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Posted on 24 August 19 at 02:56
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This is my first review! If I do not do it right, I am not meaning to.

Hello neighbor, one of the only games that kept me wanting to play it after it was over. This is one of my favorite games on xbox.

So, this game has an unbelievably bad wrap on this website, from player ratings and the professional review. This is most likely because of the EXTREMELY difficult and almost mindless puzzles you have to do. Now, that is why I am clarifying, this game is only really fun with a walkthrough. Now let me tell you, I hate using walkthroughs and feel bad every time because I am not able to do it. But on this game, you can wander for 10+ hours on some puzzles and have nothing but a flashlight to show for it. So, I would not really see it being that fun without a walkthrough.

But, with a walkthrough, the game still has a few hours worth of storyline gameplay. And, you can really appreciate the story, which I love how it doesnt ever directly tell you what is happening in the plot to make you figure it out. Also, the soundtrack is breathtaking. As soon as I fire up the game I just sit and listen to it a while. Graphics are good, and controls really arent as bad as people make them out to be.

But after you finish the game, there is nothing for you to do. That is why everytime I come back to play again I just listen to the song and sit around for a while because there is nothing to do. Not much for replayability. But, it ended at a perfect point and more content could ruin it.
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