8. Halo: The Master Chief Collection H3: ODSTUpdate notes

ODST is a little different, in that you're not controlling a Spartan like the other Halos. Instead, you're controlling a squad of Marine Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODSTs) during the Covenant invasion in October 2552. Astute fans will realize that this timeline makes it a prequel of sorts to Halo 3, although a side story. It takes place in New Mombasa, a port city of Kenya, immediately after the Prophet of Regret's slip-space jump in the city at the end of the Metropolis level in Halo 2.

Given your status as a wimpy (compared to The Chief anyway) ODST, wimpy only when compared to the superhuman Spartans IIs that is, you'll be taking a different approach to this film-noire take on Halo. Going in guns blazing on Heroic and Legendary leads to an even quicker demise than other Halo entries, so take that as you will. This walkthrough will be outlined as if you're tackling the game straight-away on Legendary similar to the other titles, with the mop-up section tackling the speed run and collectibles. If you can get 2 or 3 friends to do your initial Legendary run with you, you can likely knock out the speed run straight away and save yourself the extra playthrough, apart from maybe a par time or two on an easier difficulty. This one is the easiest speedrun of the bunch, with even a casual run with a few friends doable in 90 minutes to two hours, well within the three-hour time limit. It only counts the times on the 8 main missions, so you can take your time in Mombasa Streets between missions.

Warning: Although you can grab all 30 collectibles while playing through the game, I highly advise just going through the campaign without worrying about them, then reloading a checkpoint on Easy to get all 30 in one sitting, as they are currently glitchy and not saving properly between sittings.

Campaign Playthrough - Legendary

First off, I'll be sticking a miscellaneous achievements video here at the top. Several achievements will have imbedded hyperlinks and timestamps referring back to this video.

Another thing to note is that even though you can launch the Mombasa Streets level from multiple Rally Points, these don't necessarily sync up with a full run through the campaign from start to finish. For instance, if you load Rally Point 5 (Sniper Rifle) on Mombasa Streets, you'll have waypoints for both NMPD HQ and Kikowani station. So it's best to just do a run through the campaign from start to finish on Legendary rather than using mission select to avoid any confusion and follow along with the walkthrough. For this step, it is highly advised to play three or four-player co-op and to run the Legendary campaign playlist. That way you'll be able to knock out your Legendary run, the 3-hour speedrun, and the Next achievement for finishing an ODST playlist.

Prologue through Mombasa Streets

You'll do the standard movement tutorial at the starts then be released onto Mombasa Streets, the 'hub world' between missions. You'll have to wander around killing Covenant enemies until you receive a phone call from the Superintendant, followed by another tutorial on using your map, placing waypoints, etc. After this ends, you'll get a blue waypoint directing you to your first 'clue'. As you're heading to this first waypoint, you'll pass through an interior hallway. At the end of this hall, on your right you'll see a couch. Beside the couch is a box of cereal called Web-Os. Zoom in on the box to unlock the Saturday Morning Cartoon achievement.

Head to the waypoint on your map. When you arrive, you'll be at a building with narrow corridors. Head upstairs, and you'll find a helmet lodged in a monitor on the wall. This is your first clue. These clues will be easier to find if you activate your visor, which highlights everything in yellow/green/red borders. The 'clude' items will have a thicker/brighter yellow border than the rest of the environment, but still don't stand out too well, so they are sometimes hard to find if you don't know where to look. Activate the helmet via the button-prompt to initiate a cut scene and begin the first true mission of the campaign, as well as unlocking your first achievement for the clues, Junior Detective.

Mission 1 - Tayari Plaza

NOTE: For starters, try to get through this mission without grabbing any health packs to get One Way Ride at the end. If you're following my suggestion and doing a co-op run for your initial playthrough on the Legendary playlist, just have one person hang back from the fighting so everyone can respawn on him if they die. Anyone who doesn't grab a health pack will get the achievement.

Bip Bap Bam can be done on any mission, but right at the start of this mission you'll have a plethora of Grunts up the ramp and you'll likely get a triple kill on them if you're a decent shot with the pistol. This achievement has been known to unlock with other weapons, despite the description saying to use a pistol.

Also easy to get right at the start of the mission is Pineapple Express for a triple kill with a grenade. Just rush up the ramp or down the right-hand side and toss a grenade into the group of Grunts as they get dropped off. Don't worry about restarting the mission if you don't get it, as you'll likely unlock it without trying at some point in your initial run. If you somehow don't unlock it by the end of the first playthrough, just load this starting point up on Easy and you'll get it... well, easily.

Two Places Same Time is a reference to Chips Dubbo. Due to the timeline this game is supposed to take place during, he shouldn't be here as he's taking part in Halo 2's Metropolis battle. Yet here he is, in two places at once. This achievement has popped in several different areas of the mission for me on different tags, but it always unlocks sometime during my first run of Tayari Plaza.

At the end of the mission, you'll get your first of many unmissable story-related achievements, aptly titled Tayari Plaza.

If you manage to get through without using a health pack (see the note above for this mission) you'll also nab One Way Ride now. Just stay away from the walls so you don't accidentally pick one up during the mission.

  • One-Way Ride

    H3: ODST: Complete any level without using a health pack on Heroic or Legendary.

    One-Way Ride

For Those Left Behind, load up Tayari Plaza in co-op on Easy. I've put it at the end of the mission to keep them organized by mission, but it's extremely unlikely you'll unlock it on Legendary. This is best done in co-op. Even on Easy difficulty, the Marines tend to be rather stupid and get killed extremely easily. So have one player stay behind with the Marines, which will prevent them from pushing forward too far, while the other player pushes forward and clears the bulk of the enemies. Once the forward player reaches the courtyard where the two Hunters come out, they can just sprint to the finish line (aka through the door the Hunters come out of) and to the end of the mission while the other stays behind and holds the Marine in place. This can be done solo, but it's a pain in the arse to do it that way. If nothing else I would still suggest co-op even if you have to do it splitscreen with two controllers, using the 2nd one to keep a marine behind. Once you finish the level you'll unlock Those Left Behind.

Mombasa Streets

Head toward the waypoint on your map. When you arrive, activate your VISR mode and look for an object with a darker yellow outline than any of the surrounding area. Activating it will unlock your next story-related achievement, Investigator, and launch the 2nd mission.

Mission 2 - Uplift Reserve

We'll grab several achievements on this mission simply by speed running it in a Ghost or Warthog, making sure not to fire any shots or throw any grenades. Also, do not activate your VISR mode either. If you do all this, and just drive through the mission in the vehicle, you'll get Xenophobia and Deference of Darkness. If done on Legendary, you'll also get Classic. Your co-op partners should get them all as well, even if they hang out at the mission's starting point while the best player of the bunch drives through the mission. You can see a run through on Legendary which would nab all of these in one go in the miscellaneous achievements video at the top of the campaign section at the 0:07 mark. I had already unlocked Xenophobia and Deference of Darkness, so they don't pop in the video, but it illustrates the path to take.

  • Classic

    H3: ODST: Finish any level solo on Legendary, with no shots fired or grenades thrown.


At mission completion you'll unlock the unmissable story-related achievement Uplift Reserve.

Mombasa Streets

Whenever you're passing through the streets between missions, keep an eye out for sleeping Grunts. Any time you see them, smack them into permanent slumber. After five such ruthless kills, you'll unlock Catch Em Napping. I got this in between Uplift Reserve and Kizingo Boulevard, so I'm including it here. If you're struggling to get this, load up Rally Point 5 (Sniper Rifle) on Mombasa Streets from the mission select. Heading toward the waypoint you'll open a door and see several Grunts sleeping in a hallway with one Brutes nearby, where you can bash them to death and finish this off.

Once you arrive at the waypoint, again activate your VISR and look for the darker yellow outline on an object. Activating it will pop Gumshoe and launch the 3rd mission.

Mission 3 - Kizingo Boulevard

At some point during this mission, take the time to jump onto the front or back of a Wraith and smash it to bits with your bare hands to get Does Whatever a Spartan Can. The back is obviously preferred if you haven't taken out the gunner, especially on Legendary as he'll kill you before you can destroy it. You can get this on a couple of other missions, Uplift Reserve being the earliest opportunity, but since we ran through that mission without fighting at all to get the Classic achievement I decided to place this here. There are several Wraiths, and you can reload checkpoints if playing co-op if necessary to get everyone the achievement. The best spot to nab this is in the courtyard fight at the end of the mission. Just head straight down to the bottom of the ramp after finishing off the first set of enemies. When the Phantom arrives, it will drop off the Wraith. You can be ready and waiting to board it from behind as soon as it lands and bash it to death for this.

For Shiny, head through the mission until you pass through a bulkhead door with the Kizingo Blvd neon sign above it. In a courtyard area after this with two Wraiths, where your ally says "He's got to take the shot!", you'll see two Banshees circling above. Kill the enemies, including the Wraiths, but leave the two Banshees above alive. Head up the ramp to the left, and if you wait long enough (may have to drive down and back up the ramp once or twice) a Banshee will follow you and dive down, getting stuck on the pillars. Get out of the tank and head behind the Banshee. Carefully shoot the pilot, being sure not to damage the Banshee itself, while holding your 'board vehicle' button. If you're holding board as the Brute dies, you'll automatically jump into the Banshee and pop this. You may struggle to do this on Legendary, and if doing the speedrun with friends on your initial playthrough you won't want to go for this anyway so just reload the mission later on Easy difficulty to knock this out. Shiny... begins at the 5:14 mark in the video.

At mission completion you'll get Kizingo Boulevard, the unmissable story-related achievement.

Mombasa Streets

Again, head to the waypoint and activate VISR mode, activating the darker yellow object for Bloodhound and to launch the 4th mission.

Mission 4 - Oni Alpha Site

At the very beginning, turn around facing back across the bridge and use the Spartan Laser to destroy the three Wraiths. You may not have enough ammo for all three if on Legendary. Just keep reloading the checkpoint and destroying them until you've blown seven up and unlocked the What About Those Tanks achievement. You can see this achievement in action in the miscellaneous achievements video at the top of the campaign section at the 9:50 mark.

For Fowl Hunter, make sure to grab a shotgun whenever you see one and carry it to the end of the mission. After you ride up the elevator from the indoor fight against several waves of enemies, you'll be in an outdoor fight against several Brutes, one of whom has a Gravity Hammer. Three, and only three, of these Brutes have jepacks. Kill these three with the shotgun to unlock Fowl Hunt. You can see this achievement in action in the miscellaneous achievements video at the top of the campaign section at the 8:18 mark.

At mission completion you'll get the unmissable story-related achievement Oni Alpha Site.

Mombasa Streets

Back on the streets again, head (you guessed it) to the waypoint and activate the next clue for Private Eye and Mission 5.

Mission 5 - NMPD HQ

We'll mention Shoot and Scoot now, even though it unlocks at the end, because it requires finishing without firing a single shot from the sniper rifle. From the start, head forward and drop the sniper as soon as you can for a Plasma Pistol or whatever you prefer. Head through the mission, making sure not to pick up another sniper later, or even a Covenant Beam Rifle just to be safe, and you'll get this at the end. You can see this achievement in action with a full quasi-speedrun of the level on Heroic in the miscellaneous achievements video at the top of the campaign section at the 12:05 mark. The sniper isn't necessary at all, so you may as well drop it on your first run of this mission on Legendary to get this achievement out of the way too.

For Vandalized, from the very beginning of the mission head forward and past the first area of enemies. When you get to the 2nd area, there will be some grunts coming out of a door to your right and another up top in a turret. Over the ledge to your right you'll see a landing pad with P3 on it. This lets you know you're in the right spot. Head to the top-right ledge where the Grunt in the turret was, and at the end of the ledge on the building you'll see a black square with an arrow pointing to the right when facing it. Back off of the ledge to the right of this so that you are looking back at the building while you fall and you'll see a graffiti face on the wall and unlock Vandalized. You can see this achievement in action in the miscellaneous achievements video at the top of the campaign section at the 10:49 mark.

At the end of the mission when you're fending off the Banshees and Phantom dropships, just kill five of the dropships using the mounted rocket turrets to get Bits and Pieces. If you're having trouble getting them all in one go, you can reload the checkpoint as this is cumulative. You can see this achievement in action to get an idea on the directions the Phantoms come from during the Shoot and Scoot playthrough in the miscellaneous achievements video at the top of the campaign section at the 14:20 mark.

For those that prefer text the sides you need to be on for the Phantoms (directions based on facing OUT from the Pelican platform) are as follows: Phantom 1 (left side), Phantom 2 (right side), Phantom 3 (middle, probably can't get it in time if playing solo if you get Phantom 2), Phantom 4 (right side), Phantom 5 (middle, I use the right-side turret for this one), Phantom 6 (right side, achievement after this one), Phantom 7 (right side, but I couldn't get an angle on it and it doesn't stay long), Phantom 8 (middle, use right-side turret).

At the end of the mission you'll unlock the NMPD HQ story-related unmissable achievement.

Mombasa Streets

Head to the waypoint. Activate VISR. Activate the object for Secret Again and the 6th mission. You know the drill.

Mission 6 - Kikowani Station

The Fast and Low achievement is probably easiest to take care of by returning to this mission from the mission select screen on Easy difficulty. From the start of the mission, just sprint past all of the enemies and jump into a Banshee. Fly back where all the Grunts and Brutes are, and dive down into them until you've splattered seven without dying or restarting. Do this, and you'll unlock the achievement. You can see this achievement in action in the miscellaneous achievements video at the top of the campaign section at the 22:00 mark.

For this game's version of the Siege of Madrigal easter egg (a running theme across the titles in the collection), load up Rally Point Charlie on Kikowani Station. Jump into a Banshee and head out the door and to the right along the wall, past the Wraith below. As you turn left, an alcove will be to the right. Fly in and over the ledge above the right-hand door to unlock the achievement. You don't have to get out of the Banshee for the achievement, but you do need to get out to hear the musical easter egg. You can see this achievement in action in the miscellaneous achievements video at the top of the campaign section at the 20:29 mark.

You'll reach a checkpoint where the Phantom you're escorting is in front of you near a group of four Engineers floating around and shielding each other. Use this checkpoint to knock out 25 kills on the Engineers. This is best done on Easy difficulty, but can be done on Legendary on your initial run provided you clear the area nearby of enemies so you don't get shot at. Just keep restarting the checkpoint until you have 25 Engineer kills and both of the achievements below. You can see this achievement in action in the miscellaneous achievements video at the top of the campaign section at the 23:29 mark.

And for finishing the mission, you'll get the unmissable story-related achievement Kikowani Station.

Mombasa Streets

This section of Mombasa Streets doesn't have any items to find to pop any more 'clue' achievements. However, you do have to run to a nearby waypoint to initiate Data Hive. If you're working on the Legendary Campaign playlist, you'll have to do this. If you're going via mission select you can just back out and launch Data Hive. The location is tricky to find, but is on the back side of a building that is more or less obscured on the VISR map screen. If you find metal grating that looks like it leads down into a parking garage, you're in the right area. Just look for green light on a door near these metal gratings that are blocking off the ramps down into the garage. Accessing it will launch Data Hive.

Mission 7 - Data Hive

For Strong Silent Type, just melee three Brutes in a row from behind. This is very easy to do, even on Legendary, if you wait until the end of the mission where you come out onto a bridge on your way to rescuing Virgil. The three Brutes are facing away from you and can be melee'd from behind. Sometimes, especially on Legendary, they'll turn around. If this happens, just reload Rally Point Echo later on once you've finished your campaign playthrough and smack all three Brutes in the back to nab this. If you're playing with friends for your Legendary run, you can easily do this against the first 3 Brutes you come across too if you like, which is how I did it in the miscellaneous achievements video above starting at 26:46, although I was doing it solo on Easy difficulty.

At one point you'll come across some cloaked Brutes. These are the ones that drop the flame grenades. Kill them until you get one, then look for a Drone. The next room after the cloaked Brutes has three of them come out of a door to the right as you enter. Toss your flame grenade at them as they come out, and if you nail one you'll unlock Firefly. You can see this achievement in action in the miscellaneous achievements video at the top of the campaign section at the 25:16 mark.

At mission completion you'll get the unmissable story achievement Data Hive.

Mission 8 - Coastal Highway

For "BLAM" Said the Lady!, from the beginning of the mission head forward to where the enemies are. Hug the left wall past three Jackals and two Brutes and continue forward to the corner where you'll find a weapons locker with a Rocket Launcher. Drop your pistol for it since the DARE AI has a pistol already. Head back to DARE and trade weapons, giving her the rockets and unlocking this achievement. You can see this achievement in action in the miscellaneous achievements video at the top of the campaign section at the 28:22 mark.

At mission completion you'll snag this unmissable achievement.

For Deja Vu, load up Coastal Highway on Legendary in 4-player co-op, with the Iron skull turned on. I've placed it here to keep them organized by mission, but it's highly advised to come back for this after your speedrun, because it can take quite a while. Once you reach the bridge, DO NOT enter the Warthogs. Head forward and down the tunnel to find four rocket launchers with 998 rounds in each, as well as two Mongoose vehicles. Use these vehicles and the rockets to blast your way through the mission. Make sure no one ever gets into a hog, or in the Scorpion tank when you reach it, and at the end of the mission you'll unlock Deja Vu. There's not much strategy here. The easiest way to get through each area is to sprint to the end of the area where the large bulkhead doors are, jump off the vehicles, and jump around spamming rockets at everything. If someone dies, make sure they find the rockets they dropped upon death before carrying on.

  • Déjà Vu

    H3: ODST: Complete Coastal Highway on 4-player Legendary co-op, with Iron and no 'Hog or Scorpion.

    Déjà Vu


There is one achievement during the Epilogue titled One Got Away, a reference to Halo 3's three Primate easter eggs/achievements. My solution here on TA says to hold the left thumbstick to the left throughout the entire Epilogue, and that worked for me. I waited until the Epilogue had started, then pushed cn_LSl and held it there throughout. I saw the primate easter egg and unlocked the One Got Away achievement. Some folks have said they had to use the right stick (cn_RSl). While still others had to use both for some strange reason. If you don't get it the first try, just load this from mission select. You can see this achievement in action in the miscellaneous achievements video at the top of the campaign section at the 29:29 mark.

And if you've played through on Legendary, all four difficulty achievements will unlock:

  • Rookie

    H3: ODST: Complete every level of the game on Easy difficulty.


If you've been running through the campaign with 2 or 3 friends while doing this Legendary run, you'll most likely have come in under the 3-hour mark, snagging Nagato Makes Moving Easy in the process for the Legendary Speedrun.

If you started this using the Legendary Campaign playlist, you'll get your first of the two playlist achievements here, titled Next.

Miscellaneous Achievement Mop-Up

You can use the offline trick to get this achievement, or just wait until the 22nd of any given month to get it. To do it offline, disconnect from the internet, hard reset your Xbox One, and change the date to the 22nd. Load up a mission and quit out. Once that's done, quit out of TMCC completely (close the game). Then reconnect to Xbox Live and launch the game. If the achievement doesn't unlock right away, head into ODST and load a mission, and it should unlock.

If you haven't somehow gotten it by now playing through co-op Legendary, for Just Sayin' I Ain't Dead, it's probably easiest to do on Tayari Plaza or Kikowani Station. Just run through either of these two missions on Heroic (no sense in making it harder on yourself on Legendary). Once you complete the mission, if you haven't died you'll unlock this one.

You've likely already done one playlist if you followed my advice and did the Legendary Campaign playlist with a few friends to knock out the speedrun and the Next achievement. You'll be doing an additional playlist for the LASO achievement (see LASO achievements page). That just leaves one additional playlist to knock out. My advice is to tackle the Vehicle Rally playlist, as it only has three missions and they're all short and vehicle-based, meaning you can clear the playlist quicker than any of the others. Once you've finished this, if you've already done your Legendary playlist with friends and the LASO playlist (likely with friends as well), you'll get Trifecta for three ODST playlist completions.

Final note: There was one achievement added with this that is not in the ODST page or LASO page. An additional Halo 2 Anniversary map was added, with its own BLAST Soda Can achievement. That achievement can be found on the relevant page, Halo 2 Anniversary Multiplayer & Miscellaneous.

Par Times

You'll likely get the Legendary 3-hr Speedrun simply by running through with a few friends, as I said, and may even get a few of these. You likely won't get them all though, so just load up whichever missions you're missing on Easy difficulty and rush through as quickly as possible. If you're somehow still struggling, once again Nak3d Eli has you covered, with his Halo: TMCC Legendary Speedrun walkthrough playlist, which includes ODST. It can be found HERE.

Tayari Plaza - Par Time 3:00

Uplift Reserve - Par Time 4:00

Kizingo Boulevard - Par Time 9:00

Oni Alpha Site - Par Time 13:00

NMPD HQ - Par Time 10:00

Kikowani Station - Par Time 10:00

Data Hive - Par Time 16:00

Coastal Highway - Par Time 25:00

And for getting all 8 Par Times:

Par Scores

The Par Score achievements will frequently come without trying while running through your 3-hour Legendary Speedrun with a few mates. If, however, that isn't the case and you have to do them solo, my suggestion is to run the missions on Heroic with the following skulls active: Famine, Thunderstorm, and Tough Luck. This gives you a 3.17x multiplier, which isn't quite as much as the 4.00x base for Legendary, but it allows you to get through the missions much faster. If you're feeling confident on Heroic you can even add in the Iron skull to bring your multiplier up to 4.12x but still have the ease of Heroic rather than Legendary for faster runs (and thus a bigger time multiplier). I would HIGHLY suggest a partner to do the final mission, Coastal Highway. This Par Score is very tough even on Heroic, because there are so many vehicles on the bridge you can die rather easily, and you really need all four of the above skulls on to reach the requisite 90,000 points.

Tayari Plaza - Par Score 8,000 - Speed is crucial here. You must push forward quickly, trying to grenade the larger groups of Grunts while using the Plasma Pistol/Headshot combo on the Brutes.

Uplift Reserve - Par Score 14,000 - If playing solo, make sure you get a Marine in the Warthog gunner seat. Keep your distance while he takes out the Brute Choppers and Wraiths at the mission's start. Speedrun through the next few areas. Once you get to the large open area with two Wraiths on the far side and Brute Choppers roaming around, head into the large building and grab the Spartan Laser, using it to take out the two Wraiths. Speedrun the rest of the mission and you should get the score.

Kizingo Blvd - Par Score 18,000 - This mission's easy peasy for the par score, even on Heroic with 3 skulls. Just make sure to use the Scorpion tank and take out all the turrets, Ghosts, and Banshees. If you can take out one of the Phantom dropships too it will give you a big score boost.

Oni Alpha Site - Par Score 16,000 - This one's a foot race, you'll need to focus on speed, getting multikills, and of course the PP + Headshot combo on the Brutes. The only advice I can really give here is to go fast, kill fast, and die little, much like Tayari Plaza.

NMPD HQ - Par Score 40,000 - Speedrun through the mission, skipping the bulk of the fighting against the Brutes and Grunts if you can. When you reach the final area with the Phantoms and Banshees, get on one of the stationary rocket turrets and take out as many Banshees and Phantoms as you can, switching sides if need be when Phantoms come from the opposite side.

Kikowani Station - Par Score 42,000 - Make sure you destroy the Wraiths, Banshees, and enemy Turrets on the ground during this mission for the bigger point boosts. You don't need to waste your time killing the scarab. Just fly past it to the door down on the left-hand side and complete the mission. The time bonus for finishing quickly outweighs the points from the Scarab.

Data Hive - Par Score 8,000 - Another foot race mission. Just run past the first few areas, because the enemies are sparse and won't give many multikill points. When you get to the large cave-like area with lots of Drones coming from above, try to learn their pattern. They always spawn/come from the same spots as you progress through. Grab a Carbine from the boxes as you enter the area and try to get triple/overkills against the Drones as they spawn and fly out.

Coastal Highway - Par Score 90,000 - Ok this one is tough. I have not been able to do it solo yet, even on Heroic with three or four skulls on. If you can get through quickly without dying with the Iron skull on I think it's doable, but it's a pain in the ass. Just grab one partner and go through two-player, as your partner will be vastly superior to Buck on the Warthog's turret. Give Buck the Rocket Launcher after you clear the initial area (leaving one shot in it so he'll take it). Your partner takes gunner and Buck will ride shotgun with the rockets. Part way across the bridge, when you reach the area with Grunts using Fuel Rods above, get out and grab one. In the final area, give the Fuel Rod to Dare (the female invincible AI ally) so that she and Buck clear the area for you. Turn on Famine, Iron, Thunderstorm, and Tough Luck skulls. You should have around 110k-120k points by the end depending on your time.

LASO Playthrough

Halo 3: ODST LASO Playlist - Black Eye, Blind, Catch, Cowbell, Famine, Grunt Birthday Party, Iron, IWHBYD, Mythic, Thunderstorm, Tilt, Tough Luck

There is a playlist made for all missions that can be found here: Halo Completionist's LASO Playlist.

Audio Logs

Now that you've wrapped up the campaign, it's time to knock out the audio logs. Set your difficulty to Easy and load up Mombasa Streets, Rally Point 6 (Biofoam Canister). I show my map right at the start to give you my location. From here, head through the streets grabbing audio logs #1-29, following along with the video. Once you've done that, progress on to the blue waypoint and play through Kikowani Station and Data Hive again (just rush through, should be easy enough in 15-20 minutes if you're on Easy difficulty). Toward the middle of Data Hive, a Marine will open a door to the left with whitish-blue gunk all over the walls. This only occurs if you have all 29 previous audio logs. Follow him in, and on the far side of this room on the wall to the left of the door you'll find the 30th audio log and get your final two collectible achievements. All 31 collectibles achievements are below. Keep in mind that the audio logs are not numbered specifically. Whichever one you pick up first will unlock the achievement for #1; the 2nd will unlock the achievement for #2; and so on. So if you get them in a different order than my video your achievements won't line up, but that's alright.

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