Headbutt Factory (Windows) Achievements

Full list of all 14 Headbutt Factory (Windows) achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • Farewell

    You were sucked into a white hole. What just happened? You wake up with a small ball at your side.

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  • You're One of Us

    You got crushed by the machine press. Did you miss something...? You're not quite sure…

  • The Adventure Begins

    You ventured into the world outside. Welcome to the Headbutt Factory.

  • Change!

    You changed a ball for the first time. Transform! Type A!

  • Game Set

    You won your first rally. I won't lose next time. Until we meet again!

  • Zombie Killer

    You protected the headbots from the zombies. Rest in Peace Zombies.

  • Begone!

    Knocked down 50 headbots. You're going to pay if you keep that up!

  • Demolition Dealer

    Destroyed 100 breakable objects (headbots and contraptions excluded). You'll destroy the world.

  • Home Run

    Sent a ball flying way far away. Out of the park home run!

  • Offsetting

    Blasted an incoming ball with another ball. Get outa here! And stay out of my line of fire!

  • Having a Blast

    Took down a zombie with a bomb. Explosions are an art form.

  • Let's Go Hunting

    Shot down one of those fish-like birds. Nice Hunting!

  • Absolute Defense

    Staved off the zombies without taking damage. Not a single scratch on you.

  • A Special One

    You found a shining headbot for the first time. Thank you for finding me. I will be your support.