Hood: Outlaws & Legends Achievements

Full list of all 50 Hood: Outlaws & Legends achievements worth 1,000 gamerscore.

  • This. Is. Sherwood.

    Upgrade the Hideout to Rank 10

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  • National Treasure

    Reach Rank 10 with a single character

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  • Merry Men

    Reach Rank 10 with 4 different characters

  • A Local Hero

    Reach Player Rank 25

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  • A Living Legend

    Reach Player Rank 100

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  • The Ballad Unfolds…

    Piece together one set of Legends

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  • …The Ballad Ends

    Piece together all of the Legends

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  • Petty Thief

    Steal 25% of the Trinkets

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  • Assassin's Greed

    Steal 100% of the Trinkets

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  • Hold The Gate!

    As John, lift a Portcullis and let a Chest carrying team-mate through (4v4 Heist)

  • Man Mountain

    As John, kill 5 enemies in a row using melee attacks without dying (4v4 Heist)

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  • Hitwoman

    As Marianne, kill multiple enemies with a single burst of bolts (4v4 Heist)

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  • Faceless Wraith

    As Marianne, assassinate 3 enemies within a single Ability use (4v4 Heist)

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  • Master Archer

    As Robin, headshot an enemy player from over 50 metres (4v4 Heist)

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  • Young Wolf

    As Robin, kill multiple enemy players with a single arrow (4v4 Heist)

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  • Lord of Light

    As Tooke, restore 500 hit points of health to team-mates within a single Ability use (4v4 Heist)

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  • A Higher Power

    As Tooke, highlight 10 or more enemy targets within a single Ability use (4v4 Heist)

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  • Sleep Tight...

    Perform an assassination on another player (4v4 Heist)

    1 guide
  • Silence is Easy

    Executed by The Sheriff (4v4 Heist)

  • Sliding Through The Glen

    Following High Alert or Lockdown, slide underneath a Portcullis shortly before closing (4v4 Heist)

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  • Fall from Grace

    Kill an enemy player whilst they are climbing a rope or ladder (4v4 Heist)

    1 guide
  • Making Marks

    Kill an enemy tagged by a team-mate, or have a team-mate kill an enemy you have tagged (4v4 Heist)

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  • Pilgrimage

    Complete a match on 5 maps (4v4 Heist)

  • Heroic Deeds

    Successfully extract the Chest on 5 maps (4v4 Heist)

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  • Toss a Coin to Your Yeoman

    Spend a minimum of 20,000 Gold

  • Valiant

    Carry the Chest from the Vault and, without dropping it, deposit it onto the Winch (4v4 Heist)

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  • Survivalist

    Claim three successive Chest notches without the winch interaction being disrupted (4v4 Heist)

  • Backwood Butcher

    Within a single match, kill 4 unique players on the enemy team (4v4 Heist)

    1 guide
  • Infamous Outlaw

    Score over 2,500 points in a single match (4v4 Heist)

  • God of Death

    Kill 3 enemy players within 5 seconds (4v4 Heist)

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  • You Win or You Die

    Steal the Chest extraction, after the enemy team has claimed the first 6 notches (4v4 Heist)

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  • Strike that, Reverse it

    Disrupt the enemy team during the final stages of Extraction, 90% progress or more (4v4 Heist)

  • You Get Nothing, Good Day

    Own all Capture Points simultaneously (4v4 Heist)

  • ...Not Today

    Avoid dying for the entire duration of a match and successfully extract the Chest (4v4 Heist)

    1 guide
  • ...The Pack Survives

    Within 10m of a team-mate, perform a synchronised assassination on an enemy (4v4 Heist)

  • Time is a Precious Thing

    Successfully extract the Chest within 12 minutes (4v4 Heist)

  • The Suspense is Terrible…

    Successfully extract the Chest without killing anyone on the enemy team (4v4 Heist)

  • Fear Cuts Deeper

    Lure a State Guard into a bush then assassinate them from within it (4v4 Heist)

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  • Under The Influence

    Kill an enemy player who is affected by a Flash or Poison (4v4 Heist)

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  • You Shall...Pass

    Open the Vault for the first time (4v4 Heist)

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