short time, Sean will also come in. He will head to the bathroom and take off his watch, leaving it on the cabinet in his bedroom. While he is in the bathroom swap the battery, completing the Doomsday Watch opportunity.

You can unlock his bathroom door and cut back through to the hallway when the guard wandering the halls has gone to the back room. Pick up the 3D mask and head downstairs and out of the front of the house. Head round to the left until you get can see the small moss-covered shed. There are some cigarettes on the table just to the left. A guard will come and stand by these, so you will have to wait until he leaves.

Save here for ease.

Using the phone, send Sean an email. He will check it and get blown up, completing a challenge. Now just reload the save and wait for the guy to leave before lacing the cigarettes.

Head back into the house and mess with the grandfather clock in the hallway. If you are quick enough, Sean will come downstairs and notice the clock and go a bit mad. If he has already passed, you will just have to wait for him to do his next round. This will complete the Unclean opportunity, and earn you this achievement for completing all the opportunities.

A Feather In Your Cap in HITMAN
Complete all Opportunities in Freedom Fighters.
  • Unlocked by 6,215 tracked gamers (34% - TA Ratio = 2.65) 18,130

Follow Sean outside and watch him lose it after having a cigarette. He will eventually go into the small shed to wash and you can either follow him in or climb through the window on the far side before drowning him.

Now you just have to kill the other two and finish the mission.

Head to the fuel tank by the garage and keep an eye on where Maya is. When she is inside the red barn, position yourself under the scaffolding, equip your silenced pistol and aim at the rope holding up the large bale hanging above the door.

You may want to save here in case your timing is off.

When Maya leaves the barn, shoot the rope and it will drop the bale and crush her.

Now head towards the greenhouse, you should find a cooking area just south of it with a chef and a few guards. There is a gas canister here. Stand facing the gas canister with the chef etc in front of you (don't face it from the other side) and when they are looking away, loosen it. Then you have to wait for Penelope to walk past it (this may take a considerable amount of time depending where she is on her circuit. Stand just outside the gate to the south and equip your silenced pistol. As she passes it, shoot the gas canister and she will get blown up.

Now just go and finish the mission as normal.

For the next playthrough, select any other starting location and smuggle any item to a location of your choosing. On starting the mission you will earn this achievement.

Joint Operation in HITMAN
Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Colorado.
  • Unlocked by 9,248 tracked gamers (51% - TA Ratio = 2.17) 18,130

Now, make your way into the house and follow this video to get the Hoedown challenge.

Credit goes to Maka91 for the video.

This will also earn you this achievement.

Giddy Up in HITMAN
Giddy Up45 (15)
Yee-haw to the hoedown. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 4,966 tracked gamers (27% - TA Ratio = 2.96) 18,130

You are almost done with Colorado. You will find that you aren't quite at level 20 mastery yet, but you shouldn't be too far off. You will need to start up a new playthough and complete a few more challenges to get there. These are some suggestions for the easier challenges to get you to level 20, but you can look at the list yourself and pick something you want to have a go at. Bear in mind that as long as the notification saying that the challenge has been completed shows up, you can reload or even restart the mission. When you next complete it, the challenge will still appear in the completed list at the end. You do have to complete the mission at some point to get them to count.

Once you get to level 18, it is best to do the escalation below. This will give you enough points to get to level 20, but you need to be level 18 to start as a technician.

These are some of the other suggestions for the main mission.

  • When starting a new playthrough, always try to choose a new starting location (I know we didn't but you can start in a location, then quit out and choose a new one and so on to get them all very quickly).

  • Mowed Down. Kill Ezra Berg with the lawnmower - This is out the front of the house. Create an oil leak then shoot it as he walks past.

  • String Quartet. Kill them all with the fibre wire. (Get Ezra in the shed, Sean in his bathroom, Maya by the fuel tank by throwing something under where you took aim at the bale, and Penelope by the slurry pit)

Once you get to level 20, you will earn this achievement.

Mission Complete in HITMAN
Reach Colorado Mastery Level 20.
  • Unlocked by 5,059 tracked gamers (28% - TA Ratio = 2.94) 18,130

For the next achievement you will need to complete level five of an Escalation set in Colorado. These are missions that get progressively harder by adding a condition to each level. An easy one to complete is The Farley Crescendo.

Start as a Technician. Then follow the guide below, I couldn't find a video for this method, so you are stuck with a text guide I'm afraid.(If someone wants to create one, I will add it in and give you credit).

Where possible, you should try to leave through different exits, so that you get extra challenges competed.

For all levels I had the silenced pistol, fibrewire and lockpick.

The tasks are;

  • Level 1 - Kill Joshua Trumbo while dressed as a hacker

Go outside and when he comes out to smoke shoot the gas tank next to him.

  • Level 2 - As above, but you also have to kill Greg Barnes while dressed as a hacker

Go downstairs and turn off the server. The target will come to check it out. Kill him with your fibrewire and drag him behind the boxes. Go outside and shoot the gas tank when the other comes for a smoke.

  • Level 3 - As above, but you also have hack the laptop in the Tech area

Start the 3D printer to distract one technician. The other stays in the other room, but will face you. When he turns his back, subdue him and then quickly go and subdue the other. Drag this one close to the wall so that he can't be seen by the guard patrolling the halls, and then drag the other behind the desk. Hack the laptop then kill the targets as you did in level 2.

  • Level 4 - As above, but there are additional people who will see through your disguise and the laptop has moved to Sean Rose's room

Take out the two hackers near the 3D printer and hide them as before for ease later. Go to the door to Sean Rose's bathroom and pick it. Enter, and go through to his room. Subdue the guard in here, then hack the laptop. Go downstairs and kill the two targets as before. (The reason we want to take out the technicians upstairs first is because they will come to check out the server if they are awake).

  • Level 5 - As above, but you will fail if you use a Militia Elite disguise (This won't be a problem).

Do the same as level 4. You didn't use the Elite disguise anyway.

For completing level 5, you will earn this achievement.

Colorado Escalated in HITMAN
Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in Colorado.
  • Unlocked by 4,509 tracked gamers (25% - TA Ratio = 3.11) 18,130

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