Hollow Achievements

Full list of all 27 Hollow achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • Equipped

    You didn't collect all weapons yet

    1 guide
  • Bookworm

    Find all documents and notes

    1 guide
  • Peeper

    Find all girl posters

    1 guide
  • Meloman

    Find all collectable radios

    1 guide
  • Engineer

    Sync all generators

    1 guide
  • Murderer

    Slain first wanton

    1 guide
  • Sniper

    Kill wanton with single shot in a head

  • Fragmenter

    Fire-off all hands of wanton, then finish it with a headshot

    1 guide
  • Blower

    Kill wanton using gas tanks only

  • Tall Guy

    Slain first Puker

  • Buzzer

    Kill flying enemy

  • Destructor

    Blow first destructible using gas tank

  • Stubborn

    Find you death more than 50 times

  • Benevolent

    Kill all monsters in game

    1 guide
  • Heretic

    Shoot the Reaper

  • Believer

    Get caught by Reaper

  • Follower

    Finish Hollow game

  • Looper

    Unlock ending A

  • Divorcee

    Unlock ending B

    1 guide
  • Disciple

    Try Harder - Finish game at HARD difficulty

  • Madman

    Finish game at HARD difficulty under 3 hours and do not use Save Discs

    1 guide
  • Chosen

    Encounter Reaper for the first time

  • Mechanic

    Fix generator with fuse

  • Insane

    Go trouth all hallucination events in Laboratories

  • Lunatic

    Escape planet dream and get back to Shakhter-One deck

  • Crawler

    Find way out of Cable Maze

    1 guide
  • Burn

    Kill burning Puker

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