4. Happy Feet Two: The Video Game Miscellaneous achievementsUpdate notes

Ah, the final part of the game! Some miscalleneous achievements with a small grind.

Like I've written for the story walkthrough, there are some cumulative achievements which you may have by now. So let's start with these, with some additional hints if you haven't got them.

Collecting music notes

Collecting 100 music notes, a must have by now for sure:

Collect 200 notes in 1 level, if you haven't got it, replay level 18 solo:

Collecting 2,000 notes should already be in the bag, but if not check the song related part below:

Other cumulative achievements

Crossing 50 ice rails, again one you should have by now:

Moving 5 ice blocks, use ground stomps to move them but you sould have got this by now:

Activating 20 moving platforms, two types; a) platform that moves by using "RT" and b) where 1 penguin actives a platform for the other penguin. Again a must have by now:

Scaring 20 Skua birds, you need to scare away the big birds with ground stomps. If you don't have it, combine this with levelling up all the songs as the level you'll be playing will have two:

Waking up 5 sleepy penguins, you need a certain amount of "collected penguins" for this and then press "B" to wake the sleeping penguins before "collecting" them:

Destroying 5 stone colums with an emperor penguin (big one). If you haven't got it replay level 4 solo:


For this one you need to dance and stay on the beat for 20 moves straight. Simply replay any level and start dancing to a rythym by pressing "X" at the right time. In the middle of your screen you'll see a bar with flashing pink light around it, hit the moves when it lights up. When you've done the move and you see a pink swirl around your penguin yoù know you're on a roll here and still on the beat:

For this one you need to do a dance combo, again replay any level and let's go. First stage of the combo is doing a dance move while staying in the beat 8 times (see beat it), after the final swirl of move number 8 quickly tap the "Y" button, and again when you hit the ground and again once you're high in the air (ground stomp combo).

Practice your ground stomp combo first, then your dancing moves like in beat it, then combine it together:

You'll definitly have this one by now, as it's for replaying any level:

Load up any level and at the start clap 108 times by pressing the "B" button:

Grab your notes and replay the bosses you haven't mastered yet, but do it solo only of course

Remember your first race at level 9, well load it up again and for the next achievement you need to complete all stunt hoops perfectly. Yes you need all 5 hoops perfectly. Remember jump at the edge of the ramps and press the right button just before going through the hoop. If done correctly you will see/hear all these criteria:

  • A full boost bar after you land
  • A midair stunt by your penguin
  • You will land nicely
  • You will hear a special sound when you go through the hoop.

And to finish it all off the final grind of the game, songs...

Song related

Unlocking all songs, you need to buy all 19 songs for which you need around 30,000 notes in total. If you don't have enough at the end of the game, simply keep replaying level 34 (bonus level) for easy/fast notes and maybe some skua birds if needed:

Levelling up all songs, for this you need all songs up to level 7 (grindy!), so hit up level 34 over and over to level all songs to the max:

Have you bagged all the achievements? Then congratulations for completing Happy Feet Two!

Thank you very much for reading this walkthrough and feedback of this walkthrough is always welcome.

Until the next walkthrough!


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