Hamster Universe (WP)

Windows Phone

Hamster Universe (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

35 Lottery Wins5 (5)Win the lottery 35 times
35 Tasks5 (5)Complete 35 tasks
Collect 100 Billion Energy5 (5)Collect a total of 100B energy
Reach 100 Billion Energy5 (5)Reach energy level of 100B

Least Earned

Total Mastery84 (30)Complete all achievements
Mastery: Unyielding Clicker36 (15)Complete all achievements that require you to click the hamster for certain number of times
Mastery: Devoted Servant34 (15)Complete all achievements that require you to complete certain number of tasks
Mastery: Energetic42 (20)Complete “Mastery: Energy Hoarder”, “Mastery: Energy Gatherer” and “Mastery: Lazy Generator”
All Hamster Universe (WP) Achievements