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Marc Pilkington
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Marc Pilkington
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Posted on 12 February 13 at 16:39, Edited on 14 February 13 at 17:02
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Hitman has been around for a very long time, and so many gamers over the years have experienced this series in all its forms. Not me, though. Just with Devil May Cry, it took the release of an HD collection of the series to have me see what the games are like for the first time. Now I see why they are so critically acclaimed! Obviously my review will mirror the fact that I'm new to the series, however I won't be going into every detail of each game as that isn't the point of reviewing an HD collection.

Silent Assassin: When I first started playing this, it took me a while to get into the swing of things. It's a classic, of course, but today the controls feel very outdated and a little clumsy. And the sneaking is extremely slow in this! Thank goodness they sorted that out in later installments. Although 47 moved very slowly and the AI were a total pain sometimes, once I got to grips with how the game worked it became very satisfying and rewarding every time I finished a mission. Unlike the many casual games of this generation, here we have something which shows that skill, patience, and determination is needed to reach the end. The stealth aspect of the game makes it much more challenging and tactical thinking is always needed in order to get a good rating. The story got very interesting in the last few missions and I realised how much I enjoyed the game as the credits rolled. The change to HD obviously can only do so much for a game this old, but it seems to have done it justice. Even though it may just be a new coat of paint. I felt like I wasn't missing out on anything huge without playing the first game. I can easily read up on the story if I wish and the next game ironed out any concerns I might have had.

Contracts: I immediately knew I'd really enjoy this game right from the start. The controls felt a lot more refined than Silent Assassin so 47 moved a lot more fluidly and quickly than before. There may have not been as many missions, however each of them were very unique so I wasn't dissatisfied with that in any way. The fact that some of the missions were updated versions of levels in the first game means that I haven't completely missed out either. Even for veterans of the series that have played both the previous two games, Contracts still felt fresh and not just a quickly churned out rehash. At least from what I've heard anyway. One thing I noticed when playing this was that the brutality of the game didn't seem as high. This may have been because I knew how to play from my experience with Silent Assassin, or because the overall controls were a lot better. The AI especially weren't nearly as much of a pain. You could actually run past them in a disguise without them throwing a complete fit! However they still obviously get suspicious if you act too out of the ordinary. The story may not have been as extensive but that didn't hinder my enjoyment at all. Hitman has always been about the gameplay and how you go about taking down a target. In my opinion at least. The HD quality of this was also very nice. It definitely was more pleasing on the eye than Silent Assassin. Not being as old means that's more of a given, though. The environments felt more varied in each mission so the overall feel of the game was great in its new HD form.

Blood Money: As of writing this review I haven't played a ton of this. However from what I have seen it's great! Since the days of Silent Assassin 47 has become a lot easier to control. He doesn't pointlessly move slowly in anything he does anymore, the camera can actually pan round and see his face for the first time, and everything has been updated so that it feels a lot smoother to play as well as remaining faithful to the series routes. Missions also seem a lot more varied and unique in their environments which keeps the game fresh. This was originally released on multiple platforms, but the relaunch of it in the HD collection means that everyone gets to see the game at its full potential. The graphics look fantastic for a game as old as this. I don't feel like I'm playing something that's been out for years. It's a fun game and makes an awesome addition to the HD collection, even though it was already released on the platform. For more detail on this particular game, look no further than here on TA. There are a number of reviews which go into more detail so there's no need for me to explain it all here.

One quality that has always been of a top standard in the whole series is the soundtrack. Jesper Kyd has done a brilliant job for all of the games and the music adds a lot to the mood of what you play. Whether it's the tense, stealthy sections or the big firefights, there is always a track fit for the situation. The perfect use of a soundtrack can really add something special to a game and this is no exception. A combination of an amazing sound with updated graphics does this series justice.

Achievement wise the collection comes with 1000 points spread between Silent Assassin and Contracts. Blood Money has its original list so if you've already played this then you will not be getting any new achievements for that, just the shiny updated visuals. The achievements for both are pretty similar in terms of weapon collecting, getting top mission ratings, and general game completion. However each game has some specific achievements which are quite imaginative. All in all it's not the hardest of lists to complete but will still take up enough of your time, especially for people who haven't played Blood Money before like myself. With patience you will get through this without too much frustration.

Overall this HD collection isn't something to be missed out on. It's a shame the numbers here on TA aren't very high for the game but they are slowly rising. For veterans and newcomers alike it is very good value for money. Even if you buy the collection just for Silent Assassin and Contracts it's still a great deal. The games are all solid, 47 will be as recognisable as ever to series veterans, and he'll be extremely welcoming to newcomers. Things like the outdated controls are understandable, and at times the voice acting is atrocious but all you can do is laugh. Hitman didn't get its praise for nothing. You're getting three games for dirt cheap, so why hold back! You also get a free download code for the Sniper Challenge mini game from Absolution so there's another bonus. Experience this great series in new HD quality! I certainly haven't regretted it. Neither will you.
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Papa El Loro
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Papa El Loro
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Posted on 15 March 13 at 17:28, Edited on 19 March 13 at 18:11
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In a time of HD reboots I was surprised to see the Hitman HD Trilogy announced and worried as to whether or not they would have aged well. My fears were put to rest.

I have previously played Hitman 2 and Hitman Contracts on the PS2 and this transition to the Xbox 360 does both games Justice. If you're on the fence I strongly suggest buying it. It's just a shame that Codename 47 wasn't included.

They haven't changed Blood Money from what I can see so this review is mainly for Hitman 2 and Hitman Contracts.

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Graphics- The graphics are greatly improved since they were 1st released all those years ago, but in comparison to today's eye candy, they're nothing special. Some of the old bugs remain like patrolling guards walking through each other and the mouth movements not always matching the dialogue, but that can all be forgiven. Contracts and Blood Money are smoother than Silent Assassin but Silent Assassin is a lot better now than back in the day.

Sound- The music from the originals are still present which provides the player with a warm feeling of nostalgia.

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AI- The AI are pretty good on these games and can provide you with a tough challenge especially on Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. If you're playing it on professional then you're in for a challenge. Hitman Contracts seemed much easier on the whole and the AI seemed slower to react. All in all, if you're going for the Silent Assassin approach to the game then you're in for a great challenge, if you're running and gunning then Silent Assassin will prove to be more difficult.

Controls- The controls haven't really changed all that much, Silent Assassins controls are not quite as smooth and polished as Contracts and you move very slowly while sneaking. The one thing I did like was having running activated by pressing a different button where as you're always running in Contracts and to walk you must ease up on the analogue stick.

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Replay Value- Loads. This being a Hitman game there are numerous ways to go about each level whether you're a ninja or a bull in a China shop. Finding every way to do a level is a large part of the fun in the Hitman series!

Achievements- Some of the achievements are pretty challenging and entertaining such as killing with a golf club. Others are kind of boring and may take some replaying such as collecting every weapon in each game, that takes a while to do and as I said can be some what dull! They're not very difficult and for the most part quite fun and challenging. Please note, you get 1000 gamerscore for Hitman 2 and Hitman contracts and a separate 1000 gamer score for Bloody Money. Blood Moneys list is the same as it was when it was first released.

All in all the game is fantastic and if you played them before you'll love them and if you missed out the first time then now's your chance to play the games which got it all started and around £20 for all 3 games! You really can't go wrong! A must buy for fans and new comers alike.

A special thanks to n1ckKz for helping me bring a bit more life into my reviews!

Please leave a comment if you down vote telling me what you didn't like. Thanks! toast
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