2. Halo: Spartan Assault (Windows) General hints and tips

Halo: Spartan Assault is a top down twin stick shooter. In my opinion is a very fun title. It is highly recommended you run yourself through the tutorial for this game. It explains the controls very well. The game is a little different from the other versions of the game. The controls are different. Assault ops are called Challenges. The gold requirements are generally higher than the other versions as well. Some are lower but not many. With that said if you can I recommend earning your gold medals on either console version or the Win8 version using a controller.

Controls you can use a wired Xbox 360 controller or if you have the wireless dongle you can use a wireless controller. You can also use a keyboard and mouse. I assume if you have a tablet touchscreen controls are also an option but I cannot confirm this. You change your controller input under the settings part of the menu.

controller settings

controller settings 2

To clear up any confusion playing with skulls turned on DOES NOT earn you more points just more XP. So unless you need more XP leave them off. The easiest way to earn the gold medals is earning medals, especially Killionaire medals. A Killionaire is earned by killing 10 enemies within 4 seconds of each kill. That is to say you have about 4 seconds in between kills, so after your 10th chained kill you earn a Killionaire. Once you have your Killionaire medal, and you can keep the chain going, each kill after is another killionaire medal. Which I believe is 5,000 points plus the score for whoever you are killing. Some missions will need a score boost others will need a weapon or damage boost to help keep the chains going. Once you understand how to keep the chain kills going you'll have a good grasp on getting the gold score without buying boosts.

You can work on using every handheld weapon and armor ability during the time you are going for you Gold Medal score and Challenges. To find the Challenges, from the main menu

WIN 8 main menu

Tap Challenges. From there you can see weekly challenges and the challenges for each mission. There are two achievements related to the challenges in this game. Extra Credit and A for Effort.

The medals list you can find from the main menu as well.

Tap medals. Here you will find the medals you need for single player. There are 32 medals for single player

If you are playing this over multiple platforms. Finish everything on your preferred platform to make it so you simply have to do mop up on the other versions. You run a small risk of your data coming out of sync. To fix this play on the platform with the most current info. Basically the last platform you played on. Finish a mission and make sure it saves. Close out that platform and wait a few minutes before starting the next platform. Do not play while more than one version of the game is opened. Doing so will ensure your data gets out of sync. I should know I tried it to see if I could get the achievement on WIN8 to unlock at the same time as WP. It didn't work and it took me some time to figure out how to fix it.

All of your data carries across the platforms meaning you only need to gold the missions once. A lot of the achievements will pop upon loading the game, others you will need to perform the action one more time, for example getting a kill or using a armor ability. Others pop after you finish a mission. So it's not rare for achievements to pop out of order.

The only things you need to redo are: replay the final mission from each operation, replay the mission specific achievements, finish a weekly assault ops mission.

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