Hexic Rush (WP) Reviews

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    Hexic Rush (WP)
    The classic XBLA puzzle game on your Windows Phone!

    For those who haven’t played a Hexic game before; Hexic is a puzzle game in which you swap and match hexagonal tiles. Unlike some similar games, in Hexic, the standard aim of the game is to create ‘flowers’ and eventually black pearls.
    Though it can be a difficult game to get the hang of, I found it very fun, challenging and enjoyable to play.

    Gameplay: 4 / 5
    If you have played the original XBLA game Hexic HD, you will find that this game is practically the same, game-play wise.

    Game Modes
    Hexic Rush has the standard ‘marathon’ mode, like the original Hexic, though, unlike Hexic HD, Hexic Rush does not have a survival or timed mode. Instead it includes standard and expert ‘Rush’ modes.
    The rush modes are similar to a timed mode. In rush, the player is burdened with bombs which are on a timer, meaning they must clear the bomb within the time or its game over.

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    The rush modes are a challenging addition to Hexic, though the modes can be somewhat frustrating, this is all part of the experience I would have expected from a game like Hexic.

    Now, this is where I’ve had to drop the rating I’ll be giving for this game.
    Obviously, being a touch screen game, it can be very sensitive with movements and this makes it very easy to make the wrong moves - which can be devastating to your game.
    The only real way I found to combat this issue is to be very careful with every move, but the amount of times I accidentally combined stars I was saving, was very frustrating.

    Graphics: 4/5
    The graphics are similar again to the original Hexic, though Hexic Rush seems visually somewhat brighter and more enjoyable. Nothing too over the top and nothing too bright that it will dazzle or distract you from your game. You couldn’t really expect much more from a phone game, especially a puzzle game like this, graphically.

    Game UI
    The User Interface in Hexic Rush is very simplistic and easy to use. All of the buttons are a decent size and I had no problems at all navigating around the game menus .

    Sound: [ 4/5 ]
    Again, very similar to its XBLA predecessor, the sound is very much what would be expected for a puzzle game. I’ve always found Hexic music and sounds to be pleasing, when playing the game they aren’t too loud or too fast to put you off the game and in some ways it’s quite relaxing and can help you focus.

    Achievement difficulty: [3/5]

    For someone who considers themselves good at Hexic games it’s more of a 4/5 really.

    The game has similar achievements to Hexic HD.
    Some can be a little time consuming but nothing too major, and with, the most difficult achievement being:
    Hexic Rush (WP)Hexic MasterThe Hexic Master achievement in Hexic Rush (WP) worth 115 pointsCreate a flower of Black Pearls while in Marathon mode.
    even for someone who considers themselves decent at this game, with the problems with the controls, this one was a pain.

    Hexic Rush is an addictive puzzle game, now on the windows phone, it’s good for wasting time on the move. With pleasing game-play, graphics and sound, it’s only real set-backs are the difficulty of the game its-self and the sensitive controls.
    If you struggled with the original, then you might not want to put yourself through the frustration that is Hexic again. But, if you enjoyed the original Hexic HD, then you should definitely plan on getting this game.