Hexic Rush (WP)

Windows Phone

Hexic Rush (WP) Achievements

Most Earned

Cluster Buster
Cluster Buster5 (5)Collect 100 combos during a single game while in Rush or Marathon mode.
Mix and Match
Mix and Match5 (5)Create a bonus cluster while in Rush or Marathon mode.
Flower Child
Flower Child5 (5)Create a star flower while in Rush or Marathon mode.
Ease Into It
Ease Into It5 (5)Get rid of your first bomb in Rush mode.

Least Earned

Hexic Master
Hexic Master112 (25)Create a flower of Black Pearls while in Marathon mode.
Unique Gem
Unique Gem52 (15)Create a Black Pearl cluster while in Marathon mode.
Hexic Addict
Hexic Addict26 (10)Play 100 games of Hexic.
What's The Hurry
What's The Hurry50 (20)Survive for 6 minutes while in Rush Expert mode.
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