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A walkthrough is currently in development for Halo Infinite.

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  • Information
    Posted on 24 December 21 at 13:55
    Please use this thread to discuss the Halo Infinite walkthrough.
  • FQXFQX322,001
    Posted on 24 December 21 at 15:04

    My name is Stephan, 26, FPS enthusiast, big fan of Halo, and a completionist.
    I work as a data analyst/administrator full-time, but I still plan to- and expect to make quite significant progress on this walkthrough, as the earlier I put out a good walkthrough, the more people will be able to benefit from it.

    Be sure to send any questions, suggestions etc. my way.
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,655,592
    Posted on 25 December 21 at 04:45
    Welcome to one of the most highly scrutinized series as far as walkthroughs go. Good luck and godspeed!
  • FQXFQX322,001
    Posted on 25 December 21 at 17:02
    LifeExpectancy said:
    Welcome to one of the most highly scrutinized series as far as walkthroughs go. Good luck and godspeed!

    Funny story, you were actually one of the “inspirations” if you will, for being a completionist long-term and trying to hold 100% on my account.
    You’ve got a really nice account. Wasn’t aware you were involved with all Halo walkthroughs, or at least every one I’ve checked.
    Hope I can live up to that, I have a lot of ideas already
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,655,592
    Posted on 25 December 21 at 18:41
    Definitely not all. I think I did Halo 4, took over Halo Reach from an MIA author, then Halo 5 and Halo: MCC. I decided it was enough after MCC.

    I'm glad I did as previous entries were very linear but Infinite could definitely go a lot of different ways with its open world. I'm sure you'll do great! toast
  • Shh I am BatmanShh I am Batman1,252,633
    Posted on 28 December 21 at 18:05
    LE's work on the Halo series has been one of the biggest assets this site has had, and we were sad to see that end after MCC (though there's certainly no blame, that guide is a mammoth). That being said, FQX is off to a hot start with Infinite and I think a worthy successor to LE if this guide finishes as strong as it started.
    "It's not that I can, and others can't. It's that I will, and others won't."
  • FQXFQX322,001
    Posted on 02 January 22 at 12:15
    I’m currently working through the campaign, on another account, on Easy difficulty for all the missable collectibles; taking screenshots as I go for anything significant. I’m currently on the Fourth mission. After this playthrough I’ll do the LASO playthrough; which I’ll fully record so I can add this as supporting footage in addition to the written portion. Lastly I’ll be finishing the campaign collectibles and miscellaneous achievements and moving on to the Multiplayer. I will be able to commit more time to it starting AFTER next weekend. I will post an update here at latest before finishing the easy playthrough.
    If you want to have an idea of how far along I am with the achievements you can look up my achievements on my throwaway profile “notFleqx” on xbox, which will roughly reflect my overall progress
  • FQXFQX322,001
    Posted on 14 January 22 at 09:46
    Currently about 60% through the missions; However, time-wise I'm more like 70% through the easy playthrough. I hope to finish the entire Easy playthrough this coming weekend, however it'll be my Birthday on Saturday so I might lose out on a bit of gaming time.

    A bit more specific where I am in the story but with a potential spoiler:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
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