Horse Racing 2016 Reviews

  • GPBlackstormGPBlackstorm218,636
    03 Jun 2018
    7 0 9
    One does not know where to start to describe this monstrosity, this excuse of a game, this disgrace to the name of anyone called game designer. In the last Deals with Gold it was only 1.50 euros, so I decided to throw the amount to the river, after what could go wrong, with such a price and a supposed easy 1000 achievements points? What?
    Everything. The graphics are worse than many flash games of the early 00s, the sound, what sound? the Controls awful, how to play the game, simplistic yes but even in the end you are not able to realize if you were doing anything supposedly right, if this notion even exists in this thing. I have not the faintest idea how this thing ended up in Microsoft's store, how it passed any kind of quality check. Let's forget for a moment that this is just a button masher thingy that cannot even time appropriately any kind of jump. To add insult to injury it is the only game I know in any MS console that does not pause with start. OK, its has very easy 1000 points. The thing is that I regret the tint pieces of life I spent just looking at it.
  • Ostrowidzki1989Ostrowidzki1989381,413
    11 Jul 2018
    10 11 10
    My personal review of Horse Racing 2016.

    Where to begin...

    The gameplay. It feels as if you're actually on the race track. The handling is perfectly implemented, which dare I say makes leaps and bounds over the horrible controls of bad racing games like the Forza series.

    The graphics. As pretty much everyone knows, racing games in particular have beautiful, highly polished graphics. Both the horse abd the jockey look incredibly realistic to the point where I was astonished. I kept the game in first person mode to really feel like I was actually there.... it was mind blowing. I was playing on an xbox one x with a 55" Sony 4k tv - it makes a huge difference!

    The story. I personally found the story to be one of the best told stories out there. Your choices actually matter. As you progress, you'll feel a connection to him as you do your best to become the horse racing champion of 2016! Midway through the game, your good old horse though... he stops being able to preform as well... you end up having to replace him. Honestly, I really doubt Bioware or Bethesda could come up with a story this emotionally captivating.

    The music. Now, I'm not someone who particularly enjoys to listen to music often, but damn. The opening music in Dark Souls 3 or Fallout 4 have nothing at all on this masterpiece. Every bit of music is an absolute work of art where you just have to blast your speakers or wear your headset!

    Not giving this masterpiece your time is a travesty. It's by far one of the greatest games to ever grace the xbox ever.