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    Hitman Go is an exceptional game.

    If I sound surprised, it might be because I am, as I wasn't at all sure what to expect out of a game which takes 47 - everyone's favourite stealth killer from the Hitman franchise - and deposits him into a turn-based strategy board game based in a series of diorama-like rooms.

    But it becomes pretty obvious pretty quickly that this game is a cut above some of the Xbox-enabled stuff we've seen on Windows Phone in recent times.

    Hitman Go transforms 47, his enemies, his jobs/hits ... his world in fact, into diorama-like rooms and maps, inhabited by wooden pieces which move in patterns around a playing area akin to a board game.

    47 is tasked with working through each level, either to reach an endpoint or take out a target, without being "detected" by enemies.

    In a nod to the Hitman games we all know, each level has a number of goals for 47 to fulfil - from killing his "mark" to reaching the end, retrieving a briefcase, not killing any enemies and completing the level in a target number of moves or less.

    Most levels also have other Hitman franchise "trademarks" - items to distract enemies, places to hide, trapdoors, disguises and weapons (including 47's trademark silverballers).

    And if you/47 should be detected, the wooden piece modelled on our favourite bald assassin is knocked over and the level quickly re-starts, ready for you to have another go.

    Levels become increasingly challenging (though not impossibly so), and you can have as many goes as you want. In fact, most levels will require more than one playthrough in order to fulfil all the goals (again, a nod to the franchise).

    Beauty in Simplicity

    The real beauty in this game is in its simplicity.

    The game is stunning to look at. Gorgeous. Stark, spare aesthetics based around dioramas that are simple yet beautiful.

    The detail on the levels - from hiding places and weapons right down to 47's trademark bald head and tailored suit (replete with red tie) is top notch.

    The sound is, again, spare but fits perfectly with the game. Controls are perfectly suited to mobile gaming - smooth and responsive.

    And in the occasional level the haunting refrain of Ava Maria can be heard as 47 goes about his business.


    This game has got the "just one more go - I'll get it this time around" replayability in spades.

    Varied enemies, disguises and weapons, and hiding places make the gameplay varied enough to continually offer somthing new, as well as a challenge.

    It is perfect to play in short bursts (I've found it to be a great distraction on public transport) or even relaxing with a coffee or whatnot.

    And when you find yourself slipping into the groove - overcoming challenges and polishing off levels quickly, there are definitely a couple of "fist-pump moments".

    Other Notes

    Hitman Go is a universal app. Pay once and play it on both the Windows Phone and via Windows 8. Please note though that as of time of writing, the Windows 8 achievements are not enabled. We look forward to that being fixed ASAP.

    EDIT May 6: The Windows 8 version of the game is now properly Xbox enabled, with achievements unlocking. Please note though that achievements DO NOT SYNC across WP and Win8. Two playthroughs beckon...

    The game's pricetag - anywhere from around $5 in the US to more than $6 in Australia isn't cheap, but you do get plenty in return (as well as the ability to play on two platforms).

    Players can buy solutions for levels for "real money" but I wouldn't recommend it - if you get really stuck either take a break and come back, or refer to YouTube.

    The vast majority - if not all - the achievements come through story progression and normal gameplay. Great news given the number of grindfests the Windows Phone often plays host to.

    Final Word

    Hitman Go does something very rare.

    It takes an established franchise, almost completely transforms it into something else yet does it so well that the new game feels as much a part of the franchise as any other.

    I highly recommend it. one of the best Xbox-enabled Windows Phone games I've played in quite a while.
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    Jeremy SaundersNice review, congratulations. I'm loving the game.
    Posted by Jeremy Saunders on 30 Apr 15 at 12:24
    main elementThis seems like a good candidate for my Bing Rewards money. I'll probably wait until they enable the Win8 achievements though. Good review, thanks!
    Posted by main element on 30 Apr 15 at 13:05
    RotcatThanks clap
    Posted by Rotcat on 30 Apr 15 at 14:45
    coipCan the game be played offline on Windows Phone? If so, I assume no progress syncs with the Windows 8 version, so to complete both would require a full replay, yeah?
    Posted by coip on 01 May 15 at 01:07
    v Sh0ckWav3 vAwesome review! I've always contemplated getting this game but now I think I definitely will!
    Posted by v Sh0ckWav3 v on 01 May 15 at 08:01
    @ Range - I would never play any game offline on WP, every time I've unlocked achievements on my WP offline they never register when I go online, and I've had to delete the game then reinstall it and get them again while connected.
    Posted on 01 May 15 at 08:07
    Sensei NeoNice review, I look forward to playing it
    Posted by Sensei Neo on 08 May 15 at 12:13
    DeadlyName0I agree I just got it for 0.99 cents! smile The best phone game I have ever played!
    Posted by DeadlyName0 on 05 Jun 15 at 17:57
    bennjjeeFantastic review. Thanks for taking the time to post it.
    Posted by bennjjee on 06 Jun 15 at 07:26
    Vr EnglishGreat review, big fan of it with that sale!
    Posted by Vr English on 24 Jun 15 at 11:02