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    The famous Halo series takes a new development team but do they have it takes to keep the legacy on the highest of notches? (Spoiler free review)

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    Prologue: Halo 4 is not only a sequel but a ground-breaking debut game in what is known as the "Reclaimer Trilogy". The newest release in the Microsoft backed series desperately hangs on to the Halo name while expanding into a new universe of enemies, weapons, and even an entirely new level of awesomeness.

    It's been 2 years since Bungie's final installment* of their baby which was known for changing the game to such an extent it offended critics and die-hard Spartans such as myself. Adding sprinting, jet-packs, match-making commendations, a ranking system, the Battle Rifle's disowned cousin, un-nerfing the Pistol; it's no surprise how such a dramatic leap in innovation was regretfully received by the majority. Some people did love the jump in the series, but many compared it to the Call Of Duty series saying "This isn't Halo".

    343 Industries is made up a team of Bungie employees who devoted their lives to creating the Halo universe, as well as a few newbies Microsoft hired which felt the need to prove their self with such a respected title. What did this mean for our beloved Spartan, 117? It meant that Halo was getting back on track, including everything we loved, fixing everything we hated about Reach, and introducing a whole new world that would keep us on our toes as to not make us think we were continuing the same ol' fight.

    The Campaign (No worries, no spoilers): The campaign is in one word; epic. There's more then a dozen parts where you're dragged back into Master Chief's current tragedy much like you were at the beginning of the series. 343i managed to keep everything fresh throughout the entire story; all 8.5 missions each as great as it's predecessor. The prologue featured some quick-time events although they greatly ignore until the very last moment of the game. This through me for a loop, but don't worry it's nothing that will keep you reloading checkpoints instead of enjoying the game.

    While playing through the storyline I felt a few levels were mimicked from Halo 2, only etched over with Forerunner features; not that this was a bad thing. There were a lot of highlights where the new developer's itch to stay true for the returning fans were obvious. I enjoyed every minute of it though thinking "this is new, oh crap! I remember this!" which kept me on my feet looking for Easter eggs and sucking up everything I could. Like all Halo games the tiny little Easter eggs are so hidden that you probably won't see them without a walk-through online to find them. Don't worry, you don't need them.

    Oh, and the ending will make you mad, but I can't go into details.

    Spartan-Ops: As only the 2nd chapter is available right now, I honestly think there's nothing special about this mode. The story line is acceptable at best, and the playing itself feels like a twist of the forgotten about Firefight with infinity respawns and an ending (which is my favorite part). It's great that it gives us something to do after running through the campaign, but I could of done without it since the storyline was long enough and the matchmaking is top notch. It fills the void if you're bored with the other two modes, but I haven't got there yet.

    War Games: Ah, Halo's famous Match Making has finally been re-named, re-worked, and re-imagined. For the first time there's a reason War Games exist; you're fighting in a training module on the UNSC ship Infinity.

    While re-introducing the commendations and ranking system, 343i has also introduced an equipment unlock system to go with it. For awhile I was worried that I would never obtain a BR and everyone else would be wielding Rocket Launchers or Sniper Riffles. Luckily, this is not the case and it's far from broken. Your starting weapons are the Assault Rifles, and Precision Rifles, and their Covenant / Forerunner equivalents. This keeps the games fair, but original at the same time.

    On top of the new load-out system, they've also introduced Ordinance drops which is much like Call Of Duty's Kill Streak bonuses. Thankfully, it's still not as broken since the worst you can get is a Rocket Launcher (level depending), and you don't need a killing spree to get them. The counter to the next drop does not reset upon your death, which keeps it even fairer.

    The Forerunners: Although the Forerunners looks like a whole new series of creatures that will require a whole new rhythm, they're actually extremely close to the Covenant that we've grown used too. The Crawlers are much like Grunts, but quicker and slightly more devastating yet one head shot still takes them out. The Promethean Knights can be a pain in the ass at several points in the game, but that's mostly due to a lack of ammo on Legendary. They play much like the Elites where bad aim can waste your bullets and make them feel invincible. This time we're brought Watchers which can regenerate any of the Forerunners and keep them shielded much like the Halo 3: ODST exclusive enemy, the Engineer.

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    The new weapons: The Forerunners come packed with an entire new arsenal, if you want to call it that. The weapons are very similar to their UNSC / Covenant counter-part, which you'll spend most of the campaign playing around with (ammo is replenishable, unlike the energy weapons). Thankfully 343 listened to their fans and brought back all of our favorites, including the BR, the over-powered Pistol, the noob-favorite DMR, and all of the notorious power weapons. There's also some new ones that you'll find in the ordinance drops, but if I went on to review every weapon in the game we would be here for quite awhile.

    Vehicles: A lot of people were worried that the new Mantis would be game-breaking but it really isn't. Only found in Big Team, it replaces the tank as being slow and easily hi-jackable. I don't want to spoil the story for you, but you do get to drive something you've always wanted to drive (only in the campaign).

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    The graphics: Oh, the graphics. Obviously being the newest game in the series, the graphics are going to be top of the line and they prove it every minute. The cut-scenes will actually leave you scratching your head if they're CGI or live-action. Hint: They're CGI. All of it.

    In game the graphics aren't as noticeable since every Halo game has been mind-blowing graphically and it's something we've all gotten used to. If you decide to pick up the game, I dare you to just look up in the sky on any level and tell me it isn't mind-boggling-realistic.

    Mechanics: The greatest part about this game is that with every change they've made over the years, and since the original Combat Evolved released over a decade ago; it still feels like a Halo game. There's no health (like there wasn't in 1 & 3), and the shields feel a little weaker then usual but only on the Legendary mode. All of the fan-favorite classic enemies act the same, and even though sprint is now a permanent feature it feels like it has always been there.

    Achievements: Last but not least we'll cover the achievements since I know so many of you are dying to know how hard it is to 100%. Like all Halo games it isn't impossible to reach 1,000 GS (at lease once the Spartan Ops episodes are released). You will have to solo Legendary run the campaign by yourself, and with a buddy but why wouldn't you do that anyways? Sure it's difficult, but it's not impossible; even for someone like me.

    The rest of the achievements are mostly trivial things, require you to play a few games of War Games (even if you suck, you can get these cheeves), but there are a handful (4 or 5) that may require you to set up a boosting session just to make them a little easier (or if you have friends, send them a message).

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    In short; Being an intense Halo fan since the beginning I can honestly say that 4 is in the running for my favorite of the series. For a long time I stood strong by saying 2 was but the Forerunner's freshness was hard to deny it some awesome points. I'm extremely glad with what 343i has done, and even happier that they were able to redeem whatever Reach was.
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    YinI personally enjoyed the original trilogy, and I liked the direction Reach took. Halo 4 however, destroyed competitive gaming as we know it. I've been a staff member at HaloTracker, one of the popular communities focused around Halo, and our requests to 343 have fallen on Deaf ears. In fact, they have made it more difficult for us to create, organize, and share any sort of content with our members. The campaign was phenomenal, it brought a whole new campaign style that felt like Halo; the multiplayer however, is losing it's population fast (below 80,000 peaked daily).
    Posted by Yin on 28 Jan 13 at 04:26
    EaseAndInspireheres my problem with 4s matchmaking; its shitty. not the new leveling or skins or weapon drops, its the actual matchmaking itself. its absolute garbage, I wait 15 min for a match and then it lags the whole time. at the very least reach was bang on for connections and matchmaking. I played the shit out of 3 for years, then reach and when four came out I played it for about a month and just couldn't take the cheap deaths and way too long waits for matches. sorry 343 your infrastructure is shit at best.
    Posted by EaseAndInspire on 10 May 13 at 22:12
    Killerfox UruI liked Reach best, what's more I didn't like 4 as much as any other Halo I played.
    My gf plays halo and she thinks the same.
    Posted by Killerfox Uru on 16 Feb 16 at 03:06
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    Wriiten for vgmmdi.com

    Halo has a new home after the events of Halo Reach the creators of the Halo Universe Bungie moved onto new pastures and left Microsoft with one of the biggest franchises in gaming to look after, really we should never have doubted that Microsoft would look after their main man, but I must admit even I had my doubts when they handed the reins to a totally new studio going by the name of 343 Industries. So is the Chiefs return to the front line a success, have 343 steered the series in a new direction or built on the solid foundations already in place?

    The campaign picks up four years after the events of Halo 3, Master Chief and his AI companion Cortana are floating around space in a derelict ship just waiting for something to happen and is if by magic the world is once again in danger and needs its hero back. The first thing you will notice is that the game looks absolutely amazing the graphics are so impressive both in gameplay and during cut scenes this really is the best looking Halo game to date, the environments are spot on from amazing vistas to fighting through dazzling jungles the detail really helps create a believable world. The story telling the game is some of the best I have seen in the genre the character animations are genuine and the voice acting is very well done, the game puts particular emphasis on the Chiefs relationships with the people around him and if you are to fully appreciate some of these interactions I would recommend you watch the Forward Unto Dawn series currently available through Halo Waypoint before embarking on the campaign. The centre of the story revolves around Chief and Cortana and the complications in their relationship, if you have played the previous games in the series and know the history of these characters then there are some poignant moments within the game.

    The storytelling in the game is fresh, when it comes down to the action, things are much more familiar. The combat of the game is still built on the basis of guns, grenades and melee with the occasional armour ability thrown in, this means there is lots of choice in how you deal with the challenges laid out in front of you. Whilst on the subject of guns, the guns in Halo 4 are fantastic the variety available is good and all of them feel powerful and whilst controlling the chief and having this sort of fire power available you are truly ready to lay down some serious pain on those in your path. In keeping with previous games in the series enemy AI is strong and don’t be surprised to see enemies trying to find the balance between caution and aggression in order to preserve their life, which is a nice challenge compared to the enemies that run I front of your gun in other games.

    All in all the campaign will take you around ten hours, and it is ten hours of some of the best action you will find in a shooter, made even more fun in the company of friends, in up to four player coop, there is loads of replayability options too through the use of skulls which gives you many options to vary your gameplay experience. All in all the campaign is challenging and well-paced and is therefore a very rewarding experience.

    The UNSC Infinity is where you will spend the majority of your time if you are into the multiplayer aspect of Halo 4. It acts as a gateway between your various multiplayer options which include War Games, Spartan Ops, Forge and Theatre.

    The new addition to Halo 4s multiplayer is Spartan Ops a cooperative set of missions where you get to see what it is like to live the life of a Spartan. Missions are short and repetitive and this leaves them feeling unsatisfying, especially when you have the option of playing coop campaign with friends, still the game has shipped with 5 missions with additional content to be made available post release, if nothing else it is a noel way to introduce new content to the game.

    The Halo series has been a market leader in the multiplayer arena for nearly a decade who remembers LAN parties for Halo or when Halo 2 first hit XBOX Live these two games are some of the fondest memories I have of multiplayer gaming the big question is how does the new War Games stack up? Death Match and Objective Based games return in both team and individual varieties, these have very small tweaks to them but nothing that is going to change your experience. Infection mode has been replaced by Flood mode, so rather than being chased by a zombie the Spartans are terrorised by human controlled Flood Regicide is a new free for all mode that places a bounty on the head of the highest scoring player and occasionally awards them with over shields or alternative perk, Dominion is your standard capture and hold three bases to win with the added bonuses of vehicle spawns, turrets and weapon drops for holding the bases.

    Previous Halo games have always started all players with the same weaponry at the start of every game to ensure a level playing field, in order to bring Halo 4 into the more modern shooter era loadouts have been introduced to the game. They consist of the usual categories of primary weapon, secondary weapon, grenade and armour ability one of the common concerns I heard from fans was that this may unbalance the game, it doesn’t regardless of your rank there are some fully stocked pre-determined loadouts for you to choose from that are amply powerful to wreak havoc. It is a similar story with the ordnance drops which are awarded to players who are performing well; it is a feature that I am extremely pleased with as it has been done extremely well.

    Halo 4 is a massive shooter package and it continues to build upon the successes of its predecessors. The return of Master Chief and Cortana is amazing and it feels good to be back inside the Chiefs visor again. The multiplayer is a continuation of Halos individuality whilst also adding in some more mainstream features makes it feel like a more complete and compelling experience. 343 have started off the new Halo trilogy on a high and you should all be going out there to experience it for yourselves.
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    "Halo 4: Worthy of carrying on Bungie's legacy?"
    I know this review will get downvotes from the Halo-haters and CoD fanboys. And I know I have the unpopular opinion for really liking Halo: Reach. But I'm saying this now, Reach was my favourite Halo game, before that was Halo 3. But now?

    Graphics - 10/10
    Watch that opening cutscene for the Campaign and tell me I'm wrong. This game looks amazing. The cutscenes are spectacular, and the gameplay looks so good it's jaw dropping. I've never been so spoilt by the Xbox like that. Bearing in mind how out of date the Xbox hardware is, this game puts quite a few new PC games to shame.

    Sound - 9/10
    Every single sound was re-recorded for Halo 4. Every gun, footstep and vehicle just sounds better. Halo 4 is a joy to listen to. The voice acting is great as well, Cortana steals the show during the Campaign. The Diadect was also a welcome surprise, and I knew I recognised him from somewhere (Mass Effect's Harbinger, for those wondering). The music, while not as iconic as the original trilogy, is a big step up from Reach.

    Gameplay – 9/10
    Single-Player – 10/10
    The game feels faster. With sprinting now standard, everything moves at a faster pace. Chief jumps straight back into the fight better than ever before. The game eases you in at first, by facing the Covenant, before introducing the new bad guys, the Prometheans. You face the Crawlers, swarms of dog-like constructs which are pretty easy to kill, but can take you down with numbers. Then there are the Watchers, floating enemies which are there more to support the Promethans. They resurrect fallen Knights and groups of Crawlers, can project shields for their allies, and catch your grenades, Watchers should be a high-priority target. Then you have the Knights. They soak up much more firepower than Covenant Elites ever did. They can teleport, spawn Watchers, and can carry the Binary Rifle, a one-hit-kill sniper rifle. They carry other weapons as well, but trust me, it's the Binary Rifle that you need to be careful of. The levels play well, a load of fun, a good few easter eggs to find. It still plays like Halo, and it's a lot more fun than Halo: Reach's Campaign.

    Multiplayer – 9/10
    I can already feel the anger for that rating. There are complaints that Halo's just copying CoD with it's classes and perks. Look, if you genuinely believe that Halo is now just a CoD copy, then close the page and leave. There are classes, yes. You choose your primary weapon from the DMR, Battle Rifle, Assault Rifle, and the Covenant and Promethan equivalents. And your secondary is either the Magnum, Plasma Pistol or Boltshot (Promethan pistol). There's nothing game breaking here. You can't enter battle with a Sniper Rifle and Rocket Launcher. There's no 'ninja' class, no cheap combos. The Armor Abilities are in, and some are notably different. No Armor Lock any more. You get Jet Pack, Cloak (much more balanced this time round), Hologram, Thruster Pack (I'm not too sure what the point of it is), Promethan Vision (see through walls for a very short time), Regeneration Field, and Hardlight Shield. They are all very balanced. In terms of gametypes, the standard lot are in, along with Regicide, sort of a mix between Juggernaut and VIP. Invasion's gone, instead we have Dominion, which is much more balanced than Invasion was.

    Firefight's also gone, in it's place we get SpartanOps. Now, opinion seems to be divided here, some hate it, saying it's bland and repetitive, other, including me, love it. It's something different than normal multiplayer. Each episode comes with a cutscene (see Graphics as to why that's a good thing), and tells a side story to what you see with Chief. Each episode has five chapters, which provide a good mix of different types of mission. It's much more varied than Firefight ever was.

    Longevity - 10/10
    The Campaign is more fun than Reach, the multiplayer more balanced, the maps more fun. Forge is better than before, and SpartanOps promises more content in the coming months. If you enjoy Halo, you will enjoy Halo 4 and keep coming back to it.

    Overall - 10/10
    Yes. A 10. Halo 4 has evolved. It has changed to keep up with the times. This is what seperates it from other warfare games set in a modern period. It feels like Halo, it plays like Halo, but it's better. I've played it pretty much solidly since it's release, and I can't find a real fault with it. If you like Halo, any of them, then get this game. Simple as that. If you already don't like Halo, then I know I can't change your mind. If you aren't sure about it, seriously give it a try.
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    The once triumphant, infallible, bullet-proof, seemingly indestructible reputation of Bungie was in many ways tarnished upon the release of a little known game by the name of Halo Reach. Indeed whilst the campaign was a relatively refreshing change of pace with a task force of intriguing characters and enticing plot points, the multiplayer itself was met with a flurry of negative criticisms.

    Whether these criticisms were 100% valid or not, these criticisms seemed to resound with the Bungie developers to some degree, as they decided to hand over the task of developing the much beloved halo franchise to the likes of 343 Studios. 343 Studios are a separate entity, although comprising of a number of ex-bungie employees as well as a great deal of fresh talent. On paper, it sounds like the making of what could be a new start, perhaps taking the cherished halo franchise in a new and innovative direction, halo fans really had a lot to be excited for. There was a lot of faith from long-time halo fan's who perhaps lost their enthusiasm through Reach's change of pace, who were now riding their hopes on what looked to be a new and captivating halo experience. The real question on everyone's mind however was could 343 deliver the goods?

    To start with let's concentrate on the easy, less contentious points of Halo 4's highly anticipated release. The game looks incredible. From a console player's perspective there is very little FPS that really compares to the graphical fidelity of this title. Indeed I remember hearing pre-release of the title that the game was pushing the console to its limits and it did not disappoint. With astoundingly realistic cut-scenes mid game, gorgeous scenery interspersed through the detailed matchmaking maps, I would personally find it very difficult to argue the point that this game does not look fantastic. Audio also manages to far exceed my expectations in this halo title, being extremely immersive, gun sounds having real weight to them, when playing with a gaming headset the experience is truly exceptional.

    Now these may be great additions to a game but In my opinion do not warrant making a 60 dollar purchase, so let's get into the real meat and potatoes of this halo offering. Gameplay. Now I will start by getting Spartan ops out of the way, a great deal of criticism was levelled at Spartan Ops upon the release of Halo 4 and rightfully so, the mode is near generic and honestly feels as if very little soul was put into its design choices. Whether you enjoyed Reach's/ODST'S firefight options or not, it was clear that a large amount of work was put into the flow and balancing of the experience, whereas Halo 4's Spartan Ops seems to be a matter of, Spawn in X location, fight group of aliens, blow stuff up. In all honesty pre-release the idea of an extension to the campaign itself sounded brilliant to me as long as they pulled it off. However they only seemed to put effort into making the areas look presentable, rather than any thought into gameplay or a compelling story. It is to my understanding that the Spartan Ops episodes have improved a great deal over time as it reaches say episode 6/7 but I can honestly say the first few episodes killed any excitement I may of had for Spartan Ops.

    Campaign has always been an element of Halo that I have had issue with ever since Halo 2, simply because I don't think any campaign has matched the emotional depth of Halo CE. Whilst Halo 2 and Halo 3 had fantastic set pieces and truly awe-inspiring action sequences, it never seemed to immerse me into its world like Halo CE did. Halo 4 had me very curious to see what direction they would have the Master Chief go in, with rumours of an unstable cortana and a new race of enemy, the forerunners. Whilst the covenant have become iconic as the "Halo Bad guys", it has gotten to the point where fans wanted something new and I feel like the forerunners really delivered in this respect. The Promethean Knights are a brilliant counterpart to the Elite's being menacing in size and stature with unique ability to blink in and out of combat. Whilst the Brutes in Halo 2/3 felt more like just a carbon copy of Elites with the only real difference being in their beserker rage mode, the forerunners really stand out as fully fledged opponents in their own right.

    The story itself is captivating, Cortana's breakdown being the pivotal motif in this epic journey. You will find yourself genuinely worried for her mental stability as you traverse through the awe-inspiring forerunner planet and the always worrying concern that she may in turn put you in danger. Jen Taylor's performance is chilling at times and for me gives real credibility to gaming storytelling as an artform. The main forerunner enemy, the Didact is a superb adversary, his opening speech genuinely invoking fear, although I feel his true potential was not fully recognised in the game, which I cannot go into without divulging spoilers. The quick-time event's seem to break immersion in the game and although there are some games that I've seen it worked well in, Halo just does not seem to be one of them. You are a super soldier, why should you be cornered into having to make timed button presses? The music, although no longer produced by Marty'O Donnell, still manages to remain majestic and fits the tone of the game splendidly. Overall the campaign is exemplary and only a few elements of the gameplay and story hold it back from being a true classic.

    Now the Multiplayer, which upon release has sparked mass amounts of debate across forums internet-wide. It is a heated debate to say the least, does it best any of the old halo games, let alone reach, or is it a forgettable experience? I would certainly not say it is forgettable, to begin with the sterling graphics of the game really add to the replay value of the title. After Reach's rather drab color pallete this manages to renew excitement. However once you get past the excitement of this, problems start to show.. and boy are there problems. Now the exclusion of a ranking system is what comes to mind first and foremost. Some players believe that halo 3's 1-50 system was broken to begin with its large number of boosters and hackers and although yes that is true, I believe that the problems that occur with halo 4's system far outweigh halo 3's problems. There is little or no motivation to continue playing, it can only be based on the strength of the matchmaking itself, there is no incentive to carry on playing from a statistical viewpoint.

    The 1-50 system worked great as it gave you incentive to carry on playing, as you found yourself facing tougher and tougher opponents, you found personal reward in getting past a level that you may of originally thought near impossible. The inclusion of a social playlist allowed you to switch from ranked to social, when the ranked experience was getting too frustrating, allowing you to have a more relaxing time in social matchmaking. Halo 4 just ignores the benefits of this and says "here have a 1700 matchmaking bonus" basically telling the player that it does not matter whether you're good or bad, just carry on playing and you'll earn Exp, essentially a cod style of matchmaking. Except even cod developers have realised the error in their way's adding a league playlist to the mix allowing for a more enhanced matchmaking experience.

    In fact, to add insult to injury, its not like playing halo with no ranking system allows for a more casual experience, because there is a hidden true skill system ingrained in the game, meaning as your k/d and win loss improve you are put against more challenging opponents to meet your level. This to me is ridiculous as I have no option for a laid-back approach to matchmaking as once you have reached a certain skill level in the game you have no choice but to play with a competitive mind-set. The whole idea is genuinely irritating to me and greatly reduces my enjoyment.

    Although frustrating, this alone is not reason enough to stop me from playing a multiplayer title, as there have to be more reasons, so what about the actual gameplay itself? Well it has it's problems in that department as well. Halo 4 has taken the concept of armor abilities from Reach and has tweaked them to provide a more balanced multiplayer experience. Jet pack returns but new additions include Regeneration, Shield, auto-sentry, promethean vision (see through walls) and sprint is now default. Specialisations are now present as well and essentially act as perks, with such specs including an extra primary weapon, more ammo, larger motion sensor e.t.c. These specs have clearly taken a nod from the cod style of matchmaking, however, do not serve to lessen my enjoyment of the game as I feel they are fairly well balanced. The armor abilities I would say were implemented far better than reach, although I feel like regeneration can feel a tad overpowered at times, at least from my point of view.

    Also added are ordnance drops , something which many long-time halo fans have taken up issue with, due to their similarities to call of duty 'killstreaks' and also balancing issues. I myself believe that just because it is similar to call of duty does not instantly make it a bad thing, however the way they were implemented is not acceptable. There is no balancing to the priority in which weapon ordnance spawns when, they are at times random, meaning someone who was going 5 for 10 with a few assists could get a rocket launcher, whereas someone going 10 for 2 could just as easily get a needler, or plasma grenades. This is not right and has to be tweaked I don't know how they thought it was an acceptable concept within halo matchmaking and might as well be a care package from call of duty. When Halo has such a ingrained precedence of skill-based matchmaking it seems outrageous that the developers would make such a controversial decision.

    Weapon balancing itself is fairly good, the dmr however outweighs the Br in almost any combat situation other than immediate close range and the boltshot (as mentioned on pretty any halo-related website in the entire world) is shockingly overpowered. For me the boltshot is almost unforgiveable as I have never seen such an unbalanced weapon in a halo game throughout all of the halo titles. It is a secondary weapon and yet is stronger than the mauler from halo 3 with the ability to one hit kill from close to mid range encounters. Other than that I am very fond of the new forerunner weapons, the Saw being a great addition to the power weapon roster, as well as the forerunner sniper and scattershot (despite being mildly underpowered). All the fan favourite weapons are back and thanks to the redeveloped audio engine, sound authentic and rather kick-ass.

    The multiplayer maps are few in number, the Team Slayer circuit containing just 5 maps some of which are even too big for it. It swiftly became a grind playing matchmaking as you found yourself revisiting the same old maps in quick succession and players often vote the fan favourite maps time and time again (Haven anyone?). Fan favourite maps also seem to be few and far between in of itself, whilst you can't say any of the maps are bad per se, apart from Haven none of the maps seem to be classics in my opinion. Where are our lockouts, our guardians, our Pits, our Wizards, our Constructs, I could go on. The aesthetic of these maps are dazzling but is that really enough to inspire long-lasting appeal?

    Gametypes are a particular issue as well, with a severely limited number of matchmaking playlist and gametypes being removed regularly if they do not meet the correct amount of players. Halo 3 had a far greater number of playlists, halo 4 did not even have griffball, team doubles, team snipers or action sack upon release which frankly to me is unacceptable.

    Despite all these matchmaking issues, there are times when the game is just fun. When the infinity ordnance doesn't get too out of hand and when you aren't facing an entire team of boltshot players, there is no denying that halo 4 can be an exhilarating experience. Haven is a thoroughly entertaining space to fight in and Big Team Battle is particularly well tuned in this game despite the warthog being far too easy to destroy.

    Overall Halo 4 just seemed to miss short of the mark of excellence for me. Whilst ticking a lot of boxes in places I wanted it to, 343 seemed to squander their efforts, by making what should of been easily avoidable mistakes, especially in the matchmaking portion of the game. The campaign was an enthralling experience, albeit a little short-lived and the matchmaking has its moments of greatness but just seems to miss the point of what makes a halo multiplayer game really fun.

    I would give the game a 7.5/10.
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    NOTE> this is my work and was originally posted on my Halo Waypoint account. enjoy

    Now before the internets has me self destruct, id like to point out im not posting this to be a troll or whatever. Consider this firm, but constructive criticism.

    I couldnt find a post that was fair to both sides of this argument, so here goes. First off, well done 343 for your 'debut' game. A head-turner and fun to play. And for me thats about where it stops.

    When it comes to actually getting excited about this game, it just doesnt happen. i mean, where is the stuff, that made halo 1,2,3 awesome, in halo 4. its as if all components of skill, adventure, thrills and satisfaction have been replaced with pretty looking maps with no sense of direction, an abundance of weapons and armor abilities, and not to forget medals in MM, it practically rains them on you. It feels like its been dragged down to be playable and fun for 12 year olds.

    Let me start with Skill. How easy is it to no-scope in halo 3? It had more luck to do with it than anything. Now i just aim for their chest, close my eyes and BANG, you got a snap-shot. No skill. Ok, how about armor abilities? im not a huge fan but i can see a use for them, but hell, do i really need to see people through walls on the other side of the map? ahh no. Ill just camp and then kill em with my OP shotty or boltshot or scattershot. Not challenging at all.

    Ok, adventure. you remember looking for the skulls in previous halos, then spending an hour exploring ledges, cliffs and trying to find the best view. well now there just so easy to find, you just select them from the campaign menu. seriously though i remember those days with friends and TBH it was fun to see what had gone into the environment and scenery.

    Thrills. well they are few and far between. cant say ive been thrilled by halo 4. as i said before "underwhelming". Oh wait, the bit where Cortana disappears was kind of unexpected, but not thrilling.

    What about satisfaction? this ties in with what i said about skill. its sooo easy to be good at this game. i remember many, many games that i got quite a substantial number of kills. (not bragging but it is easy to do) i never would have got that in halo 3. it just does not challenge you to better yourself. other halos did, and you get better as a result. where is the incentive for other players to get better if they are just spoon fed abilities and weapons that promote a style of play where you camp or fly away from the fight??? i get a good sense of satisfaction whenever i get a sick no-scope, or a killing frenzy or the illusive double snipe in halo 3. now its just more " yeh, thats a killtacular. MEH" or " i just snap-shot that guy from half way across the map...yeh...SO". Dont even start me on the medals. seriously though, how bad are kids if we need a "generic kill" or a "DISTRACTION" medal. REEEAAACCCH all over again.

    i could go on but ill conclude with a few things i think would have been best left out of the game. (1) the terrible twitch if you get shot while zoomed in sniping. (2) not getting knocked out of scope, 50/50 on that one. (3) slowing to a crawl when you are getting shot (note: when walking not sprinting). (4) BR should be a 4 shot to compete with DMR. (5) Insta-spawn, you just end up rushing to your death. (6) respawning needs fixing, so many times i spawn in firefights or the enemy does.

    Any way, im not saying halo 4 should be a copy of other halos, just built on what made them great. But if what i just described is the way 343i is taking halo, then a lot of fans, myself included, wont be following.

    Thanks for reading, feel free to chime in . sorry its so long. hope 343 listens, for halo 5s sake.
  • togethawiistandtogethawiistand422,817
    12 Sep 2014 11 Oct 2014
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    Some people seem to think that Halo: Reach wasn't as great of a game as it really was. A lot of other people (myself included) consider that game one of the best in the series. Reach improved, for example, the ability of the character to run, which now with Halo 4 has improved even more since it's an option that doesn't occupy the armor ability slot. How could Spartans be so tough and strong and advanced if their armor would limit them to perform a simple and crucial action in the field such as running? Anyone who also played and loved countless hours of Halo 3 multiplayer knows how much it sucked when the spartans couldn't run. Reach introduced the fixing of that and now Halo 4 has improved it to an even higher level of satisfaction.

    Reach also had a story and characters unique to the series and I'm talking about both the NPCs that accompanied you as well as the protagonist. You could customize this main character as your own, even knowing that he was part of the canon. Noble six was the precursor of the idea for the customizable Spartans that we now have. Everybody can be "unique" now, even if they won't have a role that will leave such a big mark in the official canon.

    Personally, the idea that any capable soldier can be a Spartan doesn't please me as much. But it was coming and innevitable to ensure the life-span and sequels of the franchise and its history. Again, I'd choose any Spartan III, such as the members of Reach's Noble Team, over the current Spartan IV such as De Marco. But I'm sure there are people out there who can relate to mouthy guys like him.

    I've read somewhere that the concept of the Specialization that you must choose once you get to level 50 came to counter the fact that although customizable, armor differ only in the looks. Well, that doesn't make perfect sense, since the Specialization has something to do with your current level, not with the armor pieces you wear.

    Now, about the Halo 4 campaign, can't say I was impressed by the tasks I had to perform nor about the new concepts they added to expand the story with new enemies. I'm not saying I'm totally displeased, I'm just not so easily pleased as many around here seem to be. To be honest, the campaign was just more of the same. Reminded me of Halo:CE at times, but if I had to choose one, I like the CE a lot better. By the way, although with a few challenging moments, the Legendary solo run didn't feel as tough as on previous Halos such as 3 and Reach.

    Cortana acts in a very girly way in this Halo, perhaps because she's feeling fragile due to her rampancy state, but the Chief's responses to her advances and dialogue are usually dry, although he does show concern and determination to get her fixed. While the "too girly" part kinda bothered me a little, I liked that these two long-term partners get to show a deep layer of concern and care for each other and that we get to hear the Chief talking and expressing himself more, proving that he is not a robot or machine, but a human, despite everything else.

    It's said that the present human technology is at a lower tier when compared to other civilizations, nonetheless the forerunner weapons are not that much more powerful than the rest. In reality they are just a copy of the already known human counterparts. I'm pointing this out just because it doesn't make sense, even though I understand it wouldn't be good for the gameplay if all the new alien guns were overpowered. Anyways, the good old Needler is still the best to take out the bigger enemies.

    All in all, the new guns are also and mostly more of the same, not fun, save a few exceptions. There's, for example, a new kind of grenade, which is nor fun or efficient. You throw it, it demarks the area of effect but takes a long time to go off (even with the perk that speeds it up) and by then your enemy is long gone. If it at least froze the enemy in place when you throw it at them... Considering this, I'd would be better if they had included the sticky convenant spike grenade rather than this new garbage. Maybe intead of striving to make new set of things, 343 should take advantage and bring back more of the good things that already existed and worked.

    About the vehicles, they've done something with some of them, specially the Wraith, that made them worse aim, shoot and hit. Before, if you had some coordination with your hands, it used to be not very difficult to aim the Wraith with precision and estimate where you needed to land its shots, but now it's sooo bad. The Scorpion and the Gauss Warthog are taking more time between shots. However, it now feels more pleasing to ride the Ghost and the Banshee, since they have more juice for their boost.

    About the covenant enemies seen in this installment, such as grunts, jackals and elites, they seem somewhat slightly different in design, in my opinion not as cool looking as the ones we were used to.

    Although 343 felt the need to change some things, trying to create the "Infinity concept", renaming Matchmaking to Wargames, etc, etc, one thing that pleased me in Halo 4 was the menus. At first, its design can resemble a little the one in Halo Waypoint where you have tons of little windows options to try and remember where was the thing you're looking for, but it's not that bad. In these new menus, it's actually easier to keep track of your single player campaign progress apart from the co-op progress, at the same time, for example. You can also call up your Spartan Hub to access, check and modify the things on your customized Spartan whenever you want.

    I'd created a big expectation for the Spartan Ops missions (not the "Halo: Infinity" videos, which I liked so far) that unfortunately didn't pay off. Although they tried to give meaning and purpose to revisite the maps from the campaign, the missions were too shallow, again, more of the same. You go, you kill everything in your path, you activate this and that and go to extraction point. Honestly, if they had somehow improved the now extinct Firefight Mode in those maps, setting up the survival til wave X and high scores as your goal, like there was in Halo: ODST and Reach, maybe it would be more fun to revisit those places.

    I'll stop here for now, since I want to play and explore more aspects of this game. I just wanted to point out my impressions so far to counter those of the people who would rate this game a five star title simply for having 'Halo' in the title.

    343 still has things to improve, to fix and to go back to if they want to keep the "Halo soul" while expanding its universe, please the many different fans and show respect for all of them. A good way to start would be by fixing the glitchy achievements - for good.

    EDIT: Almost as bad as having glitched achievements is to leave certain playlists or game types required for certain achievements disabled. If you're going to do that, if you can't guarantee that the conditions are going to be always there (by 'always' I mean at least while the servers are running or at least for the first 2 years after release, at least) then it's better not to come up with related achievements for those specific conditions in the first place. The pain of having to wait for "your only hope" of a map to show up is a big turn down for me. Never thought I was going to be able to ditch all the glitches just to get caught by the impossibility of having the right game type with the custom loadouts enabled...

    EDIT 2: I was able to unlock my last MP achievement in a stroke of luck when the right (and only) gametype map showed up. Anyways, now I'm done with all the achievements and still enjoy playing Wargames/Matchmaking because I'm a Halo fan and it appeals to me more than CoD and others. The last thing I'd like to say about Halo 4 is that I feel that they took away the cool looks of the medals and a bit of the competitive comparison post-game. It was great on Halo 3 to see that you were the MVP of the match for this and that reason and the medals designs were fun and original. Even Reach's was cooler than this of Halo 4 now. However, as I also already said, Halo 4 made easier to navigate between screens. All in all, I think Halo 4 made some positive improvements to the halo way but also 343 have some things to go back to in order to make the next Halo great.

    NEW EDIT: finally fixed the glitched achievos. Wonder if it has anything to do with the coming out of the master chief collection... So many people seem excited and glad they fixed'em that many more are likely going to buy TCC.
  • Emzx99Emzx99402,004
    15 Jul 2013
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    Where do I begin? This is a love hate kinda game, and I hate it. If the current population doesn't speak for this game, I will. So here we are, Halo 4, the long awaited sequel that never actually existed until E3 2011, and we were shocked. Normally as a Halo fan I was beyond excited, and after the hardcore fans, and competitive gaming groups expressing their opinions on the problems with Halo: Reach, I thought "how could it not be amazing?". Boy was I overly optimistic.

    The campaign.

    Halo has a fantastic story to it, but it was odd going into Halo 4. I couldn't help but feel out of place, something about the setting, art style, change in the amount of character dialogue (specifically the Master Chief). And that bled all the way down to the fundamentals like gameplay, physics, mechanics, and basic immersion. You have to understand that with Halo 3 the story was about as final as it got, a lot of key characters were dead, the Master Chief was missing, and the bad guy was destroyed. And here we are with Halo 4, a civil war among the Elites that's never explained, reasonable, justified, or even logical. Yeah more war, that's definitely going to solve things mister bad Elite guy from the horrid (get to this later) Spartan Ops mode. But enough of how it is just before it starts, let's get into the campaign. We start off as Master Chief (obviously) in a fresh new suit of armor. This brings me to my first complaint. How does he have this armor? Sorry, no plot device armor will suffice as explanation. This is similar of the resurrection of Commander Shepard in the beginning of Mass Effect 2. As far as technology, and what we know of the science, we simply can't do it. Master Chief getting his new armor was out of place, and flat out contradictory to what the science according to lore is capable of. Simply saying "oh we can do it now" isn't good enough. But enough of the armor, how about the software updates inside? We immediately get access to the HUD, we can see it right away. Nobody finds it odd that we have the exact same HUD as what is available on the other Spartans? Surely in the years he floated adrift they must have made some tweaks. But they don't. A much more simple introduction to this story could have been the Master chief being found, brought aboard another UNSC ship, fitted with the appropriate upgrades, and we move on. Lets skip to the planet now. We immediately jump right into some Halo 1 homage, a large land where we mostly traverse by vehicle. This segment was great, minus the Elites for the sake of Elites fighting us. Skip forward some more and we're at the Didact's "prison cell" so to speak. Without pausing to think, without studying, without having Cortana take a look see, we let him lose just to have our antagonist. Bad? Not completely, just a little cliche, and not much like Cortana, or Chief. Well the Chief might do it, but Cortana would promptly "smack his hand" so to speak. One key part of this story is the terminals, this campaign makes little sense without them (doesn't really with them anyways). We learn that the Librarian is the Didact's wife, and that humans existed long before, and destroyed. The humans, replanted on Earth by the Forerunners. Now this would have been acceptable until they told us that inevitably that the Master Chief was planned to exist. I understand this game was brought up upon Judeo Christian symbolism, but this is a far stretch compared to what we saw before. Things like John 1:17, the name of the game being Halo, the holy journey of the covenant. The Master Chief being "planned" is just to far of a stretch, and honestly serves no purpose besides being pompous crap in the story. We also learn that the Forerunners created the Promethean's from the humans from long long ago. Enough of terminals, how about setting? Most of the time we're in a desert surrounded by architecture that resembles nothing of what Forerunners had shown in every game before. The architecture simple put was WRONG. It was given a complete overhaul, and given that Halo 1-ODST-3 are cannon this is simply wrong. It's not like they made massive engineering changes just for this one Dyson Sphere, it wouldn't make sense. But as we move along through our poorly designed campaign we find that the Didact isn't exactly the Didact. He's more a less a "corrupted" copy of his former self. One that is intentionally butt hurt that humans are alive, and he's offended that we "hold the mantle" that he's meant to hold. It's a atrocious antagonist, they very concept is moronic. We eventually run into humans once more, the worst of them being the captain of the ship. A man so arrogant he wouldn't even hear the opinion of the man who saved the entire galaxy 3 times alone. But with him his first officer (I assume, I don't remember) the commander, a much more human character. Relatable, and easily the best new character. And so we help our new found friends in their assault furthering our plot in a completely sideways direction from our main objective. The humans wanted to leave, the Chief understood the bad guy had to be put down then and there. But to keep things intersting we get an "upgrade" from the Librarian, we evlove sorta like a Pokemon. No real explination besides the fact that the Chief as far as being a species is moved farther down the line, as if it could predict evelution iteself. This upgrade is necesary for a later cut scene, it also has plot device written all over it. Would a suit upgrade not have suffieced? We had to give our Master Chief the Forerunner stone and let him evlove early? That's just stupid. So after our toils with the inebriate captain, we leave on our own venture once again. We decide to pilot a Pelican, one thing a lot of Halo fans have been waiting for. And too my disappointment the only "new" gun was a slightly different sounding HMG on the ship. Besides that we had a tank round, and a Spartan Laser. Granted the controls worked well, but the weapons seemed rather bland. This being the only human air vehicle that you can drive (campaign only) it was refreshing to say the most. And now we walk into 3 different towers of copy and paste, and yes I understand it's likely that they'll be the same, but for a game back peddling, and repetitive content is how you make a failure. Off to the actual plot, if I may call it that, we finish what we set out to do in our towers, we just didn't finish the way we wanted. We immediately jump out the window and try to follow the Didact. How do we do this? He's leaving through slip space. Well we land on a Phantom, and low and behold the Master Chief in all of his made up, BS, impossible, Halo 4 goodness, we plant a knife in the side of the phantom. That's right, a knife. We put a knife THROUGH the hull of a ship, all the way to the hilt. How thick are these things? Well I'm not sure, but they're meant for combat, and the sniper rifle can't pierce it, so it must be pretty thick. As we move on with no real explanation of how he survives, or how the hell he can move at the speed they're traveling, we arrive at the next corridor to shoot through. But shortly before we have a small cut scene with Cortana's break down. This scene in particular is one of my favorite, if her rampancy was mildly acceptable by the plot this scene would have been fantastic. But it's over, and we're in our next shooting gallery. With our new character the Dr. she's made out to be something we're supposed to care about, but ultimately fails. We see the demise of the Dr. and her coworkers in one of the most grueling, and hard to watch animations yet. Hard to watch as in it's bad. This death ray brought upon the station kills things by layers? Seriously? And after it takes the skin, and organs to the point where only bone is left, we have the eyeballs still in place? What the hell, no weapon is that precise, that's just nonsense. But now we leave on a ship with our nuke in hand ready to finish the fight. After the first flight sequence I was happy to see another, until I played it. It served no purpose other than to pad gameplay, the design was awful, the checkpoints sucked, and it was made out as a "mini boss" towards the end. And absolute grand canyon sized drop off in terms of fun from the first flying sequence. Not to mention the frustration of the moving parts on the outside of the hull, yeah only every engineer in history would disagree with that many moving parts. A seriously bad design choice. But enough of that flying crap, we're here! Ready to push more buttons, and go through 2 copy and pasted final area's all to bring us to a QTE boss fight. This fight makes no sense, how on Earth does Cortana come out of the bridge? It's a light bridge, the function of it is completely different from how Cortana used it. So glad it changed just to further the plot. And now after we plant a grenade in his face we watch as he falls to his timely disappearance until the sequel. Seriously, worst death scene yet, it was so obvious he survives it was boring. And now Chief activates the bomb with his bare hand! Keep in mind his hand is in contact with this bomb, how Cortana got him into a shell of blue stuff, kept his entire body safe, and managed to keep this thing together with all of the material necessary to project such a field being utterly destroyed, he survives, with the untimely death of Cortana. No worry's folks, considering how many plot devices they had in this I'd imagine she'll make a return somehow.

    All in all, it sucked, horribly. It didn't make sense, it didn't fit in with Halo, it didn't look like Halo, and worst of all they ruined the universe from ever progressing.

    Spartan Ops

    This is short. Most of these maps were copy and pasted and took completely valid campaign material, and turned into side quest crap. Instead of a focus on immersive gameplay we played the same map practically every time, all to see a story unfold in some other completely different place. We have Halsey bastardized into nothing but a revenge driven cripple, the Spartan in the white with the scout helmet was a complete ass that nobody liked, the rest of the Spartan's were over grown man children, and the only good character (the commander) is given little screen time at all.

    Bad design, shit story, gameplay was horrid with the lag over XBL, and the replay-ability was non existent. Utter shit, don't even try it.

    And here we are, the moment you've been waiting for. The bread, and butter, the bees knees, the cats pajamas, the multiplayer in Halo 4.

    I really couldn't have made it worse my self, and I don't even know how to make games. Armor abilities called out for their BS make a return, even after all of the out cry from hardcore Halo fans. And to put the turd cherry on the shit sundae we get the Call of Duty class system. You mean I can always start with my Battle Rifle now? Hazah! Wrong, why bother with that turd when you have the DMR? A gun so OP it lets even decent players (me) play like God. I'm not the kinda guy who goes 64-3 in a game, but I do it anyways in Halo due it being so unbalanced. But maybe that's not the problem with the score, is it possibly the lack in skill system? Must be! so much for getting better by playing with people on your level, instead you get noobs most of the time. If you're lucky you'll find a group that can actually shoot in your general direction. But wait, it gets worse. We have ordnance, that's right, kill streaks. If it isn't bad enough that the feeling of killing 5 guys without dying being rewarding in itself isn't enough for these noobs, we get bigger sticks to beat them with instead! After we've already proven we can beat their asses anyways this is the games rewards system. Now throw in the plethora of unbalanced weaponry (see Binary rifle, DMR, and Boltshot) and you have yourselves a genuine Call of Duty game in a Halo skin. But we ain't done yet, we still have the aim assist! Dear lord could it be any more heavy? I swear it aims for me most of the time. And how about the maps? We didn't really get any, all of them except for Haven sucked. Not to mention all 3 map packs just copy and pasted entire designs, slopped a few together, and called it a day. And now onto customization. I much enjoyed the armor in Reach, the big, stiff, rigid design really said Spartan out loud the instant you looked at it. Unfortunately for Halo 4 we got Power Ranger armor strapped on top of a Crysis nano suit. It was utterly disgusting, it didn't fit in with the Spartan designs at all. It was such a leap from Halo 3 I can hardly look at them. And to top it off we have the gametypes. What the fuck 343? Instant respawn in objective gametypes? Are you daft? As if the guns didn't break this game enough the horrid gametype design coupled with a horrendous spawn system left my fuming! Honestly the worst multiplayer I've played in years.

    All in all the gameplay was the most unbalanced turd I've played out of the Halo games, and out of that year of shooters too. No maps, no skill system, the playlists sucked, and the gametypes have all been destroyed. This multiplayer is a 0/5, it spits on everything Halo stood for.

    This game stands before the other Halo games in shame, bringing down their names as if it was acceptable. This game spits on everything Halo was based upon, created with, how it was made, how it was meant to be played, how it is played, the love and care in the design, and the disrespect for Bungie 343 has shown us all. This game is atrocious, a 1/5, .5/5, a %5/100, and I'm being generous. I'd urge all of you to wait on Halo 5, wait until 3 months after launch and see what the community has to say. 30,000K a day for a Halo game is sad, and stands proof that it's a genuinely bad game, and a bad Halo game.
  • WizardGrinchWizardGrinch300,545
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    Halo 4 is the latest installment of the past Halo trilogy that Bungie started, and changed hands to 343 Studios for another trilogy. The game gets quite confusing at first, but don't let that stop you from entering Master Chief's new adventure.

    Controller Mechanics somewhat changed, with now having the ability to spring without the armor upgrade like Reach did, and add it as a normal movement ability like Call of Duty by pressing the Left Stick, which is way more helpful when trying to run away for cover. Gameplay changed as well, since the new enemies bring easy and hard challenges on the long run.

    The HUD hasn't changed much since the first installments of the franchise. But since there are new enemies, there are new weapons as well. From new Covenant weapons to Promethean Weapons, as well as a few re-designed USNC Weapons and vehicles, like the Mantis.

    The sounds and the voice acting in the game are really amazing, as well as it's inspiring graphics & aesthetics. Not to mention the amazing views it has from time to time, as well as atmosphere. Characters are pretty well done, the cutscenes are amazing and the music is one that Halo still is memorable for.

    The Online Multiplayer Matchmaking is pretty decent at best. Not perfect, but well done, with a few glitchers found from time to time. Each week, the playlist is updated with a new matchmaking game type, which means more weeks, more variety. Theater is back, but only one player can view a video per party, so no more Friendly Theater Viewing unless you share the video through File Share. Forge is back as well and with more toys to play with too.

    Spartan Ops is a new mode 343 brought and took out Firefight. Spartan Ops is like the Spec Ops in the Modern Warfare games. They are story related and are separated by Episodes, Chapters and Seasons. New episodes are updated every week as well.

    As for unlocking Armor and weapons, they unlock after certain objectives are done, such as Commendations, Challenges, Leveling up, etc. The whole purchasing them has been somewhat eliminated except for buying the first weapons for your loadout, which is also similar to Call of Duty's loadout customization. I have not venture far into it, but it is more pleasant than Halo Reach's method of unlocking.

    Side Notes:
    I like the Halo story, but I'm trying to avoid spoilers. There's just something in the story that the previous installments had that this one didn't and it made me uneasy. Not everyone will agree with it as a con, but personally to me, it is. But it's a small con.

    Also, those who have played Flood in Complex might have encountered a glitch in the game and exploited it to survive the game. Not everyone knows about it, but I rather not share it to avoid more glitchers. It involves going through a wall. More glitches have been found too.

    But those are minors. My major con would be the EXP Limit. But then again, I play other games, so this doesn't bother me much unless I want to keep playing. I believe the EXP Limit is 75K points per day. If you think I'm wrong, comment and let me know to update it.

    So my final Verdict of the game is:

    Gameplay: 9/10
    Sounds: 9/10
    Graphics: 10/10
    Aesthetics: 9/10
    Replay Value: Very High
    Story: 10/10
    Overall: 9.75/10

    I wanted to give the 5 Stars, but then again, my stars are just basically above average. The game isn't perfect, and with it's slight bugs and Matchmaking Glitchers, I decided to cut down a few points. But without them, it's clearly tops as my second-to-first Halo game.