Hour of Victory (PC)

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Hour of Victory (PC) Achievements

Most Earned

Squad Count
Squad Count11 (10)Take out 10 enemies in any mode
Head Hunter
Head Hunter23 (20)Take out 20 enemies with a headshot in any mode
Company Count
Company Count24 (20)Take out 100 enemies in any mode
Al Shatar Campaign
Al Shatar Campaign31 (25)Complete The Liberation of Al Shatar campaign on any difficulty level

Least Earned

Demolitions Expert
Demolitions Expert47 (25)Destroy 25 Targets in Devastation ranked matches
Silver Medal
Silver Medal38 (20)Capture 25 flags in Capture the Flag ranked matches
Juggernaut47 (25)Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches
Heroic Defender
Heroic Defender56 (30)Save 50 flags in Capture the Flag ranked matches
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