2. Halo 5: Forge (Win 10) General hints and tips

There is not too much to say here, but here are a few general things to add:

As you are playing this on a PC already there is no need to use a controller at all, the controls with mouse and keyboard are much better so just stick to them.

Pressing CTRL+D on your keyboard will duplicate any item you have selected and CTRL+S will save the current map. These will come in handy.

To track your achievement progress on some of the achievements like "How many wins do i have already?" you can go to the Xbox App that comes with Win10 and check it there. Sometimes you need to refresh the achievements page though in order for the progress to show up.

Also if you want to communicate with the other players for the multiplayer part, you can use the Win10 Xbox App again, to set up a party like you would on the Xbox, we had some problems and a few people couldn’t connect at all due to network errors, but it worked out fine in the end anyway.

For one of the achievements you need to have your Game DVR activated. I included how to do that later in the guide when this is relevant, but if you want to get this out of the way in the beginning here is how you do it. If you never deactivated it, it should be activated already, but to check go to your Win10 Xbox App and on the left sidebar go all the way down to settings. Go to Game DVR there and activate it.

Something else to note is that there is an error in one of the achievement descriptions:

Setting the Stage

Create 50 Forge Maps with 50 or more Props each.

Setting the Stage
2 guidesOnline/OfflineSingle PlayerCooperativeCumulative +

It reads "Create a Forge Map with 50 or more Props." but if you look at it in the Win 10 Xbox App it shows it actually is "Create 50 Forge Maps with 50 or more Props each." So be aware of that, but I will mention this again, later, when we go for this achievement.

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