4. Happy Wars (Xbox 360) Title Update DLCUpdate notes

If you are still with us after grinding away at the main game... the developers had it in them to add to the game experience with more achievements. As you can imagine, the additional achievements will require a decent effort to complete. Worth noting is that if you've met the requirements for any of the title update achievements prior to playing on the update (such as completing certain quests or reaching level 40 or 50) those achievements will unlock after you complete your first online game. The title update is free and everyone is required to play on the same game version now... so to truly complete the game will require some serious level and quest grinding. Please keep in mind that only Special Events, Quick Matches and Co-op Matches count for these achievements. Single player modes such as Training and Story will not give you progress toward these. Without further ado... here's how you can tackle them with minimal effort.

First off we'll look at the new level achievements. We are now tasked with reaching level 40 and 50. I've found that playing co-op matches seem to be best for XP as you have 3 rather short rounds to work with, and if things are going well, you will be winning nearly every time. Quick matches are rather unpredictable for farming XP as you have no guarantee someone won't throw up a ladder and take the tower quickly... or be matched against a team with far superior skill (yes, this still happens.) With persistence you will be able to unlock:

It is probably worth noting that the level 50 achievement will likely be your last achievement. By the time I reached level 50 I had completed 64 quests. It is likely that you will be in a similar situation.

The next section we'll look into are the new quest based achievements. There are 2 that require completion of a certain number of quests overall as well as 3 that require you to play a certain character class and accomplish a specific task. These can be a pain as not all players feel comfortable with each class. I'll note a few methods to help speed them along when we cover them. Both of the following achievements require you to complete various quests. If you need help finding the easier ones, please refer to the bottom of the previous page as it offers guidance for: You Rock! achievement in Happy Wars

If you completed the main title, you will unlock the 20 quest achievement after you finish your first online match.

Now to cover the 3 class specific achievements. These require you to complete a quest associated with one particular class and should be expected to take some serious time.

The Warrior quest will likely be the easiest for most gamers. To be honest, this was the last quest I needed for my 60 as I never got into playing Warrior... but with the addition of the Beserker class you have more options. I found the AI was a much easier opponent than human players, just not as satisfying to kill. Once you kill your 1,000th enemy you will see the notification in-game and the achievement will unlock at the end of the game when you reach the score screen.

The Mage achievement is also rather easy as they deal their damage from range. I unlocked this quest prior to starting the Title Update as I played Mage generally. This is likely much easier in Co-op as well due to the skill level of the AI being well below that of the average human opponent. After tallying up 1,000 kills with your Mage you will see a notification in-game and unlock the quest and achievement at the score screen after the match is complete.

  • The Devil

    Complete the 'The Devil' Quest

    The Devil
    1 guideDiscontinued

The Cleric quest is probably what will help pass time as you work toward level 50 as you need 10,000 heals to complete it. Only targeted heals on others count toward this quest, meaning that self-heals and the Sanctuary skill do not count toward this total. The best advice I can offer is to play whatever game mode (online of course) that you prefer and sit back spamming heals. You will find that a well-equipped Cleric is better suited for this, so I wouldn't work on this until you have a nice suit of armor. Skills to keep an eye out for are: AP Recovery Level 3, Conserve AP Level 3, Max AP Up Level 3 and Shorten Cooldown Level 3. If you don't play with someone with Sacred Song+ you should consider adding it as well, you can grab 5-6 easy heals right from the start of every match, and you seriously help your team as well. Once you manage your 10,000th heal you will see the notification in-game and will unlock the quest and achievement at the score screen.

  • Archangel

    Complete the 'Archangel' Quest

    1 guideDiscontinued

The final achievement in the Title Update requires you to create a level 15 item. You can do this with 2 goals in mind. Fastest method or Godlike Equipment method. For both methods, you will require 6 identical items. The Premium and regular versions of items available in Special Events do not combine... you need 6 of the same exact item.

The fastest method is to play match after match ensuring you have an item box. Upgrading the item box it isn't as important since the lower level items are cheaper to upgrade than better ones. If you get bored of playing, you can resort to the Happy Spinner to try for gear as well. Doing this will possibly net you some rare items... I've found 5 super premium items from the Spinner so far. I'd suggest using all 3 bets on the same item type to reduce the number of spins and matches you will have to play. If you focus on this method, I'd spin for shields as there are less of them than any other item type. To combine this with gameplay, use a Warrior or Cleric as you will get items that your current character can use. Playing a Mage will not result in finding a shield in your item box for example. Once you have 6 identical items, skip to the Combine explanation.

If you want to have a Godlike piece of armor or weapon to use on the battlefield, you will want to create a level 15 premium or super premium item. The simplest way to get 6 identical premium items is by playing the Special Events repeatedly. You get progression toward items based on your contribution to the team. Sitting back and letting your team conquer won't net you nearly as much as being the player with the most kills. Being the match MVP guarantees an item. When you get to the point that you can unlock a chest - use your Happy Tickets (if you have any) to upgrade it. Once you have 6 of the item you want to use, you can then follow the instruction for combining them. This will take significantly longer than using cheap items but you end up with an item that really improves your character.

To combine the items and get a level 15 out of it without cursing at the game too much, follow these steps:

  • From the Main Menu, choose Play, then Dress Up & Power-Up, then Item Level-Up
  • Chose the base item first - one of the items you have 6 of
  • Chose the item(s) to use as material. If one of these items is a duplicate of the base item, it will raise the item's max level. DO NOT USE MORE THAN 1 OF YOUR DUPLICATE ITEMS AT ONCE. YOU WILL ONLY GAIN 1 LEVEL!
  • Once you have raised your item's max level you must continue adding in material items to finish the leveling process. A Premium or Super Premium item take significantly more material and Happy Stars to upgrade. If you don't have enough material, you can combine smaller items together to make higher level (and worth more as material) items. You may even want to toss in Premium or Super Premium items into it that you don't have a use for since they are worth quite a lot of material points.

Of note... if you are having issues with scavenging material, you can use this method as a last resort. Since the game keeps your save online only you can use this to your advantage. Get as much material together as you can. Disconnect from the internet and make your upgrades using the material you have on hand as well as the equipment your characters had on. Once you get the achievement, close the game and reload. You will have everything you did before you went offline... and nothing more. You won't have the level 15 item since the game never knew you made it. Your achievement will also be offline since connecting to LIVE will re-establish your connection with the Happy Wars server and end up with you looking to reequip all of your characters. If you chose to do it this way, STAY OFFLINE until you hit the dashboard.

No matter which method of leveling your item you chose, the achievement will unlock as soon as the item reaches level 15.

Happy Warring!

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