1. Halo: Spartan Assault (WP) Walkthrough overview

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In this walkthrough I'll show you how to finish this game in an efficient manner. I set the play through to 1 but, with the challenges, it will require more than one play through per mission. Depending on how well you can do the challenges will determine how fast you can finish them. The challenges are not very difficult just know what you need to do for every mission to help minimize how many times you have to repeat a level. The guide will tell you the gold score requirement, along with the challenges for each mission. I'll also give tips on getting gold on missions that I think need them. Every time you finish a mission you earn XP and every time you finish a challenge you earn XP so don't worry about the level achievement. I had it well before I finished all of the challenges.

Take note for multi-platform players Halo: SA for WP and WIN 8 Share the same achievement list. If you purchased this on either WIN8 or WP you automatically own the other version. The Xbox 360 has two less achievements than the Xbox One version. Only the Xbox 360 and Xbox One have a co-op mode. Your data syncs across all platforms. If you have played on a previous platform I'll cover what will unlock upon loading the game and what you will have to achieve again.

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