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    05 Dec 2011 03 Aug 2013
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    A free-roam style RPG with a hint of Skyrim & Oblivion and a touch of G1 Champion Jockey.

    Numerous side quests that involve rebuilding a chicken coop and trying to get into bed with Travis.

    ** Spoiler alert **

    The side quests in the fair will blow your mind.

    Bottle tossing, horse races you can't win without 4 controllers and something to do with throwing frogs onto tactically placed lily-pads. 3 games rolled into one awesome package.


    Extensive perks and upgrades which will leave you coming back for more. My favourite is a saddle for Blue Jeans that makes him jump straight. Or a roller for Travis to replace the paint brush. If you prestige you gain an additional 25% xp perk, making the 100 items of clothing achievement slightly easier.


    These 12 babies are not for the faint of heart. At least 2 hours to unlock the lot using the blue jeans glitch.

    Maybe 2.5 without it but It's up to you.


    It is said that The Orange Box is the best games package on 360, I disagree.
    With the fair and main story itself you get 4 games rolled into one.

    If you love dancing like a boxer in the 12th round over and over, then this is for you.

    A must buy for Christmas.
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  • SashamorningSashamorning2,638,432
    28 Aug 2010 26 Oct 2010
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    Yes, this is on the list of Ultimate Gamerscore Whore Games. If you've played this game, you're either so shameless about getting gamerscore you don't care how it looks on your card, or you have a young daughter.

    Those are about the only reasons you're going to be playing this game.

    That's not to say it's terrible, though. Actually, the musical sequences (while full of lots of stars, hearts and glitter) have some interesting minigames. While Hannah, er, Miley, er, Hannah is performing her songs, you need to move your controller in time with certain visual cues. These cues vary between dance steps, hand gestures, and even instruments. There are short minigames for guitar, drums and vocals as well.

    And then there's the shopping! And the fairground games! And the errand girl runs to impress her wannabe boyfriend! Luckily, these aren't too onerous. In fact nothing about this game is really that onerous. If you're willing to spend 4-6 hours (tops) running through this, the 1k is yours.

    Without the easy points, though, I wouldn't pick it up. The graphics are last gen, the story is inane, and the music is... well, you know what it is. The fairground minigames are slightly frustrating, and I found myself having to redo them to get tokens to buy the 100 articles of clothing for the last achievement. A little annoying, but not terribly.

    In short, the game is what it is: a game targeted toward young girls that happens to have easy achievements for quick points. On the other hand, the game could be a lot worse. I actually found this fairly enjoyable for what it is, and not much of a grind at all.

    3 stars, mainly because the easy achievements came at relatively little cost, both in terms of time and annoyance. Not a great game, but not awful.
  • BennyBlessingsBennyBlessings163,786
    20 Jan 2016
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    Believe it or not, Hannah Montana has some complex themes. There is the resistance by the elderly to progress and economic development. There is the duality of Miley's life as farm hand and worldwide superstar. The game is written in a way that mirrors the Disney show, but without the canned laughter. I have to wonder if it was jarring for Hannah Montana fans to watch this story without the help of the laff track.

    I found myself rooting for the developer as the hero of this story. Miley's grandmother is a tyrant with that sweet passive-aggressive demeanor one can expect of some Southern women. She selfishly rallies the town to resist changing the small town. I have to imagine that in real life she'd be booed out of the town council meeting for being against jobs and economic growth for the area. Miley wants this change, but is bullied into her grandmother's position. Her dad is indifferent. I am sure if they build a mall in town it will save everyone a long trip to the next county that has one.

    Since Miley is a star, every time I did some kind of fetch quest I had cognitive dissonance. Hannah Montana is the biggest star in the world and she's rebuilding a chicken coop in rural Tennessee with reclaimed wood and parts. Considering the size of her tour bus, I think she can afford to hire a contractor and build the Sistine Chapel of chicken coops.

    I would love a game where Miley goes Hannah Montana full time, like when Superman just ditches Clark Kent. She has an army of rabid fans and a billion dollars. If she got selfish that would be amazing. Since this is a Disney IP, I have to wonder why Hannah Montana just didn't buy Crowley Farms outright. Can't be too expensive for her.

    As far as gameplay goes, the game isn't truly terrible. This is about a 4-5 hour completion. If you do it in one sitting like me, you may go mental. It's soul-crushing in the way NCIS is. The good news is that there aren't any game breaking bugs like there are in some of the Lego games. If you follow the walkthrough, you can crank out the 1000g in pretty quickly.