Halo Wars 2 Walkthrough

1. Walkthrough overview

Hi there!

In this walkthrough, I will guide you through the most efficient and least stressful way to unlock every achievement in Halo Wars 2. This game consists of 57 base game achievements, 3 Title Update achievements, which for all intents and purposes can be considered part of the base game, and finally 66 DLC achievements. This brings our total up to a lofty 126 achievements for 1750 gamerscore.

A note on playthrough count:

This game can technically be completed in one playthrough. This requires you to immediately play on Legendary difficulty, while at the same time completing every bonus objective, completing every skull's optional objective, collecting every campaign log and getting a gold medal. This is possible, but it is considerably easier to play through once on Easy for the purpose of the gold medals and collectibles, then playing through again on Legendary. The skulls you unlock on your easy playthrough can be enabled on your Legendary playthrough to give you some considerable bonuses that make the game much easier.

If you are some kind of Halo Wars 2 or RTS savant, by all means, go for it, but this walkthrough will assume that you instead do two playthroughs.

Our achievement list can broadly be split into three categories: campaign, blitz firefight, and skirmish/multiplayer. We will start with the campaign achievements and then go for the rest afterwards. A few achievements will require you to play in co-op with a partner and several become considerably easier with a partner for boosting purposes, but are possible solo. In every such case, I will tell you how best to do it if you have a partner and how best to do it solo.

Now let's get into some basic hints and tips.

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