HITMAN Walkthrough

9. Hokkaido


Welcome to Japan. The Hokkaido mission is set in a mountain-top hospital facility. You have two targets, Yuki Yamazaki, who will be wandering around the facility and Erich Soders, who is lying in a bed waiting to be operated on.

All of the doors in this facility are automatic, depending on the outfit you are wearing, so a lockpick is completely useless here. You will unlock a hacking device which you have a limited number of uses of, but this guide will get you around without the need for one.

Another thing to note, is that until you reach level 20, you cannot start with anything equipped. After a few levels, you can start smuggling an item in, but again, we can get by without this.

You will start as a guest in the hospital under your usual alias of Tobias Rieper. Get off the bed, leave the room and turn left. When you get to the junction, turn right and head up the stairs. Go through the doors straight ahead of you which lead outside. Go off to your left and head up the hill. At the top, turn left and you will see a gardener crouching. If you are quick enough, crouch and climb off the ledge where there is a gap in the corner, then slide down the drain pipe. If you have trouble with this or the gardener has stood up, don't worry, just wait and he will walk off. Then go down the drain pipe.

Slide all the way to the bottom and go in through the window. On left side of the room, there is one bed that is open on the bottom row. Approach this and take the neurochip remote control. Leave the room and head left. Follow the corridor just round the corner and take the door leading to the stairs with the red lighting. Go upstairs, follow the corridor into a morgue area with two doctors in. You want to take the door on the left side of the room, which leads to a furnace room. The two doctors may have their back to you as you enter so you can go straight there. If not, you can use the trolleys to hide and get there in sections.

Turn right past the furnaces into another room with another two doctors (one is the curator). They will be in the middle of the room but will be facing the wall, so for now, go past them and into the security room at the far end. Disable the security cameras and check the notes on the opposite desk, then go back into the room with the curator.

Use the neurochip remote and quickly get back to the furnace room. The curator will go into a secure area where Soder's heart is, and ask them to leave. As soon as they have walked past you, head back into the room and quickly duck into the secure room before the door closes. If it does close, then press the remote again, so that the curator comes out, then press the remote again to get him to go back in and follow him.

He has two states, happy (when he wants to go into this room), and depressed (when he will walk off and after a time, throw himself off of a ledge). When depressed he will not care that you are in this room with him, although he will care if he sees you touch the heart.

With you both in the room again, press the remote to make him depressed and as soon as he turns his back on the heart, open the machine and destroy it. This will complete the Tell-Tale Heart opportunity. Now quickly catch up with the curator and press the remote again to make him happy (we don't want him committing suicide). He will have cut through the furnace room and should be somewhere between the large room with the other two doctors and the staircase. If you took too long, go down the stairs and he will be outside a door to the right when you enter the corridor at the bottom.

He will now either back track to that room or just stand still. Bear in mind he will now be suspicious of you. There is a room off of the furnace room you can hide in while he walks past if needed.

Head back towards the security room where you disabled the cameras and take the door on the left before you enter it. Go up the stairs and check your map before entering the corridor. There is a guard who patrols this corridor and we don't want to walk straight into him. When clear, enter the corridor and go left where the corridor slopes down. At the bottom there is a door which leads to a maintenance area. Go in here and adjust the temperature on the panel to the right of the window to the sauna.

The two guys will leave and at some point, Yuki will turn up. If she turns up before the guys have left, you will have to wait for her to complete another walk round the facility (takes a few minutes). She will tell her bodyguard to wait outside and enter the sauna. Go through the door to the left of the box then close and block the door, killing her.

You can now leave the sauna through the other door to the main spa. Go off to the back right of this room to leave the spa area (through some blue curtains) and follow this path straight ahead (with a slight bend) until you see te large ramp. Head down there, until you reach the cable car and use it to exit the mission.

For completing the mission (with a silent assassin rating I might add) you will earn this achievement.

A Long Time Coming in HITMAN
Complete Situs Inversus.
  • Unlocked by 17,027 tracked gamers (100% - TA Ratio = 1.57) 17,042

In the second playthrough, start in your bedroom again. Before leaving, head into your bathroom to the left of your front door. Take the pair of scissors which you will find by the sink at the back. Now leave, heading left along the corridor. Go right and up the stairs again, but this time turn right at the top and you will see a bathroom. Make sure you have concealed the scissors, enter and subdue the guest in here. Drag him into the stall on the right (the other has someone in it) and dump him in the cupboard.

Now, equip your scissors (no one seems to care that you are carrying them, and leave through the other door to the left of the sinks. Look round the corner to the left and you will see a 'Sakura Sushi' sign. We are waiting for the hospital administrator (with an obvious black wig and three chevrons on his back) to come from that way. As he reaches the area between the two bathroom doors, dip back in the bathroom, make sure the door is open, and throw the scissors somewhere near the sinks in front of the left stall. The administrator should come to check it out.

If when you leave the bathroom, the administrator is already stood ahead of you, you can stand by the sinks and throw the scissors to the left of the door (with the door open). Then pick up the scissors and stand by the sinks again so that when he comes in, you are obscured by the door. You can then throw the scissors again towards the right stall to get him to come inside far enough.

Either way, subdue him and stick him in the same cupboard as the other guy and take his outfit.

Leave the bathroom and follow the windowed corridor (with the outside area to your left. Go under the Gama sign and past the two guards. Follow the corridor to the end and then left up the slope. As you reach the top, take the stairs on the right and go up a floor. Turn right onto the corridor and move forward to the corner.

There is a guard round the corner that will see through your disguise and a doctor in the room ahead of you that will also see through it. Go into the room and the doctor will be somewhere at the other end, hopefully with his back to you. If he is sat down, facing you, wait until he gets up and faces the whiteboard. Walk about half way up down the room and when the doctor looks to the right (he just turns his head), run to the other end and go through the door on the left back into the corridor, but the other side of the guard (try to stick to the wall so he won't see you). Turn right and follow the corridor round to the left.

You can only take the door on the left here, so go into that room, move behind the seating area to avoid the guy seeing you, and go into the next room. There is a door in the centre here that leads to the K.A.I. room. Go inside and you will find four mainframe panels (one in each column) that you can sabotage. You will be able to sabotage two before the system reboots. When this happens, watch the screen in the middle which will show which order they reboot in. This will be different each time you start the mission, so pay attention to it, then sabotage them in that order. The system will then shut down and you will have completed the Ghost In The Machine opportunity.

Don't leave the main frame room just yet. The guard in the previous room will be walking through shortly. Wait for him to pass through and leave. You will see two screens ahead of you, overlooking Erich Soders. Use the one on the left and Erich will be killed by the operating machine. Now head back through the room you came in through and out to the corridor. Cut through the room with the doctor again to come out on the other side of the guard, and be mindful that the other guard will be heading along the corridor back towards the room with the seating.

Once you get back to the corridor, continue to the far end where it turns right. There are two guards here that will see through your disguise. One will go back into a room behind him, so wait until the other approaches the guard with his back to you and also turns his back. Now round the corner and go into the director's office at the end.

Take the nondescript access card from the desk, head back the way you came and take the first set of stairs on the right. Go all the way down and you will be in the room with the curator. Go to the other end of the room near the room with the heart and look left. Behind the end curtain, is a body refrigerator with a panel next to it. Use the nondescript card on it to let someone out. Finish the conversation to unlock another challenge and earn this achievement.

Flatline in HITMAN
Flatline41 (15)
Imagine meeting you here. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 5,817 tracked gamers (34% - TA Ratio = 2.70) 17,042

Head into the furnace room opposite, and go into the next room with the two doctors. Turn right into the red stairwell, head to the bottom, exit into the corridor and head left. Follow it round to the right and take the first door on the right. Go and get the neurochip remote and head back up to the furnace room. Go and use the remote on the curator like before and while it takes effect, you may as well disable the security cameras in the security room. Wait until the curator goes into the the room with the heart and as soon as the guards start leaving, enter and press the remote again to make him leave (we don't care what happens to him this time). You will need to go and hide behind one of the curtains while he walks past as he will always be able to see through this outfit. Once he has left, destroy the heart to complete an extra challenge.

Now head towards the security room, but turn left just before you get there. Go up the stairs one floor and exit into the corridor. Turn left and go down the ramp, then follow the corridor back to the area where you dumped the director in the cupboard earlier.

Head towards the Sakura Sushi restaurant, but just before going in, take the stairs on the left. Just behind the two women at the bottom there are a couple of doors. Take the one on the right which after a short corridor, leads into the kitchen.

There are two chefs in here, neither of which will be bothered about your presence. Overflow the sink to your right then head to the other side of the kitchen. When one chef goes to check out the sink, go and subdue the other one. Then subdue the one at the sink. Put them both in the freezer box NEAR THE WINDOW. Don't use the one at the bottom of the stars as you may get spotted. Take one of their outfits, then pick up the knife from the centre part of the kitchen, before heading into the freezer room opposite the door that you came in by.

In here is the Fugu fish. Use the knife to get the poison and go back into the kitchen. Off to the left in the opposite corner of the room, you should find a door and some stairs. Ignore the door, take the stairs up. Now head across the room, (quickly as there is another chef who will see through your disguise) and go to the Sakura Sushi counter at the other end. Stand behind the counter, poison the plate of sushi on the right, then prepare sushi on the board to the left. Now wait for Yuki to show up. She will start talking to the other chef and can now serve sushi to her. Once she starts eating, leave and head to the left of the pink blossom tree in the middle of the room. On the other side is the door that leads back out to the toilets from earlier. You will have now completed the Thrill Seeker opportunity.

You will also earn this achievement.

Master of Old and New in HITMAN
Serve Yamazaki poisonous fugu fish and eliminate Soders with the robotic arms. (Secret)
  • Unlocked by 7,110 tracked gamers (42% - TA Ratio = 2.44) 17,042

Head down the stairs to the right and go back into the kitchen. Take the administrator's outfit again then head back up the same stairs. Head outside through the door straight ahead of you and cross the bridge. Head slightly left and into the door which comes out at the bottom of that sloped corridor. Head right and go into the maintenance area by the sauna. Head out into the main spa and turn right where you will see another door to a maintenance area. Go in there, take the door on the right and head down the staircase. If you look right you will see there is an outside area where you can use the snowmobile to leave. Just watch out for the doctor inside and the two guards that patrol outside while getting there. Use the snowmobile to finish.

For the next playthrough, start as the ninja and smuggle the fibrewire to the mountain path.

On starting the level you will earn this achievement.

Come Prepared in HITMAN
Select a Starting Location and use an Agency Pickup to smuggle an item into Hokkaido.
  • Unlocked by 8,568 tracked gamers (50% - TA Ratio = 2.22) 17,042

Turn around and take the fibrewire from the box behind you, then head along the path and down the slope. When you get to the area near the helipad, head right and then duck down behind the box on the right. Ahead of you is a maintenance man having a smoke. Wait for him to leave and he will walk onto the helipad. After a short time, he will head down the nearby steps. Follow him, subdue him and make sure you pick up his cigarettes. Drag him to the room on the left a bit further round the corner, being careful not to wake up the sleeping guard. Quickly stick him in the cupboard and change into the maintenance outfit, then wait for the pilot to come in (he may only be a few seconds behind you).

The pilot will ask you and the guard to leave. Step outside and wait. The guard will go up to the helipad and the pilot will turn to face the desk (to the right - use your instinct). When he does, enter and subdue him. Stuff him in the cupboard as well and take his outfit. Now head up to the helipad and stand between the helicopter and the three guards on the bridge to wait for the surgeon.

When the surgeon arrives, you will tell him to follow you. Lead him back to the room, subdue him and take his outfit. There is no room in the cupboard, so just leave him there. This will complete the Malpractice opportunity.

Exit the room and head left to go further along this path. Follow it until you come to a door. Go inside and follow the corridor round to the right. Take the first door on the right and take the neurochhip remote (for the last time for another challenge - then we can leave the heart alone). Head out of the room to the left, round the corner and take the red stairs up one floor (this should be familiar by now). Head through the room with the two doctors (both will see through your disguise) and into the furnace room on the left. Before going to the next room, go into the small room on the left (opposite the furnaces) and take the screwdriver. Now, go and use the remote on the curator in the next room (and disable the cameras in the security room if you want). Wait for him to get the guards to leave, use the remote again, hide behind the curtain, wait for him to leave and destroy the heart.

Now head towards the security room and take the staircase on the left just before it. Head up to the top floor. Turn right into the corridor and follow it all the way round to the end. Go in the door at the end straight ahead of you which leads into a small square room with a large computer in the middle. Use the screwdriver on the computer (on the right side as you enter) and leave the room. Head to the staircase just round the corner and go down one floor.

Before entering the corridor on this level, check whether there is aguard just outside that can see through your disguise. If there is, wait for him to wander off and patrol. Then head out to the right and go into the room directly beneath the computer room you were just in. Use the panel to the left of the window to turn off the life support machine, then QUICKLY get back to the room above and use the panel to the left of the window to overcharge the defib. This will kill Erich and earn the challenge.

Head back downstairs one floor and, while avoiding the patrolling guard, head round to the left. Follow the corridor round and down the slope. Enter the maintenance area and go through to the spa. Take the door to the right and head into the next maintenance area. Follow this until you go down the stairs to the area where a maintenance man is fixing the snowmobile to your left. Take the wrench which is behind him, then head back up to the spa and leave through the main entrance (with the blue curtains).

Follow the area straight ahead until you get to the large ramp and follow it down to the cable car. Turn right and pick up the lead pipe here. Now throw it towards the right side of the cable car while staying hidden round this corner, so that one of the two nearby guards. Once he goes to check it out and is sufficiently out of view of the other guard, go and subdue him and take his outfit. Drag him as close the the cable car as possible and into the corner (or dump him over the side if you prefer). Take his gun.

Head back up the ramp and take the corridor to the right. Follow this to the end where you will find a door with a few guards outside. This is Yuki's room. Go into the living area and replace the cigarette packet straight ahead of the two guys on the couch. Now go onto the balcony.

Save the game here for ease.

When the two guards are both looking over the edge, use the wrench on the gas heater in the corner. Now enter the bathroom just to the right of the front door and hide in here until Yuki comes in and finds the cigarettes. She will then go out to smoke, approach the heater and blow herself up (an off of the balcony). This will complete the No Smoking opportunity.

Now reload the save. Don't touch the heater, go to the opposite side and vault over the edge, so that you are hanging behind the solid panel. Now just wait for Yuki to turn up and order the guards off of the balcony so she can smoke.

You could re-save here to save waiting again.

Once the guards have gone, get back onto the balcony and sneak up to her. Using the gun you got from the guard, shoot Yuki in the head for a challenge.

Now reload the save again and after the guards go in wait for her to approach the heater, then take her out with the fibrewire and dump her over the side. You won't be able to leave through the door because her main bodyguard will see through your disguise, so vault over the balcony where you hid, and edge round to the neighbouring balcony. The guards might start to notice you, but if you keep moving and hop onto the balcony as soon as you can, you should be fine. You will have completed the Makeover opportunity.

Now leave through this room, heading left on the corridor and right, up the ramp past the two women. Turn right and follow the corridor round into the Gama facility and up the sloped corridor. Take the stairs at the top of the slope, down half a floor. There is a door that leads outside. Before going out, check where the two patrolling guards are. If they have gone down the slope to the right, then exit and head up to the left. If they are up to the left, you will have to wait until they pass you.

Follow it up and take the path up to where you started as the ninja. Once you reach the top, you can exit via the mountain path.

For the next playthough, start in Tobias Rieper's suite (the default start point).

For this first part, you want to be quite quick. Go into your bathroom and get the scissors, head out of your room, left along the corridor and up the stairs to the right. Go into the bathroom on the right as before and take out the patient. Hide him in the cupboard in the right stall. Now go out the door to the left of the mirrors and wait until you see the patient with the bandaged head. As he approaches, lure him into the bathroom by throwing the scissors (with the door open) in front of the sinks. When he comes in to check it out, close the door, subdue him and stick him in the cupboard, then take his outfit.

Now head out of the bathroom towards the Gama facility entrance. A woman will then escort you into the facility. Follow her and she will take you to a doctor. Go in to speak to him and sit on the chair in front of the mirror. He'll take your bandages off and be amazed that there is no swelling or bruising and walk off to the desk, conveniently with his back to you. Quickly check where the nurse is in the room you just came from (if she is heading towards you just wait a second until she is out of view) then subdue the surgeon and stuff him in the cupboard. Quickly take his outfit. If you are quick enough, no one will notice.

Go through the room with the guy doing press ups and then take the nearby stairs down one level, turn left and head down the slope. Make your way to the cable car and get one of the guard's disguises like the previous playthrough, using the lead pipe. Now head back up the slope and turn right in the main corridor. Head to Yuki's room at the end. If Yuki and her bodyguard are in the room, wait in her bathroom until they both leave. When ready, go into her bedroom and pick up Erich Soder's kill list from the desk, then leave the room and go straight up the ramp, turning right at the top and head back into the Gama facility.

Follow the corridor round and up the slope. At the top of the slope, take the first door on the right and take the stairs down one floor. Enter the room, heading right, go past the dead motorcyclist and take the door on the left into the furnace room. Turn left and wait until the two doctors in the next room are both facing the same way before entering. Quickly head to the door opposite which leads to a well lit stairwell.

Enter the room at the top and open the next door which leads into the room where Soder is. Head back to the door you came through and throw the scissors towards the wall opposite, then go back into the stairwell. This should cause the female surgeon to come and check out the scissors. When she has her back to you, go in and subdue her, then drag her into the stairwell. Pick up the scissors.

Now go and stand near the door that leads into Soder's room. The male surgeon in the room opposite should start becoming suspicious. Before the meter becomes full, move out of sight and he should get suspicious enough that he will come and check out where you had been standing. If it wasn't enough, try again. Once he is on the move, head into the stairwell. Once he enters the room, keep an eye on him with your instinct. Once he turns around to re-enter Soder's room, through the scissors to the same spot. He should now go and check them and you can subdue him as well. Drag him into the stairwell and take his uniform.

Now head back down the stairs, wait for the two doctors to face the same way and head back into the furnace room opposite. Go through the door on the right and past the motorcyclist, head through the door on the left and back up one floor. Take the corridor to the right and follow it all the way round to the end.

Enter the door with the two guards outside. Cross this room and enter the next one. There is a sloped screen on the left as you enter. When no one is looking, upload the kill list to the screen, then leave this and the next room, so that you are back in the corridor. Turn right and go outside to the helipad. Get the pilot outfit like before by taking out the maintenance man and hiding his body in the cupboard, then doing the same to the pilot. You can get them both without waking the sleeping guard by subduing them outside the room and dragging them in.

Once you have the pilot outfit, wait for the surgeon by the helicopter facing the guards. This could take some time depending where he is on his cycle. Lead the surgeon to the stash again in the room with the sleeping guard and this time let him take the drugs and head back to surgery. He will know that Erich is responsible for his father's death and go and kill him on purpose. Before leaving the room, take the maintenance man's outfit.

Now head back up to the helipad, but go towards where you started as the ninja. Instead of taking the path up the slope, take the path to the right that follows the building. Wait until the two guards patrolling are heading down hill as they will both see through your outfit. As you head down the hill, you will see a large snowplough, keep to the right of this and the rocks. The guards will get to the bootom, approach the building, then turn round and go back the way they came. Enter the building where they approached, which leads to the area where the maintenance man is fixing the snowmobile. Take the wrench from behind him and head up the stairs (the door on the left side when you have your back to him). If you see the yoga instructor on the stairs, knock him out with the wrench but don't take his outfit yet.

Head up the stairs and into the spa, then take the door to the left that leads to the sauna. You can enter the maintenance area from here and on the right is the valve controlling the cold water to the spa. Turn it off to make people leave. Now go and get the outfit from the yoga instructor. If you didn't knock him out already, just wait on that staircase. Leave him on the stairs.

Once you are dressed as the yoga instructor, go into the spa and wait for Yuki to turn up. Talk to her and offer a yoga lesson. Take her outside where you will find two yoga mats (make sure you read the yoga schedule for a challenge). She will stand on one, and if you stand facing her, you get the option to give the lesson. Follow the instructions and when prompted, kick her off the ledge. This completes the Hot Springs opportunity.

Now go and get the maintenance man's outfit again. You want to leave by going back outside where the snowplough was, head up the hill and get back to the helicopter which you can use as an exit.

For completing all the opportunities, you will have earned this achievement.

The Sensei in HITMAN
The Sensei78 (30)
Complete all Opportunities in Situs Inversus.
  • Unlocked by 6,290 tracked gamers (37% - TA Ratio = 2.59) 17,042

You are almost done with Hokkaido. You may find that you aren't quite at level 20 mastery yet, but you shouldn't be too far off. You will need to start up a new playthough and complete a few more challenges to get there. These are some suggestions for the easier challenges to get you to level 20, but you can look at the list yourself and pick something you want to have a go at. Bear in mind that as long as the notification saying that the challenge has been completed shows up, you can reload or even restart the mission. When you next complete it, the challenge will still appear in the completed list at the end. You do have to complete the mission at some point to get them to count.

When starting a new playthrough, always try to choose a new starting location.

  • Expert Marksman. Start as the ninja and smuggle a silenced sniper rifle to the mountain. Wait (for quite some time) until Yuki meets with the director on the bridge, then shoot her in the head.
  • Sniper Assassin. You could couple this with the marksman one, by going on to complete the mission without killing anyone else, without getting spotted and deleting the CCTV.
  • Armed And Dangerous. Smuggle a gun into Gama facility. Either take out one of the guards by the cable car to get his gun or smuggle one in somewhere, then get the outfit from the man with the bandages and wait for the woman to take you last the guards.
  • One Last Time Mr Soders. Stand at the end of Erich's bed dressed in the suit and he will just die. Just restart when you have done this as there will be a lot of guns fired at you. This video may help.

Credit to youtuber MrFreeze2244

Once you get to level 20, you will earn this achievement.

Sayōnara in HITMAN
Sayōnara115 (40)
Reach Hokkaido Mastery Level 20.
  • Unlocked by 5,141 tracked gamers (30% - TA Ratio = 2.87) 17,042

For the next achievement you will need to complete level five of an Escalation set in Hokkaido. These are missions that get progressively harder by adding a condition to each level. An easy one to complete is The Susumu Obsession.

It is best to wait until you are level 20 to start this so that you can have some equipment when you start.

The tasks are;

  • Level 1 - Kill Amos Dexter
  • Level 2 - As above, but you also have to kill Ikkei Tsutsui while disguised as Draxler
  • Level 3 - As above, but you also have to get the fugu fish poison.
  • Level 4 - As above, but the fish has moved.
  • Level 5 - As above, but you also have to kill Yamato Narita

Start in Tobias Rieper's room. Then follow the video below.

Credit to Youtuber MrFreeze2244

For completing level five, you will earn this achievement.

Hokkaido Escalated in HITMAN
Complete Level 5 of an Escalation Contract set in Hokkaido.
  • Unlocked by 4,513 tracked gamers (26% - TA Ratio = 3.06) 17,042

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