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Hello and welcome to the TrueAchievements walkthrough for Halo 5: Guardians. The 6th mainline entry in the series (not counting ODST and considering Reach as a mainline entry), Halo 5 is the tenuous tale of two time-tested Spartans, one a Spartan II (the hallowed Master Chief), and the other a Spartan IV (the by-the-book Locke). Be warned, spoilers below.

Halo 5 follows a split path, similar to Halo 2, wherein we alternate between playing as Locke and Team Osiris, hunting down the Chief, and playing as Master Chief and Blue Team, chasing after an elusive clue that Cortana still lives. As far as Oni (and Locke) are concerned, the Chief has gone rogue and must be brought in. Meanwhile, the Chief will stop at nothing so long as Cortana may be "alive" (as much as an AI can be alive, at any rate).

Not to get too review-y, I will say that I feel Halo 5 is probably the best entry in the series to date, as far as the campaign goes anyway. The levels, while not huge in scope, do give the player a much greater sense of freedom and traversal options than Halo 4 did, and the environments in some levels have so much majesty to them that one cannot help but stop and stare. The skyboxes, as always, give the sense of a large-scale war raging around the player, that he/she is but one part of, albeit a LARGE one, given the superhero status of Spartans.

The multiplayer is going to be a mixed bag, because Halo means a lot of different things to different people. Some may not like the changes made to the multiplayer space, similar to the outcry that was heard with Reach's Armor Abilities, but 343i has made a very concerted effort to evolve the multiplayer, while still turning it back toward its competitive roots. Even starts, power weapons on the map, and balanced gunplay in Arena stand a solid chance to make it a truly competitive space again, with a high skill curve. The unlimited sprint, clamber, and thrust packs may seem like they'll make it too fast-paced for a Halo game, but these changes are in keeping with the times. While at sometimes it does, in fact, feel a little too fast for Halo, the fact remains that the core feel is still there, much moreso than Reach and Halo 4 felt, and the return to a more competitive playspace in Arena means a lot of old fans may find something new to love. For the more casual base, Warzone offers up a new and different experience, a sort of combination of Reach's Firefight and Big Team Battle from Halo's PvP space from Halo 3 onward.

Saddle up, Spartans, and get ready for a bumpy ride.

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