Halo 5: Guardians Walkthrough

2. General hints and tips


Wow.... where to start. Halo veterans, a word of warning here. This isn't your momma's Halo. What I mean by that is enemies are much, much harder to kill in this one. It is harder to score headshots on Grunts and Jackals now, harder to stagger enemies (shield Jackals are a PITA now), and some new enemy types have been introduced that will prove to be the bane of your existence. This may be the first Halo where, in my opinion, some people simply will not be able to finish on Solo Legendary without a lot of luck. So... onto the tips.

1. Staggering Jackals is easier with human weapons, for whatever reason. Also, shoot at their feet rather than the gap in their shield, as this leads to more consistent staggers, allowing the headshot.

2. Charged Plasma Pistol shots do absolutely jack against the Promethean soldiers/knights/guards. Don't waste your time. The Promethean Suppressor gun, however, is surprisingly useful now, as its bullets track the enemies to an extent. The same holds true to the Boltshot to a lesser extent. They are remniscent of the Needler from Halo 2.

3. Speaking of which, the Needler sucks. Don't even pick it up.

4. Plasma Pistol + Headshot is still a good way to take out Elites, but the stronger Elites will require more than a single full-charged EMP to drop their shields.

5. When facing Promethean Knights (the big bastards with huge/fat heads and glowing shoulder pads), ALWAYS shoot their weak spot, or you're just wasting ammo. Blow off one shoulder, then try to get a headshot when the face opens. If you fail, destroy the other shoulder and try again. If you continue to fail, their face armor will eventually be destroyed. They also have a weak spot on their back if you're playing co-op.

6. KILL WATCHERS FIRST. This is more crucial now than in Halo 4 even. The watchers are mean little bastards now that will regenerate the larger Promethean enemies' armor very quickly. Next, deal with Crawlers, and finally mop up the largest enemies last. The Crawlers have a tendency to swarm you, so once Watchers are down it's best to clear the area before dealing with the big guys.

7. Wardens..... where to begin. If you're struggling with these bastards on Legendary, try to find a safe corner to hide in and keep directing your ally Spartans to attack them if you're solo. They'll die, and take forever to respawn, but they will eventually respawn. The very first fight against a Warden is probably the hardest one to use this tactic on, as there really aren't any safe places, what with all the additional enemies spawning everywhere. Try to shoot their back if you can, as it is the quickest way to take them down. The suppressor is a decent gun against these guys. Technically you CAN brute-force them to death by just shooting their face rather than their weak spot, but it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r.

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