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Hand of the Gods
Type Game
Publisher Hi-Rez Studios
Developer Hi-Rez Studios
Platform Xbox One
Discovered 18 Aug 2017
Last check 18 Jan 2019
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Release date 20 Feb 2018

“Hearthstone and X-Com combine” - PCGamesN Collectible card games and turn-based strategy collide in Hand of the Gods! Wage divine war by summoning the Gods to a full 3D battlefield. Move your forces into position, then unleash divine powers to defeat your foes. Can you Command the Gods? DIVINE BLEND OF CCG AND TBS It’s not what cards you play – it’s where you play them. Dominate the battlefield with your tactical brilliance. BRING YOUR CARDS TO LIFE You can’t contain a God in a flat, 2D card. Drag your cards onto the battleground and watch the Gods come to life in rich 3D. UNREAL ENGINE 4 POWERED Experience stunning 3D graphics, with FX and animations made possible by Unreal Engine 4. COMMAND THE GODS Which Pantheon will you lead into battle? Build your army from the legendary Gods of Greek, Roman, Norse, Chinese, and Egyptian mythology. FREE-TO-PLAY It’s free to play Hand of the Gods – and we’ll give you 4 Core Card Packs to open FREE when you finish the tutorial.

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Included in
Starter Pack

Stack the deck in Hand of the Gods with this value pack, perfect for beginners and veterans alike. Get a jump start on card collecting and show off your out-of-this-world leader in style!

Venus Competitor’s Pack

If you’re looking to compete in Hand of the Gods, you’ll fall in love with this amazing deal. No matter what Pantheon you want to fight with, it’s important to round out your deck with Neutral cards. In this incredible pack, you’ll get 27 Neutral cards and 10 bonus Core Card Packs! It’s a deck builder’s dream! Plus: You’ll unlock the Legendary Roman Goddess of Love Venus. And to make the deal even better you’ll unlock the Exclusive Venus Aphrodite Skin in SMITE! Unleash Your Army

Hand of the Gods Founder's Pack

Become a Founder and prove you were here for the Hand of the Gods Beta! Get a ton of cards at a great price, a limited Founder’s Icon and Card Back, plus exclusive Hand of the Gods-themed bonus content in SMITE!

Xbox Live Gold Bundle

Want to try your hand at the turn-based strategy collectible card game from the makers of SMITE and Paladins? Xbox Live Gold members get instant access to Hand of the Gods' Closed Beta for FREE! As an additional bonus, Gold members also receive the following: Exclusive Xeus Leader Skin for Zeus Labyrinth Card Back Tree of Life Player Icon 5 Core Packs

Core Set Bundle

5 Pantheons. All Cards. Packed with 285 cards, the Core Set Bundle will allow an incredibly diverse gameplay experience. With this bundle, you'll be ready to build multiple decks and dominate the battlefield. Wield the power of Zeus, Raise the grave with Ah Puch, or cast Nu Wa’s powerful spells to lead your armies to victory.

1500 Gems

1500 in-game gems for SMITE: Battleground of the Gods.

200 Runes

200 in-game runes for Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics

8000 Runes

8000 in-game runes for Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics

1500 Runes

1500 in-game runes for Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics

2500 Runes

2500 in-game runes for Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics

3500 Runes

3500 in-game runes for Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics

400 Runes

400 in-game runes for Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics

800 Runes

800 in-game runes for Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics