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Halo Reach: Multiplayer

Halo Reach: Multiplayer Achievements

The Halo Reach: Multiplayer Title update for Halo: The Master Chief Collection has 9 achievements worth 80 gamerscore.

  • Negative, Ghostrider

    Halo: Reach: Get a Skullamanjaro in a matchmade Headhunter game.

    2 guides
  • Skunked

    Halo: Reach: Won a matchmade game of Invasion in the 1st phase.

    2 guides
  • I'm Sorry, Dave

    Halo: Reach: Find the hidden binary signature.

    5 guides
  • Capacious Cartography

    Halo: Reach: Create a custom map using Forge World.

    4 guides
  • Requiescat in Pace

    Halo: Reach: Complete 10 assassinations on enemy players.

    5 guides
  • Run and Gunned

    Halo: Reach: Headshot 10 enemies while they are sprinting.

    6 guides
  • Game Breaker

    Halo: Reach: Kill 10 enemies while using a Jetpack.

    5 guides
  • Confused Callouts

    Halo: Reach: Trigger a humorous callout on your HUD's position indicator.

    5 guides
  • Easy to Overlook

    Halo: Reach: Access hidden UNSC radio chatter.

    4 guides