3. Happy Feet Two: The Video Game Story walkthroughUpdate notes

I haven't wrote a full step-by-step guide for all levels as the game is straight forward enough, I only listed the levels that will earn you the achievements. You might also unlock some cumulative achievements during your playthrough, but I can't stick these to a certain level. You can find these achievements on the Miscellaneous achievements page with some extra tips in case you missed one or two during your adventure.

Be sure to grab an extra controller and get it ready to hit start and start playing co-op at the end of each level.

  • Normal levels : Press start just before doing the dance ritual to open the exit of the level.
  • Races : Just play the race in co-op all the way through and swap controllers if one of the players is bound to die (out of hearts) to prevent this. You can also press start close to the end, eitherway works.
  • Bonus levels : Just play them with the second player from the start, or at the end, your call.
  • Boss levels : Press start just before doing the last button mash scene. You'll know the cue when the number reaches 1 and you filled the circulair meter 3/4.

Also be sure to "collect" all the penguins in the first 5 levels.

Level 1

Alright here we go the story playthrough, after some hints, tips and tricks you'll be given control over your character.

Take your time on the first level and don't hit anything as you want a full health bar at the end of the level.

First thing we're going to do is press the "LB" button to switch characters and gain the first achievement of the game:

Now go on and "collect" those penguins. While doing so make sure to hit the vibe spots at the same time. Vibes are hidden music notes and they can be found by holding down "Y" in the right place or hitting "X" while staying in the beat 8 times. If done correctly a ring of music notes will appear. Make sure vibration is activated on your controller before your start as this will guide you towards the right place based on vibration. From the start of the level "collect" the first 2 penguins. The first vibe will be in front of the 3rd penguin.

Simply keep going and "collecting" penguins as you go and after your 3th penguin it's achievement time again:

Hit the second Vibespot on the second platform after penguin 3.

Again keep going and after the 5th penguin joined your pack you'll receive another achievement:

The final vibe spot is on the platform between the final two penguins and the slide giving you an achievement:

After collecting all the penguins move to the exit and add your second player, then finish the level by grouping up in the circle and holding down the "RT" button. This will award you with another achievement:

And if you haven't hit anything and thus finish the level with a full health bar you'll get another award for it:

Level 3

In level 3 you will find a Disco Fish which will give you special powers (Stronger/notes magnet) for a short while as well as an achievement:

While the Disco Fish is activated destroy 10 items by doing a ground stomp "Y" button to gain another achievement:

Level 5

After completing level 5, assuming you have "collected" all penguins until now you'll get another achievement:

Level 7

Your first Boss level and also an opportunity to bag two achievements for beating him without making a mistake.

Simply use 1 controller and press the buttons when the red ball drops on them. Don't forget to activate player 2 just before the last button mash and claim those achievements:

Level 9

This is your first race level with a lot of targets and achievements. Some are easy whilst others are hard, so I'll list the easy ones and leave the harder onces for the misc page.

You need to complete the race (win of course) and complete three stunt hoops (3 out of 5).

To complete stunt hoops you need to slide up the ramps and press "A" to jump at the egde for some height. Just before you go through the hoop press the corresponding button which is showed in the hoop to do a stunt. Take advantage by slowing down to line up and boost to gain more speed. Hitting a stunt hoop perfectly will lead to a bonus sound in game as well as a full boost bar.

This will give you the following achievements:

Level 11

The first bonus level in the game and a chance for two achievements at once.

Grab the Disco Fish and smash three ice boulders at the same time with a ground stomp. Be sure to be close enough to destroy three! Finish the level in co-op as usual and collect the most notes with player 1 and these will unlock:

Level 16

This level is a race and your goal is to finish it with full health, so take it slow (or restart of course). After completing the level with full health you will be gifted two shiny achievements. One story related for finishing Emperor Land and one for finishing the last level of a land with full health:

If you haven't got the achievement in level 9 you'll get it here for sure for completing a race without hitting anything:

Level 19

At the start of level 19 you will be given the opportunity to "collect" 3 penguins at the same time. On the left hand side you will see two penguins together with a 3rd penguin down below. Position yourself in the middle of all penguins and collect them for another achievement:

Level 28

Another bonus level with a nice extra target, you need to complete it without getting hurt. Use the Disco Fish in your advantage, clear the spikes and scare away the birds with ground stomps. On completing the level without getting hurt the achievement is yours:

Level 31

After completing level 31 you will get a story related achievement for completing Adelie Land:

Level 47

After completing level 47 you will get a story related achievement for completing Elephant Seal Land:

Level 48

Level 48 will be the last race level, so winning this one will give you an achievement for winning all races:

Level 54

If you have collected, and you will, 200 penguins towards this level you will get an achievement when the level starts:

After finishing the level you will be rewarded with two achievements for finishing the game and finishing in co-op:

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