Hack, Slash & Backstab

Hack, Slash & Backstab

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Hack, Slash & Backstab Achievements

Most Earned

Beauty School Dropout
Beauty School Dropout208 (199)Wow...You quit before you even played
It’s Okay, Nobody's Judging You
It’s Okay, Nobody's Judging You2 (1)This happens all the time, don't worry.
Blades Of Glory
Blades Of Glory38 (20)Defeated the Dark Rogue on one of the harder two difficulties
Super Cool Exploradora
Super Cool Exploradora260 (138)Search Every Room in a Dungeon

Least Earned

You Bags Of Bones!
You Bags Of Bones!45 (20)Kill 1000 Enemies In One Round on one of the harder two difficulties, then complete the round
Medic!88 (40)One player uses a phoenix feather to revive three people at once
Forever Alone
Forever Alone369 (167)Win a game on 'Brutal Insanity' difficulty with no friends
Fit The Narrative
Fit The Narrative44 (20)One player wins the game after backstabbing all other players on one of the harder two difficulties
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