1. Horse Racing 2016 Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the walkthrough for Horse Racing 2016.

First things first - this game is among the worst games I've played in my entire existence. I'd strongly advise you to walk away if you haven't actually started it. Nevertheless, it does provide a rather easy 1,000GS, so for the sake of the achievements, I can fully understand why you choose to stay.

The game is very, very repetitive. The gameplay for this game can be summarised as follow:

- cn_LS to steer the horse left or right
- Rapidly tap cn_A to keep the horse running
- Occasionally tap cn_RB to whip
- Tap cn_LB to jump over obstacles in the Hurdles and Free Rider race types
- Press cn_B to restart when you screw up (optional, but highly recommended)

That's about all the controls the game offers, and all that you need to learn to master it.

Tips and tricks, if you actually need them, are on the next page.

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