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Runch Optimus
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Runch Optimus
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Posted on 08 June 09 at 21:35, Edited on 06 April 11 at 22:36
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Hexic HD is a 2D puzzle game from the creator of Tetris that comes pre-loaded onto all Xbox 360 hard drives.

Hexic HD is a lot like the games Bejeweled and Tetris. You start with a grid of hexagonal tiles of various colors that you can rotate into different positions. When you rotate tiles of the same color into groups of three or more, you score a combo that earns you points and clears those tiles, causing new tiles to cascade in from the top of the screen.

At first glance, Hexic HD seems very simple - all you do is make combos and score points, right? Not so fast! Hexic HD gets much more complicated than that. You see, if you create a ring of six tiles of the same color around a single tile, then you form a special tile called a Starflower. You can then use this special tile to rotate tiles in a new way. In addition, if you can accumulate enough Starflowers to create a ring of six of them around a tile, then you create a Black Pearl, another special tile with unique properties. These special tiles can be used to rack up extremely high scores, and they can help you deal with Bomb tiles, which will start dropping randomly during the game’s later levels.

Overall, there are three game modes: Marathon, Timed, and Survival. In Marathon, you keep playing until either a Bomb tile detonates or you are able to form a combo using Black Pearls. In Timed, you play until either a Bomb detonates or the game’s timer runs out (you gain time by creating combos). In Survival, you play until you are able to fully clear the board or until you reach level 50.

Hexic HD is a puzzle game, so it doesn’t have a story. If you’re looking for an intense, gripping narrative, look elsewhere.

Hexic HD is (shockingly!) in HD, so the game does look nice on a high-definition display, but don’t expect any graphical marvels - this is just a puzzle game after all. Sound and music are adequate, though if you play long enough, you’re bound to get annoyed by the computer-generated musical tracks.

Don’t get confused - Hexic HD is not really free, as it’s not even available as a download on XBL. It does however come pre-loaded on all Xbox 360 hard drives, so if your Xbox came with a hard drive, you should already have Hexic HD. As such, it’s hard to judge Hexic HD’s true value, it’s just sort of a bonus for buying a 360.

Hexic’s achievements vary from trivial to brutally difficult. There are 5 for creating different types of combos, 3 for doing well in the three different game types, and 4 for various career goals. You’ll probably score a few achievements the first time you load up the game, but other achievements, such as the Grand Pearl Pooh-Bah will require patience, perseverance, and lots of careful planning.

Final Thoughts:
Hexic HD is a mildly addictive puzzle game that you may or may not enjoy depending on your taste for the genre and your own level of patience. If you have a hard drive, then you probably already have Hexic HD without even knowing it! It’s not for everyone, but Hexic HD is worthy of a play on your part, if only for just a couple games.

EDIT: As of April 2011, it looks like Hexic HD is available for free on the Xbox Marketplace. If you somehow never got it on your hard drive or deleted it, you can now pick it back up, hassle-free!
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Mystic Typh00n
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Mystic Typh00n
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Posted on 02 March 11 at 05:51
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I'm going to give this one a shot.

When I first started playing Hexic HD it was just a game I blew off and thought nothing more of.

I was wrong.

Fast Forward about 2 years. I got my new Xbox slim and it came pre-loaded with Hexic HD. It was back. I started playing it again after a month or two after I got my box, when I really had nothing else to do, and everything seemed to bore me.

I am now addicted.

When you start playing the game you have 3 modes to choose from.

Marathon - An unlimited game mode where you build combos to increase your score, and the only three things that can end it, are a bomb, forming a black pearl cluster, or forming a black pearl flower. (More than likely it will be the bomb)

Timed - A timed (duh) game mode where the only four things that will end it are a bomb, forming a black pearl cluster, forming a black pearl flower, or the timer going down to zero. You CAN increase your time by forming multiple combos, a starflower, a starflower cluster, and I also imagine by forming a black pearl flower, or cluster.


Survival - A mode that is also unlimited. You form as many combos as possible to try to clear the board as much as possible. There are only three ways to end it. Clearing the board, locking up your board, or reaching level fifty.

The mode you will most likely be playing the most is Marathon, which overall the easiest mode of the three.

I found myself playing this game over and over again to try for the achievements, but when trying to do this, I realized.

"This game isn't half bad!"

If I ever DO get all of the achievements( Which will be a day that will make me jump for joy clap ) I could actually see myself still playing.

The music in the game is actually what makes the experience. I found that if I try to play other music over the game, I can't play as well and fail more often. Which is strange. I guess they put lots of thought while making this game.

The visuals are really good for a puzzle game. It is in HD afterall. The experience is heightened if you do have an HD tv, but it is playable on non HD tv's just not a bright. You can go to options and it does give you the option to put shapes in the hexagons (Thus HEXic) but I didn't find this helpful nor hurtful, just somewhat annoying but try it if you want to. "To each their own"

This game isn't action packed, but can get frustrating at times. When you see starflower combos, but they break up because of a wrong move or falling hexagons. Or you're almost to a certain achievement but you fall five points shy because a bomb detonated and you couldn't find a combo to break it up.

The achievements are a story of their own, you can easily get 3 the first time you play this game, but the other 9 are going to take some time, so buckle down and get ready if you want the full 200/200.

All in all, for a game that came pre-loaded onto 360 consoles, this game is hella good for free. Even if you do buy it I'd still say it'd be worth your money.
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Mr MJ Bishop
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Mr MJ Bishop
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Posted on 22 June 12 at 23:05, Edited on 22 June 12 at 23:17
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Hexic HD is a limited source of fun; for gamers who are new to puzzle games. But, it can also prove itself to be a brilliant thinker-game for those who have the time and patience to match.

Like all puzzle games, Hexic HD takes some time to get used to. Players must control hexagonal shapes which they choose to rotate in order to create clusters of the same colour or "flowers" [hexagon shape of the same colour surrounding one piece on the grid]. The overall aim of the game is to form a Grand Pearl Pooh-Bah, which unfortunately is no easy task. One must make a flower which creates a star flower granting new functionality of manoeuvring the shapes on the grid. Then proceed on making another 5 and make a flower of those special shapes to create the infamous, Black Pearl. To add insult to injury, players which garner the effort to create 5 more black pearls and make a flower of those in order to achieve the famed, Grand Pearl Pooh-Bah.

Clusters are the basis of first creating your flowers - formed by touching three hexagonal shapes together of the same colour. The cluster then disappears sending all shapes above it to plummet downwards, bringing new shapes at the top of the grid with the chance of setting of a chain reaction of more clusters in the process.
Careful planning on what clusters to make and where determines how far you'll get within the game.

In the first few levels, players are given 4 colours to play with and make flowers of. But as they progress, more colours join the party as well as unwanted nasties such as bombs. Bombs appear around halfway through the game on level 3, which hold the unfortunate consequence of ending your game if not formed in a cluster/flower within the limited turns granted. The amount of turns are determined by how far you have progressed through the game. On earlier levels players need to get rid of a bomb in 7 moves whereas in the last level players are granted with 5 moves.

There are a few games modes to test, involving: Survival mode, Marathon Mode & Time-attack Mode.

Survival mode has the player think their way through 50 levels whilst trying to completely clear the battlefield of shapes. Time-attack has the player timed through their run; making shapes/flowers increases the time but will do so less as the player progresses through the game. Finally, Marathon mode is the classic mode in which players have no time limit and are not tasked to clear the battlefield but instead challenged with submitting the highest score they can muster via Xbox Live.

As a average puzzle-gamer, Hexic HD cannot be argued with when the topic of price is the subject. Seeing as this game comes free for most Xbox 360 it's safe to say you'll enjoy it anyhow; if it's for 10 hours or even 5 minutes. However, the experience coming with the game is of an average one, as nothing breathtakingly satisfying comes with it unless you are, of course, going for 100% and have finally achieved Grand Pearl Pooh-Bah or the number #1 spot on the high scores [Good Luck...].

All in all, Hexic HD, although an appetiser for most; is an average puzzle game nonetheless...

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TA Score for this game: 716
Posted on 08 March 12 at 02:47
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Hexic HD is a tile-matching puzzle game designed by Alexey Pajitov, better known as the creator of Tetris. Developed by Carbonated Games and released in 2005, Hexic HD comes preinstalled on all Xbox 360 hard drives.

As with most puzzle games of the same type, Hexic HD has no story.

The objective is to rotate hexagonal tiles and clear them by forming clusters. Clusters are formed when three or more pieces of the same colour come into contact. Some pieces contain bonus stars and upon clearing them, earn the player more points. A flower is created when a single piece is surrounded by six like-coloured pieces. Using the same strategy, these flowers can then be used to make black pearls. These three types of tiles all rotate in different ways. Normal tiles rotate in tandem with two other pieces. Flowers rotate all surrounding tiles, clockwise or anticlockwise. Pearls move three surrounding pieces in a Y pattern. Bombs occasionally appear which count down to zero with every move made. These must be cleared before reaching zero to prevent the game ending. The ultimate goal of the game is to form a cluster of black pearls. Along with the standard Marathon mode there is also a Timed and Survival mode. In Timed the player must create clusters to earn more time, while in Survival the objective is to completely clear the board or survive fifty rounds. Unlike Marathon mode the board does not refill until a round is complete and unused tiles are locked in place. These can only be unlocked by creating nearby cluster with bonus stars or by creating a flower. While three game modes may seem enough on a free title there is still very little to keep the player entertained. There isn’t really anything innovative about the gameplay and it is a spiritual successor to Tetris in creator only.

There is no multiplayer mode in Hexic HD, however there is an Online leaderboard available.


For its genre Hexic HD is predictable colourful and easy on the eyes. It is not however, spectacular looking despite the inclusion of HD support.

The background music is “Lapland” by QPE and although is first enjoyable can prove to be monotonous after ten minutes of play.

My final verdict is that although Hexic HD can be enjoyable its lack of diversity leaves much to be desired. Although easy to play and somewhat addictive this game is better served as an introduction to others of the same genre. While this may come installed with all hard drives there are better and less frustrating puzzlers to spend time on.
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Posted on 04 August 09 at 16:55
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Not much to explain here in terms of how it plays, Very similar to any free java puzzle game on the internet just far prettier and more detailed.

I cant argue about it being addictive at times though. Time can fly by as you are trying to get a higher score than your last one. This can be said for most games like this though and therefore isnt neccessarily a strength.

If you like youre puzzle games you should like this as it is one of the best on the system, however if you dont be prepared to get bored pretty swiftly as you start to get withdrawal symptoms for playing games that the 360 were designed for.

Its free too so that pretty much makes it an essential download if only for the principle(the same cant be said for dash of destruction).
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Posted on 21 April 09 at 19:38
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This game is free on the Marketplace for all and is free because it is hard, addictive and fun. It is a game based on a simple rule. Turn coloured hexagons so that three same coloured hexagons touch and disappear to fill the screen with more hexagons. There are seven levels with no end until you make certain special hexagons in ccertain places. The points system is easy to understand and there are 12 achievements worth a total of 200G and is a great game for people who just bought a 360 console. It will ages to complete and is fun with many possible outcomes and one obstacle. Bombs!
Watch out for them as each turn makes them decrease in number and get rid of it by using it in a cluster and continue on. There are silver and black pearls which are made with six same coloured hexagons form round each other with a space in the middle and a black pearl forms when six silver pearls are used in the same way as normal hexagons. Use six black pearls in the same way to get the best ending for the game.
A great game with good achievemnets and a good score rank and cores are placed on Xbox Live to beat others. There is no multiplayer version for this game though.
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