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    15 Aug 2019 18 Aug 2019
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    A platformer, okay, kind of like super meat boy and super mario with a twist of pac man, with you so far, easy 1000gs, by Ratalaika okay... that's actually not bad??

    Hello, and welcome to my review of Hoggy2 (seriously where was Hoggy1) a game, like stated above, published by Ratalaika (developed by Raptisoft) that was an interesting experience.

    As far as 1000gs go, this one isn't that bad of a grind, and in truth isn't that bad either. Other games published by Ratalaika have been so easy, they basically take longer to download. Other times, just long grinds. This one? I actually played a fair bit longer then the achievements. Why you ask? Lets dive right in.

    Hoggy, a pink slime and the player character, along with Hogatha, his wife, must attemp to rescue their two equally slimy children from the clutches of the moon men!
    They do this... by eating fruit, which grants keys to get past gates, to challenge moon men who typically hide in flying metal robots.

    Much of a story past that, I'm guessing, is hidden in Hoggy1, which I have honestly never played. Never knew it existed before it came out on the marketplace, so I can't say much else besides, its as much a story as super meat boy. Not hating or judging mind you, just the facts.

    Here's where we get to the "actually not bad" part of the review," as the above hardly does us justice here.

    As I tried to have you picture, the game is like a twist between super marior brothers, with the platforming and the coin getting, and super meat boy, with the bouncing on the walls and avoiding traps, lastly pac man, with eating coins and fruit, with the fruit making you able to eat ghosts.
    Now while those do apply here and there, we also have a few twists here.

    You move with the left stick. You do so along the floor, with the a button launching you to the ceiling. You make a somewhat straight path, stick there, and then move as though it were the floor, obviously needing to time it to avoid traps and such. Except in special instances, you are confined to the floor and ceiling, and however long those blocks composing of either tend to be.
    The floor can be a bomb, glass you break through, a moveable block, or a brick wall breakable, just not by yourself.

    You also have acorns you can eat. Acorns turn you into a square, that can not only destroy *most* enemies, along with most special blocks (not the normal floor or ceiling mind you). This is also the primary way of attacking any moon men robots, which pose as the bosses of the game.

    You travel down urns, much like SMB and the green pipes, eating fruit. You have to eat each piece of fruit to exit an urn with a key, however you don't need to find an exit. You automatically win, leaving you with just the puzzle of how to get to each piece.

    The game has a tutorial, in the form of a short "kids mode". Fewer enemies, fewer needed keys, and an easier end game boss.
    The normal game ramps the difficulty up DIRECTLY after the kids mode. Kids mode thus serves as the perfect way to ease you into the style of puzzle the game offers you.
    Kids mode, mind you, is pretty simple and really doesn't require thought. Again, just there to learn mechanics. Fewer enemy variations and gimicks like switches and what not.

    Though it wasn't that bad of an experience all things considered (considering I do like puzzle games, though) it has little in the way of replay value, instead hoping you get your fill on the ever increasingly difficult levels.
    Of which I think they had 260, though I think I played through about 35-45. I fought 3 bosses total, for full transparency. A sentence that is rather sad lol

    The game features a cartoony graphic and sound track style. I wouldn't exactly call it pixelated, its a step or so above that, again somewhat cartoony but past that, yeah. Its bubbly, with even the enemies either having faces or somehow looking a touch less threatening. Not too much, though, that scowling fireball is still quite angry looking.

    There were a few times, mostly in outerspace, which is somehow a location you are able to Bounce to later on in the story, that going between the moon and the... earth? Tera nova? Slime ranchers favorite retreat? That I would bounce Past the ground, and the game would freeze and give me an "i'm sorry" message.

    You are looking at a 3 if you ARE used to platformers, anything old school is a bonus.
    Otherwise, a 4. You may get stumped here or their, or have an issue with the timing of some events, the patterns of certain enemies here or there, but nothing that will keep you from completing the game.
    I can't see this taking 2 hours by anything other than choice, and hey you may like it enough to keep going a bit like I did.

    Because of the scoring system, I have to give this game 3 stars, because it was closer to 3 than it was to 2.5 in my book. I know, I'm really pulling threads on this one, though;

    The game wasn't that bad, for those that liked older style platformers, again like the equally acronymed super mario brothers, or super meat boy.
    It was a pretty easy completion. The game took me an hour to 100%, and I played for maybe an hour after that. The puzzles got progressively difficult, and I admit a few here and their stumped me.

    The game offers a challange at times and plenty of levels, though no real replay value unless you revisit the game after a while. Even then, most of those reading this review will play it for the fast, easy gamer score, which admittedly is what put it on my own HD to begin with.

    Still, its fast completion, bubbly atmosphere, and doable puzzles (again I did get stumped farther along, but getting the required 20 keys wasn't hard) with the twist on your average platformer, did make Hoggy2 enjoyable enough to keep me from regretting its purchase, but it isn't ground breaking or spectacular by any standards, it was just a game by Ratalaika that again wasn't terrible.

    I'm looking at you, Inksplosion.