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Story Walkthrough

Video Walkthrough:

Just to note that I only got 47/50 kills for the achievement in this playthrough because that jump in the cave was super annoying and I kept dying trying to get over it. If you game over before the 50 kills, you can just start a new game and keep killing enemies as shown in the video until you get the achievement.

Text Walkthrough:

When you start a new game, you'll have a cutscene. You can choose to watch it, or you can skip through it by pressing the start button. If you choose to skip it, pay attention as you'll be asked to choose a skill sometime in between cutscenes. Make sure you choose Double Jump as it makes grinding for the extra lives achievement very easy. Skip until you start falling into a hole. Once you see that animation and you try to skip it, you'll actually pause the game (as I found out the hard way). After you fall into the pit, you'll end up on a pile of bones, which is where your adventure starts.

Use the D-Pad and head right down off the bone pile to the grey wall. Use the cn_X to smash it open, then head through to the next room. In this room, head inside and you'll see a skeleton on the wall. When you get close, it will come off the wall and attack you by throwing bones at you. You need to duck by pressing cn_down on the D-Pad to avoid taking damage, then mash the cn_X button until it's dead. Once it is, head forward to some stairs. Once you get closer you'll see a mouse come down the stairs. These are the easiest enemies to defeat. Just punch it once and move on up the stairs. You'll head past a door, then come to a second door with a skeleton on the other side. Be careful with this second door and jump over the doorway to avoid getting hit by the hand that will come out of the bottom, then kill the skeleton and move on. Head down the stairs and down the hall and kill another skeleton, then up a set of stairs, killing another skeleton up here. Once it's dead, head down the hall into the next area.

In this area you'll come across some zombie(?) things. To defeat them, you need to press cn_up on the D-Pad while pressing the cn_X button. You'll do an uppercut and knock their heads off in one hit. Do this on the first zombie you approach, then move on down the hall. You'll come across two more zombies, so uppercut them and keep moving down the hall, taking care to jump over the hand that will come out of the wall behind you. You'll eventually get to a ledge with a spider and a hand coming out of the wall. I never bothered to figure out how to kill the spiders, and you'll definitely come across more than enough enemies on your playthrough to kill 50, so just hit it once and it'll flip on it's back, then jump up and kill the zombie up here. Head forward and down a set of stairs and kill the zombie on the stairs. If you killed all the enemies you've come across besides the spider, you'll unlock:

Head down the stairs and you'll need to jump across some sewage to get to the other side. If you have double jump as your perk, you can double jump onto the chandelier above the platform and just jump off the other side to get across. Otherwise, jump on the platform floating, then jump across. Keep heading right and kill the zombie here, then head through the door to the next area.

In this next area, you're going to grind out the 10 extra lives achievement. As soon as you walk in, you'll see a zombie and a spider on the table. Let them walk off and hit the spider and kill the zombie. Jump up on the table and head across. You'll see a zombie in front of two ledges, with a spider on the higher one with a piece of candy, and a lower one. It's important you don't kill this zombie while you're trying to grind the 10 extra lives achievement, as having it alive makes it much easier to die. Jump over the zombie and on to the lower of the two ledges. Once here, the screen will move to the right and you'll see a green soda can on a ledge up and to the right. From this bottom ledge, double jump up to the ledge with the soda can and you'll pick it up. Drop down and let the zombie walk into you and it will do damage. I believe you can take damage four times before dying. Now you simply need to repeat this process until you've picked up that soda can ten times.

After doing this three times, you'll unlock:

After doing this six times, you'll unlock:

If you never took damage getting to this point, you'll have the following achievement sometime in your 7th run:

If you killed the first zombie here, as well as all the other enemies I mentioned previously, you'll get the below achievement after killing the first zombie at the start of your 8th run:

In my video I avoided killing the first zombie, so the numbers in my video will be a little off, but if you were to kill the first zombie in this room, you'll unlock the achievement for killing 20 enemies at this time.

After doing this nine times, you'll unlock:

And after doing this for the tenth and final time, you'll unlock:

Now that we're all done with all those fun achievements, we can continue playing after you pick up the soda can for the tenth time. You can finally get some payback on that zombie for killing you all those times. Once it's dead, continue into the next area.

In this next room you'll see some different zombie like enemies, and you'll see the roof is leaking. Avoid these drops as they'll damage you, and walk up to these new zombies and punch them a few times to kill them. Head forward and dodge the drops, then jump across the water to a platform with a box on it. Time your next jump so you don't get hit by the drops, then jump across to the next area and quickly kill the two zombies here. Head forward and jump over a small stream, avoiding more drops, and kill two more zombies here. Once they're dead, head into the next area.

Skip the cutscene and jump through the wall the nice ghost made for you. You'll be in a cave with some mice in front of you. Kill the first mouse you come across and, if you've killed everything I mentioned to kill up to this point, you'll unlock:

Now be careful of the hand sticking out of the ground and kill the two mice on the other side. There will now be a gap you need to jump over. I sucked at making this jump, so if you can do it, great, but if not, don't worry as it's not a big deal. If you do manage to make the jump, head forward and kill the mouse here, then jump up to the next ledge and kill the mouse here too. At this point I just started to walk off into the spikes and die. You'll respawn at the beginning of the cave so you can get 3-5 easy mouse kills again for the remainder of your lives. If you didn't die up to this point and continued after you got your 10th soda can, after dying either by falling in the pit at the beginning or on the spikes I mentioned above, you'll have 5 lives left. This means you'll get 15-25 mice kills depending on whether or not you make the jump. Keep doing this until you run out of lives and you'll get a game over, unlocking:

If you were able to make that jump more times than I was, you'll also unlock the final achievement for killing 50 enemies:

If you were a few kills short, after you game over, just start a new game and follow the walkthrough again until you reach 50. You should only need 5 or so if you didn't get it in your previous playthrough.

And now you have the easiest 1000 gamerscore you've earned since Avatar. Hope you enjoy the boost and hope this walkthrough was able to help streamline your gameplay!

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