Headbutt Factory (Win 10)


Headbutt Factory (Win 10) Achievements

Most Earned

A Special One
A Special One55 (55)You found a shining headbot for the first time. Thank you for finding me. I will be your support.
Home Run
Home Run55 (55)Sent a ball flying way far away. Out of the park home run!
The Adventure Begins
The Adventure Begins55 (55)You ventured into the world outside. Welcome to the Headbutt Factory.
Demolition Dealer
Demolition Dealer61 (55)Destroyed 100 breakable objects (headbots and contraptions excluded). You'll destroy the world.

Least Earned

Farewell447 (200)You were sucked into a white hole. What just happened? You wake up with a small ball at your side.
Zombie Killer
Zombie Killer78 (55)You protected the headbots from the zombies. Rest in Peace Zombies.
You're One of Us
You're One of Us198 (140)You got crushed by the machine press. Did you miss something...? You're not quite sure…
Having a Blast
Having a Blast71 (55)Took down a zombie with a bomb. Explosions are an art form.
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We have just picked up the achievement list for Headbutt Factory (Win 10). There are 14 achievements worth a total of 1,000 Gamerscore, 2 of which are secret

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