Halo Wars 2 Walkthrough

4. Campaign (Easy)

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This playthrough can be completed solo or coop. It is largely written with only one player in mind, but if you have a friend you want to play with, you can go ahead and do it all together.

First, let's outline the goals for this playthrough. Your aim is to:

  • Complete all twelve campaign missions with a gold medal
  • Complete every bonus objective
  • Collect every skull
  • Collect every campaign log

Gold medals are earned for completing the mission with a score threshold met. The score required is different for every level. Points are earned or lost for a number of reasons, but the important ones are completing bonus objectives and completing optional objectives. Completing the mission under par time helps, but nowhere near as much. I was often minutes over par time and still easily made gold. For each mission, I will tell you the score threshold required for gold, as well as outline all bonus and optional objectives.

There is no penalty for playing on easy and you can save freely, so don't be intimidated. This is a very manageable task. If at any point you are seriously struggling with an optional (not bonus) objective that is also not a skull objective, you can skip it if you like. It is possible to hit the gold threshold without every optional objective. If you do fail to meet the requirements for gold on any level, then that's fine. Ignore it and come back to it later. Once you have all the skulls, you'll be able to make use of them to try again with better chances of success.

Skulls are not like the mainline Halo games and are not objects within the game world as such. Instead, Skulls are unlocked for completing certain optional objectives on each level. As you will be going for all Bonus/Optional objectives for the gold medal anyway, you will unlock all of these naturally along the way.

Campaign logs physical collectibles within the game world. There is at least one in each level and some levels contain multiple. I'll include the number of logs in each mission, as well as screenshots of their position in the game. If you do miss one, then don't worry. You can replay the level and collect it then immediately quit out. You do not need to complete the mission after collecting the log. Alternatively, you can wait and grab it during your Legendary playthrough.

This game likes to start you off with your minimap rotated so that north is not up and will also occasionally rotate it for you mid-mission. It can be annoying to always rotate your map at the start of every mission and often the suggested rotation is often more useful for getting a good overview of the terrain. As such, I have written all directional instructions (North/South/East/West) so that they are respective to whatever rotation the game sets the map to, not the minimap's north arrow.

Throughout the guide, I will mention whenever I think it is a good place to make a backup save. Make liberal use of all the save slots the game gives you, so you can roll back to multiple different points if you need to for any reason.

So now it's time to get into it. Select Campaign in the main Menu, then select New Game and pick Easy.

The Signal

Par time: 4:00
Gold medal threshold: 80,000+
Campaign logs: 6
Skulls: 0
Optional objectives:

  • Find all 6 phoenix logs
  • Complete the mission under 50% damage

Bonus objectives:

  • Kill 5 grunt squads with warthog ram

Drive your warthog up through the forest. You'll come to a set of barricades. After a short wait, you'll be told to shoot the charges on it to destroy it. Immediately after it is your first log. Drive over it to pick it up and get your first campaign log related achievement.

The Signal Phoenix log 1

Some light reading in Halo Wars 2
Find a Campaign log (original campaign)
  • Unlocked by 52,165 tracked gamers (100% - TA Ratio = 1.07) 52,209

Destroy the second barricade and continue driving up the only path available. Immediately after the jump off the ledge will be your second campaign log. Very shortly after that will be the third.

The Signal Phoenix logs 2 / 3

The Signal Phoenix logs 2 / 3

Continue driving along and the fourth log will be right before the light bridge.

The Signal log 4

Activate and cross the bridge. Keep driving for a short while until there's a roughly 90° bend in the path. The fifth log is here.

The signal log 5

Continue up the path and take the portal. The sixth and final log is just after it.

The signal log 6

With that collected, you'll have completed the first of two optional objectives. Keep driving down the path to the marked location at the research outpost. You'll watch a cutscene then be on an escape sequence.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

You now need to escape from the attacking enemy forces, while completing the bonus objective of killing 5 Grunt Squads with a Warthog ram and also staying under 50% damage. You can ram Grunt Squads by hovering over them and pressing the unit ability key. On Easy difficulty, you should have no issue getting 5 kills while staying above 50% health. However, if you do fail, you can reload the save you just made and try again as many times as you like.

Only ram the grunts that are already in your path. Ignore the ones coming out of teleporters to the side. You'll get slowed down and take damage if you go for those ones. There should be enough in your path to meet the objective.

The mission will end shortly after you jump off of a ledge between two Wraiths (there is 1 Grunt Squad after that ledge so you're fine jumping off of it at 4/5 Grunt Squads rammed).

Wake up in Halo Wars 2
Wake up11 (10)
Complete The Signal
  • Unlocked by 50,943 tracked gamers (84% - TA Ratio = 1.08) 60,573

A New Enemy

Par time: 20:00
Gold medal threshold: 100,000+
Campaign logs: 2
Skulls: 1
Optional objectives:

  • Destroy 11 Banished supply silos
  • Capture 4 of Decimus' power nodes (Skull objective)
  • Establish a second base

Bonus objectives:

  • Kill 15 Infantry with Hellbringers
  • Use 5 Restoration Drones
  • Destroy 20 enemy base structures with Hellbringers
  • Use the Grenade special ability 10 times

The first thing I'd like to point out here is that the Grenade Throw special ability does not actually have to be on targets for the purposes of completing the bonus objective. You can just chuck them at empty ground whenever they're off cooldown if you want to get the objective done as soon as possible. You won't have the upgrade unlocked when the mission starts though, so don't panic when you can't do it right from the start.

Start by following the path to a small banished camp. Clear out the enemy units and some Hellbringers will be dropped in. You'll want to try and give these guys as many kills as possible. To get the kill, they must deal the final blow of damage to an enemy unit or building. There are plenty of opportunities to get this during the mission, but if you want to get it done as soon as you can, always be sure to pull non-Hellbringer units away from the battle just as enemies are about to die.

Before heading on down the road, go east down the river toward a waterfall. You'll find your first campaign log of the mission here.

A New Enemy log 1

Continue down the road, clearing out the two garrisons of Grunt Squads as you go. Further down the path is your first Power Node. These are special buildings that can be captured by sending infantry units to them. Once captured, they provide Energy to the owner, similar to a Generator building at your base. Send your Marines or your Spartan to grab this. While they are doing that, send your Hellbringers further south to take out the Banished buildings that are there. These buildings serve no purpose other than a decorative one, but they can be destroyed nonetheless and count towards the bonus objective. Destroy them with Hellbringers whenever you see them.

Once the buildings are destroyed and the power node captured you can activate and head over the bridge. Just over the bridge, head south to find another group of banished units. Focus your fire on the infantry. The friendly artillery that set up on the other side of the bridge will bombard the base while you kill the infantry. On the west side of this encampment is a Banished Supply silo. This is the first of 11 that you need to destroy for one of the optional objectives. It may get taken out collaterally by the artillery fire, but it will still count.

After clearing out this group, you'll get some Warthog reinforcements. You'll also get given a Leader Point with which you can buy the Restoration Drones ability to heal up your damaged troops. Do that, but don't head south just yet. About turn and go north. There's another small group of banished, including two more decorative buildings for your Hellbringers to take out and a supply silo. Do the standard thing of letting everyone weaken the enemies, but make sure the Hellbringers get the final blow. Once only buildings remain you can send your non-Hellbringer units down south to continue the mission while the Hellbringers finish off the buildings.

From this point on, you should remember to just use your Restoration Drones ability on cooldown. Using it sensibly is not necessary to beat the mission and it's not fun to get to the end and realize you only remembered to use it three times and now need to wait out the cooldown twice.

Cutter will warn you not to cross the bridge and instead to seek out a flanking path. This means heading east then curving south towards a river crossing. Just before the crossing are two more decorative Banished buildings and a supply silo for your Hellbringers. After they're dealt with, cross the river to find another silo, again on the south side.

Your next goal is to take out the Banished base. Use all your units but try to get as many final blows as you can on buildings and infantry with your Hellbringers. You can even take out the side buildings before destroying the main base, so you can rack up the count. You'll be given a bunch more Hellbringer reinforcements as this takes places, so don't worry about running out.

After the Banished base is destroyed, you'll be able to build your own here, so do so. While it's being built, head just left of the building slot to find the second campaign log of this mission.

A New Enemy log 2

You won't be able to do much for a minute or so now as you'll be stuck sitting there watching your base build itself. After it's built, Cutter will tell you to build a Supply Pad and Generator, explaining what they do. Clearly, Creative Assembly has (correctly) assumed most of their players won't even play the tutorial! After building a Supply Pad, a Generator and a Barracks, you'll be hit by an enemy Leader Power. You can use your Restoration Drones to heal back the damage done to the base. You should also queue up two more Supply Pads to build.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

You can now train more units yourself. Queue up enough Hellbringers and Marines so that you have at least 10 of each. Marines are more useful in combat than Hellbringers, but you need Hellbringers for the mission bonus objectives. You can now start spamming the Grenade Throw ability with your Marines whenever it's off cooldown. If you cycle through individual Marines units instead of telling them to use it as a group, then each one will count instead of the entire group just counting as one use. You'll have the objective done in no time this way.

Spend any spare Supplies you have after building your units on building turrets on the four turret slots around your base. These will take care of base defense while your army is off doing things. If you don't have enough for all four right now, queue them up as the resources come in. Once all four are built, continuously spend the rest of your resources on Hellbringers until your population cap is reached or until both their objectives are complete.

Once you have all your units, head off to the south where you'll find a power node controlled by the Banished. Take it from them and while that's happening, send your Hellbringers west up the hill toward some Grunt Squads that will meet you and then over to another power node. After it has been taken, head north along the ridge to a supply depot which your Hellbringers should destroy and then further north toward the other two power nodes. Remember to keep taking out any decorative buildings you see with your Hellbringers.

Head to the closer power node, taking out any enemies around it. Capture it with your Marines while the Hellbringers travel further north to the final node and take it. Once this has been done you will have completed the optional objective to capture all four of Decimus' power nodes and unlocked your first skull.

Alas, poor Yorick! in Halo Wars 2
Collect a Skull (original campaign)
  • Unlocked by 42,573 tracked gamers (70% - TA Ratio = 1.19) 60,573

You can now head up the hill to the west where you'll find another base slot to build on, a bunch more decorative buildings and a supply silo. Build on the base slot to complete another optional objective and destroy all the buildings and the silo with your Hellbringers.

Southwest of this is a red shield. Your vehicles can't pass through this, as Cutter is only too helpfully willing to tell you. Thankfully almost your entire army by now should be infantry, so it doesn't really matter. Pass through it with infantry and destroy the generator to destroy the shield wall. Destroy the other generator too if you like.

With that taken care off, you can head north to find another supply silo and more decorative buildings. Let your Hellbringers destroy buildings while your Marines deal with the enemy units. By this point, you should be done or very close to done with both of the Hellbringer objectives. If you aren't, then start making extra sure that your Hellbringers are getting final blows on as much stuff as possible.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

Head south and you'll find the main Banished base. The final few banished silos are dotted around the base, but you don't have to bother finish that objective off if you don't want to. You should easily get gold without it. Take out the base headquarters and Decimus will spawn. He is a simple matter of attacking with everything you have, then falling back when he calls in an aerial strike. The aerial strike is indicated by a huge red circle around him that you need to move out of, as well as a warning siren.

Once Decimus is defeated, the mission ends. You should have completed every objective except possibly the supply silo one, unlocked 1/1 skull, and 2/2 campaign logs. The gold medal threshold is quite generous here. For reference, I completed this mission without the supply silo objective, while being almost 4 minutes over par time at 23:58 and I still scored 170,170 points.

A history of decimation in Halo Wars 2
Complete A New Enemy
  • Unlocked by 45,181 tracked gamers (75% - TA Ratio = 1.15) 60,573

And since you hopefully got a gold medal, you will also get:

Gold rush in Halo Wars 2
Gold rush28 (20)
Earn a gold medal on any mission (except Prologue) on any difficulty (original campaign)
  • Unlocked by 31,580 tracked gamers (52% - TA Ratio = 1.38) 60,573


Par time: 20:00
Gold medal threshold: 75,000+
Campaign logs: 2
Skulls: 2
Optional objectives:

  • Destroy all 3 Banished vehicle foundries
  • Destroy the hidden facility (Skull objective)
  • Destroy the Banished base (Skull objective)

Bonus objectives:

  • Kill 20 squads with hijacked vehicles
  • Destroy 20 vehicles with a Cyclops
  • Destroy 20 vehicles using Hornets
  • Use the Archer Missile leader power 3 times

You'll have some new unit types to play with now, the Cyclops. You'll want to let these guys get killing blows on vehicles whenever possible, at least until you get Hornets at which point they'll have to share. Head up the path from the beach and you'll come to some ruins. There are resources dotted around here that you can grab on your way past.

When you reach a light bridge, a short cutscene will play and you'll get your first vehicles to destroy with the Cyclops. After destroying them, head south up a small hill to grab your first log of this mission, as well as some resources.

Ascension log 1

The light bridge will have been turned off and you'll need to use your Spartan's Spartan Slam ability to jump up onto a ledge north of you (an enemy unit will be standing there for you to slam onto). From up there you can walk to the other side of the light bridge and jump down onto an enemy Wraith. This showcases the Spartan hero's ability to hijack enemy units. Once taken, you'll keep control of the unit until it is destroyed. Make sure to get as many kills as you can with this wraith on enemy infantry. Some will come running up just now to start you off.

After taking out the enemies that spawned, head down the path, following the markers. You'll get a nice look at some Banished under attack from Sentinels and will also finally get to build a base.

After calling in a base, you'll get the mission's primary objectives explained to you by Professor Anders. After she's finished, the base will be complete and Cutter will tell you to build a Supply Pad, Generator, and Airpad. For now, you can't build anything else, so just let them finish. Eventually, you'll be warned of incoming enemies and will be given some Hornets. Use these Hornets and your Cyclops to destroy the incoming enemy vehicles and queue up two more Supply Pads, a Generator, and a Barracks. Prioritize the buildings in that order if you don't have enough supplies for everything at once.

The enemies will come in three waves. First from the west, then the east and finally the north and west together. All waves will consist entirely of vehicles, so you should wreck them with your Hornet/Cyclops group.

This is also your first opportunity to upgrade resource generating buildings. For now, only the Supply Pad can be upgraded, but in later missions the Generator will be too. Upgrade all three your Supply Pads once you have the energy required. You also have the ability to upgrade unit types. Infantry upgrades can be bought from the Barracks, air unit upgrades from the Airpad, and vehicle upgrades from the Garage.

Next, we'll get one of the most hidden bonus objectives out of the way. Take your four units and fly them east towards the island that you can see on your minimap. On this island is the hidden facility that you need to destroy. Take out the enemy units, then the buildings with your Hornets. Each building counts as 1 of the 4 required for the objective.

While that is happening, queue up Cyclops from your Barracks back at the base whenever you have the resources, until you have 6-8 of them. Do the same with Hornets, since you'll almost certainly be limited by energy and not supplies when you build the Cyclops. There are some supply silos right next to your base that you can destroy for extra resources.

You can now just hang around until you have 6-8 Cyclops and 6-8 Hornets. Once you have them, it's time to head out. From now on, spend any spare supplies on reinforcing if you lose units or building turrets at your base otherwise. Spend all spare energy on upgrading infantry and air units at the Barracks and Airpad respectively.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

Grab everything except your Warthogs to head out with. The Warthogs can sit around and defend the base. Unlike every other unit in your army, they are not required for an objective and therefore just get in the way while potentially stealing kills.

Head west and take out the heavily damaged Banished minibase. Build your own minibase in its place and stick a Generator on it once it's built. You'll be most likely be more limited by energy than supplies from now on.

Now send your hijacked Wraith further west with your Hornets. Leave the Cyclops behind. There are a bunch of Grunt Squads units up here that you want to take out with the Wraith, but there are also some Hunters that will eat it alive if you send it up alone. Use the Hornets on the Hunters while letting the Wraith mop up the Grunt Squads. There is a garrison just a little further on with a Grunt Squad in it that your Wraith can kill while staying outside of their range. Kill them, then send the Wraith further on down the hill where you'll find a couple more enemy infantry units and a base slot.

This base plot is not strictly necessary, but you can build a similar setup to your main one here if you like. It makes reinforcing quicker if you lose units in the next bit. Don't bother with any Supply Pads. Do bother with some turrets. Leave the Wraith here for now to farm a few enemies that may attack it. They also may not, but don't worry if they don't. Heal it with Restoration Drones if needed.

You have no good way to heal the Wraith outside of Restoration Drones. Don't worry if it dies. There are plenty more for you to hijack throughout the mission.

With the enemies dealt with, send in a Cyclops to grab the nearby Control Tower (Point A). Split off another Cyclops and your Hornets and send them up to grab the Power Node north of you. At some point after you take the Contol Tower, you'll be given a Leader Point to buy the Archer Missiles ability. You need to use this three times in the mission. This should be easily manageable, so long as you use it whenever it's off cooldown and you're in a fight.

I hope you remembered to upgrade your units back at the base!

Gather up all your Hornets and Cyclops and head north of the Power Nodes you captured to the second Banished vehicle foundry. Take it out and optionally stick your own base there. This is not necessary, but if you don't it's possible the Banished will rebuild.

Our next goal is to take out the Banished base. We do not yet want to destroy the last vehicle foundry, nor do we want to win too fast, so we will only take one of the two remaining Control Towers for now. Gather your Hornets/Cyclops and send them back the way you came, up past your parked Wraith, picking it up as you go, and towards Control Tower B.

As you capture point B, you can cautiously send your Wraith up to the north a little. There are some Grunt Squads here to farm, but don't stray too far. Hopefully, you should close to 20 squads destroyed with a hijacked vehicle. If not, you'll probably get it while attacking the Banished base. After capturing the Control Tower, it's time to head up further North.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

The upcoming Banished base will be very heavily defended by a large number of units and turrets. The base itself will be protected by a force field. You destroy the force field by attacking buildings or units within it. Eventually, it will go down and you need to kill the Shield Generator building before it recharges. This is a fantastic time to use Archer Missiles.

Focus on infantry with your Wraith while your Cyclops / Hornets take out the huge amount of vehicles that will be present. Take out any enemies outside the shield first, before focusing on the turrets and the generator within. Finally, destroy the base. While this is happening, the enemy may sneakily take Control Tower B back again. Don't worry too much, you'll retake it on your way out, but do send Hornets to take out the wandering soldiers.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

This last part is the boring part. You now need to farm vehicles using the remaining vehicle foundry until your two bonus objectives for destroying vehicles are complete. This might take a while but as long as you don't destroy the final foundry or win, you'll have a steady supply of vehicles. Use Archer Missiles on cooldown as well.

For reference, at this point, I had: 14/20 with Cyclops and 13/20 with Hornet. If you have more than that, you'll be fine, but even with less you can probably still manage gold. The foundry puts out Wraiths quite quickly (roughly 1 every 20 seconds).

Grab all your units and take them near the remaining vehicle foundry, but do not destroy it. Destroy the turret if you like, but do not destroy the main building. You'll want to park whatever units still need kills close enough that they see any vehicles coming out, but don't attack the building itself. Pay careful attention here so that you don't accidentally destroy the building.

While all this is happening, send your Spartan to the north end of the Forerunner structure, where you'll find this mission's second campaign log.

Ascension log 2

After that you can take Control Tower C if you like, but it doesn't make a difference. You probably won't be done with vehicle kills before the bar at the top of your screen fills up even with only two points taken. When the bar fills up, you'll get a brief cutscene indicating where you need to move your troops to, to end the mission. This will be the big circle right next to Control Tower B. Do not have your troops inside that circle before the bar fills up unless you have completed every objective, or the mission will instantly end, potentially forcing you to reload a save.

Park your spartan next to the ending circle and move inside only once you're finished with every objective.

Once again, this mission's gold threshold is generous. My score was 125,970 while being over 5 minutes over par time (I ended at 25:12). So don't sit there worrying about par time while you wait for vehicles to come out of the foundry.

Dominated in Halo Wars 2
Dominated13 (10)
Complete Ascension
  • Unlocked by 38,275 tracked gamers (63% - TA Ratio = 1.25) 60,573

One Three Zero

Par time: 10:00
Gold medal threshold: 130,000+
Campaign logs: 1
Skulls: 1
Optional objectives:

  • Keep Alice alive for the entire mission
  • Don't let prison squads die (Skull objective)
  • Gather all resources

Bonus objectives:

  • Kill 3 units using Spartan Slam
  • Kill the scared Grunt before he flees
  • Kill 3 units with Lotus Mines
  • Kill 3 units with Archer Missiles

Don't use Restoration Drones in this mission. Alice has regenerating shields and should be fine without heals. If other units are looking like they might die, just keep them out of combat entirely. You do not have an endless supply of resources in this mission and don't want to waste them on Restoration Drones.

Right at the start of the mission, you'll have an opportunity to get two of the three kills for the Spartan Slam objective. Head to the edge of the cliff, but don't jump down until the patrolling unit is next to the stationary one. Target the area between them and Alice should slam down and kill both. If Alice starts running down there instead of using her ability, target the ground a little closer to the cliff edge she's on.

Free the group of Hellbringers by destroying the generator. You need to keep these guys (and the rest that you rescue) alive for the entire mission, so let Alice do most of the heavy lifting. On Easy, she can pretty much solo any enemies you meet.

Head north, killing a Grunt Squad, then destroy the two supply silos just up the hill to the right. Make sure to collect all the resources that come out of them. Head west to the other side of the river and just to your north will be the only campaign log of this mission.

One Three Zero log 1

Don't head north immediately after this. Go south, where there are two more sets of supply silos to destroy. Three west of the path, two east of the path. Destroy them and gather up all the resources.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

Next up, you have a potentially missable objective to do. Just north of you is the second squad of units that you need to free. Set your Hellbringers to destroy the Generator and send Alice a little further north. There is a singular Grunt Squad unit up here. Once the generator is destroyed, you will get an objective to kill the scared grunt before he flees. Use Alice's Spartan Slam to kill this unit. Do not kill them before the objective appears, or it will not count! This should get you the objective for killing the scared grunt, as well as complete your 3 kills with Spartan Slam objective.

Head east to the next objective with your growing army. You can use everyone to kill the enemies in the garrison, but send Alice up to the next generator alone. You will be attacked by Jump Pack Brutes and if they land on your Hellbringers, they can kill them before you know what's happening. Alice can take care of this part by herself. When they're dead, free the soldiers and you'll get some Warthogs to add to your army. These also must not die.

Continue northwest over the river again to the final group of prisoners to free. Just south of them on the hill are a few more supply silos. Grab those, then free the prisoners. This time, you'll get Cyclops units. Head east and destroy the enemies that come in to attack you. Just north of you is the penultimate set of supply silos. After destroying these, you should be at 12/16.

Move east to the final marker. This is where you will make a last stand. The four remaining supply silos are all here. Destroy them, then park all of your Hellbringers and Warthogs in the water behind the base. They aren't going to do any fighting in this next bit. Put two Cyclops in one of the garrisons and put Alice and the remaining Cyclops in the other.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

The first wave of enemies will be Grunt Squads from the south. Use Archer Missiles on them as they run up and you should take them all out. This will get you the objective for killing 3 units with Archer Missiles. If you mess it up, reload the save you just made. Once you kill them, you can make another save if you like for the next part, which is very similar but uses Lotus Mines.

As soon as that wave is dead, drop Lotus Mines in the same area. Don't wait too long, because the enemy will almost always kill the mines before they have time to arm if you try and drop them on top of enemy units.

You might not get all 3 kills on this wave, but there are plenty more waves for you to get kills on. In the absolute worst case, you can reload the save from the start of this section to try again.

After getting all the objectives, it's a simple matter of holding out. You can build turrets if you like, but personally, I'd suggest saving the resources for more leader power use. The turrets aren't very effective a lot of the time. This section should be no trouble at all with the garrisoned units you have. Occasionally, you might want to take Alice out and have her go up to units to kill them, because they'll be too far away to kill with the garrisoned units. Remember to use her Spartan Slam on large groups of units and also remember that she can hijack vehicles with it, just like you could in the last mission!

After defeating enough waves of enemies, the mission will complete.

Guerilla tactics in Halo Wars 2
Complete One Three Zero
  • Unlocked by 35,072 tracked gamers (58% - TA Ratio = 1.31) 60,573

The Cartographer

Par time: 30:00
Gold medal threshold: 65,000+
Campaign logs: 2
Skulls: 1
Optional objectives:

  • Destroy both minibases in the central chamber (Skull and campaign log objective)

Bonus objectives:

  • Kill 30 air units using Wolverines

This mission is a welcome break from having to think about 6-7 various objectives constantly. The bonus objective will require almost no thought at all, because Wolverines will be a significant part of your army and enemy air units will be a constant presence. Additionally, the second campaign log of this mission is special, as it is not an in-game object. You will automatically be awarded it for completing the optional objective.

As soon as the mission starts, queue up two more Supply Pads, one more Generator, and an Armory. Queue up 2-3 additional wolverines, send them and the ones you start with to the start of the path to the west. Finally, send your Spartan and Marines to take the Power Node.

You can upgrade all your resource buildings and units, but prioritize the Generators, then the Supply Pads, then finally the vehicles. You can also research Advanced Logistics at the armory to make reinforcing your army quicker.

Once the Power Node has been taken, send all your units up the path to the west. There are a bunch of enemy infantry and air units to kill here. Wolverines kill the air units. Everyone else kills the infantry. At the end of the path is a Forerunner Conduit, with a bunch of resources dotted around it, as well as the first campaign log of the mission to its north.

The Cartographer log 1

If you have not missed any, this will have been your 12th campaign log out of 24, giving you:

Just the facts in Halo Wars 2
Collect half of the Campaign logs (original campaign)
  • Unlocked by 28,280 tracked gamers (54% - TA Ratio = 1.46) 52,209

After grabbing all that, Anders and Cutter should have finished talking, letting you attack the conduit. After a brief attack, a swarm will be called in and you'll have to pull back outside of the circle. When this happens, send your Wolverines back to the base to defend against some Banshees that will show up. Eventually, Anders will send in an EMP to disable the swarm, letting you attack it again. You won't be able to destroy it until a swarm gets called in again. You will now be given the ability to call in an EMP yourself as a Leader Power. Use it on the conduit and destroy it at last.

A cutscene will play and you'll be shown three more conduits that you need to destroy. First, you need to build up your army. Queue up Wolverines until you have 10 and spend the rest of your population cap on Marines. Upgrade your vehicles at the Garage. From now on, your base will be periodically attacked by flying units, so leave 4 Wolverines here at all times. The other 6 will accompany your army. Don't forget to build some turrets at the base.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

Head out to the north, then east towards the first conduit. There are some vehicles here, but numbers are on your side even without direct counters. Don't forget that you can use Leader Powers too to make it easier and/or hijack a Wraith with your Spartan. Take out the conduit in the same way as you did the first, then head over to the opposite side and do exactly the same there.

There is a Banished base between you and the final conduit. This is a great spot to use Archer Missiles and Lotus Mines. Take it out, reinforce your army if necessary, then continue on to the final conduit. There are some engineers next to it that your Wolverines will make short work of. After they're dead, take out the conduit. It will take longer than the other two, because more Banished engineers will show up to heal it and you'll be harassed by enemy troops.

Around here is when I completed the objective to kill 30 air units with Wolverines. If you haven't yet, you still don't need to worry, because there are still enormous amounts to come.

After the conduit dies, a cutscene will play and some Protector Sentinels will attack your base. The Wolverines parked there should take care of them with no trouble. If you've completed the objective at this point, upgrade the turrets at the base to anti-air so that you don't need to worry about it as much.

Before heading back to the base to finish the mission, you need to complete the optional objective. Head southeast from the final conduit to find and destroy a Banished minibase, then double back and head to the opposite side to find another. Destroy both of them, then finally gather up all your units at your base.

The final objective is to head down the path southeast from your base. There are a bunch of Protector Sentinels down here that your Wolverines will make short work of. You need to work your way past a series of swarms that will each vanish after you kill the Protector Sentinels near them.

At the end of the path is a building with a swarm around it. Hit it with an EMP and the mission will end.

Stirring the pot in Halo Wars 2
Complete The Cartographer
  • Unlocked by 32,636 tracked gamers (54% - TA Ratio = 1.36) 60,573

Lights Out

Par time: 30:00
Gold medal threshold: 100,000+
Campaign logs: 2
Skulls: 1
Optional objectives:

  • Destroy 4 Banished devices before reinforcements arrive
  • Rescue 10 UNSC prisoners (Skull objective)
  • Claim all 4 base expansions
  • Take out the Reavers without suffering Hornet casualties (This objective is very difficult/annoying, skip it if you like)

Bonus objectives:

  • Complete the mission with all the prisoner units freed and alive
  • Don't let any units get destroyed in the Capital Ship bombardment zone

The start of the mission is straightforward. There is only one path you can follow. You'll get a brief cutscene where Douglas will show up and hijack a Wraith. With Douglas and his Wraith in tow, grab all the resources nearby from the ground and the silos, then turn south and head on the longer path to your objective, freeing some soldiers from a prison that you pass.

This is where things get complicated. Any prisoners you free must stay alive for the entire mission. It will rapidly get confusing keeping track of which units are which, since you will be able to train your own later. For this reason, I would suggest that you leave any rescued prisoners where they are and make do without them. If you are absolutely confident you'll be able to keep them alive, bring them along. They will make the mission easier, but it's possible to do without.

Continue past the second garrison, grab the resources to your east, then head up to the first teleporter. The optional objective is to destroy all four of these before any reinforcements arrive. You need to destroy them anyway for the mission's primary objective and I never had issue killing them before these supposed reinforcements showed up. With that said, it might be possible to fail this, so if you want to be safe, save before approaching any portals.

Go through the portal and some Reavers will attack you. After killing them, you'll be given some Hornet reinforcements. These Hornets must not die until you have killed all the Reavers. Bring them with you, but hang them back whenever you see Banished Reavers.

Continue on to the next portal. Some Reavers will come out of it, so send everything but the Hornets up to deal with them. After they're dead, the Hornets can rejoin the fight and you can take the portal out. After taking it out, a base slot will become available for you and you can also clear the area of supply silos.

Just north of you, you'll see a heavily devastated area with enemy Leader Powers hitting it. This is the bombardment zone referenced in the second bonus objective. Technically, you can send units into this area, you just have to be good at dodging the lasers.

Be careful when sending Hornets across large areas of the map. They like to take shortcuts through these areas and may get hit by the lasers on the way.

Build a base and send your troops through the portal as instructed. You'll be told to send scouts through first, but you can just send them all in one go. On the other side is a Power Node for you to capture. You'll be attacked by some enemies as you do, but it shouldn't be a problem. After the node has been captured, grab the resources from the silos to your north and south. Finally, activate the light bridge.

By now your base plot back on the other side of the teleporter will be complete. You can now queue up, in order, three Supply Pads, two Generators, one Airpad, one Armory. Upgrade the resource generators once you can.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

Send all your units except the Hornets across the light bridge. There are Reavers on the other side that you need to take out before you can send the Hornets over to join in. Prioritize in this order:

  • Kill the Reavers (Bring over the Hornets once they're dead)
  • Kill the teleporter
  • Kill the rest

After the area is clear, you can clear out the two Banished minibases and build your own in place. At this point, your other base might be attacked by Banshees. You won't have any turrets in place yet, so send the Hornets back through the teleporter to deal with them. Send the other troops through the new teleporter, which leads to the far north of the map. You'll find some supply silos here.

Gather the supplies and head north a little more. Here is another base slot. It's time to slow down and regroup a little. It's been full throttle until now. Build on this new base slot and build a similar setup to the previous one, although you don't need to have it all fully upgraded. Keep your Hornets at the first base until you have at least two anti-air turrets built, then bring them over to rejoin the rest of your troops. Remember to tell them to use the teleporters instead of flying across the entire map.

Take Jerome (the Spartan who isn't in a Wraith) and head south from the second base with him by himself. Send him down to the other three prisons that are marked on your map, but don't free anyone yet. Keep him just off to the side. Take care not to leave him in the bombardment zone close by.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

At the Armory, you can queue up the Reinforcements upgrade. This increases your population cap by 20. Spend any spare supplies on Hornets. Gather them all up at the northern base. If you're building them at the southern base, make sure to carefully use the portals instead of traversing the map with them. Continue to build Hornets until you have reached your population cap. Only now should you send Jerome further south to free the rest of the prisoners. This will take you over your population cap.

He'll need to take out a fair amount of vehicles by himself. It looks daunting, but is easily manageable if you hijack a Wraith and use Archer Missiles on the rest. After you clear out the first set, free the prisoners and use them to help clear the rest. Just take care to make sure that the prisoners don't die. This area is also where you'll find your first campaign log of the mission.

Lights Out log 1

From now on, spend any spare resources on building/upgrading turrets or upgrading any units that you haven't yet at the Airpad/Armory.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

With all the prisoners freed, leave them where they are and bring Jerome back up to meet the rest of your army. You now want to head northwest of the second base to trigger a cutscene showing a Banished base. Don't focus on the base just yet. Send your army around the north side of it, where you'll find the final portal hacking device. Destroy this and then destroy the base. Don't use Archer Missiles to speed up the base kill. You'll need them in the next bit.

Send your non Hornet units west instead, where you'll find two Reavers. Kill them before they can damage your Hornets.

After destroying the base, the second and final campaign log of this mission will be visible where the base was.

Lights Out log 2

It's time for the final showdown of this mission. Take all your units and go through the portal.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

Send your units southwest from the portal exit and the area will be revealed. Clear out all the turrets and take care to either use ground units to take out Reavers or swarm them with Hornets before they have a chance to react. Use Restoration Drones on your army if the Hornets get low. Make extra sure to clear out the Reavers on the cliff south of the portal controller. Archer Missiles are a good way to do so without risking Hornet deaths. It is easy to lose a Hornet to a Reaver here, but that's what saves are for.

As soon as the turret build slots become available, put your own there in place and upgrade them to anti-vehicle.

It's now time to fight Decimus again. Kill the portal controller and he will show up. The fight is an upgraded version of the time you fought him in A New Enemy. The fight will start in much the same way, but eventually, he will leap away and call in lasers from above. Here are the important things to remember for this part.

  • Dodge the lasers above all else. They will seriously mess you up, even on Easy.
  • Reinforcements will be called in, including Reavers. You can still fail that optional objective. This is why you built anti-vehicle turrets.
  • Decimus is immortal while jumped up on the cliff. Don't bother trying to attack him
  • You can make a mid-fight save when this section starts if you like

After this phase ends, Decimus will jump down again. The rest is easy and is identical to the previous fight, with the single exception that he will call in some Engineers briefly. From now on you can't fail the Reaver objective any more, so you can relax.

After you defeat Decimus, there will be a brief conversation and then the mission will end.

All travel is suspended in Halo Wars 2
Complete Lights Out
  • Unlocked by 29,585 tracked gamers (49% - TA Ratio = 1.43) 60,573

From the Deep

Par time: 20:00
Gold medal threshold: 105,000+
Campaign logs: 1
Skulls: 1
Optional objectives:

  • Built two turrets on the beach
  • Upgrade both turrets to anti-vehicle
  • Complete the mission without Alice being downed (Skull objective, but does not appear in the list of objectives in game)

Bonus objectives:

  • Get 20 kills with the Scorpion
  • Hijack a Locust

Throughout this mission you will be attacked by enemies coming from three different directions. The big beach you started on will be referred to "the beach". The smaller beach north of your main base will be called "the north" and finally, the east will just be called "the east".

This entire mission takes place in one area. You will defend against waves of enemies that come at you from three directions, but mostly from the west. The bonus and optional objectives are very easy and almost take care of themselves. You'll have constant vision over almost the entire map thanks to pre-placed sensor towers.

There are no clear good places to save in this mission. I'd suggest just saving every 5 minutes or so.

You'll start out looking at a beach being attacked. Send in your troops to kill the Wraiths. You will see the turret slots available for use already, but don't do that yet. While your troops are killing the enemies, go check out your main base (not the minibase on the beach). Here, you'll want to add two more Supply Pads and one more Generator. You might not have the available resources right at the start, but that's fine.

After the enemies are dealt with, you'll get some reinforcements including a new type of unit, the Nightingale. This is an air unit that heals others, but can't fight by itself. These are great and from now on you'll want some in every mission where possible.

Send Alice down to grab the Power Node south of the beach minibase and a Warthog to grab the energy near it. Send a Cyclops over to grab the Power Node on the east side of the map. You'll now be told to build and upgrade the turrets on the beach, so you can go ahead and do that.

You can grab this campaign log at any point, but now is as good a time as any. Take the Marines that start inside your eastern garrison out of it and send them a little north to grab the campaign log, then send them back into the garrison.

From the Deep log 1

Add an Armory and Garage to the main base, while adding an Airpad to the beach minibase. Don't bother with turrets on the main base, as no enemies will get that close. Finally, add a Supply Pad to the minibase just north of the main base. Upgrade all of these buildings, prioritizing the Generators. Also upgrade your main base to level 3 and upgrade units at their respective building.

For now, all enemies will attack the beach. You can keep everyone in one place. Try to get some kills with the Scorpion wherever possible. Don't build any units yet. Your starting units are sufficient and you want to be constantly upgrading everything.

Once your base is level 3, you can start building Scorpions. Built another three Nightingales first, then build Scorpions until you have at least 6. The rest of your population can be Hornets or more Scorpions. Scorpions are tempting, but they're remember that they're very vulnerable to enemy air units. You'll need to upgrade your population cap at the Armory multiple times to be able to build all this. If you still don't have enough space, you were probably better than me at keeping your starting units alive, so just build as the space frees up.

By now, you'll be being attacked by Locusts. Hijack one with Alice to get that objective out of the way. Upgrade your beach turrets to anti-vehicle if you hadn't yet. You will also soon be attacked from the north by Banshees. Send your Marines, Warthogs and Wolverine over there to defend. Build a turret here and upgrade it to anti air.

From now on, you'll want your units split into three groups:

  • Your main force should be on the beach. This will be your Spartan, as well as two Nightingales, and most of the Scorpions
  • The north attacks will primarily be air units with a few infantry groups, so send the Marines, Warthogs and Wolverine you started with up here.
  • Send two Scorpions to the east. They can mostly defend this by themselves, but will need occasional support when larger groups show up.
  • The remaining two Nightingales should alternate between north and east, going wherever is needed. The Hornet group should do the same, but alternate between all three points.

From now on there is not much direct instruction I can give you. Just sit and defeat the incoming waves. None of them will be particularly challenging and you'll have more than enough supplies to reinforce if you need to.

Eventually, you'll complete the primary objective "Defend your base". When that happens, select all your units and send them to the main beach. A Scarab will show up for you to kill. This should be straightforward, as it is alone and all of your troops should be fully upgraded by now.

Behind enemy lines in Halo Wars 2
Complete From the Deep
  • Unlocked by 26,793 tracked gamers (44% - TA Ratio = 1.50) 60,573

You should now have completed half of the bonus objectives, giving you:

A little bit extra in Halo Wars 2
Complete half of the Campaign bonus objectives (original campaign)
  • Unlocked by 11,124 tracked gamers (18% - TA Ratio = 2.33) 60,573

Hold the Line

Par time: 31:34
Gold medal threshold: 54,000+
Campaign logs: 2
Skulls: 2
Optional objectives:

  • Keep the barricades intact (Skull objective)
  • Build on all 3 base plots
  • Keep the Particle Cannon above 50% health (Skull objective, but does not appear in the list of objectives in game)

Bonus objectives:

  • Kill 5 units with Turret Drop
  • Kill 10 enemies with the lightbridge

This one can be a toughie to get gold on, at least without skulls that give extra score (more on those later). I hit the gold threshold exactly, while completing every bonus and optional objective. If you fall short, don't worry. After the campaign walkthrough, I will cover an easy way to go back to get gold medals.

This mission is, at heart, a tower defense game. You'll have waves of enemies coming in along windy paths and you have to kill them before they reach their goal, or you lose. You can even build turrets along the path like in a tower defense game. This mission will mostly come down to putting the correct army composition in the correct place.

There are no clear good places to save in this mission. I'd suggest just saving every 5 minutes or so.

At the start of the mission, add two Supply Pads and a Generator to your main base. While they are building, send a single unit down to take the Power Node southeast of your main base. Send the rest of your units to the hill north of your base that has a minibase slot and a Power Node on it. Grab this node too and build on the minibase slot.

Upgrade your Generators as soon as you can, but don't upgrade anything else until you have enough energy to upgrade the base itself to level 3.

You can grab these two logs at any point, but it's best to do so now, while nothing else is happening. Send a spare unit (not the Warthog) east from the hill towards another hill that also has a sensor tower on it. Here is your first campaign log.

Hold the Line log 1

Send the Warthog to the far southwest of the map, directly west of the particle cannon you are defending. The second log is here, behind a base plot. Build on the base plot while you are here.

Hold the Line log 2

With both logs collected and the Power Nodes now yours, grab all units and send them to the hill north of where you got the first campaign log. Here you'll find your third and final minibase slot. Build on it and destroy the nearby silos for resources.

By now you should have enough energy to have upgraded the main base to level 3. After that, build a Garage and an Airpad on it. You can also start building turrets all over the place. There are an awful lot of turret slots on this map and you want different upgrades in different places. Make use of your minibases too. Put an Armory on the one on the hill and a Supply Pad on the one to the far southwest. The one to the northeast will probably be attacked and die so you can ignore it after you have the objective for building it.

  • The two turrets on each side of the canyon southeast of your main base should both be anti-vehicle
  • The four turrets on each side of the canyon west of your main base should all be anti-air.
  • The four turrets around your main base should be anti-air
  • All the rest of the turrets should be anti-infantry
  • Leave the two turret slots directly north of the Power Node on the hill empty until you have completed the lightbridge objective

There is no way you will have enough supplies for all of that, let alone upgrading them. Do it over time, it's not a priority. The important ones are the ones near the minibase and the ones along the canyon that the first enemies come down. Once all the basic turrets are built, start building Hornets until you have 8-10 and Nightingales until you have 4.

Finally, you want to position your units. For now, group them up and place them here:

Hold the Line units

At some point, you will be attacked on the hill by Jump Pack Brutes. Do not kill them. They have to wipe out the nearby garrison and activate the lightbridge or a bonus objective will become impossible. Once they have turned the bridge on, you can wipe them out. You can now deactivate the bridge again once units are on it to gain progress for the bonus objective. You have multiple opportunities to do this throughout the mission. It does not have to be in one go.

As soon as large groups of enemies start to roll in, use Turret Drop near them. You need kills for the bonus objective and they're also just good at killing things.

Pretty soon, Anders will mention a small break in enemy troops. By the end of this break, you'll want your 8 Hornets to be ready. Group them up with two of your Nightingales and split them off from the rest of your units. Their role is now to patrol the east side of the map for enemy vehicles. Most of these will come in just south of where you found the first campaign log.

At this point, start building Wolverines. You want 8 to hang out on your side of the lightbridge. Eventually, the enemy will start sending in air units this way and they need to sit there and hold them off. Send any non Hornet unit just to their east, where they'll finish off whatever weakened enemies get through your turret canyon. Add two Nightingales to this group too. This group will serve the dual purpose of protecting the Wolverines from any remnants while being close to the lightbridge switch so that they can react if needed for that objective.

From now on, it should be smooth sailing. If you have the population cap to spare, keep padding your armies in each area. The patrolling Hornets will annihilate almost anything and the Wolverines will make sure no Banshees get past. The barricades might take some damage, but that's fine so long as they don't get destroyed. Worst case you can use your Archer Missiles if something somehow gets past all this. Continue upgrading everything throughout and reinforce as necessary.

Eventually the timer will run out and the mission will end.

The setup … in Halo Wars 2
Complete Hold the Line
  • Unlocked by 24,659 tracked gamers (41% - TA Ratio = 1.56) 60,573

The two skulls you unlock as the mission ends will have taken you over the halfway mark, giving you:

Morbid curiosities in Halo Wars 2
Collect half of the Skulls (original campaign)
  • Unlocked by 16,760 tracked gamers (28% - TA Ratio = 1.90) 60,573

Under the Dark

Par time: 25:00
Gold medal threshold: 100,000+
Campaign logs: 2
Skulls: 1
Optional objectives:

  • Complete the mission without losing a Kodiak
  • Eliminate all 3 Brute Warlords (Skull and campaign log objective)

Bonus objectives:

  • Use Snipers to sweep for 50 Plasma Mines
  • Kill 50 Banished units with a UNSC Sniper
  • Kill Banished units with an Orbital Strike
  • Kill 30 Banished units with Kodiaks

This mission takes a step back from our last two. You will no longer have access to almost all of your unit types or upgrades and the theme of the mission is being sneaky, as the name might suggest. Personally, I wasn't a great fan of this, but you can make your own judgement.

You start out with four Sniper units. These are powerful anti-infantry units with very long range. You'll be attacked by a few waves of enemies. Garrison as many of your units as possible and defeat the incoming enemies. Once they are defeated, enemy mines will drop down just up the road. Spot and destroy these with your Snipers.

There are enough mines throughout the mission to complete the bonus objective with only a few to spare, so don't get into the habit of destroying them with non-Sniper units and consider reloading if you accidentally wander into and detonate a group of them.

Move a little further along the path until you see a Power Node to your left. There are more mines at the base of it. Take out all the enemies, then capture the node. Gather the nearby resources from the silos at the same time. After taking the node, head east again and up the hill where you will find more enemies to take out and some more resource silos.

Continue along the road to the marker, carefully taking out mines as you go. You'll meet up with Jerome. Remember not to let him clear mines; you want the Snipers to do that. Head up the hill to your east and you'll find resources to the south and another power node to the north. Grab the resources, then let Jerome capture this while your snipers stand on the cliff edge and kill the units below.

Finally, head towards the marker and you'll be given three friendly, uncontrollable Kodiaks to defend, alongside a minibase of your own. You can only build Marines or Snipers currently (you can technically recruit ODST units via the Leader Power, but I wouldn't bother. Build Snipers until you have around 8 and upgrade them. Until they're all built, park your units just north of the base to kill incoming enemies. The Kodiaks have an enormous range, but can only fire where you can see.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

Take your Sniper units and start to head north with them, taking out mines and enemies as usual. Leave the Spartan by the Kodiaks to defend them. You'll want to head northeast up the hill to handle an optional objective. Up here is the first of three Brute Warlords that you need to kill. Be careful as you go up the hill as there are mines on it and your reduced line of sight looking uphill makes them difficult to spot.

Take out the Brute Warlord and go further east to find the first campaign log of this mission.

Under the Dark log 1

Just south of here are some more mines to destroy. Destroy those, then head north and take the longer loop round towards the Banished base. Destroy resource silos and mines on the way. Send the Spartan up to meet them along the shorter path. Finally, as one group, head towards the Banished base.

Here you need to let the Kodiaks do the heavy lifting. Snipers cannot attack buildings and as strong as he is, Jerome can't deal with an entire base by himself. Get close enough that your Snipers can see it, then let the Kodiaks destroy the base while you kill anything that comes out. There are garrisons nearby for you to use while this happens. You can use Archer Missiles here too to kill some enemy units. The objective to kill units with an Orbital Strike (which is what the game calls Archer Missiles here for some reason) doesn't have a counter, but seems to need a few kills to count. You'll have plenty of time to use it later in the mission if needed though, so don't worry.

After you destroy the base, move your units to the marker and the second half of the mission will begin.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

You now have access to a bunch more unit types. By now, you should have completed the objective to get kills with the Snipers, so they won't make up the bulk of your force. You still want a few, as you'll need more mine kills with them. The bulk of your army here will be Kodiaks. Kodiaks can't fire without setting up and also have a minimum range (they can't attack stuff right next to them), but they're devastatingly effective in large numbers if you can spot with other units. Build Kodiaks until you have 6-8 of them and upgrade them. Build a couple of Sniper units too, just for mine clearing and spotting.

Grab the power node just past the barrier while the Kodiaks are building and deploy the ones you start with to destroy the shield generator, as well as the decorative buildings by the Power Node. The next Brute Warlord is east of those buildings and you can't get the Kodiaks past without making a path. Once you have at least 6, deploy them on the ruins of the buildings you destroyed and send a few Snipers east to get the Brute Warlord in sight. The Kodiaks will make short work of him. Just east of here is another Power Node you can take. Just be sure to take out the nearby turret first with the Kodiaks or it will harass you.

From now on you will want to continuously reinforce your units so that you have 4 Snipers and as many Kodiaks as you have space for. I would suggest constantly setting your global rally point further forward as you make progress.

From now on, try to let your Kodiaks get all the kills and only use the Snipers for spotting and killing mines. There are easoöy enough enemy units to get the 30 kills, but it's always best to be safe.

While taking the Power Node, move your Kodiaks just past it and set them up. Move a Sniper further along the path to spot a Banished base for your Kodiaks to destroy. You can build your own minibase in its place afterwards.

Next, you want to continue west, going in a sort of circle instead of continuing north. Deploy the Kodiaks just north of the ring-shaped building coming out of the ground and use your Snipers to spot out the two garrisons nearby. You can leave the Kodiaks there for now. Send the Snipers west to grab another Power Node. Just north of here is the first point you need to put a Kodiak on. Grab one and send it to deploy there. You will lose control of it when you do this, but that's fine so long as you keep building more.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

Take your Kodiaks and deploy them just north of your minibase. Send Snipers in to spot the group of enemies and use the Kodiaks to wreck them, along with the shield generator on the other side of the shield. After that's taken care of, move them further up and do the same, this time deploying them just past where the shield was.

Use your snipers to spot out the nearby enemies and turrets, but do not send them too close to the next base! Mines will drop in when you do and you want to un-deploy the Kodiaks and move all of them away before this happens, or they will automatically take them out. These are for your Snipers to kill. Save here if you are worried about this.

Once the mines are taken care of, move your Kodiaks north into the base and deploy them on the cliff edge next to the Power Node. From here they can take out the nearby minibase and the Wraiths down below. Once the Wraiths are dead, send a single Kodiak down to the marker and deploy it for the primary objective.

Just north of here is another group of mines in front of the turrets and it should be enough for you to finish the objective. You can clear them out with the Snipers and be safe from the turrets at the same time. Once that's done, move all the Kodiaks closer and use them to destroy the turrets and shield generator. The final Brute Warlord is in this base and may come out to meet you. If not, go find him and kill him. Deploy the Kodiaks just past where the shield was and they'll have range across the entire area.

There are some pesky Banshees here that you have no good way to deal with. Use Alice, alongside the Turret Drop and ODST Leader Powers if you must, but you can also just ignore them.

Once you've killed the third Brute Warlord and destroyed the base, send your Kodiaks through to the final deployment zone. Deploy one there and the mission will end.

And the knockout punch in Halo Wars 2
Complete Under the Dark
  • Unlocked by 23,363 tracked gamers (39% - TA Ratio = 1.60) 60,573

The Foundry

Par time: 22:00
Gold medal threshold: 135,000+
Campaign logs: 2
Skulls: 2
Optional objectives:

  • Cripple 3 Banished production facilities
  • Destroy the Banished fortress in under 20 Minutes
  • Prevent damage to the Scarab (Skull objective. Is defined as keeping the Scarab above 25% health)
  • Complete the mission without the Scarab dying (Skull objective, but does not appear in the list of objectives in game)

Bonus objectives:

  • Destroy 25 base structures with the Scarab
  • Destroy 15 Blisterbacks
  • Destroy 15 Banshees with Infantry or Wolverines
  • Kill 40 squads with the Scarab

You start off this mission with some troops, but no base. Grab what you're given and head north. When you see a Blisterback on a hill, head east up the hill to take it out. Continue north and you'll find a Banished minibase. Destroy it, but if a Blisterback flies past, swap your focus to that.

After destroying the minibase, take your troops north along the only path available to you, destroying anything you meet on the way. When you reach the Scarab wreck, you'll be tasked with killing the Scarab Commander, who is standing behind the Scarab atop a hill. Head up there around the east side of the Scarab wreck, killing everything. This should all be no issue.

After you kill the Scarab Commander a cutscene will play, then you will have control of the Scarab. Head down the opposite side of the hill with your troops to find the first campaign log of the mission.

The Foundry log 1

It goes without saying that you don't want the Scarab to die. Not only because it's enormously powerful, but also because of the objectives. Soon enough you'll have the opportunity to build units of your own, at which point you can assign some Nightingales to look after it.

Let your Scarab focus on enemy infantry, while using your own infantry to kill Banshees wherever possible. After killing a few enemies you'll come to a destructible pile of rubble. Use the Scarab to destroy it. The other units can help if they like, but the Scarab will do the heavy lifting here.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

On the other side of the rubble is a Banished base. Tell your troops to hang back and let your Scarab kill this. Make sure to carefully kill the buildings around the base before killing the base itself. You want to rack up kills for the bonus objective.

After the base is taken care of, you'll be able to build your own in its place. Do so and send your troops around the immediate area picking up the resources nearby. You'll be attacked by some Banshees from the west, so leave your Marines over there and make sure they get the kills on them. Send the other units south to grab the Power Node.

When the base is complete, build the standard resource generating setup: three Supply Pads and two Generators, then complement them with an Airpad and an Armory. Send the Scarab over to clear the next pile of rubble. Immediately on the other side of it is a large group of Banished. Send everyone over to start taking them out, then turn north to where you'll see another Banished base. Handle it the same way as the last one. Let the Scarab clear out the buildings one by one before killing the base itself.

While all this is happening, queue up at least 6-8 Marines, as well as 2 Nightingales back at the base and upgrade your population cap at the armory. These Marines will be tasked with killing any Banshees you see. Spare population can be used on whatever you like. I would suggest Marines to make sure you get the Banshee objective done. You basically can't lose with the Scarab anyway.

After destroying the base, don't head north just yet. Turn the Scarab around and go south with your Nightingales past a group of explosive canisters that you may have already accidentally blown up. Leave 3-4 Marines at the base to take out Banshees that trickle in and leave the rest of your army up by the newly available base plot.

Clear out the minibase you'll find to the south in the same manner as always, make sure to kill any Blisterbacks that might be lurking nearby. After destroying the minibase, you'll be able to grab the second campaign log of the mission. Grabbing it with the Scarab is possible.

The Foundry log 2

Now head back to rejoin your army with the Scarab.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

Head north, but don't go over the bridge just yet. Continue north to where you'll find some more Blisterbacks and the final production facility. After taking it out, head over the bridge.

Your goal is now to finish off all your various kill objectives. You should be close to finishing most of them. Infantry needs to kill Banshees, the Scarab needs to kill anything, and 15 Blisterbacks needs to be destroyed. If you somehow still need base structure kills with the Scarab, then there is one last base on the opposite side of the bridge.

After destroying the base, you just need to hold out for a little while. After you've killed enough enemies, the mission will end.

Fifth floor: Tools, Guns, Super Weapons in Halo Wars 2
Complete The Foundry
  • Unlocked by 22,152 tracked gamers (37% - TA Ratio = 1.65) 60,573

The Halo

Par time: 20:00
Gold medal threshold: 115,000+
Campaign logs: 1
Skulls: 1
Optional objectives:

  • Rescue Bravo Base (Skull objective)
  • Reunite with 3 Scattered UNSC Forces
  • Destroy the Banished base
  • Win domination controlling all 3 points

Bonus objectives:

  • Keep the enemy from having more than 700 tickets
  • Lose no more than 5 units to the Retriever Sentinel
  • Kill 10 enemies using the Vulture ability

This mission is another control point game, similar to Ascension. You start off defending a base from incoming attacks and will have to hold them off before most of the map becomes accessible. Send your units just north of your base to defend it. While that is happening, queue up two Supply Pads and a Generator, then upgrade them. Destroy the Barracks you start with and build an Airpad in its place. You will not have the resources for all this immediately. After you've built those, build turrets in all the available slots.

Eventually a cutscene will play and you will be attacked by this mission's major obstacle, a Retriever Sentinel. This is hopefully the only time you'll fight this thing. Let your friends take the brunt of its attacks while your units stay a little further away. You don't want it to kill your units or you may end up failing a bonus objective. It will retreat before you can kill it and now the mission proper will begin. Before doing anything else, head south of your base to grab the resources that are there.

You'll also find the only campaign log of this mission here.

The Halo log 1

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

From now on, keep an eye on the minimap at all times. The Retriever Sentinel will be displayed on it when it is active and if you're not careful it is very easy to accidentally lose some troops to it, voiding your bonus objective.

Gather up all your troops and head west of your base to the first control point, point A. There will be a warlord defending it, alongside a turret and some minor enemies, but it should be no issue for you.

After taking point A, I would personally suggest deploying your Kodiaks near your base and leaving them there. They're a pain to constantly micromanage and having them on base defense isn't the worst. It means you can upgrade your base turrets to be anti-air and have the base be mostly self-sufficient.

Next, you want to head to the far northeast of the map. Here, you will find the Bravo Base that you need to rescue. By now, you should also have enough energy to upgrade your base to level 3. Do so, so that you can build Vultures from the airpad. You will come across a Power Node on the way to Bravo Base, but rescue the base first.

Once your base is upgraded, queue up 3 Vultures. This should be more than sufficient to complete the bonus objective. All spare population from now on can be spent on some Nightingales, then Hornets.

After you successfully defend Bravo base, it will become yours. Build a similar setup to your main base here, so that you can upgrade in two Armories at once. Next, send a single unit south to capture that Power Node you passed earlier, but send the bulk of your army northeast of Bravo base. There is a minibase here you can destroy and replace. After doing that, head a little bit south to find some UNSC forces to rescue. Even further south (southeast of the Power Node) is the second group.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

With all that taken care of, gather up everyone and head over to point B, the next one you want to take. At least two Vultures should be built by now, but don't send them to join your main army. Instead, take them west of point A. There is a Banished base here that you can use to complete the bonus objective. The Vulture special ability is very powerful and annihilates groups of enemy infantry. You'll want to use hit and run tactics here. Get close, use each Vulture's ability on something, then fly away again. Your goal is to complete the objective, not destroy the base (yet).

The enemy may attack point A a few times too. The Vultures are ideal for defending it.

The rest of your army should have taken point B by now. If not, take it. After that, head further west to point C. West of point C on the hill is another Banished minibase to destroy and also the final group of UNSC soldiers to rescue.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

By now I had 5 of my Vulture kills, so hopefully, you're either similar or better than I was. Send your Vultures up to sit between points B and C. These will be periodically attacked by Banished dropships and can be farmed for your remaining kills. Remember not to let the Banished take the points for too long if at all, because if they pass 700 points, you'll fail a bonus objective.

The rest of your army can now head south from point C to destroy the Banished base. This should cause no issue, but remember to use all helpful Leader Powers just in case.

After destroying the Banished base, you can send your land army to camp between points B and C. Send the Vultures and Hornets to defend point A. Just remember to always dodge the Retriever Sentinel if it does show up, or destroy it before it has the time to kill anything.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

From here, it's a matter of waiting to reach 3000 points for the mission to end.

Sentinel size matters in Halo Wars 2
Complete The Halo
  • Unlocked by 21,149 tracked gamers (35% - TA Ratio = 1.69) 60,573

Last Stand

Par time: 23:00
Gold medal threshold: 100,000+
Campaign logs: 1
Skulls: 2
Optional objectives:

  • Kill both Brute Warlords (Skull objective)
  • Keep the Control Room shields over 50% (Skull objective)

Bonus objectives:

  • Take down a Scarab with Archer Missiles
  • Kill the Commanders in 10 minutes
  • Upgrade turret deployment

This entire mission revolves around defending Professor Anders from incoming waves of enemies. You will never have a base to build units from, but will instead be periodically given units. A special part of this mission is that you have infinite resources and all Leader Powers unlocked from the start. Use them on cooldown, especially the ODST drop.

There are turret slots around the central area that you can build on. Upgrading all six of the slots completes one of your bonus objectives. In the two attack paths that only have one overlooking turret each, upgrade them to anti-vehicle. In the other two attack paths that have two turrets each, upgrade one to anti-vehicle and one to anti-infantry.

Roughly split your units into four groups. The four attack paths are northwest, northeast, southeast and southwest. All paths have a myriad of units coming from them, so all areas should have a mix of units. If one gets overwhelmed, you can spare units from its neighboring paths to help out, until it's under control again.

If you use a separate control group for each direction, then you have a handy way of roughly gauging the power of each group, by its unit count.

This is a good spot to save, so that you can fall back on it if you feel like you messed up the next part.

After the first few waves, you'll get a message about Banished Warlords. This is the best time to take out the first group, which will be the southeast one. Head out towards the Banished group with your southeast group. Use the Holographic Decoy Leader Power to get close enough to see them, then absolutely shower them in Leader Powers. Remember that they're free and you can hit them with all of them at once. After destroying this group, the only campaign log of this mission is on the ground here.

Last Stand log 1

If you collected every other campaign log up to this point, this will be your last, giving you:

The full story in Halo Wars 2
Collect all the Campaign logs (original campaign)
  • Unlocked by 4,495 tracked gamers (9% - TA Ratio = 3.66) 52,209

Retreat back to position with your group and then wait for your Leader Powers to come back. Once you have all of them ready again, do the same on the southwest side.

From here on, it's a simple matter of holding out. It never gets particularly difficult. You'll be periodically reinforced with more unit types, so share them out among the four groups and remember to keep using ODST drop. You'll eventually hit an invisible population cap that stops you using the ODST drop ability, but you still get sent reinforcements by the mission. There are no longer notably good points to save until near the end where you'll be told about incoming Scarab attacks. Save every few minutes and then before the Scarab attacks.

Once the Scarab shows up, you'll get a fancy new super unit of your own to play with, the Condor. With your northwest group supporting it, it will have no trouble dealing with the first Scarab. Try to finish it off with the Archer Missiles ability and consider reloading if you mess that up. You'll be attacked by some more Scarabs later, but there isn't an infinite supply.

From now on, the Condor can visit whichever section is struggling. Eventually, you'll be attacked by a trio of Scarabs. Focus on one at a time and they won't be a problem. The Close Air Support Leader Power is great for dealing with one of them. Shortly after that, the mission will end.

Last stop, this town in Halo Wars 2
Complete Last Stand
  • Unlocked by 20,751 tracked gamers (34% - TA Ratio = 1.70) 60,573

That's your first campaign playthrough complete. Congratulations. As well as the mission achievement above, you will unlock:

This war is over in Halo Wars 2
Complete the Campaign (original campaign)
  • Unlocked by 20,439 tracked gamers (34% - TA Ratio = 1.72) 60,573

Assuming you managed to complete every mission with a gold medal, completed all bonus objectives and all skull objectives, you will unlock:

If you did not complete every mission with a gold medal, now is the time to go back and do that. You have unlocked the ability to enable Skulls (more on them in the next section). The important one for now is the Nightmare skull. In return for disabling the ability to save your game, you will receive a 1.4x score multiplier. By enabling this for any mission you missed gold on, you should easily be able to beat that mission's gold threshold.

Palmer's Pure Gold in Halo Wars 2
Earn a gold medal on every mission (except Prologue) on any difficulty (original campaign)
  • Unlocked by 2,713 tracked gamers (4% - TA Ratio = 4.72) 60,573

A lot extra in Halo Wars 2
Complete all the Campaign bonus objectives (original campaign)
  • Unlocked by 2,692 tracked gamers (4% - TA Ratio = 4.74) 60,573

Collecting a dream in Halo Wars 2
Collect all the Skulls (original campaign)
  • Unlocked by 4,982 tracked gamers (8% - TA Ratio = 3.48) 60,573

When you are ready to complete the campaign on Legendary, continue to the next section of this walkthrough.

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