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    I had no real expectations for Halo Infinite, but I found myself pleased by the outcome. I found the story to be my favorite since Halo: Reach, and definitely the best one that 343 has done. Perhaps the best starring Chief directly. After what I considered a confusing mess for 4 and an unfocused story for 5, Infinite's story felt tight, sensical, and contained. Which is strange to say it was contained, because part of its story heavily relied on knowing about Halo Wars 2. But what was important was given through the cutscenes and audio logs, so it feels fairly organic. There's a good amount of cutscenes, some in-engine and some out, that help the story along and the audio logs give good information on the background.

    The characters are more focused than before and we get a great performance from Chief in both body language and voice, his pilot who has a great arc, and The Weapon, Cortana's spunkier, ditzier AI counterpart. She is an utter joy to be around and The Pilot is very enthralling as you watch his character take shape.

    The main issue is that the development of these stories come from missions where most of them are very similar environments over and over again. It seems since we've been stuck in the Forerunner time, most levels consist of hexagonical structures and lots, and lots, and lots of blue. It gets tiring, despite a few levels breaking away from this trend, it is not enough. But I will say it does not go overboard with length and overstay its welcome.

    The other main component of the story is the overworld. Which is fun! It's nice to be able to really drive around in a vehicle endlessly. But, like the mission levels, there is not a lot of environmental variety. It is either grass, mountains, or hexagons. There's also so many jagged edges around the place that sometimes it feels like its more of a waste of time to get a vehicle than it would be to traverse using your grapple. The grapple, by the way, is awesome, and you'll make extensive use of it in every level and to get all the collectables. As far as over world games go, like Far Cry or later Assassins Creed games, I'd say it has less to do but in a good way. It doesn't take ages to finish every activity. It feels like a fine amount of time.

    Overall, it's incredibly fun to run around the overworld, search for collectables, and do some small skrimishes. But there's some quality of life improvements that could be made to the map itself. The zoom function is barely functional, at the most zoomed-in, you're still super far out from the map, which makes it hard to put in a good waypoint. There's no filtering of icons, so the map will get cluttered. If you have discovered something, it shows up as a black icon with white. If you collect it, it turns... black with grey. Which is nearly indistinguishable, and needs to be fixed. Most annoyingly is that, collecting certain areas unveils collectables for you, but not ALL collectables, so you're still going to be using a guide anyway. The map layout makes this a bit hard as well, because it's divided into a few sections but those divisions are not well marked, and one section is so huge it makes searching difficult regardless, even if you confine yourself to one small space.

    Multiplayer is still pretty fun, but feels like a step back from 5. I may be in a minority on that. But after giving fun maneuverability with the hover and slam moves, taking that away was a loss. We also lose assassinations which always felt fun to add. There's lots of new guns, but at the loss of some old ones. And frankly, most of them don't feel very fun to use at least against other humans. An assault rifle or pistol can kill someone very quickly, but trying to score a kill shot with a ravager feels insane. You lose fun weapons like the plasma launcher or grenade launcher and instead get the stalker rifle, which can't kill in one or two shots, or the disruptor, which takes longer to kill than a regular pistol.

    And if this is a review of the product as a whole, then I can't ignore the battle pass. You can really only gain experience for it through challenges. As of this writing, I've never been able to load up the game, and look at challenges without playing a game first, which is annoying, and so many of the challenges are so specific that it's frustrating. I can't enjoy trying to finish a battle pass when I've made progress in other games' like Smite or Sea of Thieves without really needing to try. But realistically that doesn't impact the gameplay of the multiplayer. A nice addition is the ability to fight bots just so you can WIN once in a while if you're on a losing streak. That was a good touch.

    Overall the campaign I would give a 4/5 for a good story and very good characters, along with an amazing tech in the grapple hook. I frankly didn't mention the other tools because the grapple is easily the best. The multiplayer I'd give a 3/5 for some missing elements and an upsetting battle pass. So averaging that out, I give the game a 3.5/5

    Update: After writing this review, I left the game for three months. I came back to it to see how my feelings had changed, and frankly, they were soured. I am already bored by the small amount of maps, and the guns that I dislike using. I hate the battle pass, and not getting 90% of the armor unless I buy the premium version. I understand that soon they're going to update the multiplayer with another mode, and another map, but it is not going to be enough. I put hundreds of hours into Halo 5 and Reach multiplayer and this is just boring and aggravating me. I'm moving my review down to a 3 because the multiplayer is so stagnant.
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    Stevo6483Fair criticism doesn't make you a hater. I think this review is a lot more balanced than the official site one. Yes there's good bits but there's a lot of bad too. Personally I enjoyed 4 and 5 over this one.
    Posted by Stevo6483 on 22 Feb 22 at 10:57
    BrutalIntentionIt feels like Just Cause in space. Its not necessarily bad, but I wouldn't say its objectively good. I had originally planned to do a full playthrough on normal, and go back a second time doing a LASO run, but can already tell I'm going to be over the game by the time I get to that point. I do, however, see myself playing tactical slayer for hours and hours.
    Posted by BrutalIntention on 22 Apr 22 at 06:05
    AchievemntHydraEven microsoft knows that the flop halo infinite was the worst game they've made yet by far.
    They havent done anything right at all. Complete mess, more bugs then Halo MCC, Worst graphics in years. That guys beard looks so poorly done.
    Best thing about halo infinite is that it almost closed 343 down.
    Thank god everyone who made this game was fired!!@
    Posted by AchievemntHydra on 27 Feb 23 at 01:42
  • BIG ChromerBIG Chromer627,376
    06 Feb 2023
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    **Review written after about 60 hours in the game, all after the winter update released with 2,020G and 144 achievements obtained**

    I willl preface this review by stating my experience with the Halo games in general is a very positive thing, and I do consider myself a fan. However I only started playing properly in 2019, when a friend and I decided to try to complete as many of them as we could. Therefore I have largely only played in Co-op, including in Halo Infinte.

    Campaign wise I have played through the game 3 times now, all in Co-op with the same friend. My first playthrough I went through on Legendary difficulty, and found it slightly easier than previous games legendary, but still fun and enough of a challenge. My second playthrough was the speedrun on easy for the achievement, and my third was with all skulls on legendary for that achievement also. With that said, onto the bulk of the review.

    Everything I talk about here will be in regards to campaign until I mention otherwise. I was plesently suprised by how fun the game is to play! Sure, it is very different from other Halo games, new guns, different names, but the same familiar feel of being on a Halo ring, with some familiarity yet this new feel too. I think personally I found the gunplay and the general movement to be some of the most fun ive had while gaming, it feels satisfying to pull of a maneouver with the grapple that ends with you launching a shield wall for cover, and then brutalising several banished with whatever you happen to have, grappling a weapon off a rack and then using that too. It feels almost action moviesque when it goes right, and I find generally, the game makes it fairly easy to pull off fun stunts.

    I will try to keep the story spoilers somewhat limited, but I will do a brief summation of my feelings on the plot. I personally feel it was a little bit flat, and by the point of having to get the code from 4 different towers, it just felt like filler and I wanted the plot to move forward a little more. I couldn't also help but feel the entire time somewhat confused, we have missed a huge chunk of time between the previous entry in the series (Halo 5: Guardians), and now. I feel this could have been helped if I have played Halo Wars 2, where some of the plot points come from. However my main critique of Halo Infintes story is the "bigger threat than the flood", Endless. While I think the game goes to great lengths to big them up and make them seem horriffic, I am just left feeling that its empty words with very little backing it up. I remember saying at the time to my friend that the final boss feels like the mid point in the game where we should now be going off to either fully deal with the endless, or help the UNSC further against the banished. The ending custscene with Atriox dosen't do much to clear up confusion, but does at least as some mistique to the whole event, and nicely set up future content.

    I will add now, the game is beautiful, and while not very varied in terms of enviroments, it looks stunning, and I was impressed throughout, be it the lush green trees, the bansihed ship or inner depths of the ring. The music was also fantastic as to be expected, especially when transitioning between day and night.

    Multiplayer wise I found it to be a really good time, albeit I was only really in it for the achievements, I could see myself going back to the game and playing a round or two! Ranked I did just my 10 placement matches for the achievement and found it a fairly difficult time, but did manage to win about 50%. The various game modes are really good fun, with a mix of TDM and objectives that keep it interesting and don't let it stagnate.

    Overall I really enjoyed my time with Halo Infinte, finding it a unique Halo game, that really improves the overal movement and gunplay of more traditional Halo games, and while this won't be to everyones tastes, I did enjoy it.
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    14 May 2022
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    Infinite Possibilities?

    Halo Infinite released at the end of 2021 and I'm a pretty big Halo fan so I jumped on it straight away. Life got a hectic at the same time for me so I had to wait a little before I could really dive into the campaign. Being totally transparent, I've played every Halo game and I love all of them for one reason or another. This is a series I've been playing for 20 years and Halo 4 & 5 have not been the best entries in the series for me and I'm thankful the series has actually moved away from the style of these entries.

    I'm going to open by talking about the multiplayer as this released before the campaign and it's what I started on. I used to spend half of my teenage years playing Halo 3, Reach and Gears of War 2. No Halo multiplayer since Halo: Reach has ever enticed me as much as Halo Infinite has. Halo 4 & 5 went in too much of a similar direction of CoD, which I'm not a fan of these days. Halo:TMCC was quite broken at launch and I've not really gone back to the multiplayer since it was fixed, so I can't speak for that.

    Halo Infinite has found that special sauce that makes Halo a brilliant multiplayer game. Hectic quick fire games with smaller teams or the slightly longer battles in BTB with many more players on the map. After a while you'll get used to the maps and you'll know where to go for your power ups or super weapons and this is that sweet spot of Halo. Getting that headshot with a sniper or sneaking up on your enemy with a sword never really gets old.

    The maps that released are great fun and brilliantly crafted. Like the Halo maps of old, there are plenty of ways to get around the map, sneaky places to hide and open areas where players from all over the map can engage in the firefight. That being said, these maps will get old because there just isn't that much variety. Halo released with around 10 maps, they've already released more and I'm sure they'll release even more later but the variety was relatively sparse at launch. If you were like me with the first batch of players you probably knew them like the back of your hand after a week or two.

    The multiplayer modes are varied like they always have been in Halo. Pretty standard affair with Oddball, CTF, Slayer modes and variations of King of the Hill which don't feel too different. My favourite mode ended up being fiesta. This felt like the most natural Halo mode because it feeds off the chaos that is Halo multiplayer. Everyone starting with different abilities and weapons in the game just causes such wonderful chaos.

    Weapon variety throughout the game is great, something that Bungie excelled at and 343 struggled with is how the guns felt. 343 seems to have finally caught up and the guns feel satisfying again, well the needler still feels a bit weak. The needler should cause this big pink explosion and you just don't get that in Halo Infinite. The rest of the arsenal feels great though and the inclusion of unique weapons in the campaign tied to particular missions is brilliant. I won't divulge here to avoid spoilers. I'm a particular fan of the new commando weapon and I had a lot of fun headshoting Grunts and other players alike.

    Online progression has been a bit of a talking point with the Halo community and it does have it's downsides. Progression was slow and 343 were really stingy with the rewards they gave out. The challenges don't really enhance the game either, they should push the player to try new things whilst still taking part in the action. More often than not they require you do something like kill an enemy in a specific way. Often meaning you'd spend the entire game trying to do that rather than play the actual game mode. You'll find yourself fighting with other players to get a specific weapon for a challenge, again another point for fiesta being the best multiplayer mode in the game because it often made this easier.

    All this aside the multiplayer is still brilliantly fun. You'll find yourself going back again and again just for a taste of that wild Halo action. I must have put in about 100hours before I stepped away, not because I was bored, just because I have so many games to play.

    One final point about the multiplayer, it is disappointing it didn't release with co-op. I've played every Halo in co-op and it's admission at launch was odd to say the least. After playing the campaign I understood the challenges but I personally think the game should have been delayed until this was ready, it feels like a massive part of the Halo experience was missing at launch.

    Speaking of the campaign, lets move onto that!

    The story Halo has always been one of my favourite sci-fi epics and Halo Infinite did (eventually) deliver. Now I won't dive deep into the story because I wouldn't want to ruin it for anyone because it really is quite enjoyable.

    For me the story started slowly and I found myself struggling through the first part of the game hoping it got better, because Halo 4 & 5 never quite met the standard of the other entries for me. I was glad I stuck with it because the story really did pick up and got much better. About a third of the way through it really felt like Halo had returned to its roots and it almost felt like playing the first Halo again and I felt myself grinning like I did way back in 2002 when I didn't have any worries and I was on my millionth playthrough of the first Halo.

    Halo Infinite's character archs and development have been the best for a while. You're introduced to a bunch of new characters and enemies and they're all brilliantly crafted and you don't have these clearly black & white characters, for the most part. Some characters still fit these descriptions. Most are grey characters and have their reasons for what they're doing. The Chief has always been a bit quiet and we've never quite gotten into his head as much as we have in Halo Infinite. After all these years it really feels like we're getting the know the full Chief and what he's dealing with. I was so invested by the end of the of the game, I didn't want to story to finish. Now I find myself wanting more and knowing it's probably going to years before we see where these characters go next.

    Now writing good characters is one thing but the voice acting is brilliant as well. The new characters are all voiced brilliantly and the Chief is the best he's ever been. That dry humour he has will always get me but with the addition of how he's dealing with failure and events of the story it adds an extra layer to Halo Infinite. You can't mention voice acting in Halo without mentioning the multiplayer announcer and he is back and on form as always. The Halo multiplayer wouldn't be the same without Jeff Steitzer and Jeff getting more agitated over what kill(s) you just got will never get old.

    Gameplay in the Halo Infinite's campaign is slightly different this time around, you now have a grappling hook and there is an open world to explore. The grappling hook may seem like a weird choice but honestly I loved it, the way it's used in Halo Infinite is brilliant and it makes traversing this open world map a bit easier and most importantly a lot more fun. You aren't quite Spider-Man but at times you do feel a bit like Spider-Chief. This tool is incredibly useful for your speed runs too, you can zip through the game so quickly once you start putting some skulls on. The grappling hook and the tank gun(It's coming back!) make the LASO playthough a doddle. Now you are given other core abilities like the grappling hook in the game, honestly I've never found these as fun or as useful. I used them all so to could earn all achievements but as soon as I was done with one, I went straight back to the grappling hook. I would have added these abilities as another skill rather than limiting the player to choosing the grappling hook and the other abilities because the grappling hook is just too useful for most scenarios and you really feel the loss of it when you're using another ability.

    The open world is totally new to Halo as well and honestly I'm not entirely convinced it works. Halo excels with it's story and well designed fights. Now some of the bases are incredibly fun and feel a lot more like Halo but a lot of the open world feels a bit empty and pointless. You can make it a bit easier to travel when you unlock more vehicles but you have to complete A LOT in the open world before you unlock the vehicles that make the world a bit easier to deal with. I love open world games and I play a lot of them and it just didn't gel with me. I'm sure there are people that enjoyed it but it wasn't for me personally. Open worlds are fun to clear out every objective and it feels satisfying to clean up that map. Halo didn't quite feel like that and ended up feeling more like a chore than anything else.

    Overall I have really enjoyed the experience offered with Halo Infinite. The multiplayer is great fun and feels the best it has done in years. It has it's issues but they don't detract from the full experience enough to put you off. The campaign's story is great and the gameplay has it's brilliant moments. I'm still not convinced about all of the design choices made but I still loved the campaign and find myself wanting more. If you're on the fence because Halo has been a little weak for the past few releases, play Halo Infinite. It's back on form and what a journey it's been.

    Halo Infinite get's a 4.5/5 from me. It's a nearly perfect game for me and if the few things I mentioned above were ironed out it would be an easy 5/5. Now for the long wait for the sequel.
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