5. Happy Wars (Xbox 360) Title Update 2 DLCUpdate notes


If you are still looking forward to have your happy wars (xbox 360) 100% completed
then you'll have to go for another 8 achievements now.
The developers seem to find that Title Update (1) DLC still wasn't enough grinding
so they gifted us with another 8 achievements worth 100G.
To our relief Title Update 2 DLC is a lot easier than Title Update (1) DLC and it can be completed in far less time as well.

As already mentioned in the Title Update (1) DLC:
The title update is free and everyone is required to play on the same game version.
Please keep in mind that only Special Events, Quick Matches and Co-op Matches count for these achievements.
Single player modes such as Training and Story will not give you progress toward these.

So here's what you need to do...

Introducing classes to Happy Wars:

With the second DLC of Happy Wars, every type of character (Warrior, Cleric, Mage) now has a second class.
You have to set a class for each equipment slot.
Doing this will erase the equipment collection for that slot. (Just the collection, not the items themselves)
You can switch classes if you go to
main menu > character-tab > change class > (select your character type) > (select your slot) > D-Pad Right > cn_A to confirm
There are 3 classes to unlock:
Berserk: Use 2 swords with your warrior, and use enhanced versions of the warrior skills.
Zephyr: Your mage will be able to use new wind element mage skills.
Engineer: Your cleric can use skills to either build better versions of the static canons or build faster in general.
The engineer has got a quite strong team skill called "ultimate weapon". By using ultimate weapon you need at least 4 people
to activate. Once activated you will transform into a big robot, which has its own 3 unique skills. The robot has a life bar
and it's health decreases automatically by time or by taking damage.

Unlocking each class:

Before you are able to play as one of the new classes, you'll have to unlock them.
There are two ways of unlocking the classes:

  • Finish 3 certain missions from the missions-menu for each class
  • Buy the each class for 20 happy tickets per class

The missions you'll have to do to unlock the classes are:

  • The Champion: Have the most kills in a game
  • The Swordmaster: 100 kills as warrior
  • Kill Em All!: Kill every enemy at least once in a game


  • The Feared Mage: 30 kills as mage
  • And become a legend...: Get mentioned 50 times in the hero window
  • Magical Dawn: Kill 500 mage-type-opponents in total


  • The Executor: Destroy the main tower 10 times in total
  • Special Units: Destroy the main tower without losing health
  • Omaha Beach: Kill 300 opponents with balista (the static canon which throws arrows)
    Kills with other static canon types won't count toward this mission

Achievements Guide:

Before beginning with this DLC, you should have at least one of the classes unlocked.
(If you don't know how to unlock classes look above)
To unlock the achievements you'll have to use each team skill of the new classes 50 times.
To speed up things, use shorten cooldown and skill+ buffs in your equipment as much as you can.
Doing that, will unlock the team skills earlier in the game, which helps to get more team skill-counts per game.

After that you'll have to use the new B-Button-skills of the new classes 100 times each.
Which skills you need exactly and how to make them count towards the achievement are explained below.

NOTE:When i reached level 26 (level for completing single player story), I've already unlocked the berserk.
So I'll just guess most people will have the berserk here to. Therefore I'll start with the berserk achievements.

Berserk Class:
There are 2 achievements related to the berserk class.
The fastest way to obtain them is to go for both achievements at once.
First, you need to use the "multiple missile" team skill of the berserk 50 times in total.
Try to get near allies and give a "Follow Me" command by pressing RB + Y.
Then activate your team skill and NPCs will help you most of the time.
As long as your multiple missile skill is recovering, try to go for the 100 berserk kills.
For the 100 berserk kills, you must activate the B-Button-skill which let you scream right before you kill an enemy.
As the "screaming" skill gives you an attack buff for just a few seconds,
try to kill any opponent as fast as possible.
The kill only counts if the buff-logo still was visible under your AP-Bar.
Repeating this over and over will net you with the following achievements:

  • They Had It Coming…

    Kill foes with the Berserk skill in Quick Match or Co-op mode at least 100 times.

    They Had It Coming…
    1 guideDiscontinued

  • Missile Barrage

    Successfully use Multiple Missile team skill in Quick Match or Co-op mode 50 times total.

    Missile Barrage
    1 guideDiscontinued

Before you can continue, you will have to unlock either the engineer or the zephyr.
I suggest to just buy the engineer for 20 happy tickets as it's easier to
kill 500 mage-type-opponents than 300 kills with balista.
By just playing the game, 20 happy tickets should come together automatically.
So here's what you need to do with the engineer:

Engineer Class:
There are 3 achievements related to the engineer class.
First you can go for "Mr. Fix-IT" Achievement. This one is quite easy.
When you start as engineer, most of the time you'll have a repair-skill in your A-Button-Skills-List.
Just follow the group that builds towers along the way to the middle of the map.
When you come to the middle where the big fight begins, try to fight against an NPC in a safe place.
NPCs are easy to beat and won't run away. If you just hit the NPC with your X-Attacks and
use the Repair-Skill on him, right before he dies... plopp... ACHIEVEMENT:
  • Mr. Fix-It

    Kill a foe with the Repair skill in Quick Match or Co-op mode.

    Mr. Fix-It
    3 guidesDiscontinued

Next you will go for the ultimate weapon achievement.
Use the ultimate weapon team skill 50 times in total.
If you have an armour for your engineer that has holy song+ in it, USE IT.
You can combine holy song+ with Team skill Experience Up.
This will make you level 3 just when you come out of the castle.
With even more skill+ enhancements in my equipment i was able to cast 1 "ultimate weapon" team skill,
right when leaving the castle... Can't get any better than that! :)
As soon as you can use "ultimate weapon", try to get near allies and
give a "Follow Me" command by pressing RB + Y.
Then activate your team skill and NPCs will help you most of the time.
When you're waiting for the ultimate weapon skill to recover, go for the gatling builds.
You'll have to build 100 Gatling Canons or Rocket Launchers.
The best way to do this, is to stay at your castle and keep building Gatling Canons.
As soon as the gatling is build, destroy it again with your X-Attacks.
Then you can build a new gatling at the same spot. This will count towards the achievement.
You can build them by using "Summon Material" on a suitable spot and afterwards
switch to the "Destroy Work" skill and use it on the summoned material.
If you manage to build a gatling (or rocket launcher) out of it, you'll get +25XP on the screen.
BE CAREFULL: Sometimes allies help you with building.
If this is the case, and you don't see +25XP on the screen after build has finished,
then it won't count towards the achievement.
You can speed up building, if you have unlocked the A-Button-Skill which
increases your building speed. Building Speed Lvl1-3 in your equipment also helps a bit.
Grinding all that Gatlings and "Ultimate Weapons" nets you with the following Achievements:
  • War Engine Master

    Successfully build Gatling or Rocket Launcher in Quick Match or Co-op mode 100 times total.

    War Engine Master
    1 guideDiscontinued

  • Behind the Wheel

    Successfully use Ultimate Weapon team skill in Quick Match or Co-op mode 50 times total.

    Behind the Wheel
    1 guideDiscontinued

If you come this far, I'm sure you have either killed 500 mage-type-oppenents or won another 20 happy tickets.
If so, unlocked the last class, the zephyr.
Now that you have unlocked all 3 new classes in happy wars, go and play 1 game as zephyr.
Then you have played with each class at least once.
This will net you with the following achievement:
  • Early Adapter

    Choose Berserker, Engineer, and Zephyr at least once in Quick Match or Co-op mode.

    Early Adapter
    1 guideDiscontinued

Zephyr Class:
There are 2 achievements related to the zephyr class.
The fastest way to obtain them is to go for both achievements at once.
You'll have use Wind Swap 50 times in total and
you must use Cyclone Rush team skill 50 times in total.
Whenever you can use on of the skills, try to use it.
When Cyclone Rush needs to recovery, go for Wind Swaps.
Wind Swap is a little buggy. It seems like the skill
show an animation but doesn't do anything at all.
But if you activate it correctly you change positions with a selected enemy.
(Restriction: You can't select enemy's inside castles)
To activate Wind Swap do as following:
- Press B to activate "Wind Swap"
- Pick your opponent to switch with
- Press B to start "Wind Swap" (An animation will show up on you and your opponent)
- FIX: Press B again. like if you would want to activate it twice. Now your "Wind Swap" should work
After grinding for 50 wind swaps and 50 cyclone rush team skills you will get the last 2 achievements:
  • Elusive Phantom

    Successfully use Wind Swap skill in Quick Match or Co-op mode 50 times total.

    Elusive Phantom
    2 guidesDiscontinued

  • Typhoon Master

    Successfully use Cyclone Rush team skill in Quick Match or Co-op mode 50 times total.

    Typhoon Master
    1 guideDiscontinued

So here you have it. 600 / 600G.

It's been a hell of a grind, but it's over :).

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