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The Best Xbox Adventure Games Available in 2018

The past several years haven't seen just a revitalization of the adventure genre, it's been nothing short of a renaissance. For fans of such games, there are now so many games to play. Here are some of our favorites.

Posted 6 years ago by Mark Delaney

Her Majesty's SPIFFING Review

Billy Goat Entertainment's Her Majesty's SPIFFING is an alternative and fantastical look at the events in Britain following the landmark decision to leave Europe, and its intention is to draw a laugh from you.

Posted 8 years ago by Rebecca Smith

TGN First Impression: Her Majesty's SPIFFING

If you're American, you likely are very confused by the game's title. I know I was. But hey, if you get past that there's a delightful point and click adventure just waiting to be played. Is it worth your time?

Posted 8 years ago by Kevin Tavore

Winners: Her Majesty's SPIFFING and Energy Cycle

Last week we gave you the chance to win an Xbox One download code for Her Majesty's SPIFFING, as well as an additional contest for Pro Account holders to win a code for Energy Cycle.

Posted 8 years ago by Dave Horobin

TA Competition: Her Majesty's SPIFFING

Her Majesty's SPIFFING released yesterday on the Xbox One as part of the ID@Xbox program, and we've got a download code for the game up for grabs.

Posted 8 years ago by Dave Horobin

TA Twitch Schedule - Week Commencing Dec 5th

If you fancy taking a look at this week's upcoming ID@Xbox games with a chance to win yourself a code, here are the details of when you can tune in.

Posted 8 years ago by Dave Horobin

ID@Xbox Goes to GDC 2016

The annual Game Developers Conference took place in San Francisco last week and, as usual, Microsoft brought along their ID@Xbox area with a number of developers who are hoping to release their titles through the program. Since then, Shadow Complex Remastered has been released for players to try out

Posted 8 years ago by Rebecca Smith

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