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Type Game
Publisher MatthewHall3D
Developer MatthewHall3D
Platform Windows
Discovered 27 Mar 2018
Last check 19 Jan 2021
Last on sale 17 Apr 2020
Release date 14 Oct 2017

Welcome to the big city where you play god. Control the traffic to get your character to the destination on time. Use power ups like boosts and overtakes to give you an advantage over the other cars. Level up and earn rewards that help your progress through the game.

Hitchhiker puts your strategic mind to the test. Navigate the traffic to your advantage to ensure your car travels around unimpeded.
Play with 10 different characters all with their own unique power ups which effect the gameplay

Experience intelligent traffic flow, cars in the city move around at their own free will meaning each mission can be completed differently. Use trains and helicopters to get around the city even quicker and complete the trickier levels.

Challenges put a different spin on a mission. With unlimited power ups get around the city as quickly as you can collecting all of the pickups along the way before heading to the finish. Power ups provide a fantastic way to earn extra xp or coins.

Time trials see you pitted against the clock to see how many characters you can deliver within a given time. Collect time power ups along the way to extend the time and help you on the way to an A grade.

Earn Xbox Live achievements and compare your scores against the rest of the world with the online leaderboards.

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United States $4.99 $9.99 View
United Kingdom £4.19 £8.39 View
Europe €4.99 9.99 View
Australia $7.47 $14.95 View
Canada $6.39 $12.79 View
Brazil R$18.47 R$36.95 View
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